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Saturday, December 24

What Recesson? Nigerian bride breaks Instagram with her N15million wedding dress #Hanolu2016 (photos, video)

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The recently released 21 Chibok girls, travel home for Christmas and New Year celebrations with their families

It was an emotional scene in Yola, Adamawa State, on Thursday, as the recently released 21 Chibok girls stopped over, on their way home for Christmas and New Year celebrations.

The girls, released in October, were abducted alongside over 200 others in April 2014.
They were escorted to Yola by operatives of the State Security Service, and the military.

The Adamawa State governor, Bindo Jibrilla, said the girls’ reunion with their families was an event many prayed for.
“For me, it is a rare opportunity to see you in Adamawa healthy and sound, we are grateful to almighty Allah and also commend the present administration for the efforts in fighting insurgency,” the governor said.
“Let’s all join hands and pray for the rescue of the remaining students and all those who had been abducted by the Boko Haram,’’ urges Bindow.
Yakubu Nkike, chairman of Chibok girls parents association, said, 
“We are overwhelmed with joy that our girls have been found alive. I cannot talk more because we are on our way to home”.
Speaking about their experiences, Asabe Modu, one of the released girls, said while in captivity, they went for days without food.

“I narrowly escaped bomb blast in the forest. I never knew there would be a day like this that I will meet with my parents and relations again. I will give thanks to God,” she said, as she pleaded for prayers for those still in captivity.
More photos below:

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5 Things that can really frustrate your Christmas celebration this year

Nigerians shopping for Christmas (File photo)
1: Your ATM card gets stuck in the machine on Sunday (Christmas morning).
Imagine running to the ATM machine to make withdrawal on Christmas morning with bae waiting in the car in anticipation of the Christmas outing, and after the 2nd trial, your card gets stuck. It hurts!
The most painful part will be if the girl is a new catch you were hopin to impress. 
2: If your generator also decides to go on break.
You know na, for us that will have to spend Christmas at home, after loading your "I better pass my neighbour" with fuel full tank and getting your best movie, generator now starts coughing. Then iya biliki your neighbour will be be like "ehya, your gen no work? And today na our off o" 
3: When bae decides she has new plans for the day
You must have spent a week planning for Christmas with bae, curving all your side chicks just to savour Christmas together, then on Sunday morning bea calls and be like 
"Hello boo, mummy says the house fellowship will hold in our parlour and I will take the praise and worship" 
You'll just be like "house fellow gini?, on Christmas day?"
4: Seeing Your Period 
This is the worst one. Just waking up and seeing your period as a lady on Christmas day! You'll be like " no please, just one more day off" 
Mood swing, hormones raging...worst of all, you leave boo hanging in the cold after he must have taken alomo and tramadol. OMG!!
5: The Nigerian Tailor! 
For those that are hoping on wearing a new tailor-made dress, and your tailor promises to get it ready on Christmas morning. Guess what? You get to her shop and alas! She hasn't even cut the material - by 1pm. Chai.
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Ugandan couple decide to save Money on wedding transportation by trekking to Church on their big day (photos)

A Ugandan couple from Soroti province walked half a kilometer to church for their wedding.
According to multiple online reports, the groom and his bride did this due to their low budget as they were joined by their family and friends for the event.
Now the couple are trending online after their photos went viral –with many online users hailing them.
The entire ceremony was reported to have cost them just 300,000UGX (about N26,441).
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Father forces his 13-year-old girl to marry her 56-year-old Teacher in Kano (Photo)

A Qur’anic School teacher in Kurna Babban Layi area of Kano has perfected plans to marry off his 13-year-old daughter, Bilkisu, to his 56-year-old friend.
The revelation was made by a relative of the teenager who raised the alarm on Saturday when she took the teenager to Freedom Radio office in Sharada, Kano for a media campaign against the marriage.
According to Daily Nigerian, the teary-eyed teenager revealed that she does not love the man, saying she always cried whenever the matter was mentioned.
The relative, who pleaded not to be named, said she is calling for authorities, especially Kano State governor and Emir of Kano, to intervene and abort the marriage, billed to hold Friday next week.
She said she was concerned about the kind of life the girl would live if she married a man who has three wives and many grown up children.
“The groom has three wives, many children and grandchildren. I am appealing to Emir of Kano Muhammadu Sanusi and governor of Kano to help intervene,” he said.
She also disclosed that the father planned to marry off Bilkisu’s sister of almost the same age on the same day.
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Meet 'Jadesola Anuoluwapo' the 17 year old Mechanic with exceptional energy and passion

Photographer, Bayo Omoboriowo, shared this story below:

Today I met a female mechanic 'Jadesola Anuoluwapo' filled with exceptional energy and passion....... she has an incredible reputation amongst her contemporaries and even clients at age 17. 

