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Saturday, April 25

I Never Quit Music, I Only Went To Spend Time With My Family Says eLDee

Music act, eLDee the Don who has been off the scene for some time now said he has not quit music and neither did he finally relocate to America. According to eLDee, he is still very much into music, but he had to go and spend some time with his family, especially his daughters who he has been away from for years. He also says though he has no son, he has no regret that God has blessed him with two beautiful daughters, because children are the same, be it boys or girls. Enjoy the very short chat he had with Saturday Beats below;

On him not quitting music, eLDee said;
"I did not quit music; I evolved from being a complainer to a solution provider. The reason why I was away from the music scene and travelled out of the country was because I needed to take some time off so that I could spend some time with my family. I had not been with my family for years and I felt they deserved my time. I have young girls and I have to be there for my kids and that supersedes any kind of passion that I have. That is part of the reasons I took some time off. I also used the opportunity to work on my new project, Play data, where artistes can track how frequently their works are being used. I did not relocate to America, I am back in Nigeria and my house is still there," he said.
On having only two girls;
"I am not paranoid that I have two lovely female children. I feel that every parent needs to treat their children with care regardless if they are male or female. If you give them the right training and support system, they would be okay. So you would not be afraid of boys chasing your daughters. My daughters are beautiful and I show them off all the time. They are my pride and joy and I have absolutely no regrets having girls. I am probably going to stop at the two girls and maybe never have a son. For me, they are children, my children and I love them a lot. I am proud of them," eLDee said.
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A Woman's Boyfriend Cheated On Her So She Posted A Bedroom Video Of Herself With Another Guy

Lol. Some people are hardcore. The woman in this photo caught her boyfriend cheating on her and guess what she did? She uploaded a video of herself naked with another man in bed online and taunted her boyfriend, now ex I'm sure. She laughed into the camera and said;
"Joke's on you mate, because I cheated on you too." then she kisses the man seen in the video with her. See more photos below;
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Mother Of Nanny Who Kidnapped The Orekoya Boys Pleads For Forgiveness

Prophetess Esther Adeyemi, mother of Funmilola Adeyemi, the nanny who kidnapped the Orekoya boys has called on the affected family and the general public to have mercy on her daughter and forgive her. Mrs. Adeyemi in an interview with Saturday Sun, said Funmi, who is her first daughter left home 10 years ago and until she was arrested and shown in the media, she didn't know where her daughter was. Mrs. Adeyemi who is a widow, says though she is ashamed of what her daughter did, she cannot abandon her.
"All has always been well till their fa­ther died. He was killed during the Ife and Modakeke fight. During that time, we were based in Calabar and as expected we were evicted from the barracks and we relocated to Osun State. He died as a Chief Superintendent of Police. Luckily, I am a prophetess and I de­cided to embrace my ministry. I had to get closer home and most importantly close to the mountain. By the grace of God, I became popular in Lagos and Ajah. As the first daughter of the house, I want­ed the best for her, so I invested in her edu­cation. She got admission to study Survey at Osun Polytechnic. After her graduation, she worked briefly as a receptionist till one day in 2005, she came to me that she wanted to go back to school for her HND. I gave her enough money to sustain her for months.
This was the last I heard from her. I was worried but anytime that I attempted to call the police, she will call her sister and tell her that she is fine. This always happened anytime I go to the mountain to pray. She is 35 years and old enough to be a mother but I never knew that I had four grandchildren from her. They kidnapped my daughter and placed her under a spell. What sort of human being from a Christian back­ground will suddenly decide to sell their soul to the devil? Please, forgive my daughter and give me the chance to break the spell. You all heard that she claimed that she wanted to expand their family wealth. Which normal woman would be working for a man who has refused to marry her after four children? Please, have mercy on my daughter. I thank God that none of the kids died in the process," she pleaded. On how she learnt of Funmi's arrest, Mrs. Adeyemi said one of her daughters had seen Funmi's picture on the internet and alerted her that Funmi was in some kind of trouble.
"She called me that a lady who looks like my daughter is on her whatsapp. I waved it aside till I saw her pictures every­where. It was a great shock. I prayed for the ground to open and swallow me. The shame was too much but no matter how bad a child turns out to be, a mother cannot abandon him or her. I am ashamed but all the same I thank God that she is truly alive. It could be God's way of rescuing my daughter from the hands of those criminals. She is under a spell and almighty God will help me deliver her," Mrs. Adeyemi stated.
When asked why she did not use her gift of prophecy to find her daughter, Mrs. Adeyemi said:
"I never knew that she was lost, so I did not bother focusing my prayer on her. I felt that she is an adult and should be al­lowed to live her life. Most especially, since she gets in touch with her sister, I felt no need to worry. The only time I spoke with her, she said that she was in South Africa." she said.
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Africa In The World Happiness Report, Nigeria Is No.4 In Africa

