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Saturday, April 29

"I am not corrupt and I don't like money" - Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi

Minister of Transportation and immediate past Governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi, said this in an interview with Channels TV. When asked whether he is corrupt, Amaechi said
"Is my honesty in doubt? I have told Nigerians and I repeat to Nigerians today I am not corrupt and I don't like money. I am not one swayed by money. I have lived a character that most Nigerians can tell you.
I try as much as possible not to annoy God by saying I am honest. But with all modesty, I am a honest Nigerian and there are very few honest Nigerians." On why people keep
having the impression that he's corrupt, Amaechi replied; "When did that impression start? Nyesom Wike becomes the governor. He takes documents from Government house that people cant read, and says oh, we sold Gas turbines and disappeared with the money. He set up a panel of inquiry? Publish the report." When asked whether he thinks the corruption angle came because he led the campaign organization of President Buhari, "When you talk about the PDP angle, they are bitter that we fought and led the movement against the former government and PDP, and we were successful to have removed them from power. If I was corrupt, why didn't President Goodluck prosecute me? The fight between Goodluck and Rivers state government or myself lasted for two years, Amaechi said:
Watch the video below...

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We Are Sick Of You, Russian Protesters Tell Putin

Hundreds of Russian opposition supporters turned out Saturday to protest against President Vladimir Putin’s expected candidacy in elections set for 2018, with police detaining dozens of activists in the second-largest city of Saint Petersburg.

Protests in several cities were called by the Open Russia movement founded by arch-Putin foe and former oil magnate Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

They were held under the slogan “We’re sick of him” — referring to Putin.

About 30 to 50 protesters were hauled away by riot police in a crackdown in Saint Petersburg after around 200 people gathered for an unauthorised demonstration, an AFP journalist witnessed.

Open Russia put the figure of detentions at about 50 people, while OVD-Info, which monitors detentions of political activists, said more than 125 were detained. Police have not yet issued numbers.

“Putin is an usurper. He has to finally go. We’re sick of him,” said one of the protesters, 35-year-old Anton Danilov.

“Everything is bad. Education, health — everything has been destroyed. I want changes,” said Galina Abramova, 57.

A similarly sized protest in Moscow remained peaceful as activists gathered at the offices of Putin’s administration and handed in petitions against his expected candidacy in 2018.

“I don’t want Putin to stand in the next elections,” said Anna Bazarova, a 16-year-old student queuing up to hand in her petition.

“Our main problem is that we can’t change those in power,” she said.

She added that many of her friends had opted not to attend, fearing detention by the police.

Riot police stood guard as officers used loudspeakers to warn protesters: “Citizens, your action has not been agreed by the authorities.”

One of the organisers, Yakov Yermakov, handed out forms for people to fill out with complaints to Putin.

“Our president has already been in power 17 years. We think that’s too long. Our country isn’t developing,” he said.

The protests came after opposition leader Alexei Navalny organised the largest unauthorised rally of recent years in Moscow on March 26. Police detained around 1,000 people, including Navalny.

Navalny has announced his plan to stand for president in 2018 and has galvanised the splintered opposition movement with a powerful online campaign including videos exposing corrupt officials. He has called for another protest on June 12.

The main figurehead of Saturday’s protests, Khodorkovsky, remains a highly controversial figure in Russia. The former oligarch and founder of the Yukos oil company spent a decade in prison and now lives in Britain.

His Open Russia movement has been targeted by the authorities recently with police raiding its Moscow offices this week.
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Navy Seal Describes How He Took Out The World's Most Wanted Man...Osama Bin Laden

The navy seal who said he killed Osama Bin Laden has described the moment he pulled the trigger and shot the world's most wanted man in the head.

Robert O'Neill, 41, a decorated veteran who fought in more than 400 separate combat missions, recounted his distinguished career in his new memoir The Operator.

The new book details the historic night in 2011 he stormed the high-security compound in Abbottobad, Pakistan.
 As signs began to suggest the leader of al-Qaeda was indeed inside, O'Neill reminded himself to
savor the moment knowing it was likely he wouldn't make it out alive.

