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Saturday, November 26

This is What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Meat and Potatoes Together

This is What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Meat and Potatoes Together

The Problem With “Meat and Potatoes”

Do you eat your meat and potatoes together at the same meal? If you’re a vegetarian that answer is obviously a resounding “no,” but for millions of people it’s something they’ve probably never even thought twice about.

“He’s a meat and potatoes kind of guy” is of course a common phrase and just one example of how eating these two favorite foods together has become ingrained in our DNA.

It’s a practice that hasn’t been questioned much, but the truth is that eating meat and starches like potatoes together could be doing serious harm to your body’s systems.

Should you really abandon your favorite Sunday meal of meat and potatoes? If you truly care about your health then the evidence is pretty clear.

The science of food combining is not well known, but many naturopathic doctors have discovered some surprising patterns and rules for better health.

One of the biggest no-no’s is actually combining meat such as steak with high starch carbohydrates such as potatoes, or even buns with your hamburgers.

Dr. Wayne Pickering, a longtime friend of fitness legend Jack Lalanne, tells us why in this article.

“Starches require an alkaline digestive medium to digest,” he notes. But meat such as steaks require heavy acids to digest. “If you put your fist in your stomach while it’s digesting steaks and all that, chances are, you wouldn’t have a hand anymore. The acid is intense…”

When you mix meat and starches together in the same meal, Dr. Pickering says, your body chemistry does not allow them to mix at all.

“They neutralize…Then what happens? If the food is not digesting… it’s going through your body (undigested), throwing it into all kinds of turmoil.”

That type of turmoil can consist of: heartburn, discomforting
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Jonathan, Buhari's Policies Plunged Nigeria into Recession - Oby Ezekwesili

Jonathan, Buhari's Policies Plunged Nigeria into Recession - Oby Ezekwesili

Oby Ezekwesili

Bring Back Our Girls campaigner, Oby Ezekwesili has blamed the current economic recession on the president and immediate past administration.

A former Minister of Solid Minerals, Mrs. Obi Ezekwesili, has said the administrations of former President Goodluck Jonathan and that of the incumbent, Muhammadu Buhari, led the nation’s economy into recession by failing to adopt the right policies to deal with the crash in crude oil prices, which began in mid-2014.

Ezekwesili noted that while Jonathan’s administration failed to do something about the impending recession before leaving office, the current administration also failed to launch a comprehensive fiscal stabilisation programme on assumption of office in May 2015.

She spoke as the guest speaker at the inaugural Business Lecture of the Lagos Country Club in Lagos on Thursday night.

According to her, the economic policies of the present administration have worsened the matter, because they are not the right policies.

She said, “The parlous state of the Nigerian economy by the 29th of May, 2015 should have instructed an incisive and urgent macroeconomic stabilisation programme to realign the price levels in the economy. By May 2015, we knew we were already in trouble.

As a matter of fact, we were already in trouble in 2014. That was the first time that growth collapsed to 3.8 per cent. The incoming administration should not have been told that we were weak and vulnerable.

“Had the government made quick and necessary adjustment that corresponded close enough to the level of impact of the 40 per cent decline in oil revenue, our story could have been different today. We would never have lost growth.”

Ezekwesili, a former Vice-President of the World Bank, further stated, “There is a new level that our post-2014 oil shock economy needed to find for stability. We needed a policy response that could have enabled that adjustment to happen immediately.

That response could have helped the economy to absorb the shock. It could have reassured the investors. It could have reassured the consumers. It could have helped us to reasonably retain investor confidence in the economy, but that did not happen.

She stated, “The attendant fiscal pressure and the delayed right policy responses were severe enough that by 2015, economic growth had sharply declined from 3.8 to 2.7 per cent.

And then began the sharper loss of growth into negative growth rate by 2016. It was a major mistake that the economy did not get timely and right type of policies that could have helped us avoid the calamitous collapse into negative growth in the last three quarters of 2016.

“The economic preferences did in fact worsened matters and set off a wave of uncertainties that dented investors’ confidence in the economy.

So, it is accurate to conclude that both the preceding and successor governments conspired by their actions and inactions to throw the Nigerian economy into the deep throes of economic recession of which it must be rescued in order to avoid social implosion.”

The former minister, therefore, urged Nigerians to place a demand on the government to retrace its step and implement the right policies.

She said, “The record of the government today for timely and right actions on the economy is, however, so far not encouraging at all. For almost one year, the government delayed prime action on the fuel subsidy regime despite its aggravating import on fiscal imbalance.

“Over the same period, it delayed the right action on the exchange rate policy despite the deleterious effects that it was having on foreign reserves, the value of the naira, as well as on inflation.

Before the government came on board, inflation level was nine per cent; today, inflation has doubled to more than 18 per cent. The greatest enemy of the poor is inflation. The greatest enemy of business is inflation. All you need in order to destroy the poor is total unstable price levels in an economy”

On how to restore the economy to the path of growth, Ezekwesili added, “The citizens must place a demand on the government to implement right economic policies.

“As long as we continue on the path of wrong economic prescriptions for the economy, the situation will to worsen. The more these indicators deteriorate, the harder it will be for growth to resume. The macroeconomic stability that poor choice of economic policies helped to unravel within one year took many years of work

“It is therefore critical for citizens to convict the federal government to urgently retrace its steps back to what it failed to do on May 29, 2015. We swore to  allow the market economy to adjust itself without command and control.

The government failed to launch a deep fiscal consolidation programme. Recession is nothing new in the countries.”

