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Saturday, January 21

Little Girl chained, caged and tortured over aAllegations of Witchcraft in Akure (See Photos)

The little girl was tortured and kept in dog cage for months without food
Nigerian activist, Dr Joe Okei-Odumakin has shared the touching story of a little girl who was tortured, caged and assaulted after people accused her of being a witch. The shocking story which happened in Akure, Ondo State has left many people in shock.
The rescued girl is not recovering from the traumatic incident.
Okei-Odumakin wrote: "It's so sad little child was accused of witchcraft in Akure and after all tortures and attempts to kill but she did not die; she was chained in a dog cage without food for months before she was found and brought out by someone. I stumbled on the good people who found andbstarted taking care of her again. What a world!
"Her torturers thought her not to survive, but she was rescued after months she was caged and deserted. Largely in rural African parts, geniuses are still victims of primitive ignorance.
"But here, see the beautiful child after she was rescued and cared for. I specially appreciate the police officers who took her and cared for her upon rescuing her. May you not lack remedy in any time of difficulty!
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FG Official's Son gets Life Imprisonment For Killing Nigerian Sex Worker


The son of a Nigerian government official was yesterday jailed for life after raping and murdering a £1,800-a-night high-class escort. Bala Chinda killed Jessica McGraa, also a Nigerian, only a few weeks after he arrived in Scotland to study at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.

The 37-year-old £200-an-hour sex worker's partially clothed body was found the following day in the bedroom of a flat she had rented in the city's Union Terrace. Extensive police investigations carefully pieced together the call girl's last movements following the grim discovery on February 12, 2016.

CCTV footage showed she had travelled to Chinda's student accommodation in the city's King Street with him in a taxi before they returned to her apartment a short time later, where she was found dead the following day.

Yesterday, a jury of eight women and seven men unanimously found Chinda guilty of murdering Miss McGraa, and also found him guilty of raping the mother of one and stealing her two mobile phones in an attempt to defeat the ends of justice.

Chinda was told he must serve a minimum of 18 years. The Nigerian, whose father works as the immigration attaché at the Nigerian embassy in Beijing, wept uncontrollably after he was found guilty by the jury.

The court heard that Miss McGraa died of asphyxiation and was probably smothered with a pillow and possibly strangled with her scarf. The taxi driver taking Chinda and Miss McGraa back to her apartment had heard the two discussing money.

Chinda changed his phone number after her death. Miss McGraa moved to the UK from Nigeria 11 years ago after meeting an English oil worker, Gareth McGraa, who had been working in a Nigerian complex. They married and had a son but later split. .

Her double life as an escort was only exposed to her closest friends after her sudden death, with many believing she travelled round the country selling hair extensions. Instead, she travelled across the country renting city apartments for a few days where she would spend time with her clients.
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Don’t mess with a praying Woman - Tonto Dikeh reacts to Drug Use Allegations

For  Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh, it has been weeks of turmoil—from rumours of her marriage crash to infidelity from her husband’s part and now the rumours of drug  use by the actress.

Indeed she has a full plate!

Earlier today,  there were reports that she was back to the use of drugs, weeds and destroying stuff whenever she's high. It was insinuated her husband left her and relocated to Ghana because he couldn't stand her ways again !!

Just some moments ago on Instagram, she puts up this banner, “Don’t Mess With a Praying Woman, Jesus Fights Her Battles”  and captions, "I can boldly say I have no battle.”
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Ladies, Not every man who cheats on you is bad - Iyabo shares her thoughts on Infidelity in marriage