She just gained admission into University of Ife to study Mechanical Engineering and I want the world to celebrate such an amazing young lady who we believe is the definition of a better tomorrow. 

If you want to join me to be part of her success story even as she begins her journey to the walls of Tertiary institution please dm me and let's make her proud. #letsdomore
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Best time to have sex if you want a male or female child

It is a common saying that ‘timing is everything,’ but when it comes to sex, especially when it’s just for pleasure, that phrase may not readily apply.

Pleasurable sexual intercourse can be done at anytime and anywhere, because all that is important to enjoy it in that instance is the consent and cooperation of the other person, and in a favourable atmosphere.

In fact, there are times that it is after the romp in the sack that some couples soon realise the inappropriateness of where they did it. It can be that spontaneous.

Be that as it may, findings have however shown that for couples who are aiming at conception, or more specifically, couples who are desirous of pre-determining the gender of their baby, timing is indeed everything.

In other words, the time of the month they have sex is just as crucial to achieving that goal.

And a quote by Rick Springfield, an Australian author, says it all, “If the timing is right and the gods are with you, something special happens.”

Ordinarily, couples who want to have a child are often advised to have sex about three times a week, especially around the time when the woman ovulates to enhance fertilisation. But there is more to that if couples want a particular gender.

The easiest way to have male child

It should be noted that the sperm released by a man has both x and y chromosomes, while the eggs released by a woman at ovulation have x and x chromosomes. And for a woman to conceive a male, the man must release the ‘y’ chromosome because it determines the masculinity of a child. While the x chromosomes equally determine the feminism of the baby.

However, according to Dr. Rotimi Adesanya, a medical doctor, the ‘y’ chromosomes are more active than the x chromosomes, but they die faster than x chromosomes, which are weaker but last longer.

Therefore, when the Y chromosomes are dead, it remains the X chromosomes, and if it is the woman’s fertile period, the woman would likely have a ‘bouncing baby girl.’

Therefore, what should be done if couples want to have a male child?

Adesanya explained that a woman is more likely to conceive a male if sexual intercourse takes place on the day the woman is most fertile, which is the day she releases an egg and that is usually between day 10 and 19 of the menstrual cycle.

He said, “If the sexual intercourse takes place on the day of the woman’s ovulation (the day she releases an egg), which is the day 14 of the woman’s menstrual cycle, and the man releases sperm, that child is ‘likely’ to be a male. This is because the man’s sperm has x and y chromosomes, but the ‘y’ chromosome that determines the masculinity is very active, so it reaches the egg faster than the x that is weaker.

“That is why it is said that couples who want to have a male child stand a better chance if they have sex on the day the woman ovulates.

However, I must add that it is not 100 per cent certain. It is a game of probability. Some people have tried it and it worked, while some others have tried it and it didn’t work.

“That is why we use the word ‘likely’, just that the probability is high if they do ‘it’ on the woman’s ovulation day.”

He added that such couples still stand a chance of having a boy if they have the intercourse like a day after the woman’s ovulation day, because once a woman releases an egg, it can stay for between 24 to 48 hours. Thus, when the man releases sperm into her the day after her ovulation, the ‘y’ chromosome in the sperm would go faster than the x to target the egg that had been there already.

He said, “So, whether the intercourse happens on that ovulation day or the day after (though advisable on the ovulation day), it is most likely to be a boy. If it is after, it should not be more than one or two days, because when a woman releases egg on that day 14, by the second day, that egg would start degenerating and start breaking down to what comes out as blood during menstruation.

“Impliedly, if nothing happens to the egg like after two days, it will break down and come out as blood because the egg doesn’t last more than two days.”

Having a girl child with ease

Meanwhile, for those who want to have a girl child, Adesanya explained that the best way to go about that would be for such persons to have intercourse like a day or two before the ovulation day, more so that sperm can stay in a woman for two to three days.

He added, “If the intercourse happens like a day or two days before the ovulation day, the sperm would still be there, but because the ‘y’ chromosomes do not last like the x chromosomes, what would be left of the sperm would likely be the x chromosomes because they stay longer. And so, the baby would likely be a girl.”

Meanwhile, given the important role ovulation day plays in helping couples to have a chance of determining the gender of their baby, it is necessary to identify the symptoms that precede or characterise the coming of the ovulation period.

