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Wednesday, April 12

Late Toyin Majekodunmi's husband, Solomon Majekodunmi (Baba Kekere) talks about her final moments

Baba Kekere

Death, they say, is inevitable. Every human being will leave the world one day. As we all have a birthday, so also do we have a death day. No matter how long we live, the end will surely come one day.

This is exactly what came to pass in the life of one of Nollywood’s finest, Mrs. Oluwatoyin Lucia Majekodunmi (a.k a Iya Kike) who answered the glorious home call on January 2, 2017, at 60.
The very gentle role interpreter is survived by her husband, Mr. Solomon Majekodunmi (Baba kekere), who is also an actor.

They have five children between them. Madam Oluwatoyin Majekodunmi was finally laid to rest in her home in Ope Ilu area of Ogun state on Friday, March 3, 2017.

How would you describe your mummy?
She was just a wonderful person. She was everything a man will pray for in a wife and a mother.
Where were you when she died?
I was away in America when she died.
How did you feel when you heard about her death?
I felt so sad. I don’t know how others feel but it was really sad losing her this moment. She was everything to me. She was my wife, my mother, my confidant, my everything. All these qualities packaged in one person and the person just died like that, it’s so sad. Whoever says it didn’t pain me should pray for such too. We got married in February 1982, we did all that is necessary and she gave birth to our first child in April 1982.
How many children did you have together?
I can’t say that, we don’t count children. It’s not proper.
Was she sick before she eventually died?
Not really. When death comes, it brings along something with it. Some will sleep and not wake up, some will only have slight headache and that’s the end. Though, she was slightly sick, the sickness was not so serious to the extent that she had to die. Some whose sicknesses are worse than hers will still bounce back but death is not reversible. God gives life and He also takes it. Who am I to say otherwise.
Did you ever envisage that she would die?
Never, I never thought she would die. If you check my Facebook status when she died, I wrote it there that this was not our agreement. But, all the same, God is all knowing.
What would you miss about her?
Everything. I will miss everything about her. For example, if my mother leaves me, you know how I will feel. And this is a woman with many good qualities and all those qualities gone now.

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