Source: Punch
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Governor Mimiko is Gone - Jimoh Ibrahim Mocks

Governor Mimiko is Gone - Jimoh Ibrahim Mocks

Jimoh Ibrahim

Former gubernatorial aspirant of the People's Democratic Party, Jimoh Ibrahim who emerged under the faction of Ali Modu Sheriff has mocked Ondo State Governor Olusegun Mimiko ahead of today's poll.

Jimoh Ibrahim, sacked governorship candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, speaking in a video has said that today’s election will hold and that the reason he went into the legal battle to rule Ondo was to stop Ondo State Governor, Segun Mimiko, from helping Eyitayo Jegede to win.

He went further to say that Mimiko was just wasting his time and that he deliberately locked him up and wasted his time for three weeks only to destabilised him.

“Mimiko is just wasting his time. There’s nothing he can do.
“I decided deliberately lock him up and waste his time for three weeks…took him out the state, destabilised him. “Now I have released him…two days to the election. He is dancing naked,” Ibrahim said full of smiles.

Meanwhile, there are reports of a long-term feud between Mimiko and Ibrahim who all graduated from the University of Ife now Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State.

Watch the video below:

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Nigerian Senator Advocates Death Penalty for Corruption

Nigerian Senator Advocates Death Penalty for Corruption

Gbolahan Dada

A South-western lawmaker is currently advocating for death penalty for abusers of public office to swiftly curb the menace.

Gbolahan Dada (APC-Ogun West) has advocated capital punishment for corrupt officials in the country.

Mr. Dada, who made the suggestion during interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Friday, said “corruption is the bane of this country and the only way out is heavy penalty, even death sentence, for those found guilty.

“The only way you can stop corruption is through death sentence”.

Mr. Dada noted that there were so many laws that should be promulgated at this stage of Nigeria’s development, pointing out that England did so too at a stage in her life.

He accused civil servants of being the major culprits, pointing out that they had access to public funds which made it easy for them to steal from the national treasury.

“This is why some of them, after stealing so much money from government, set up personal businesses but collapse soon after because they only know how to steal, not to create wealth.
“Wealth creation is a process that must be sustained but you go bankrupt the day you are taken away from the source where you steal,” he said.

The lawmaker said about 1.2 million houses built with stolen money in Lagos and Abuja were in the market for sale with nobody to buy them.

“That is why you find houses everywhere unoccupied because they steal this money and they ask the contractor to go and build houses for them. Go to Lekki, you will find them there and here in Abuja.

“If you borrowed money from the bank will you be able to lock up the houses unoccupied,” he asked.

Mr. Dada implored the Federal Government to impose property tax on all unoccupied houses in the country, promising that he would soon sponsor a bill to identify who owns each building in the country using modern platforms on the internet.

These include Bank Verification Numbers, E-passports, GSM numbers, company registration numbers, national identity card numbers, driver’s license and DNA, to know who owns which building in Nigeria.

Mr. Dada said corruption had devastated the country’s economy so much that the only way to stop it is the death penalty. He said although the developed nations would frown against it, people should read the history of England.

“Who killed King James?” he asked. “At that time, that was what could solve the problem for them, we are not civilized here, we think we are, because we are riding exotic cars, in fact we are in the 14th in Nigeria.”

He said Nigeria had disappointed the world not just Africa “because in every group of Africans you see, five are Nigerians.
“So, the whole world expected us to be trail blazers that would lead Africa out of poverty.

“Today, many in Russian, Malaysian, Thailand, Indian and Great Britain prisons are Nigerians. Why? It is because of indiscipline in the society,’’ he said.

He said Nigeria was gradually getting to the stage the Republic of Liberia was when the war broke out. “The major danger here is the large population of youths who are unemployed.

“When you have a large population of youths who are under-educated, under-housed, under-developed and you have a handful minority in the ruling elite class monopolising the government apparatus, you are courting trouble.

“Nigeria as an oil producing nation is an enabler for job creation.

“My worry is that if nothing is done, the crisis would start from starvation, food shortage. Texas in the United States is bigger than Nigeria and the population of Texas is about 20 million and Nigeria, in about ten years time, will be 200 Million.

“The land is not expanding, yet population is increasing. We are not like India and China sub-continents. India is bigger than Nigeria. So, they can accommodate large population but that is not the issue.

“The issue is that they have a productive economy. So, we can’t compare them with Nigeria at all.

“Let Nigeria compare herself with neighboring West African countries. We had an opportunity to turn Nigeria into a productive economy for 40 years but we wasted the opportunity.

“All the money made from oil was wasted. We have no petro-chemical industry, now we import virtually everything.

“The few industries that were left by the colonial European administration have all collapsed,’’ the lawmaker said.

Mr. Dada said that was a great mistake and that Europeans should have been left to run their industries while Nigerians took over governance.
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Justice Ofili-Ajumogobia Cannot Explain How She Earned N313m - EFCC

Justice Ofili-Ajumogobia Cannot Explain How She Earned N313m - EFCC

Justice Rita Ngozi Ofili-Ajumogobia

According to an investigator, one of the judges indicted of corruption has failed to explain how she came about some colossal amounts of money found in her possession.

An investigator with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Yusuf Samalia Gulma, has stated that Justice Rita Ngozi Ofili-Ajumogobia was unable to explain how she came about a financial fortune of $894,400.

In a counter-affidavit opposing the judge’s application to be released from EFCC custody, Mr. Gulma claimed that the detained judge had failed to account for how she earned the huge sum, the equivalent of 313 million naira at the exchange rate of 350 naira per dollar.