The list of the happiest and unhappiest countries in Africa was released recently and surprisingly, Libyans are the happiest people in Africa. Nigerians are number 4. The most miserable country in Africa is Madagascar. In terms of the happiest people in the world, it's people from Switzerland.
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Chika Ike' Reality Show Trends

Star actress and producer Chika Ike' s African Diva Reality show is trending ..The actress who premiered the first Episode last week Friday on YouTube got a lot of views and good reviews.  The Actress has gone on to release the second Episode and according to Chika the show is available on her YouTube channel now and new Episodes will be available online Every Friday for 13 weeks. See Behind the scene pictures below;
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More Than 100 Killed As Powerful Earthquake Rocks Nepal

Bodies have been pulled from the rubble of collapsed buildings in Kathmandu after strong earthquake  hit Nepal. The quake measured 7.9 and struck an area between the capital Kathmandu and the city of Pokhara,the US Geological Survey said.

The tremors were felt as far away as the Indian capital Delhi and other cities in northern India, which borders Nepal. It caused extensive damage with toppled walls and several buildings, including temples.. More than  a 100 bodies have been pulled out, BBC reports.
 A photojournalist, who is in Pokhara 50 miles west of where the quake struck, told Sky News:
"It was a pretty massive earthquake here, the strongest I've ever felt in my life. We've all gathered on a tennis court which is the only open space available to us close by. There is quite a lot of damage. The building I was in has quite a lot of cracks in it. There was a construction site right next to us and several of the new ways have fallen and there was an injury."
A Nepali minister said there had been "massive damage" at the epicentre.
"We need support from the various international agencies which are more knowledgeable and equipped to handle the kind of emergency we face now," Information Minister Minendra Rijal. 

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How Pastor Duped Sales Girl Of N4m After Promising To Marry Her

A 32-year-old cleric, Pastor Abel Benard Aniude of Trimphant Kings Assembly, Enugu, has been nabbed by police detec­tives in Enugu for allegedly duping a 25-year-old lady, Ojiaku Chiamaka of N4 million.The pastor was said to have wooed Chia­maka on facebook in December 2013 and promised her marriage. Using preparations for the marriage as a bait, the clergy alleg­edly swindled the lady over N4 million.

He was arrested by police detectives at his No 42 Odudukoko street, Gariki Awku­nanaw, Enugu State on April 13 following complaints filed by the victim.

The state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Mohammed Adamu, who confirmed the ar­rest, told Saturday Sun that the suspect and his younger brother, Tobias Aniude serving a jail term in Enugu prison, were notori­ous for using facebook to promise innocent women marriage and eventually dupe them.

The pastor's younger brother, Tobias was said to have been arrested for kidnap­ping and armed robbery and later remanded in Enugu prison in March. In the prison, Tobias was alleged to have continued using facebook to scam more innocent Nigerians.

The victim, Chiamaka, who works as a sales girl with her brother, Emmanuel Mon­day Ojiaku at Mokola, Ibadan, Oyo State, was said to have diverted proceeds from sales in her brother's shop to meet the de­mands of Pastor Aniude. Giving details of what transpired be­tween him and Chiamaka, Pastor Aniude told Saturday Sun:
"I am an Assistant Pas­tor with Triumphant Kings Assembly. I have been in ministry for five years now. I am jobless. I met Chiamaka on facebook in Decem­ber, 2013. I promised to marry her. Then, she started sending money to my bank account in Enugu. I visited her at Ibadan twice and collected the sum of N1million from her."