For one who has been rumoured to have found a man who loves her and ready to marry her, this is a salvo to men!
The divorced mother of two teenagers, Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo shared her thoughts on cheating husbands on her Instagram handle today, January 21.
Advising women, she wrote:
Ladies, Not every man who cheats on u is bad! it's in their nature to cheat as every man has a bit of it deposited in them. He may love u but still cheat on u, as long as he respect, care n keeps it far away from u. it's a twisted world my dear but that's just d fact. if u find one who doesn't cheat on u then u are blessed but A man who makes u feel less of ur self, a man who enjoys seeing u beg n wail, a man who doesn't care if u fall into depression a million times until U run mad, a man who makes u feel like nothing, a man who throws ur love back 2 ur face @ every given opportunity, a man who feels u are so unattractive that he doesn't want to take u out anymore giving u that low self esteem, a man who never appreciate anything u do for him, a man who feels ur opinion doesn't count, a man who feels u shld be seen n not heard, a man who feels without him u are nothing, a man who will only have u when he wants u, a man who doesn't fight for u, a man who condemns u to his friends n side chicks, a man who looks @ u with so much irritation, a man who flaunts his side chick in front of u, a man who is physically & mentally abusive towards u n sometimes ur kids, a Man U have to always beg to perform his manly duty b4 he agrees to touch u! That man is so bad n so wrong 4 u, stop asking me what shld I do? Oh the society n my friends will mock me, oh my kids! Hello woman, wake up he doesn't love you, stop looking for excuses for him, his love was never real in d first place, Mrs is not a do or die matter, ur happiness shld always come first, u shld always come first, it's only when u are in the right frame of mind that u can take gud care of ur kids. For the record, mothers who vent their anger on their kids for failed husband issues shld stop it! No be them send u message, u made d choice n it turned out wrong, u can always make it right without him! u either die trying or take a reality check n walk out! it's never too late! If u stay in it well - all d best! Its a lost battle n u are on ur own. Ur happiness must always come first if u truly want to live for ur kids n urself.” (sic)
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Prophet Olagunroye Faleyimu doesn't regret his negative prophecies on Funke Akindele' -

The founder of Mountain of Blessing and Miracle Church of Christ, Dr. Olagorioye Faleyimu, in December 2016 made shocking prophecies for 2017.

Among the prophecies was that Nollywood actress Funke Akindele needs serious prayers in order to have children.

In a new interview with Encomium, the prophet says he has no regrets over his prophecy despite the backlash he got from many Nigerians.

According to him, he is an anointed prophet whose calling is to deliver message as sent by God and
move on. That he has been cursed by people in the past over prophecies he made but at the end of it all, all he said will come to pass.

Excerpts below:

  • Recently, social media was agog with your prophecy over star actress Funke Akindele which you said if she’s not very prayerful, she may not have a child and this has attracted a lot of condemnation within and outside the entertainment industry. What do you have t say about this?

Yes, it’s God that revealed to me that she’s destined to be famous and wealthy but no child. But if she’s very prayerful, she will eventually break the yoke of barrenness and become a mother. And that same message has also been repeated. 
Even, if she doesn’t seek the face of God, her enemies don’t want her to have a stable home despite the fact that she has remarried. That means the marriage can still crash unless she’s prayerful. 
God has also repeated it this year, that for her to have a child, she needs to be closer to God. People are now attacking me here and there that why did I say that? Some said I should have written a letter to her or invited her privately instead of making it public. But I am not a kind of prophet that predicts because of money. 
I am an anointed prophet. My calling is to deliver message as sent by God. But some people don’t know the difference between prophets and anointed ones. It’s in the Bible and Qur’an how the prophets of God operate. They’re not prophets of nowadays that only came to collect money from the government, high and mighty in the society and others. 
As a prophet, deliver God’s message and move on. You don’t need to be on anybody’s neck. 
I read in one of these Yoruba magazines that Funke Akindele is waging spiritual war against me because of the prophecy; nothing can happen to … God didn’t send me. I don’t regret on what I said. All she needs is to pray very well, I have nothing against her. 
I am 40 years as a prophet. That means I have been predicting since 40 years ago and I have never regretted any of my prophecies. I am used to all these criticisms about my prophecies. Even, at times, some would curse me but at the end of it all, all I said will come to pass. 
When I revealed what God told me about TB Joshua, some people commented that I wanted to collect money from him, but I think everybody saw it when he escaped death in 2014. Some were saying TB Joshua was supposed to have seen it before it happened. 
I am a farmer and I am contented. But my calling is to deliver God’s message to His people and I shouldn’t be afraid of anybody irrespective of his or her position. 
In 2009, when God sent me to theatre practitioners that 25 of them would die, unless they pray, they called me fraudster, claiming I wanted to use the prophecy to extort them. But when it happened most of them said they would sue me. They called me fake prophet, but the death didn’t stop until they were 25. 
Some said before election in 2015 that Buhari can never rule Nigeria again but Buhari is ruling now which I had earlier predicted.
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KFB Churchy & Fly: We present best styles that blew our minds this week(Volume 32)