In the court document, the EFCC claimed that its agents had carried out an investigative analysis of justice Ofili-Ajumogobia’s account number, 0032091183, domiciled in Diamond Bank Plc. According to the anti-corruption agency, their analysis revealed that, between April 19, 2013 and July 13, 2015, the sum of $894,400 was deposited in the judge’s account. The funds were deposited at different times and various amounts, according to the EFCC affidavit.

In addition, the EFCC stated that one Arkleen Oil and Gas Limited deposited eighteen million naira into the judge’s Access Bank account number, 0002112967.

The affidavit reads in part:

“That the applicant between 10th and 30th day of May, 2013 in Lagos within the jurisdiction of this honorable court, being a judge of the Federal High Court, enriched herself with the total sun of 130,000.00 (one hundred and thirty thousand United States dollars) through her account No. 0032091183 domiciled in Diamond Bank Plc., so as to have a significant increase in her assets that she cannot reasonably explain the increase in relation to her lawful income.

“That the applicant on or about 29th March, 2014 in Lagos within the jurisdiction of this honorable court, being a judge of the Federal High Court, enriched herself with the total sun of 150,000.00 (one hundred and fifty thousand United States dollars) through her account No. 0032091183 domiciled in Diamond Bank Plc., so as to have a significant increase in her assets that she cannot reasonably explain the increase in relation to her lawful income.

“That the applicant on or about 4th day of February, 2015 in Lagos within the jurisdiction of this honorable court, being a judge of the Federal High Court enriched herself with the total sun of 8,000,000.00 (eight million Naira) from Grand Bee Ltd which sum she received through Nigel & COLIVE Ltd account No. 0036103635 domiciled in Diamond Bank Plc., so as to have a significant increase in her assets that she cannot reasonably explain the increase in relation to her lawful income.

“That the applicant on or about 29th day of January, 2016 in Lagos within the jurisdiction of this honorable court, being a judge of the Federal High Court enriched herself with the total sun of 18,000,000.00 (eighteen million Naira) which sum she received from one Said Danlami Abba Abba through Nigel & COLIVE Ltd account No. 0036103635 domiciled in Diamond Bank Plc., so as to have a significant increase in her assets that she cannot reasonably explain the increase in relation to her lawful income.”

The anti-graft agency’s affidavit also asserted that the sum of $150,000 deposited into the judge’s account was likely the proceeds of gratification received by Justice Ofili-Ajumogobia.

The EFCC also accused one Frank Esenwa, a barrister who allegedly brokered the sales of some properties for the judge in Asaba, Delta State, conspired with Ofili-Ajumogobia in the illicit transactions.

Mr. Gulma declared in the affidavit that Justice Ofili-Ajumogobia had been inducing witnesses and interfering with investigations by contacting all persons involved in her financial transactions prior to the EFCC’s invitation to those persons.

Earlier, Moyosore Onigbanjo, the lawyer representing the embattled judge, had filed an application to contest the continued detention of his client beyond the 14 days authorized by a remand order obtained by the EFCC.

Justice Muslim Sule Hassan of the Federal High Court in Ikoyi, Lagos, adjourned ruling on the bail application to November 26, 2016.

The EFCC has filed a 30-count charge against Justice Ofili-Ajumogobia and Godwin Obla, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN). Both accused are billed to appear before Justice Lawal Oshodi at the Lagos State High Court in Ikeja on Monday November 28, 2016.

Source: Sahara Reporters
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Rivers Re-run: Commissioner of Police Has Withdrawn My Security - Wike Cries Out

Rivers Re-run: Commissioner of Police Has Withdrawn My Security - Wike Cries Out

Nyesom Wike

Rivers Governor, Nyesom Wike has decried inadequate security protection as the re-run election in his state draws closer.

Ahead of the December 10, re-run legislative elections in Rivers State, Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike said the State Commissioner of Police has withdrawn majority of policemen  providing security for him, just as he called the youths in the state to protect their votes, according to the Vanguard.

In a swift reaction, the Commissioner of Police the Commissioner of Police, Mr Francis Odesanya said it was not true that Policemen were withdrawn from the governor, assuring that Policemen will go about their duties on the election day professionally.

Flagging off the reconstruction of the Igbo-Petche Road on Friday, Governor Wike said this deliberate security infraction orchestrated to intimidate him, will not succeed.

He said: “As I speak with you, the Commissioner of Police has withdrawn the security  around me. It is God that will protect me.

“As a governor, the Commissioner of Police has the effrontery to withdraw my security.There is no limit to this kind of intimidation and impunity“.

He said despite the assault by the Commissioner of Police and the Security Agencies, nobody in Rivers State  will be intimidated by the political antics of the police.

The governor claimed he has intercepted the security manual for the election to be used by Rivers State Police Command. But according to the Commissioner of Police, Mr Odesanya, Police-men will go about their duties on the election day professionally.

He said: it’s not true that Policemen were withdrawn from the governor, assuring also that “I have not withdrawn any of his (governor’s) Policemen.

How can I withdraw his Policemen,  who will now protect him. I can’t withdraw governor’s security now. How can I. You know politics is very close so you hear all kind of things”, he said.
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Family in Confusion Over the Disappearance of 7-year-old Boy in Lagos (Photo)

Family in Confusion Over the Disappearance of 7-year-old Boy in Lagos (Photo)

Missing Toheeb Aremu

The disappearance of a 7-year-old boy has sprung a family into panic and confusion as they call for the assistance of well-meaning Nigerians.