Special forces breached the compound and a point man killed Bin Laden's last line of defense with the help of one well-rehearsed phrase before O'Neill came face-to-face with Bin Laden, who was shielded by his youngest wife in a dark room.

O'Neill recognized they were on to something when a breacher blew out the metal gate to the compound, only to find a solid brick wall on the other side.

While the breacher lamented their initial failure to gain entry, O'Neill said: 'No, this is good. That's a fake door. That means he's in there.'

When they finally walked into the compound, it began to dawn on O'Neill that the hunt for Bin Laden - which took nearly a decade - was coming to a head.

He thought: 'Holy s***, we’re here, that’s Bin Laden’s house. This is so cool. We’re probably not going to live, but this is historic and I’m going to savor this.'

The soldiers moved past rooms filled with women and children and made their way up a set of stairs after breaching another door.

O'Neill wrote: 'The woman intel analyst had told us we should expect Khalid bin Laden, Osama’s 23-year-old son, to be there, armed and ready, his father’s last line of defense.

'"If you find Khalid," she told us, "Osama’s on the next floor."'

A man emerged on a landing above the special forces with an AK-47, before darting behind a banister.

The point man, who learned to say 'Khalid, come here' in both Arabic and Urdu, quietly whispered the phrase - confusing the 23-year-old, who at that point was unsure American soldiers were inside the compound.

Bin Laden's son reflexively stuck his head out and said, 'What?' before he was shot in the head.

The team quickly moved up the stairs to clear more rooms, while O'Neill and the point man decided to face the architect behind the 9/11 attacks.

O'Neill wrote: 'Our tactics said we should wait for more guys, but we needed to get up there....

'And then I had a thought so clear it was like a voice in my head. I’m tired of worrying about it, let’s just get it over. It wasn’t bravery, it was more like fatigue – I’m f***ing done with waiting for it to happen.

'I squeezed his shoulder.'

When they came across two women at the top of the stairs, the point man heroically threw himself at them, thinking they were armed with suicide vests.

'If they blew up, his body would absorb most of the blast and I’d have a better chance of surviving and doing what we had come there to do,' O'Neill wrote.

When he turned to another room, he saw Bin Laden, 'taller and thinner than I'd expected, his beard shorter and hair whiter'.

A woman stood in front of him, but O'Neill didn't hesitate. He aimed above her shoulder and pulled the trigger twice, writing: 'Bin Laden’s head split open and he dropped.

'I put another bullet in his head. Insurance.'

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Photo: Mikel Obi Undergoes Successful Surgery

John Obi Mikel is currently in England where he just underwent a surgery to repair the abdominal strain picked at his Chinese club Tianjin Teda.

The 30-year-old has missed three games for the Tianjin Tigers since suffering the strain in the team’s 2-0 win against Chongqing Lifan, where he got his first league goal.

He has now gone through the surgery and announced it was successful.

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Lai Mohammed said Senegal Jollof Rice is the best and Nigerians loose their cool (SEE SNAPSHOTS)

The world knows that Nigerians don't joke with their Jollof Rice and there's been a raging war of comparison between Nigerian and Ghanaian Jollof for a whie but now there's a new twist.
CNN's Richard Quest recently asked Nigeria's information minister, Lai Mohammed, a simple question, 'Which country makes the best Jollof Rice' and Lai responded saying, 'I'll probably say Senegal'.Nigerians are not finding this funny at all. See their tweets below...

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Unstoppable! Actress Mercy Aigbe Stuns In New Photo Amid Marriage Crisis

Mercy fans console her, gives her support....

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BBNaija winner, Efe Poses With His Entire Family (Photos)

Big Brother Naija Winner, Efe Ejeba took a picture with his family after meeting them for the first time after winning the show. The picture was taken at his Homecoming in Jos.
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BBNaija Star, Debie-Rise Performs At A Wedding Party (Video, Photo)


BBNaija 3rd Runner Up, Debie-Rise gave a brilliant performance at a wedding party during the weekend wowing the marriage guests... She shared it on her Instagram page...