One dress, three styles

For the newbies, KFB Churchy and Fly is our fashion column, where we bring you all the dose of inspiration you need to stun for JESUS on Sundays.

You can keep up with the other volumes you have  missed (HERE).

We now bring you some of the best collection of styles as shared on our Instagram page for this week!

Oh by the way, don't forget to follow us on instagram @churchyandfly or tag us #churchyandflyCheers!

Join us again next week for another edition/trend...whoop! 
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Even if her hubby cheats on her, Foluke Daramola will never leave her hubby!

Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola Salako has openly admonished critics to leave details of her marriage out of the public sphere and leave her marriage alone. This warning came after someone had seen her husband, Kayode Salako at an outing with his female friend, and sent a text message to the actress.Salako however  explained  through a statement obtained by Saturday Tribune during the week, stating that his marriage is not a bondage but an understanding union between two mature individuals.
While reacting to this, Foluke Daramola exclusively told Saturday Tribune via a phone conversation.
“This was not about someone sending a text to me about seeing my husband with another lady, it is about people insinuating that whatever he does on social media means that I am having problems with my marriage. He was just reacting to the fact that our marriage is intact. I want people to mind their business concerning my marriage. It’s overflogged already, everything about me is my marriage, my marriage, marriage! The pressure that Nigerians put on all celebrities and our marriages is not making the relationship healthy, when everything about you is let out to the media, there will be a problem, there will be pressure from all angles, even if they see my husband with a woman, does it mean he has anything to do with that woman? And even if anything should go wrong at the end of the day, if someone tells me about it, what does the person want me to do? Does the person want me to say I’m not interested anymore?” the actress asked
“ I’ve always said that the only thing that can take me away from my home is critical and emotional abuse. Infidelity can never take me away from my home because I know how to handle it. I always tell him that he can never find anybody like me. I know my man, I know myself and I know what obtains in my home, so what’s the fuss about?”
She however continued, “my husband is a public commentator, he talks about politics, social issues, education, and even featured in my last film, the cobweb, nobody even talks about all these aspects of him, it’s just my marriage, it should have been over flogged by now. I don’t talk so much about my marriage, except when I post lovely photos because I’m grateful to God for my family, only for people to start saying when are these people going to break up or get separated. I have found that a lot of Nigerians are sadists and just want to bring people to that place of sadness that they are, unfortunately, no one will bring me to that place of sadness because my marriage is intact, I’m happy with my life, it doesn’t mean we don’t have our challenges because we are human beings, but if I have any challenges with my husband, it will never be on the pages of newspapers or social media. No matter what happens, it cannot degenerate to me leaving my husband because he is not a wife beater or an abuser, but as for infidelity, I can handle it very well” Daramola Salako affirmed.
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Six year old girl abused by two teachers, caught kissing brother’s manhood

Little Esther (not real name) must be wondering why life has been so cruel to her. Although, she is only six years old, she has experienced things no child of her age should ever be subjected to.