On Monday, November 7, 2016, seven-year-old Toheeb Aremu simply vanished from his parents’ home in Akowonjo area of Lagos. More than three weeks after, there has been no trace of the boy, causing apprehension in the family over what might have happened to him.

The boy’s grandmother, Mrs. Grace Felix, said she was heading back from a visit to a relative with him and his elder brother, when she put them on a commercial motorcycle ahead of her.

 “I followed them on another motorcycle but by the time I got home, nobody, including Toheeb’s brother, could account for where he was, even though the okada rider who carried them both indeed dropped them at home,” she said.

Toheeb is suffering from speech problems and cannot talk, even though he is not deaf, Saturday PUNCH learnt.

He also cannot read nor write, his family have said.

The  family said they had notified all the police divisions around Akowonjo but are pleading with members of the public for information that could help locate the boy.

Anybody with information about the boy’s whereabouts has been urged to report to the nearest police station or contact the Esther Child Rights Foundation on 08101508605.
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We Only Stole $200, Phones from Basketmouth's House - Robbers Confess (Photo)

We Only Stole $200, Phones from Basketmouth's House - Robbers Confess (Photo)

Chibuzor Ugwu and Joseph Chimezie

Following the arrest of robbery gang that invaded comedian Basketmouth's house, the suspects have confessed before a group of journalists.

More than two months after popular comedian, Bright Okpocha, AKA Basketmouth, was robbed in his home at Lekki, Lagos, the police have apprehended the suspects and paraded them before journalists at the Lagos State Police Command headquarters, Ikeja.

The leader of the three-man gang who attacked Basketmouth, 24-year-old Chibuzor Ugwu,  explained that they simply stumbled on the comedian’s house during their robbery spree on September 7.

Ugwu, an Enugu State indigene living in Anambra State but came to Lagos regularly on the sole mission of carrying out robberies, explained that he was an internet fraudster for three years before he ventured into robbery.

He said, “Anytime I came to Lagos, I took my gang to vandalise vehicles and steal auto parts. We normally targetted Toyota and Honda vehicles.

“But the day we robbed Basketmouth’s house. We had operated on some vehicles in the area that day. We then peeped into a compound and saw a very nice car. When we gained access into the compound, we realised we could make more money by robbing the occupants of the house.

“We then used a bolt cutter to enter through the kitchen. It was when we entered the house that we realised that it was Basketmouth’s house. We saw the pictures of him and his family on the wall.”

According to Ugwu, who said he had done nothing else than internet fraud and robbery since he left secondary school, as soon as they saw Basketmouth, they believed they had hit the mother lode.

The suspect said he pointed a gun he was holding at the comedian and told him to cooperate.

He said they were shocked the comedian told them he had no cash at home.

Ugwu said, “We thought we were going to find millions of naira at the house. He was begging us not to hurt his family. He said he did not keep cash at home. But we told him to cooperate so that we would just operate peacefully and leave.

“We searched the whole apartment and found nothing. We only got a $200 note in his wallet along with the mobile phones in the house which he handed to us.

“Eventually  we left with the little we could find, we were not ready to hurt him because it was clear he was telling the truth when we searched everywhere and found no money.”

He said the phones collected in Basketmouth’s house were sold to a friend he identified as Osama at the Computer Village in Ikeja.

Ugwu explained that he bought the gun he took to the operation for N80,000 in Benue State.

Saturday PUNCH leart that Ugwu entered the police net when he went to a police station to reclaim his vehicle that was impounded after he abandoned it on a road where it broke down at Ijeshatedo area of Lagos.

“I had abandoned the vehicle on the road for some days. When I went there to pick it, I was told the police had impounded it. When I went to the station to claim it, I did not know the police had previously arrested a friend of mine who knew about my robbery activities,”  he said.

The friend he was talking about is 21-year-old Joseph Chimezie.

Chiemezie said he met Ugwu in Anambra State at a joint.

“He is fond of buying drinks for young men at the joint. I told him that anytime he was leaving for Lagos, he should take me along with him so I could find a job,” he said.

He said the day he eventually left for Lagos with him, a member of Ugwu’s gang took him to Ilasamaja and handed him a bag containing guns.

According to him, he was told to take the guns to a house but on the way, the police stopped him. When they searched the bag, they found guns and arrested him.

Chimezie said, “I don’t know about when they robbed Basketmouth. I did not follow them. I did not know that the police were looking for them.

“When they handed me the bag containing the guns, I was afraid and would have droppped it and run away but I knew nowhere in Ilasamaja. All I wanted was to make a better life for myself in Lagos.”

The Commissioner of Police, Lagos State,  Mr. Fatai Owoseni, said the suspects would soon be charged to court.
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EFCC to Arraign Ex-governor, Ladoja in Court on Dec. 14 Over N4.7bn Fraud

EFCC to Arraign Ex-governor, Ladoja in Court on Dec. 14 Over N4.7bn Fraud

Senator Rashidi Ladoja

Embattled former governor of Oyo State, Senator Rashidi Ladoja is to be arraigned before a Federal High Court next month following his indictment in a N4.7bn fraud.

Justice Mohammed Idris of a Federal High Court in Lagos has fixed December 14, 2016 for the second arraignment of a former Governor of Oyo State, Senator Rashidi Ladoja, who was accused of N4.7bn fraud, Punch reports.

To be arraigned alongside Ladoja is Waheed Akanbi.

Justice Idris fixed the date of Ladoja and Akanbi’s arraignment on Friday after dismissing their application seeking a stay of proceedings on the grounds that they had an appeal at the Supreme Court.