According to Adesanya, such things include abdominal pain, being moody, feeling feverish, because of the effects of hormones, increase in breasts size, vomiting for some as if they are pregnant, etc. He added that increased lubrication of the vagina could also be a pointer, as they tend to feel wet at that period.

“It is just like when an animal is on heat and it tends to move closer to the male animals. That is when a woman actually releases an egg. And that day 14 of the woman’s menstrual cycle could vary by one or two days in some women,” he added.

He stressed that even though those calculations may not be 100 per cent sure, there is high possibility that it works.

Meanwhile, for those who are only interested in having a child, regardless of the gender, some experts have stressed the need for such couples to have sex three times a week, so that at some point, the sperm would be in the vagina either a day before ovulation or on that day.

Adesanya said, “In a woman’s cycle, we normally say they should have sex from day 10 of their cycle, which we call the fertile period; because ovulation itself occurs between the 10th and 18th day of the menstrual cycle.

“But the day that has the highest likelihood is that day 14. The principle is that from day 10 to 14, if sexual intercourse happens, that sperm would be waiting for the egg to be released.

“We also use the principle for those who don’t want to conceive. During that day 10 to 18, they should not have intercourse, until after that because that is when the woman is most fertile.

It should equally be noted that ovulation itself is a part of the menstrual cycle, which is usually between 26 and 31 days, which is when an egg is released.

And according to livescience, an organisation that provides information on health, technology and other related issues, a healthy adult male could release between 40 million and 1.2 billion sperm cells in a single ejaculation.

Notably, they are that many because of the stiff competition as to which among them would fertilise the egg.
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This woman's obese twin boys are giving her headache...

A single mother in northeast China’s Shenyang city is asking for help from the public for her twin sons, both of whom are seriously obese, and both of whom have autism.

While the elder son Zhang Hangjun weighed 550 pounds with a 300cm waist, his younger brother Zhang Yuanjun weighed 275 pounds. Both aged 22, added to their suffering of cerebral palsy and autism, also have severe learning disability.
The elder brother’s IQ is reportedly equivalent to that of a 1-year-old child.
At 22, he has He just learnt how to say the word “mom” in recent years.
Their mother, said the premature birth and obstructed labour in 1994 was the cause of their illnesses.
Yuanjun, the younger son, had the same issues as his brother but milder. While his brother is completely unable to take care of himself on a daily basis, Yuanjun is able to accomplish some preliminary chores.
 He is good at playing the piano and singing, and he even held his personal concert with the help of the president of Beijing Wanbo Brain Health Hospital.
Ma said most income was spent on food in her family. The two boys eat a lot more than ordinary people. Now, the single mother is asking the society for help on her loved sons.
Source – People’s Daily China
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"I am a Virgin and I will Die a Virgin, I want to be good example to my Kids"--- Lady announces on Facebook

I really don't know what to say but I saw kids, lol, will she vomit them?!

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"You will never escape hell fire” – Twitter user on the use of Hair Extensions, Eye Lashes, Finger Nails

Image result for Hair Extensions, Eye Lashes, Finger Nails

This Twitter user is causing ripples on the platform after he released a series of tweets concerning all forms of “attachments” on the body.
According to the user, whose name is Gift of Yahweh (@iam_west), “Anything that God didn’t create in you… hair, nails etc…. Hell is yours.”
See his Tweets below:

If you die with that attachment on your head, that eyes lashes, those fingers nails which are not yours, YOU WILL NEVER ESCAPE HELL FIRE.
Anything that God didn’t create in you, which you attached to your body, hair,nails etc! You might be a christian, a preacher. Hell is yours.
I’m not here for likes and comments. Hold it! And be Holy! God desire Holiness, not carnality.
You think you’re a preacher or a christian ? Beautiful and handsome? Examine yourself, lest after finished preaching then yu’ll be cast away.
I don’t have time for worldliness and carnality. Since God desire Holiness, I myself desired it also.
Before you can say you’re a real born again Christians, you must see sin only through God’s eyes.
I pray the Lord opened you guys eyes to see how Satan is tipping Christians into hell.
OH God my FATHER, open their eyes to see, to see what you called sin, to see sin only through thy eyes. They will not believe, they will not.
Open their eyes Oh God of heaven and earth, to see what Satan is doing in the churches.
All this worldly things are manufactured under the ocean, open their eyes O LORD. They will not believe. They will not.
They’re so comfortable with their worldliness, they love it more than their soul.
They go to church but they don’t know what is called worldliness. This has been tipping lukewarm Christians into hell.
O God of righteousness, open their eyes to see what is called worldliness.
At the end you’re going to remember all these tweets.
More Tweets:
See reactions..
Prior to these serious of tweets, he also tweeted on Christmas and Faith in God
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Teenage Nigerian footballer, Musa Yahaya weds Kannywood actress (photos)

Ex-Nigeria U20 star Musa Yahaya has quit bachelorhood after he took Kannywood star Saudah as wife in Kaduna today. 