It all started when Esther, a pupil of a private primary school in Amuwo Odofin area of Lagos State, was playing with her brother recently.
To the shock of the brother, she suddenly started kissing his manhood.
After much probing; she accused her teachers of defiling her.
The minor confessed that one of her teachers had taught her about sex during after-school tutoring and that the practice had been going on for months.
However, after the case was reported to the police, further investigation revealed that the girl had been sexually abused by two teachers.
“She has not been eating well and has been crying every time; my baby has suffered trauma,” the mother said.
Recalling the incident, the mother said, “I noticed my daughter was kissing his brother’s manhood. When I asked her where she learnt that from, she started shivering and claimed that it was nothing.
“I took her inside like a mother would do, then she opened up that it was actually what she viewed on her teacher’s laptop.
“So, I asked her for more details. She said when the lesson was over; the teacher would play pornographic videos for her to watch.
“And after that, he would start caressing her until he penetrates her with his manhood and fingers.
“From what she said, it happened about four or five times.
“We reported the case to the police and investigation showed that she was defiled.
The ‘X’ Squad of the Zone 2 Police Command, Lagos,on Thursday paraded Stanley Akanno and Olakunle Hassan, the two teachers identified by the girl as her abusers.
But both of them denied the allegations.
According to the police, it had been medically established that she had been deflowered.
Akanno said, “I am a parent as well. If I were to be the parent of the child, I would have started my investigation at home.
“According to the girl’s mother, the girl kissed the elder brother’s manhood and that was how she came to know about it.
“If she kissed the elder brother’s manhood, once, twice and thrice, it means this is what they have been doing. Unfortunately, they were caught on that day. She should have started her investigation at home.”
Hassan, who also denied the allegations, said, “I was told she claimed that she walked up to me and whispered in my ear telling me that she wanted to suck my manhood and that I took her to a corner and asked her where she leant it from and that I just pulled my trousers down and she started sucking.
“I have a laptop which was seized on Friday and they could not find anything like that (pornography) in it. I don’t know where this is coming from but I know that God will vindicate me.”
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If there is any issue at all between us, it would never be on social media | Kayode Salako sheds more light on how much he adores his wfie, Foluke Daramola

Image result for foluke daramola wedding pictures 

Kayode Salako is married to popular Nigerian actress, Foluke Daramola. In a chat with Saturday Beats, the actress’ husband said he was shocked to realise that some Nigerians especially men are out to destroy his marriage.

He said it baffled him that some men would go to the extent of texting his wife whenever they saw him with another lady even though they are fully aware that he is a socialite.

He said, “The truth is that all these people that want our marriage to crash are not strong enough because I married my best friend. Our marriage is stronger than whatever plans they have for us. What baffles me more is that it is men that are praying for us to have a crisis. If it were to be women, I would understand because women are known to like to gossip but it is the men that are responsible for this. It makes me ask what they are up to; what is their interest? I was having a business meeting with a lady and I noticed another guy was also at the same venue with a lady as well.

The guy actually picked up his phone to text my wife that I was with a lady at a restaurant. I am 45 years old, if anyone thinks that my life revolves around my wife alone, then they should have a re-think. No man in life can prosper without associating with women and that is why God created Adam and Eve. I cannot stop socializing with women because I am married to Foluke Daramola but that does not mean that I want to send her out of my house or I want to marry more wives. As human beings, you have to interact with both men and women. Has anyone ever seen a church or mosque that is solely built for men? It simply means that we all need ourselves. People should mind their business and stop trying to destroy my marriage.

“Some people would text my wife telling her that they saw me with another woman, I want these people to know that I am in a marriage and not in bondage. I cannot say that because I am married to a celebrity, I would be in bondage. I married my wife because I love her and nothing more. My wife did not marry me as a brother from church, she met me as a socialite and I would continue to be one. I cannot say that because I am married to Foluke Daramola I would not socialise with people; both men and women.”

Salako said people should be aware that the actress has dedicated the best part of her life to make them smile. He then warned them to mind their business and leave his home alone in peace.
“It baffles me that some people are after the downfall of their fellow human beings. Some people are eagerly waiting for something bad to happen to my marriage with Foluke. He said people should keep encouraging her to make her marriage stronger instead of sending her suspicious text messages asking if our marriage is still intact,” Salako said.
The socialite was quick to add that he was not speaking out in defence of whatever allegations people have against him, but that he just wants to be left alone in peace with his wife.