Ladoja and Akanbi were present in court.

Justice Idris consequently declined the application by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to issue a warrant for their arrest.

“The court will not make any order for arrest in the light of the appearance of the accused persons in court,” the judge held.

The accused were first arraigned in 2008.

They had subsequently challenged the competence of the charges filed against them by the EFCC all the way to the Supreme Court.

But the Supreme Court on April 15, 2015 dismissed their appeal for being incompetent pursuant to the provisions of Order 6 Rule 3(2) of the Supreme Court Rules 1999.

Following the dismissal of the appeal, the EFCC moved to open the case and to re-arraign Ladoja and Akanbi again before Justice Idris.

But Ladoja’s lawyer, Mr. Bolaji Onilenla, had opposed the bid by the EFCC to arraign his client the second time, saying he had gone back to re-list the appeal.

He said he re-listed the appeal on October 27, 2016 on the grounds that the appeal was dismissed by the Supreme Court without hearing it.

Onilenla insisted that his client had yet to exhaust the window of appeal open to him at the Supreme Court and contended that the EFCC could not cut Ladoja’s right of appeal short by rushing to re-open the case.

“What we are saying in effect, My Lord, is that our right of appeal still endures and it cannot be purportedly cut short on the altar of overzealousness of the prosecution to jump-start the trial of the case,” he told Justice Idris.

But in a ruling on Friday, Justice Idris dismissed the argument, holding that the request to stay proceedings pending the outcome of the re-listed appeal before the Supreme Court was against the provisions of Section 306 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, 2015.
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Customs, NAFDAC Launch Search for 'Plastic Rice' Currently in Circulation

Customs, NAFDAC Launch Search for 'Plastic Rice' Currently in Circulation

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) and National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) have launched a search for alleged plastic rice from China which is said to have found its way into some African countries, including Nigeria.

It would be recalled that reports emanated yesterday that a Nigerian woman bought the synthetic rice rumoured to be imported from China by unscrupulous poeple for maximum benefits.

The search for the poisonous cereal coming on the heels of the alarm raised by some stakeholders over the influx of unmonitored and unregulated rice into the country through its various borders.

In an interview with Saturday Tribune, NAFDAC’s Director of Special Duties, Mr Abubakar Jimoh, said: “Immediately we read in the papers that plastic/fake rice was being shipped to Nigeria through our borders, our Acting Director General, Mrs Yetunde Oni, gave a marching order to all our NAFDAC formations scattered across the country.”

According to him, “at NAFDAC, we have what is called the Post Marketing Surveillance Directorate which is in charge of going round local markets to confirm the standards of foods that are being sold there.

So, even if this rice beats Customs checkpoints at the border posts and gets into the markets, our men can still go there and seize them for destruction. This directorate goes about sniffing for substandard food and drug items in our markets.

The Acting DG has given our officers a marching order and they are currently combing markets all over the country for this plastic/fake rice.”

The Nigeria Customs Service has also intensified seizure of toxic rice illegally imported into the country.

The fears of consumers about the toxic/plastic rice particularly stemmed from the fact that Yuletide, known for the heavy consumption of rice in many homes, is here.

Nigeria shares major borders with Benin Republic at Seme Border (Lagos State), Idiroko (Ogun State), Saki (Oyo State) and Chikanda (Kwara State), and it is on record that all sorts of rice have passed through these routes into many Nigerian markets unnoticed.

Although the existence of unhealthy and toxic rice in many Nigerian markets has been confirmed by NCS and NAFDAC, the agencies said they had not found a grain of plastic rice in any local market.
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TY Danjuma Critically Sick, Hurriedly Flown Out of Nigeria

TY Danjuma Critically Sick, Hurriedly Flown Out of Nigeria

TY Danjuma

One of the prominent leadership figures in the Nigerian political space has critically taken ill with family members flying him abroad for urgent treatment.

One of Nigeria’s richest retired military generals, Theophilus Danjuma, was flown out of Nigeria last week in an air ambulance, according to family sources.

SaharaReporters learnt that the retired military officer, who has served in various capacities in government and also in the oil industry, fell seriously ill and had to be flown out on an air ambulance.

One of the family sources said no member of the family was aware of the retired general's final destination for treatment, but added there were strong indications that he was flown to Germany.

SaharaReporters could not ascertain the health status of the general as his wife, Daisy Danjuma, could not be reached to confirm General Danjuma’s condition.

However, a close friend of Mrs. Danjuma said General Danjuma only had a slight Malaria for which he is receiving treatment in the United Arab Emirates.

The source claimed Danjuma is expected back in Nigeria on Tuesday.
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Fake Female Military Officer with Three Suspected Suicide Bomber Kids Arrested in Abuja (Photo)

Fake Female Military Officer with Three Suspected Suicide Bomber Kids Arrested in Abuja (Photo

The alleged impostor, Major Juliana Gumel

Suspected terrorists led by a light-skinned woman have been nabbed in the Federal Capital Territory in Abuja with investigations ongoing.

According to Facebook user, Bako Salihu, this woman with a fake Identity card was caught at the early hours of yesterday with 3 kids all tied with bombs on their body entering Abuja at Nyanya-Mararraba check point

She claimed to be an officer and gave her name as, Major Juliana Gumel.

It is not clear if the woman in question is linked with the rampaging Boko Haram sect that has ravaged Nigeria in the last 7 years, but she and her cohorts have been detained in custody as investigations progresses.