Musa Yahaya, has represented Nigeria at the U17, U20 and Olympic levels.

The 19-year-old forward is on contract with Portuguese giants FC Porto but currently on loan to Portimonense S.C. in the Portuguese Segunda Liga.
Guests at their wedding included fellow Nigerian stars Sulaiman ‘Daddy’ Abdullahi, Lukman Zakari, Abdullahi Alfa, Nigeria U17 coach Manu Garba as well as the player’s agent Babawo Mohammed.
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Aww! Nigerian guy proposes to fiancee again after she misplaced first engagement ring

Aww! This beautiful scenario played out at @Miss_Japaree's introduction ceremony.

She had misplaced her first engagement ring and her hubby-to-be decided to surprise her by proposing to her again at their introduction ceremony.

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Read how an MMM participant duped a fellow participant

Stories that touch!
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I hope other governors will stand for their people like Fayose – Pastor Adeboye

Image result for fayose
The G.O of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has admonished state governors in the country to emulate their Ekiti State counterpart, Mr Ayodele Fayose, in standing up for and protecting the interest of their people.
He stated this in Ado-Ekiti on Saturday at the palace of Ewi of Ado-Ekiti, Oba Rufus Adejugbe Aladesanmi 111.
He said: ”Your Excellency, we thank God for your life, courage, boldness and being willing to take the risk so that your people can be protected and I know you know what I am talking about. .
You can be sure that we are praying for you and you will succeed.‎ I hope other governors will stand for their people like you and defend their people and say enough is enough‎."
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Wow! Check out the pencil drawings of this talented 7-year-old boy (Photo)

This young boy was seen on the streets of Kampala, Uganda. According to the person who spotted the drawings and plans to visit the boy's family.
He wrote:"He doesn't go to school. His family can not afford to. He sits and draws pictures. People pass, some kind enough to drop a few coins. His mum collects the money and thanks them. I sat with them for bout 30mins and watched him draw. Fascinating. A gift I've always envied."
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You be God?- Singer, Tekno still throwing shades at Headies 2016 organizers

It comes as no surprise that Tekno took shots at the organisers of the Headies Awards after his nomination for 'Next Rated' was withdrawn by the awards jury.
The singer is definitely not afraid of stirring up controversies which he proved by shading the organisers of the awards at the 2016 Rhythm Unplugged which took place on Friday, December 23, 2016.
Just before his performance at the annual event held in Lagos state, Tekno said in Pidgin English, "Dem nominate me for award say dem disqualify me, you be God?"

The Net reports that Tekno’s 2016 Headies ‘Next Rated’ nomination was withdrawn for his failure to participate in all of the required activities by organisers leading up to the event.

Tekno's loss was Starboy Entertainment act, Mr. Eazi's gain as he took home the prize which came with a brand new Hyundai Santa Fe SUV at the award ceremony.

Eazi came out on top, beating the likes of Ycee, Aramide and ‘Osinachi’ crooner, Humblesmith to the award.

Tekno also added, "I am very happy. Because them no give me award no mean anything".

The singer has been wildly celebrated for his songs, ‘Wash’, ‘Diana’, ‘Where’, and ‘Pana’, just as he was during his performances at the event last night.
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Lagos pastor preaches from Range Rover's rooftop to pull crowd (Photos)

Rev Ben Eragbai, founder and president of Divine Appointment Ministry, Lagos shared the pictures on Facebook.
He wrote: "For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of christ."(Rom 1:16) This what I church without walls! It was really great dancing( like David did) and preaching the gospel on the street of Lagos with my precious church members. Although I understand this is abnormal but it's all for the kingdom! Merry Christmas and prosperous new year in advance to you all! Stay Rapturable'

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How i fell in love with my fan- Actress, Nkechi Emmanuel

Image result for nkechi emmanuel
Her real name, Nkechi Emmanuel, is not as popular as her movie name, Nurse Titi of the ‘Clinic Matters’ fame.And as she has become so known in the popular sitcom, Nurse Titi now has so many fans, one of who she is currently dating.