Salako added that the last thing he would ever do is to put his marital problems on social media.
“Some people might think that I am speaking up because I am trying to defend myself of whatever allegations they have because I could have decided to keep quiet but the truth is that I don’t have any problem with my wife. I love her very much and she is the only woman for me. If I have any problems at home, I would never bring it on social media. It is only illiterates that do that; in fact even illiterates don’t do that. Anything I post on social media ranging from topics on marriage to politics is because I want to enlighten people. If there is any issue at all between us, it would never be on social media,” he said.
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My son’s father is a shameless pretender – Amanda Ebeye

Image result for Amanda Ebeye 
It came as a shock to most people when actress, Amanda Ebeye, had a baby in Canada, more so when nobody knew about her being in a relationship let alone, getting married.
Expectedly, she got a lot of bashing offline and online especially, from her fans who felt it was ‘bad’ for her to have a child outside wedlock.
But in an exclusive chat with Saturday Beats, the actress gave reasons why she did not get married to the father of her child.

“I did not marry the father of my child because he is not my husband and he is not meant to be. I could have been in the most useless relationship right now if I wanted but I told myself instead of giving my son this shameless pretender and liar of a man as a father, I would take care of him and he will be fine. I tell you that since I took that stance, I’ve not looked back for one day and God keeps giving me the strength to move on. If it is God’s, one day a good man will come and you’ll be invited to my wedding but for now, I’m single and all that matters to me is my son,” said the actress.
She was also quick to respond to the backlash she received after welcoming her baby to the world. While reacting to the various rumours and online tongue lash she received from Nigerians, the actress simply said that everyone is entitled to their opinion.
 “I didn’t feel bad because we are all entitled to our opinions. Most people don’t know what other people go through but they are fast to bury them. We all hide behind our beautiful make-up and clothes that people forget that we all cry sometimes. And the most painful part is that it is mostly women that do these criticisms.  Some are even going through worse situations but they come on social media, wearing make-up and fine clothes and start commenting but when they go home, their husbands would slap them for not cooking their food early, and they receive it with smiles, walk away and say I’m fighting for my man. Hypocrites!”
The Clinic Matters actress said that she cannot describe the joy that comes with motherhood and contrary to popular belief; it is not a tough job being a single mother.
“Being a mother is the best feeling in the world and it’s unexplainable. If you’re a woman and you haven’t experienced it, you have to look forward to it and pray it happens. I remember when I used to hear our mothers say a woman is not complete without childbirth. I never believed them but sincerely now I do. I’m glad I’ve had this chance to go through this experience and feeling. I would not trade it for a billion dollars.
“It’s been amazing. People think it’s very hard and difficult but I’ll tell you this today and I’ll use this medium to speak to women going through bad relationships. You can do it alone, do not let some man think he’s your Alpha and Omega. That’s for the Lord. Honour your husband. Be diligent as a wife. Do your job as a wife. Be his mother, cook his meals and cater to your family. Have a job so you can support your family too. He pays the fees, you can choose to pay for a vacation for the family to France. Do all you can as a good wife and a virtuous woman but if you do all that and he disrespects you, cheats on you and gives you bull please know you stand right with God and don’t be scared to walk out the door with your kids,” she said.
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Tenant breaks widowed Landlady's Leg for demanding 20 months rent

A man identified as Obidi Ibeagha, 44, has been arrested by the Lagos State police for battering his landlady identified as Mrs Idayat Aderibigbe, for demanding her 20 months owed rent. The lady's leg was said to have been broken while being battered.

Ibeagha, has since been arrested and remanded in jail due to failure to provide the N50,000 bail condition.

According to PMExpress, the suspect was said to have thought it unwise to pay rent since the landlord who rented the 3-bedroom apartment he lived in to him died last year.