"I have to send my wife away with my two kids from my house to Aba. When I told my wife that I wanted to marry a second wife but she refused, that prompted me to send her packing. "I used part of the money Chiamaka was sending to buy a car and built a bungalow in my village at Nochele Ndeaboli in Aliri Local Government Area, Enugu State. "I deceived her that I wanted to marry her on Christmas day, December 25, 2014. I also lied to her that I had a motor accident. I rescheduled it for February 14, 2015. I lied to her again that armed robbers attacked me. I rescheduled it for Easter period, April 4, 2015 before the police anti-kidnappers squad arrested my wife, my Pastor Sam Ezenagu before I was arrested".
  Explaining how his younger brother, Tobias got involved in the scam, the sus­pect said:
"It was when I have duped her that I handed over her phone number to my younger brother, Tobias who is currently serving in Enugu prison yard. My younger brother called Chiamka and told her that the wedding invitation cards were ready but that I am not serious and he is ready to marry her and so she should send him money."
In her own account of the scam, Chiam­aka explained:
"I met Pastor Abel Bernard Aniude on facebook in December 2013 and we started chatting on facebook. Pastor Abel deceived me that he wanted to marry me. I worked in the shop of my brother, Emmauel Ojiaku who sells electronics in Ibadan. I started to send N700,000 and N300,000 to Pastor Abel through his UBA and Diamond account numbers".

"In July 2014, Pastor Abel came to Ibadan and lodged in a hotel and after hav­ing sex with me, I gave him N300,000. Also on September, 2014, Pastor Abel came to Ibadan and lodged again in same hotel and after having sex me, I gave him N700,000. I don't known how I ended up sending N4 million into his bank accounts." "My family should forgive me. I was deceived. I have learnt my lesson in a hard way", she said.
The victim's brother, Emmanuel Oji­aku stated: "Chiamaka is my blood sister. She was in the village in Nnewi, Anambra State where one guy impregnated her and later the guy denied the pregnancy, she de­livered the baby and after sometimes, the baby died. I went to the village in Nnewi and brought her to Ibadan to stay with me so that she will not suffer".
 On how Chiamaka was able to have ac­cess to his money, Emmanuel said:
"I deal in electrical appliances in Ibadan. I took my sister, Chiamaka to be like a sales girl. Sud­denly my wife took ill and had to take her to India for treatment.

"Chiamaka was in charge of my shop. I didn't suspect her rather I handed over the shop to her. It was March 27, 2015 when Chiamaka came back from the shop and I discovered that she was having N1700, which led to searching of her room and I discovered N65,000 under her bed. I brought out cutlass and threatened her and collected her phone before she confessed to me that she has sent over N4 million to Pas­tor Abel."
 The General Overseer of Triumphant Kings Assembly, 47-year-old Pastor Sam Ezenagu where Pastor Abel works as Assis­tant Pastor told Saturday Sun:
"I was doing counselling in my church, four years ago when Pastor Abel walked in and told me that he wanted to assist me in my ministry. We started working together. Every Sunday service we always give him N3,000.

"Suddenly, Pastor Abel brought a Honda Sport car and we celebrated it and asked him where he got the car. Pastor Abel told me that it was one of those he prays for that gave him the car. The church rejoiced with him. Also, in some months, I will not see Pastor Abel and if I call him, he would tell me he was doing some business some­where."
 Pastor Ezenagu added:
"It was April 12, 2015, Pastor Abel called me that police­men has arrested his wife. I ran to Aba. I asked whether there is any problem, I took a lawyer along with Pastor Abel and that was how he was arrested. Pastor Abel had to confess that he always dupe some ladies on facebook and how he got involved in the N4 million scam.
CP Adamu assured that Pastor Abel will soon be charged to court for trial.

From Sun
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Friday, April 24

Friendly Exes! New Pictures Of Femi Kuti And Ex-Wife Funke Kuti Together

New Pictures Of Femi Kuti And Ex-Wife Funke Kuti Together
Funke Kuti came out to support her ex-husband Femi Kuti at his concert happening tonight at Eko Hotel. I insist, they look good together.
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Four Nigerians Set To Be Executed In Indonesia Tomorrow

Baring any last minute changes, four Nigerians along with 6 other nationals will be executed for drug related offenses in Indonesia tomorrow April 25th.