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"I May Contest Against El-Rufai In 2019" - Senator Shehu Sani

The Senator representing Kaduna Central, on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Shehu Sani, has declared that he may run for the Kaduna State governorship election in 2019 against Governor Nasir El-Rufai.

The Senator noted that the 2019 general elections are not going to be like that of 2015, that saw many elected due to their allegiance to President Muhammadu Buhari.

He maintained that this time, people will stand solely on their own.

Sani who was speaking in an interview with the Sun, said, “Well, as for 2019, it is still far away. What is on the ground now is for us to deliver on the promises and pledges we have made as elected officials.

“So I have heard such a call, and I will answer that call at the right time. I may decide to seek to return to the Senate, I may decide to vie for the governorship of Kaduna State, and I may decide not to vie for any of the positions again, it all depends on the feeling from my people of what they think I should be able to overcome.

“The 2019 election is not going to be like 2015 election; under 2015 election, many people won the election by virtue of their allegiance to Buhari, but by 2019, everyone will answer his own father’s name.

“We are advocating for people to go and vote for their conscience, and not to vote for anybody because of Buhari.

“Even if Buhari is going to contest the election, vote for Buhari alone, and each and every one of us who wants to contest, we have to put him on the scale whether that person is capable, whether that person has performed, whether that person will truly serve after voting him into power.

“So 2019 is going to be a year in which everyone is going to stand in the dock to be tried by the voters. So 2019 is not an election time, it is a trial time, and truly it is a judgment time for our conduct while in office.” 
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Mercy Aigbe Underwent A CT Brain Scan Over Head Injury. See Medical Report (Photos)

Wow, Mercy Aigbe has been going such an ordeal and we couldn't notice.

New Evidence as you'd see in the link shows that her husband Lanre Gentry not only be manhandled her, he also went as far as breaking her skull
The scan was done at St. Solomon HealthCare Limited. See Medical Reports BELOW...

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Mercy Aigbe's Husband's Rumored Side Chick, Queen Stunner Posts Cryptic Message

Yesterday we brought you reports of one Opemititi aka 'Queen Stunner', who is alleged to be at the center of the marriage crisis between Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe and her Husband Lanre Gentry. Queen Stunner, has taken to Instagram to share a cryptic message.

In her post, she didn't mention or tag anyone, but it's already confirming yesterday's report. Here's her 'A woman's loyalty is tested when her man has nothing' post;

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PHOTOS: Northern Governors Receive Osinbajo As He Lands In Kaduna For Buhari's PA's Wedding

Governors Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje OFR,Aminu Tambuwal and others today received His Excellency Professor Yemi Osinbajo the Vice President of Nigeria at Airforce Base Kaduna.

The Vice President and the governors are in Kaduna to attend the wedding fatiha of Mallam Yusuf, the personal assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari.

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Suspension: Lawyers Advise Parents To Sue Covenant University

Lawyers have advised the over 200 students of Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, who were recently suspended for missing an Easter ‘Youth Alive’ programme to sue the institution.

The management of the school had placed the students on compulsory suspension for not taking part in the said retreat.

Some of the affected students, including a finalist, had said that the rules of their admission did not state that it was compulsory for them to attend the programme organised by the faith-based

Since their suspension, several reactions had trailed the school’s action, with many asking the institution to recall the affected students.

Meanwhile, lawyers have asked parents of the suspended students to sue the school, saying that the institution’s action was a breach of the fundamental rights of the students to freedom of expression and worship.

A human rights lawyer, Mr. Jiti Ogunye, described the suspension of the students as illegal and unreasonable, saying it was an infringement on the rights of the students.

He said even though the owner of a university could set rules and regulations to guide the conduct of students in the school, the rules must be subject to the provisions of the constitution, relating to civil rights and liberty of the students.

He said, “My view is that this action of Covenant University is an infringement on the rights to freedom of religion and worship. Therefore, if tested against the provisions of the constitution, it would not stand, so for me, it is unconstitutional.

“But apart from the unconstitutionality of it, it is also not reasonable, because there is a part of administrative law that talks about unreasonableness of administrative action. If you look at it, it is so unreasonable.

