Tuesday, April 11

Singer Jodie marks son's first birthday in style, shares message to Parents with "special kids" (photos)

Over the weekend, singer and single mum, Jodie threw a private party to mark her son's first birthday.

His name is Chinua.

Recall that Jodie parted ways with her husband David Nnaji's several months ago.

See more photos below:

To mark the 'world's autism day', the singer posted this message below:

To parents with special kids... Enjoy every bit of your precious little one: there is no child like yours! Don't wish he/she came differently...instead, help him/her make the best of his/her uniqueness. Do the best you can - follow up on medications, therapy, etc but most of all lots of love!!! The journey is a tough one, but it will all be worth it! #youarenotalone

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