According to an Indonesian foreign Affairs official, the convicted foreigners will be taken to Nusakambangan, the prison island off Java where they are to be executed. Those to be executed also include 2 Australians, one Philippine, one Brazilian and one Indonesian. Australian and Nigerian government have been clamoring for clemency for the drug offenders but their plea appears to have fallen on deaf ears as the Indonesian government has finalized plans to execute the drug traffickers.

It is a law in Indonesia that anyone caught with banned drugs will be executed, foreigners& nationals.
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Zoning Of National Assembly Offices: APC Leaders' Meeting End In Deadlock

A meeting of top members of APC convened to resolve all disagreements bordering on the zoning of top offices in the incoming National Assembly ended in a deadlock on at the Rivers state Governors lodge Abuja on Wednesday April 22nd.

According to Vanguard, the meeting came to a deadlock after the leaders failed to reach a consensus on where to zone the office of the speaker of the House of Representatives. The members were divided between zoning it to the North-East and South-West. The leaders however agreed on the zoning of the office of Senate President to the North-Central and the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF, to the South-East.

Sources say outgoing minority leader, Femi Gbajabiamila and Yakubu Dogara are being nominated for either speaker or deputy speaker of the House of Representatives. In attendance at the meeting were President-elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd); Vice-President-elect, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo; party leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu; governors-elect, senators-elect as well as some top executive officers of the party.
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Jimi Agbaje And The Rest Of Us By Oluwole Leigh

(Ambode and Jimi Agbaje. Photo: Facebook)

Akin Ambode and Jimi Agbaje:

Nigeria has just completed a round of elections. The Presidential and National Assembly elections were held on the 28th of March while the Governorship and State House of Assembly elections were held on the 11th of April.

The gubernatorial election in Lagos was keenly contested by Jimi Agbaje of the PDP and Akin Ambode of the APC. While Akin Ambode won the contest, Jimi Agbaje could be said to have won the hearts of many neutrals and political observers. It was quite surprising to me when I discovered that many of my friends who found it easy to analyse issues at the national level often threw away logic when it came to the issue of Jimi's candidacy. It seemed as if allowing Jimi to occupy any space in their thoughts would make them victims of eternal damnation. On the other hand, while I had a sentimental attachment to 'Hurricane Change', I saw Jimi Agbaje as someone whose political ambition provided an opportunity for self-examination and reflection. Not many would see any sense in what I am saying but I will proceed.

Jimi represented the hopes and dreams of 'Old Lagos'. I did not grow up in Lagos but as a member of a family whose ancestry was built in Lagos, I have come to learn about what Lagos used to be. The 'Old Lagos' was about people who went about their daily activities, provided for their families and did their bit in the community. The 'Old Lagos' was not just about making money but about family heritage. As cosmopolitan as Lagos was, you would find people who knew your family history and tried to relate to you based on their assessment of your family.

A man would go about his business during the week, attend parties on Saturday, go to his Church on Sunday and retire to his social club after service. His family members were often of the two major religions. He did what he could and left the rest to his Creator. One of the sub-groups within 'Old Lagos' is what people refer to as 'Popo Aguda'. Agbajes were part of the 'Popo Aguda' Community. Popo Aguda was a name given to Catholics and their families in the Lagos of yester-years. A considerable part of this community was formed by families of Brazilian returnees. It is instructive to note that Jimi's loss was largely felt by 'Popo Aguda' folks in Lagos. Previous representatives such as Senator Kofoworola Bucknor and Femi Pedro eventually fell out of favour with the ruling political class in Lagos. Thus, Jimi's shoulders bore the yoke of the past as well as the burden of the present.

Jimi's career as a pharmacist attracted a lot of undue attention and calumny from a lot of young observers. I did not find the campaign of calumny surprising since it came from people whose life experiences could be summarized as 'I must hammer by force in Jesus name.' These were the ones who could not understand how an individual could be satisfied with having 'one shop.' At the root of the venom thrown at Jimi was a disregard for the dignity of labour. Jimi chose to practice Community Pharmacy. It was his decision and he had a right to make that decision. Many community pharmacies stayed the way they were for various reasons. Some people were not interested in renting Registration Certificates from non-practicing Pharmacists in order to establish branches of their shops.