Upon being asked for the rent, he got angry at Mrs. Aderibigbe whom he told he was going to park out at first.. When she demanded he paid the owed arrears before moving out, he got angry, attacked her and had her leg broken.
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Details of Goodluck Jonathan's visit to Obasanjo's home (their conversations, game they played, photos)

Contrary to reports that he was attending Trump's inauguration, former President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday visited Ibogun ,Ogun State, the ancestral village of ex – President Olusegun Obasanjo.During the rare meeting between the duo who were bitterly divided in the run-up to the election ,Obasanjo took Jonathan on a tour of the village and they sat to place a local game, Ayo.
Obasanjo said

I want to thank you very sincerely for taking it upon yourself to pay us a visit at this point in time and at this location,
“Since you left office, you hardly have time to sit down and relax like you have been able to do today and I hope and pray for more such relaxed situation where we can reminiscence situations of the past that we have been through in this country, and also look at what the future portends.
“When leaders come, they have little or no experience, when they have to go is when they have really amassed a lot of experience, where they have wisdom, they are experienced to be in high demand, those people like you and me who have the grace of God to bow out gracefully, if there is no what I call constitutional office, we have residual responsibilities for Nigeria.”.

I believe that not only Nigeria, and Africa and indeed the world will continue to tap into our experiences, our wisdom and I hope and pray that when the call is made to you, you will be more than ready to put your experience into the service of this country, Africa and humanity in general,” he said.
“I have said to you before and I will say again that there are plenty of opportunities out there, within the country, within West Africa, within African and indeed in the larger world where people will want you to make contributions
“I believe that you are resting now and when you have fully rested and you will be hearing from me because I have had the opportunity to have gone around the world
“My regards to everybody at home, especially your wife, please tell her that my wife sends her regards and I hope sooner or later we will be in your part of the world to enjoy the atmosphere together.”
The visit lasted about four hours of which Obasanjo and Jonathan alone spoke behind closed doors  for  40 minutes.

No member of Jonathan’s  entourage or Obasanjo’s associates was allowed into the inner room where the  secret talks took place.
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That bump on your lower section is mine | Kirk Franklin and wife celebrate 21st anniversary

Award winning gospel singer, Kirk Franklin is celebrating his 21st wedding anniversary with his wife Tammy Collins. He wrote thus:

So I'm at home sick today..and it's my 21st anniversary! I wanted to take this fine sexy thang out and spoil her for riding with me, pushing me, and loving me until I healed. I'm in my pj's with my breath stinky and she's right next to me like she's always been. Happy Anniversary my queen. I'll make it up to you I promise. The world is yours. And that bump on your lower section is mine!😋😍😜 #kirkandtammyfolife
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Husband sets wife on fire in violent domestic abuse attack (Graphic photos)

A Kenyan lady named Pauline Mugure was disfigured after her husband reportedly attacked her and set her on fire in a violent domestic abuse attack.

She is pictured above standing next to a makeshift house, struggling to speak while showing the burn wounds on her neck, back and face in a social media video that has now gone viral.

The emotional video ends with Pauline in tears asking for help to aid in reconstructive surgery and medication. See it after the cut.

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Aww, viral photo of childhood sweethearts turned to husband and wife

Childhood sweethearts turned to husband and wife. So adorable!
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Director inserts electric heater into son’s anus for allegedly being gay (Graphic photos)

A Director of Planning in one of the juicy ministries in Borno State, (names withheld) has been arrested by the state Police Command for allegedly inserting electric heater into the anus of his 10-year old son over the allegation of engaging in homosexual activities.

The top civil servant was said to have perpetrated the act upon hearing that his son performed the act with some politicians. While the boy, names withheld, had claimed to have been raped at their 1000 Government Housing Estate residence, the father was said to have dismissed his story leading to the inflicting of the bodily injuries.

Saturday Vanguard learnt that the victim was chained before his father, who was accused of denying his children western education carried out the act. The 10 year old victim whose father allegedly inserted hot electric heater into his anus for being gay It was further gathered that the civil servant recently chained one of his daughters named Mama for insulting her stepmother in the estate.