She said, “Love doesn’t have a boundary. If I fall in love with a fan, of course nothing stops me from marrying him. The person who I am seeing right now is a fan. He is someone who loves what I do 100 per cent and supports me.”

The actress added that although she is lucky to date someone who understands the nature of her job, she does not know what she would do if her future husband asks her to quit acting.

“So far, my loved ones and family are in support of what I do. I do not even think the man that would get married to me can ask me to quit acting but if it happens, I cannot really say this is what I would do. But it would not happen,” she said.

The actress told Saturday Beats that she could not get married to a poor man as she talked about the qualities she looks out for in a man.

“I cannot marry a poor man but if he has prospect of being rich, then he is a good one. If he is poor without such prospects, then I do not see that working. When it comes to my dream man, he must be God fearing, intelligent, handsome and he must be focused,” she said.

Speaking on her career, Emmanuel said she is grateful to God for where she is but she still has some burning desires.

“So far, I think I have done my best in terms of my career. But I like to change the face of Nollywood and I like to bring Hollywood into Nollywood. I want to build something like a Disney World for Nollywood in Nigeria. In this place, you can shoot and edit your videos as you have fun.”
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70-year-old Minister Marries His 23-year-old Lover (Photo+Video)

Mathema and Nare digging it on the dancefloor

A 70 year old Zimbabwean minister has caused a stir amongst his country men after he walked down the aisle with a young 23 year old lady.
A video clip showing a Zimbabwean minister, 70, dancing after he married his 23-year-old lover has gone viral on social media.
According to New Zimbabwe, the Matebeleland North Provincial Governor, Cain Mathema wedded his youthful wife Bathabetsoe Nare at a colourful wedding in Bulawayo.

Nare, a former Midlands State University student graduated in November this year.

Mathema could be seen in the video dancing in a jovial mood with his wife.

Mathema reportedly left his first wife for a house helper, whom he married customarily in 2009. The maid was only 20-years-old at the time. He later left her for Nare after her met her while she was on attachment at a government complex in Bulawayo in 2014.

Mathema joins a list of President Robert Mugabe’s top officials who left their wives to wed youthful women, the report said.
Watch video below: 
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Wife raises alarm after her husband's sidechic, OAP Ighovie of Quest FM, allegedly stormed their house to beat her up

This drama is happening right now on Jessica Taylor Omamuli's Facebook page.

Jessica Taylor Omamuli says popular Quest FM OAP,  Divine Ighovie is her husband's mistress. Divine supposedly stormed her home to attack her with thugs, stabbed her, stripped her naked and videoed it.

My wonderful family. Who am I without you guys. I love you all to the moon and stars.My husband got a job earlier this year in Ughelli delta state. We live in Lagos. Due to the job he moved down. This is my second visit. Let me not bore you with plenty story. I want to be as brief as possible and I hope this will let us women stand our grounds and take up praying for our spouse at all times. 
 This morning this DIVINE IGHOVIE came into the house (ask me how, she had keys. Keys my husband gave her) my husband said cos of his busy schedule he got a lady to cook and clean plus special duties too. With a hammer he was hitting me while another held me. I struggled and got the hammer. That was when she dashed into the kitchen for knife. On seeing the knife I dashed into the toilet So I can lock myself in but they pushed the door open. I don't know how to explain how she stabbed me. I felt the blood trickling down my back. She put the knife to my neck and that's how she tore off my dress. Video my naked. I've been to the police station. I have given my statement. Divine IGHOVIE is in hiding. The police are looking for you Divine IGHOVIE. With the medical report gotten from the police I proceeded to general hospital in Ughelli. My back was sutured. I'm hypertensive and my bp is over the sky high. I've taken my medicine.
I'm a lot calm now. I've asked my husband several questions. I'm still wondering what promises he made? I'm asking if he ever said we are not married;?
She took my phone and dell note book. Imagine So petty, a thief and as well and classless
Divine IGHOVIE, you have done what a slit knows how. But you wait and see how I'm responding. I'm a law abiding citizen and with the LAW i will wage such a war that when you come back to this world you will stay away from married men

On a final note, married women out there do you pray for your husbands? If you haven't start RIGHT NOW. these bitches ate using voodoo and all sorts of black magic but we will win
DIVINE IGHOVIE, you kept bragging you're a bad ass. My question to you now WHY ARE YOU IN HIDING? YOU CAN'T HIDE FOR LONG. THAT'S FOR SURE.

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