Apart from PSN registration requirements, community owned businesses in those days had social functions as well as business functions. People visited your business because they knew you and trusted you and had no issues stopping by for a quick chat. The gains of these business owners were not only found in their Profit/Loss statement but in the fact that they were regarded as Pillars of the community. The integration of these Small Business Owners with the community often led to the phenomenon of naming bus stops after Chemists that were located there. Jimi's neighbours and friends in Apapa were happy with him and that was what mattered.

One of the other issues that Jimi had to contend with, was the view that he was a good man in the wrong party. This view was expressed because he ran on the ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party. This assertion stems from a deterministic mindset that is largely influenced by the religious books. The concept of Life always being a choice between Good and Evil makes us to see every decision or situation as an opportunity to 'make the right choice'. Unfortunately, choices in life are not always as clear-cut as we wish them to be. Under a different set of circumstances, the PDP might have been seen as the 'Way to Life' while the APC would represent the 'Way to Damnation'. If Jimi had won the election, the issue of 'wrong choice' would have been moved to the court of the APC. Life is not as straight-jacketed as we feel it should be and we can only hope that time would prove us right.

Jimi agbaje
Jimi Agbaje:

Jimi had his imperfections. Jimi's knowledge and ideas seemed to resonate with a lot of people in Lagos. However, the quality of his ideas for the Nation was not at par with his vision for Lagos. Jimi often faltered when he was moved from his familiar territory of outlining his plans for Lagos. His repeated attempts at intervening in national issues often made him end up with egg on his face. His attempt at comedy during the Dinner with GEJ made him look like an excitable individual whose mouth could churn out any gibberish if the occasion demanded.

Jimi also suffered criticism from those who felt he was not patient enough. They believed that he should have 'waited for his turn'. They believed that he should have stayed in hiding till a bright light from the Ruling Party showed up and identified him as their candidate. The hypocrisy behind such an assertion is evident when we consider the lifestyles of those behind it. Some of his accusers did not 'wait for their turn' while making decisions in life. They changed jobs, changed apartments and made conscious attempts to change the path in which their lives were headed. They did not wait for fate to determine their future. Jimi saw an opportunity to actualize his vision and he took it.

The final cross that Jimi had to bear was that of his party's vision. His party's strategy for these elections was built around religious and ethnic sensitivities. It was a decision that was taken at the top and cascaded down through their campaign messages. I am of the opinion that Jimi as a 'Lagos Boy' could not have been the one going out to sow discord among ethnic groups in the state. His party had a vision and a mission to deliver votes by stressing our differences. He tried his best to disassociate himself from Party activities that were not 'omoluabi-like'. Unfortunately, his efforts were in vain. His party had lit a fire which he could not quench. The greatest blow for Jimi was probably not his loss but the fact that his ambition became a source of contention among his people.

In conclusion, Jimi's 2015 election path serves as a mirror for the ambitions of many of us. We can learn lessons by studying decisions that he made if we allow ourselves to learn from him. Eventually, we would be faced with the choices that stood in Jimi's path. We can only hope that our decisions would be proved right when the time comes.

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Arsenal Fans Want Banner Dedicated To Cesc Fabregas Removed

An image of former Arsenal star Cesc Fabregas hangs from the Ken Friar Bridge at the Emirates Stadium

An image of former Arsenal star, Cesc Fabregas hangs from the Ken Friar Bridge at the Emirates Stadium. With Arsenal set to face Chelsea in the Premiership match billed for Sunday, April 26, 2015, fans of the North London side are demanding the removal of the banner which has the image of the former Arsenal captain, Cesc Fabregas on Ken Friar Bridge at the Emirates Stadium.

Echoing the feelings of several Arsenal fans, popular Arsenal super fan and TV favourite, Claude Callegari, labelled the former Barcelona player a disgrace, wondering why the badge is still hanging at the Emirates Stadium.