A top government official, who pleaded anonymity, said the director had been arrested. Efforts to confirm the incident from the Police Public Relations Officer of Borno State Command, Mr. Victor Isuku proved abortive. However, some residents told Saturday Vanguard  that the estate was recording growing rate of homosexual activities.
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Edo pastor accused of commiting adultry with church member's wife, tells his story

The presiding pastor of Miracle House of God Prophetic Ministry in Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area of Edo State, Prophet Great Emokpae, who was accused of being involved in an amorous affair with the wife of one Anthony Ehikioya, has denied the allegation. 
Ehikioya had last Sunday, accused Emokpae of having a romantic relationship with his wife after he reportedly obtained an audio recording of a conversation between the two.

 He also accused his wife, Bridget, of infidelity, an allegation she also denied.

The development led to the destruction of some property belonging to the church on
Ituanyemwangbon Street by a group of angry youths.

The police had also launched a manhunt for the pastor, after he reportedly fled the area.

 But Emokpae, who spoke with journalists on Friday, said though he had earlier been threatened by the complainant, he was surprised to see the level of damage done to his church.

He noted that he had to run for his life when he saw the mob. He explained,
“I was so surprised when I came to church on (that) Sunday. Meanwhile, the man had threatened that he would destroy my church. As I was going to church, I saw a crowd. Some were holding machetes and different weapons.
 “I had to run for my dear life. I am not on the run. They are going to pay for everything they have destroyed because I am really innocent. Heaven and God bear me witness; I
don’t know what they have accused me about.”

The pastor also denied any connection with the fetish items said to have been found in the church.
He added,
“Before my arrival at the church, they (mob) were there. The only things I make use of are my Bible, staff and girdle; any other thing, apart from the ones I mentioned, was brought by them.”
The wife of the complainant said that she had been rebuked on several occasions by her husband for attending the church with her children.
Bridget said,
“I told my husband that if he thought that it (adultery) happened, he should take me to my people so that they would know what to do. He went to his people and told me not to enter his house again.”
 “I have been in Ekpoma since last Friday. I am innocent and the man (pastor) is innocent. The pastor is good to me and my family. I don’t have anything with the pastor and he doesn’t have anything with me,” she added.
When contacted, the State Police Public Relations Officer, Moses Nkombe, told PUNCH that the pastor was still on the run. Nkombe, however, added that the complainant was assisting the police with the investigation.
“He is still on the run. The husband of the woman is helping us to trace them. Once the arrest is made, I will let you know,” Punch reports he said.
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Domestic staff reveals cause of Tonto Dikeh's marriage crisis, as husband relocates

Read this mail that was sent out by anonymous individuals to bloggers moments ago:
In the last few days, social media have been saturated with the alleged crisis rocking Tonto Dikeh's family. The issues have generated a lot of controversies due to the personalities involved.
Her fans and colleagues were taken by surprise with the news of her marital crisis, especially as her marriage was seen to be a loving one with regards to the news coming out on social media with expensive gestures floating, to signify a union with a happy bedroom ecstasy.

Well, insiders have been able to unearth the rudiment of the internal family misunderstanding which has lasted for over three months, unknown to many.
We just got shocking details on the supposed reason behind the matrimonial scandal.

Exclusive information gotten from domestic staff who does not want to be mentioned, said that the actress UNFORTUNATELY returned to her single-lady lifestyle of smoking marijuana which usually triggers her to destroy family properties at any latest provocation. 
This was revealed to have happened over three times to the extent of burning her husband's cloths and expensive interior valuables. The domestic staff (name withheld) disclosed that the husband, Mr Olakunle Churchill, has been in Ghana after his charity programme since last year to cool off, and reflect on the disturbing tendencies from his wife to display superior disposition in a new family, even as they have a son to their credit.

The last straw that did not only break the camels back but sadly killed the camel, according to the in-house staff, was that Tonto Dikah was breastfeeding their baby while smoking
To avoid such obnoxious eye sore, Mr. Churchill was said to have travelled rather than react over her domestic violence prompted by 'highness' which was maritally difficult to control.