See more photos:

Fake Female Military Officer with Three Suspected Suicide Bomber Kids Arrested in Abuja (Photo

Fake Female Military Officer with Three Suspected Suicide Bomber Kids Arrested in Abuja (Photo

Fake Female Military Officer with Three Suspected Suicide Bomber Kids Arrested in Abuja (Photo

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Only 3 Policies Can Take Nigeria Out of Recession - Emir Sanusi Insists

Only 3 Policies Can Take Nigeria Out of Recession - Emir Sanusi Insists

Muhammadu Sanusi II

Former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria and renowned economist, Sanusi Lamido has suggested viable routes Nigeria can take to survive recession.

 Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, has stated for yet another time the three sure steps that would take Nigeria out of its current econimic situation.

Sanusi spoke at the 42nd convocation of the University of Benin, Edo State.

He urged Nigerians not to use God as an excuse for failure, adding that one “must not attribute to God that which God has left for us.”

He identified the three steps as putting up the right monetary, fiscal and structural policies to address the biting recession.

The emir, who is the chancellor of the university, said, “If you want to deal with a recession, there are things you have to do, which are set out in economics. You (should) go and do them. Put in the right monetary policy; put in the right fiscal policies; put in the right structural policies and the economy will grow.”
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Abducted former minister, Bagudu Hirse regains freedom

Abducted former minister, Bagudu Hirse regains freedom

Mr Bagudu Hirse, former Minister of State (Foreign Affairs), who was abducted by gunmen in Kaduna on Sunday, Nov. 20, has regained his freedom, his brother, Mr John Hirse, has confirmed.

“Bagudu was released in the early hours of Saturday,” John, retired permanent secretary in the federal civil service and currently District Head of Mangu, in Plateau, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), in Jos on Saturday.

He said that the former minister  was“hale and hearty”, and thanked Nigerians for the prayers and words of encouragement “during the tỳing period”.

“May God reward everyone who stood by us during the tough period,” he said.

John, however, did not give further details, and also refused to comment over whether a ransom was paid to the abductors.

Bagudu was abducted by gunmen at the Kaduna residence of Ambassador Mamman Daura, where he had gone to condole the family over the death of the former Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji ibrahim Dasuki.
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How I was defrauded of N918 million, Atiku’s wife tells court

How I was defrauded of N918 million, Atiku’s wife tells court

Mrs Aminat Titi Abubakar, wife of former Nigeria’s Vice-President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, yesterday told a Lagos high court sitting in Ikeja of how she was defrauded of N918 million by a former governorship aspirant in Akwa Ibom State, Nsikakabasi Akpan Jacobs.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) had arraigned Jacobs, Abdulmalik Ibrahim and Dana Motors on a 15-count charge of conspiracy, stealing and fraudulent conversion of properties belonging to THA Shipping Maritime Services Ltd.

Led by the prosecution counsel, Mr Babatunde Sonoiki, told the court presided over by Justice Oluwatoyin Ipaye how Akpan allegedly defrauded her of her shares in the company and other proceeds.

She told the court thàt Akpan Jacobs who doubled as the company’s managing director and secretary had allegedly gone to the Corporate Affairs Commission where he altered the share arrangement in his favour.

She alleged Akpan forged a company board resolution re-distributing the shares ownership and alloted 70 per cent to himself , 15 per cent to her and 15 per cent to Holmes.

With the shares re-distribution, Akpan Jacobs was alleged to have fraudulently assumed full ownership of THA Shipping and subsequently sold a property worth N918m belonging to the company to Dana Motor Nigeria Limited.

When asked, she said Akpan told her that he allotted major shares to himself in other to obtain loan from the bank for the company.

Testifying further before the court, Mrs Atiku stated that Akpan Jacobs , a pastor used the proceeds from the sales of the company’s property to contest for the governorship position in Akwa Ibom State.

Mrs Atiku lamented that her investment in the company had gone down the drain and stated that her interest in coming to court is to ensure that justice is done.

“I have never been inside a court before. Not even a police station in all my life. I am here because I want justice. All my investment and even profit are gone. I want this to serve as a deterrent to other fraudsters that they can’t defraud people and not face justice”, she said.

Part of the charge preferred against the defendants by the EFCC stated: “that ýNsikakabasi Akpan Jacobs and Abdulmalik Ibrahim as the Managing Director and Company Secretary on or about the 10th day of August 2008 in Lagos within the Ikeja Judicial Division with intent to defraud stole and converted to your own personal use the sum of N918,000,000.00 being proceeds sale of the property and appurtenances situted at Plot C63 A Amuwo Odofin Commercial. Layout along Oshodi-Apapa Expressway, Lagos belonging to Tha Shipping and Maritime Service limited entrusted with you as the Managing Director.

ý”Nsikakabasi Akpan Jacobs and Abdulmalik Ibrahimý on or about the 1st day July 2002 in Lagos within the Ikeja Judicial Division with intent to defraud forged a Memorandum and Article of Association of Tha Shipping and Maritme Service Limited dated the 1st day of July 2002 purporting the sgnatures therein to have been signed by Florence Doregos and Fred Holms.”

Justice Ipaye adjourned the matter till December 14 for continuation of hearing.
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Former Cuban President, Fidel Castro is dead

Former Cuban President, Fidel Castro is dead

Former Cuban President and leader of the Communist revolution, Fidel Castro is dead.

The revolutionalist died at the age of 90, his brother said.

“The commander in chief of the Cuban revolution died at 22:29 hours this evening (03:29 GMT Saturday),” President Raul Castro said.

Fidel Castro ruled Cuba as a one-party state for almost 50 years before Raul took over in 2008.