'I want to know why that is still on the bridge? he said, adding: 'He kissed the (Chelsea) badge when they lifted the cup last week. Why is that still on our bridge? It's a disgrace. Take that down.'

Cesc Fabregas, who started his youth career with Arsenal in 2003, left in 2011 for Barcelona after 212 appearances and 35 goals before making a switch back to England in 2014 to turn out in the colours of Chelsea.

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Ini Edo Takes Fans, Friends And Family On A Movie Date To Celebrate Her Birthday

Actress Ini Edo who turned a year older today April 23rd took some of her fans, family and friends to see her movie "While You Slept" at Silverbird Cinemas today. See more photographs below;

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NECLive 3: Training, Key To Longevity In Nollywood Says Joke Silva


Nollywood actress, Joke Silva delivered the 'Teaching And Training Tomorrow's Talent' session at the NEC 2015. Veteran Nollywood actress, Joke Silva has identified proper and regular training as the only factor that can guarantee longevity in the realm of acting.

While speaking as a speaker during a session at this year's edition og Nigerian Entertainment Conference held at Eko Hotels & Suites on Wednesday, April 22, 2015, the Nollywood icon emphasised the need for budding and even professional actors to get proper training in order to better their craft.

Silva, who kicked off the Teaching and Training Tomorrow's Talent session with a very practical speech, affirmed that training is as important as the performance itself.

According to her, this training can take the informal form as in the case of Yoruba Travelling Theatre or a formal form like university courses or at institutes such as Lufodo Academy of Performing Arts which she co-founded with her husband, Olu Jacobs and other training institutes.

'It is very important for actors to get the right education and not only once but throughout their career. If we don't do this, what we will get is nothing but mediocrity,' she pointed out.

To further corroborate her point, she cited an example of her struggles with understanding a character she played in the stage play, For Coloured Girls and had to resort to help from popular director, Ifeoma Fafunwa for direction.

'I have spent about 34 years as an actor, I have trained several people but I realised that for me to properly understand the character, I needed some extra training. So, I went to someone I was sure understood exactly what that character needed, the actress popularly referred to as Mummy J, added.

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Lagos State Govt Unveil Brand New Kia Rio LASTMA Cars

Brand new 2014 Kia Rio cars for our Lagos state Traffic Management Authority, LASTMA, officials.

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MC Galaxy Unveils Cover Art And Track-List For Debut Album

(Mc Galaxy to drop debut album. Photo: Instagram)

Fast rising Nigerian comedian and singer, Innocent Udeme Udofot otherwise called MC Galaxy has unveiled the album art and track list for his debut album, Breakthrough.

The album will hit the streets tomorrow, Friday April 24, 2015 and the  'Sekem' singer will hold an album launch concert on Saturday, May 2, 2015 at Emerald Event Centre, Uyo, Akwa-Ibom with BeatFM OAP, Toolz and Channel O VJ, Denrele Edun as hosts.

The album is a 20-track album that features Olamide, Chris String, Zinnia, Kaffy, Davido and True Voice with the production credits of Shizzi, Dj Coublon, Spellz and others.

MC Galaxy will be joined by other acts including Skales, Oristefemi, Praiz, Cynthia Morgan and others while Akpororo, Klint Da Drunk, I Go Die and other comedians will be on hand at his album launch concert.



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David Beckham Plans 40th Birthday For Native Essex

(David Beckham made £50.8 million last year. Photo: Bang Showbiz)

David Beckham is planning to celebrate his 40th birthday at his native Essex. Retired international footballer and super model, David Beckham is currently planning to 'go back to his Essex roots' for his 40th birthday and wants a traditional celebration with his family, childhood friends and neighbours, where he will be served his favourite British food on Saturday, May 2, 2015.

 A source confirmed the news to Heat Magazine saying: 'David's got his heart set on having a big bash with all his family, football mates and childhood friends and neighbours, he wants to invite people he hasn't seen in years. 'He's sentimental and wants to go back to his Essex roots. He's thinking about having a chip shop dinner served, pies and mash – all authentic and very real,' the source added.

David Beckham, who has played for Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, AC Milan, LA Galaxy, Paris Saint-Germain, and England was born Friday, May 2, 1975.

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