“I’m not advising parents to sue them, I’m strongly encouraging them (parents) to sue the school, not only for themselves but for posterity. When somebody does something egregious and you allow it to pass, it becomes a monster. They can’t allow their rights to be so trampled with reckless abandon.”

Also, a legal practitioner, Liborous Oshoma, called on the parents of the affected students to immediately take the matter to court, saying they would need a restraining order from the court to stop the school management from enforcing the suspension.

He said any delay in taking that step or waiting to sue for damages would not be enough to compensate the students once they are deprived of writing the exam, noting that what happened was an infringement on their rights.

Oshoma explained that even though some persons would argue that once the students signed the dotted lines to obey the rules of the university, they had “signed away” their fundamental rights, he said, “The question is, can you indeed sign away your fundamental rights, because they are inalienable; like freedom of association, religion, worship, etc?

“You don’t just suspend a student writing a final year exam on the basis of flimsy excuse that he or she did not attend a religious programme. We should learn to know when to draw the line between religious gathering and academic activities, because the fundamentals and objectives of these universities are different from what the religious bodies stand for.

“I strongly advise the parents to sue the university authorities. In this case, damages would not be enough to compensate. That is why they should rush to court now to restrain the university from enforcing that suspension to allow the students participate in the exam.”

A lawyer and President of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights, Mr. Malachy Ugwumadu, also advised the students to sue the school if they were sure there was no express provision in the school’s rulebook that they could be suspended for up to a year if they didn’t attend the institution’s religious activities.

He also cautioned private institutions, especially faith-based ones, against imposing stringent rules on the students as such rules would not enable the students to become “well-grounded” in the society.

He said, “If there is an express provision that the students can be suspended for a year because they fail to attend an activity, they might not be successful in the court of law.

“But, if there is no express provision in the contract, a course of action has arisen. They should go to the court to enforce their fundamental rights which have been breached. Personally, I’m seriously against the stringent rules in faith-based private universities, as they are making our youths not to be well-grounded. Pure academics makes just about 50 per cent of what the university is established for. It doesn’t make a complete person.”

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Chief Mike Ozekhome, appealed to the institution to temper justice with mercy and recall the suspended students, in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ, on whom the school was founded.

He said, “In Nigeria, there is freedom of religion, according to Section 38 of the Constitution. It provides that no citizen shall be discriminated against on the basis of their religion, sex and others. If, for instance, a Muslim was denied admission into Covenant University, they can sue the school.

“But once you become a student, you are bound by the contract you have entered into to obey the school’s rules and regulations. The law is called “voluntaire non fit injurie,” which means no person can complain of any harm caused by a contract to which they agreed to.

“Be that as it may, on compassionate grounds, the school can be lenient with the punishment. I appeal to the university to temper justice with mercy, especially as it is a Christian university which follows the doctrines of Jesus Christ. The doctrine of Christ is about mercy and forgiveness. The school should recall the suspended students, but warn them not to disobey its rules again.”

All efforts to reach the university’s  Deputy Director, Corporate Communications, Mr. Kalu Igban, to know whether the school would consider recalling the suspended students proved abortive as he did not pick calls or messages sent to his phone by Saturday PUNCH.

Meanwhile, the school said on its Students Affairs section on its website that the vision it had for students made it imperative for it to pursue discipline vigorously.

“The high demand placed on discipline as a fundamental requirement for making a total graduate as embedded in the core values of Covenant University makes it imperative to pursue it with the required doggedness,” it said.
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Kourtney Shows Off Fab Figure In Clinging Bodysuit For Office Visit With Khloe

It has been nearly 10 years since Keeping Up With the Kardashians began airing in 2007. And on Friday, Kourtney Kardashian proved she's still very much a part of the family business, as she was spotted leaving a studio in Westlake, California.

Joining her for the visit was her reality co-star and sister, Khloe.

The mom-of-three wore a nude color bodysuit with a matching set of pumps. She added a pair of high-waist, trendy flared jeans to her look.

The raven-haired beauty wore her long locks down and to one side. For make-up, she chose her go to natural glam look.
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