As at the time of writing this story, Mr. Churchill was said not to be at home in Abuja after he was reported few days ago to be teaching his son how to drive. 
Investigation at his office revealed that his contract staff had not seen him put up appearance at the office. Several efforts to get to him proved abortive both for his staff and journalists. 
A very close source however disclosed that he stressed sometime ago that he had no issue in his family, and that his wife does her domestic duties no matter whose horse is gored. ‎

But a recent reference is the embarrassment an inside source revealed she caused during her mother in-law's visit for house warming from America. The actress was said to have pushed down the guest in-law and broke some valuables like electronic sets, kitchen utensils, wine bar, etc in her home in one of her many "marijuana" reactions. 
The incessant dishonourable displays was sighted to have made her husband change his comfort zone to Ghana while her Instagram name adjustment was done after he left because she doesn't know what will be the outcome, was said to be her trick to attract public sympathy. 
But what really beats one's imagination is why a man should leave his house for a woman? Is it oppression from her or he's just being a gentleman?
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Saturday daily devotional by Pastor E. A. Adeboye (Open Heavens 21 January 2017) – How Selfless are You?

Topic: How Selfless are You? [Saturday 21, January 2017]

Memorise: Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many. – Matthew 20:28. 
 Read: Matthew 20:24-28 (KJV)

24 And when the ten heard it, they were moved with indignation against the two brethren.

25 But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they that are great exercise authority upon them.

26 But it shall not be so among you: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister;

27 And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant:

28 Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.

Bible in One Year: Mark 12-13, Isaiah 18


The Holy Spirit made it clear that some of the prevailing characteristics of people living in the last days would be selfishness, self-centredness and inconsideration of others (2 Timothy 3:1-5). But for those of us who are the elect of God, He says this to us:

“Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others.” - Philippians 2:4

If you are fully focused on yourself and hardly think of others, you have been overtaken by the bug of the last days. If all your prayer points are centred on yourself and your family, you will need the further work of grace to sanctify you. When you are filled with the compassion of Jesus, other people’s interests will be paramount in your heart. You will not want to offend them, and you will think more about their well being. You will also intercede for people with various challenges in your extended family, church, community, state or nation. If you are struggling with helping others, you need to allow the Holy Spirit work on your mind to bring it in conformity with the mind of Christ.

When you manifest the mind of Christ, genuine humility will be seen in you. The mind of Christ will affect the way you run your business, ministry, family, etc. It will affect your love for those under you and the level of sacrifice you are willing to make for God and His people. Jesus could give up His life for many because of the kind of mindset He had. If you have the mind of Christ, regardless of the number of signs, wonders and miracles God has done through you, you will be unable to boss people around, virtually expecting people to worship you. If you have the mind of Christ, you will be a true servant leader, and you will obey God without conditions or limits. Only the fellow manifesting the mind of Christ will be able to give anything the Lord requests of him or her. With this mindset, just like Paul, you will be prepared to suffer any hardship, take any risk and even lose your life for Jesus (Acts 21:8-14). With the mind of Christ, you will be able to say like Paul,

“For to me to live in Christ, and to die is gain.” - Philippians 1:21

Prayer Point: Ask that the Spirit of holiness will be manifest in the Body of Christ worldwide.

Open Heavens Daily Devotional guide was written by Pastor E.A. Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, one of the largest evangelical church in the world and also the President of Christ the Redeemer's Ministries.

iOpenHeavens is the electronic version of the Hard Copy. The Open Heavens devotional application is available across all mobile platforms and operating systems: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Mobile and PC.
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Friday, January 20

I can't believe I'm finally doing this Visually impaired singer, Cobhams Asuquo drives a car (watch)

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Actress accused of sleeping with Tonto Dikeh's husband goes on vacation (photos)

Image result for tonto dikeh's hubby's mistress 
After shutting down the rumours and saying Tonto Dikeh's husband, Churchill is like her mentor, actress, Rosaline Meurer have shared new photos as she sets out for a vacation with her 'bae'.

She also has a message for her haters saying; "Keep calm or not I don't care, I mon vacation". See another photo below...

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