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Wednesday, April 12

Ghana’s foremost relationship counsellor, George Lutterodt lists reasons why one should not marry a poor man

 This sounds ridiculous? Well that’s the view of Ghana’s foremost relationship counsellor, George Lutterodt.
To Lutterodt, marrying a poor man means early death for the woman!

He says, “Never allow a poor man to marry you. A poor man’s marriage will kill you early. And when you die you will go to hell.’
Highlighting men who should not think of marriage, he says, “A man who cannot afford a square meal and a snack should not dream of marriage because he cannot fend for himself ”
He also explains, “If a man has reached the stage of marriage and his mother and father are afraid to tell him to go and marry, both parents are witches and wizards.”
Not only that, the counselor talks to women who are eligible for marriage and aren’t married. He says, “If you are a beautiful woman and you walk around and men are afraid to ask you out or hit on you, buy a big mirror and fix it in your room and cry.”
For those using their girlfriends’ pictures as Display pictures on their mobile devices, Lutterodt accuses them as criminals! “Report any man who is not married to you but uses your picture as his DP (display picture) to the police and get him arrested. Report such a man to the police and let them know he is using your image to perpetrate crime,” he advises.
Not only that, he says ladies should arrest men who are not ready for marriage but who make proposal. He says, “Report any man who says he will marry you but he does not have a room he sleeps in or he sleeps in a room that he says ‘lets sleep in’ to the police and get him arrested.”
Also, he says, “A man is not ready for marriage when he lives in ‘obey the wind’ self contain.’Obey the wind’ self contain is a room you partition with a cast-off (‘foes’) curtain and you hold the middle with a peg and when the wind blows, you see chamber and hall. You can’t marry with this room…report it to police. When a man is doing attachment (perching) and he proposes to marry you, report him to the police and get him arrested.”

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