President Castro told the nation in an unexpected late night broadcast on state television that Fidel Castro had died and would be cremated on Saturday.

There would now be several days of national mourning on the island.

Raul Castro ended the announcement by shouting the revolutionary slogan: “Towards victory, always!”
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Friday, November 25

Aisha Buhari: Nobody can steal the materials I donate to the needy because I monitor them from my bedroom

Aisha Buhari: Nobody can steal the materials I donate to the needy because I monitor them from my bedroom

Aisha Buhari, wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, says the donations of her non-governmental organisation (NGO) cannot be mismanaged because she monitors them from her bedroom.

Aisha made this statement during an interview she granted to Your View, a show on TV Continental.

She also said her projects had not received any cash donations, and that 85% is her personal contribution.

“We are going from state to state to see what we can do to reduce maternal mortality, and we are providing women with basic things needed in a labour room,” she said.

“A lot of women can not afford it and stay at home to deliver the babies and that is dangerous. 80 percent of the kits will get to them because I monitor everything from my bedroom,” she said.

“I think out of all the contributions, it is only mine that gets to the internally displaced persons (IDPs) up to 85%.

“As the wife of the president, when I call people answer, that is why we have pet projects.”

She said the items that have been donated to the beneficiaries of the welfare programme, who are indigent men, women, widows and disabled from 17 local government areas, include 1,000 bags of rice, 1,000 cans of cooking oil, tomatoes, provisions and other food supplements.

“We are concentrating more on Borno community because it needs urgent attention,” she said.

On gender equality, she said: “Men and women are not the same, all we ask is to be treated nicely, women are to support the men.

“One of the major factor that hinders women from speaking out when it comes to domestic violence is the fear of the unknown, every woman should be able to sustain herself.”

The issue of bedroom came up after she raised the alarm that her husband’s government had been hijacked.

Responding to the allegation, Buhari had said his wife was not versed in politics, and that she belonged to his kitchen, his living room and the other room

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Kashamu boasts - 'Nobody can suspend me from PDP'

Kashamu boasts - 'Nobody can suspend me from PDP'

The Senator representing Ogun East District at the National Assembly, Senator Buruji Kashamu, has denied rumour of his suspension from the Peoples Democratic Party.

This denial came hours after the Ogun State chapter of the PDP had allegedly suspended him and six others for their role in the crisis that engulfed the party in Ondo State.

Their suspension reportedly took immediate effect on Friday, November 25.

Others allegedly suspended with Kashamu are: Messrs Bayo Dayo, Pegba Otemolu, Semiu Shodipo, Fatai Adeyanju, Segun Seriki, Daisi Akitan and Bowale Solaja.
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CBN injects $867m as dollar scarcity pushes naira to 473

CBN injects $867m as dollar scarcity pushes naira to 473

CBN injects $867m as dollar scarcity pushes naira to 473

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has given access to about 7,792 requests for foreign exchange valued at over $867 million to manufacturers and other strategic actors in the Nigerian economy, to ease forex scarcity.

Forex scarcity in the system had pushed the naira to 473 per  dollar, as the Department of State Service (DSS) continue to clamp down on forex dealers across the country.

But in a statement by Isaac Okorafor, acting director, corporate communications department, on Thursday in Abuja, CBN stated that the access was in continuation of its resolve to ease foreign exchange pressure on manufacturers.

The access, Okoroafor noted, was given through inter-bank window to enable manufacturers and strategic actors to source for vital raw materials and spare parts for their respective industries.

He added that the figure was derived from a summary of the Forex Utilisation for the month of October.

The summary indicated that the raw materials sector received the highest allotment, getting access to foreign exchange valued at 355.7 million dollars representing 40.99 per cent of the total value.

He noted that “statistics from the CBN in Abuja showed that manufacturing and petroleum industries got access to 91.2 million dollars and 150.8 million dollars respectively.

“Companies and other interests in the agriculture sector got access to 13.7 million dollars for the period, while entities in the aviation sector received 10.3 million dollars.’’

The director stated that finished goods and others got allotments of 43.8 million dollars and 10.7 million dollars respectively.

Invisibles, comprising of school fees, students’ upkeep and medicals, among others, received 191.3 million dollars, representing 22.05 per cent of the figure, he stated.

Okorafor pointed out that the release of the figures underscored the transparency of the apex bank in foreign exchange management.

He added that the CBN remained committed to its pledge to ease foreign exchange pressure on manufacturing and agriculture sectors through forward sales under the new flexible foreign exchange regime.

He recalled that in September, manufacturing industries in Nigeria were given access to foreign exchange valued at over 660 million dollars in the inter-bank market.

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Former Deputy Governor of Osun, Iyiola Omisore Suspended from PDP

Former Deputy Governor of Osun, Iyiola Omisore Suspended from PDP

As the People's Democratic Party leadership crises deepens, Iyiola Omisore has been suspended by an opposing faction of the party on the basis of disloyalty.

Former Deputy Governor of Osun state, Senator Iyiola Omisore has been suspended by a faction of the party in the state.

The suspension of Omisore and other PDP chieftains came as as a result of allegedly engaging in activities that puts the party in bad light, Vanguard reports.

The suspension was contained in a statement released on Friday and signed by Chairman of the faction, Mr. Soji Adagunodo and the Secretary, Mr. Bola Ajao.

Others suspended include the chairman of the other faction of the party, Dr. Bayo Faforiji; Bunmi Jenyo; Chief Ojo Williams and Bade Falade for the same offence.

The statement read, "The state executive committee received recommendation from various wards to local governments and senatorial districts, to suspend the following PDP members : Dr. Bayo Faforiji, Senator Iyiola Omisore, Rev. Bunmi Jenyo, Chief Ojo Williams and Hon Bade Falade.

“In accordance with the provisions of the PDP constitution, and inherent powers vested on the the State executive committee of the party, the said individuals are hereby suspended as recommended.”

The Adagunodo-led faction further demanded that before participating in the party’s activites, Omisore must first clear his name with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.
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BREAKING: Hillary Clinton to beat Donald Trump

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton to beat Donald Trump


Hillary Clinton will be president of the United States of America if she can win the recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Hillary Clinton stands a great chance of becoming president of the United States.
There are calls for Clinton to initiate a request for recount, but when Hillary hesitated, someone else did for her, Jill Stein.

According to the US electoral system, if the recounts end up in Hillary’s favour, then she will have enough votes to win the electoral college.

Already, statistics show that Hillary leads Trump in popular votes, by over 2 million votes.

Real Time Politics reports that though many claim that Jill Stein’s move is a long shot, still Wisconsin begins to recount on Friday, November 25.

The Clinton faithfuls can only hope that a miracle happens, something statistics can help prove.

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton to beat Donald Trump

Clinton Statistics

Recounting of votes may help Hillary Clinton clinch the ticket to the White House.
Meanwhile, an explosive bid to topple the President-elect, pro-Clinton supporters are calling for Trump to be impeached over claims of sexual abuse, fraud and racketeering.

One of several petitions calling for his impeachment has amassed more than 33,000 signatures as fury over Trump’s Brexit-style election win boils over.

Now scores of legal experts backing the plan believe there is a “strong case” to impeach Trump and strip him of the presidency.

It comes as tens of thousands of pro-Clinton supporters sparked violence during a third day of anti-Trump protests – leaving windows smashed, buildings vandalised and fires burning.

One law professor claimed there is already enough evidence to impeach Trump.

Christopher Peterson, law professor at the University of Utah, claims he has found evidence of fraud and racketeering – criminal offences under US law.

Under article II of the United States constitution, fraud and racketeering are considered “high crimes and misdemeanors” and can lead to impeachment.

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Nigerian Woman Mistakenly Cooks Poisonous Plastic Rice... What Happened will Shock You (Video)

Nigerian Woman Mistakenly Cooks Poisonous Plastic Rice... What Happened will Shock You (Video)

File Photo

The threat of the poisonous plastic rice reported to be in circulation in Nigeria is real with a random woman almost falling victim.

A Nigerian lady has made a video of how the Basmati rice she bought for N5,000 is nothing but ‘plastic’ rice. In a revelation that has shocked many, she narrated how the rice refused to get done despite spending hours on fire.

The supposed rice later became congealed as seen in the video.

It should be noted that this kind of rice which was smuggled into the country by unscrupulous people could cause an irreparable damage to human health as well as eventual death.

Watch the short video clip below:

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Drama as EFCC Attacks DSS Over Judges' Arrest, Says It is Not Under Its Scope to Arrest People Over Corruption

Drama as EFCC Attacks DSS Over Judges' Arrest, Says It is Not Under Its Scope to Arrest People Over Corruption

EFCC Acting Chairman, Ibrahim Magu

The EFCC has told a committee of the House of Representatives handling the case of the alleged raid by DSS on homes of some judges that the DSS does not have the power to try people on corruption matters.

On Thursday, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC told the ad hoc committee of the House of Representatives in Abuja headed by a former House Deputy Minority Whip, Mr. Garba Dhatti, investigating all cases of invasion of property and arrest of persons that the alleged offences of the judges were financial crimes and did not constitute a threat to national security.

The EFCC told the committee that the DSS should have left the case for the anti-graft agency to handle. The incident showed clearly the rivalry between the two agencies.

The EFCC thus disagreed with the DSS, that corruption was a threat to national security as it was not reason enough why it should have carried out a raid on the homes of some judges across the country last month.

The two agencies had appeared before an ad hoc committee of the House of Representatives in Abuja to testify in respect of the invasion of the homes of some judges and subsequent arrest by the DSS over alleged corrupt acts.

Speaking on behalf of the EFCC acting Chairman, Mr. Ibrahim Magu, a representative who is an Assistant Director (Prosecution), Mr. Ojogbane Jonson, insisted that the EFCC Act, clearly covers the alleged offences of the judges, adding that it was a duty the DSS should have left for it to execute.

Magu noted, “It is a crime (corruption) motivated by greed, but it is within the purview of the EFCC.

“Bribery and corruption are for personal gain, and what it has affected in my view is not security, but development.

“It is not about the internal security, which the DSS runs, what it does is to rob us of our commonwealth.

“I am not aware of any issue they (DSS) have been involved in that has elicited as much criticism as this one. It is not much because people are against them fighting corruption but the methodology.”

Magu explained further, “Most of these people (fraudsters) are not violent on their own, and when we put them before a compromised judge, and they are set free, they go back to do the same things, like duping people. That has nothing to do with internal security.”

In his testimony, the Chairman of the ICPC, Mr. Ekpo Nta, supported the DSS, saying that the National Security Agencies Act conferred powers on the agency to raid any property in the country.

Nta also said the ICPC had similar powers, just like the Nigeria Police to gain entry into any facility in the course of investigation.

He said, “The DSS, like the ICPC, have been conferred with the powers of the police.

“Section 6 of the ICPC Act, it is there. Just like the police, as they have it in the Police Act, these powers are there.”
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