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Saturday, February 7

How My Children Were Killed During Spiritual Bath Says Grieving Mother

On November 20, 2014, every parent's nightmare became a reality for 42-year-old Ayedun Shitta-Bello. It was a normal Saturday. There was nothing out of the ordinary that morning that could foretell the tragic news she was about to hear.
"I did not even have a nightmare or a bad dream that could make me think that such a terrible thing had happened," she told our correspondent.
Barely out of bed that Saturday morning, Shitta-Bello got a call from her brother, Prince Musaliu Buhari.
"Come quick, please, don't ask why, just come," she was told on the phone.
Shitta-Bello said apprehension set in as she tried to understand what could have warranted such an early summon.

Our correspondent met Shitta-Bello at Badore area of Ajah, Lagos, on Wednesday where she spoke of the agony of the last two months since she learnt that her sons, Abiodun and Ayinde Oniru (23 and 20 respectively), had died.
The fair complexioned woman, could not hide her agony during the interview as she kept asking, "Why? Why? Why would anybody kill my sons? To punish me or what?"
Shitta-Bello and her sons' father had parted ways since Abiodun and Ayinde were little but they lived with their father who had converted from Islam to Christianity.

Punch learnt that the deceased attended a white garment church pastored by one Samuel Olusoji. with their father and step mother.
Two days before the incident (November 18), Abiodun and Ayinde along with their father and step mother were said to have gone to church for a programme. The church is located at 739, Ori-Oke Ibukun, Ilasan Street, Jakande, Ajah.
Shitta-Bello's ex-husband and father of the deceased told the police that he left the church earlier having performed his own bath but left behind his children and wife in the church.

According to the statement he gave to the police, early morning on Saturday, he got a call from his wife who told him that his two children had drowned during a spiritual bath in a stream frequently used by the church along Ogombo area of Ajah.
The father of the deceased called his ex-wife's brother (Buhari), who raced to the scene in shock and saw his nephews' dead bodies lying on the ground.

Screaming inside but trying not to sound alarming, Buhari dialled his sister's phone line and told her to come to her ex-husband's house right away without giving reasons.

She said,
"I just woke up when I received the call. I quickly put on clothes and went there. I got there and realised that relations were there as well. I became suspicious.
"I asked what had happened but no one told me anything initially. I then asked for my children. That was when they told me they drowned during a spiritual bath. From then on, everything they told me made no sense. The more I thought about it, the more it did not add up."
The church pastor initially fled while the police arrested the assistant pastor of the church.

According to Shitta-Bello, she was told during investigation by the police that almost 100 other people were present during the 'spiritual bath'.
"How can two people drown during a spiritual bath and they turn out to be siblings? How can anybody expect me to believe that was a coincidence?" she said.
The grieving mother said sleep had eluded her since the incident as she always stayed up in the middle of the night to think about her precious children.

Shitta-Bello has another child from the man she remarried but lamented that the hope that her two late children would meet their young sibling would not be fulfilled.

She said,
 "I called my children around 7pm on Friday, the day before the incident and they told me they were in church for a programme.
"Few days before then when I visited them at their father's house, they did not even want me to leave. But I promised to come back soon and bring their sister along because they had not met her before.
"My children had become a source of joy to me. But they died mysteriously just at the moment they were of age to fulfil their responsibility to me as a parent.
"I am not saying this because I am grieving but no one can tell me anything that will make me believe that they died just by drowning. How could they both drown when people were there and nobody went in to help? I was told Ayinde went into the water first and his brother went in to rescue him and they both drowned."
Saturday PUNCH learnt that the deceased were scheduled to travel out of the country in a few days that same November and had even packed their bags.

The bodies of the deceased are still lying in the mortuary at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital as investigation into the case continues.

Buhari, the deceased's uncle, told our correspondent that he believed that there was more to the story of the drowning as well.
"The police are still conducting investigations. That is why the bodies are still in the mortuary. We will know what happened when the result of the autopsy conducted on the bodies comes out," he said.
The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Mr. Kenneth Nwosu, said investigation into the case is still ongoing at the Department of Criminal Investigations.
"The pastor of the church was tracked down and arrested shortly after the incident last year," he said.
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Comedian Bovi Jumps Into The Crowd At PDP Rally, Gets Robbed In The Process

Comedian Bovi got dared by a crowd at PDP rally recently and he showed them he got trill. He later jumped into the crowd who can be seen tearing his pocket apart. lol sorry! See photo below:

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Photos From Actress Fathia Balogun's Birthday Party

The actress turned a year old recently and her friends threw her a birthday party. More pictures after the cut...

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GEJ, Mama Peace And Others Boogie To Duncan Mighty Songs

Duncan Mighty thrilled President Jonathan, First lady Patience Jonathan and other PDP politicians at the presidential rally in Bayelsa state yesterday February 6th. Another picture after the cut...

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Kcee And Solidstar Share Pictures Of Themselves In The Kitchen

Music stars Kcee & Solidstar pictured working in the kitchen. Do they really wash dishes and cook or this is just photo-op? Good stuff!
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Popular Pastor, Poju Oyemade’s Wedding Ceremony Today

The Senior Pastor of the Covenant Christian Center, Pastor Poju Oyemade tied the knot today with his heartthrob, Toyin Fajusigbe. You will recall that we brought you details of the bride here, shortly after the pastor announced his wedding date, but kept mute about his bride's details. Pastor Oyedepo, Pastor Adeferansin and Pastor Yemi Osinbajo who also doubles as APC's vice-presidential candidate were all there to grace and bless the occasion. Big congrats to him. See more photos below:


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Let’s Introduce Pidgin English In Our Schools, Tuface Says

2Face Idibia has suggested that Pidgin English be introduced in Nigerian schools to aid communication and transfer knowledge to kids in rural areas who use Pidgin English as their second language.
The Afro-pop icon gave this opinion at the MTV Base #ChooseOrLose Roundtable which will premiere this Friday.
"For me, they can gather some linguistic professors and let them package pidgin English properly," he said, acknowledging that this may be the most effective way of tackling the education deficit in parts of the country with a language barrier.
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We Fought For Our Rights, Boko Haram Is fighting For Nothing Says Ateke Tom

Ateke Tom is a former militant leader in the Niger Delta..In an interview with Punch, he opened up on why they were different from Boko Hram and should not be labelled terrorists.

How is life as a repentant militant?
Life here is better than the life I once lived in the creeks because I now enjoy free movement and I see my family. I do businesses and I'm free to embark on other gainful ventures outside the creeks. In the creeks, we didn't use to drive cars, but outside the creeks where we are now leading a normal life, we drive our cars and do other things that will benefit us and the society at large. So, we are comfortable outside the creeks.
What was life like in the creeks?
It was tough there. We were bitten by mosquitoes, but the difference then was that we were not deterred from continuing with the struggle. Our mind was constantly on the fight to liberate the Niger Delta region from marginalisation.
 Many are casting aspersions on the ex-militants for accusing Boko Haram of acts of terrorism while they (Niger Delta militants) were also guilty of the same act
It is wrong to describe the struggle we embarked on then as an act of terrorism. We were not terrorists; we were freedom fighters because we had a reason why we were fighting. You can remember that when amnesty came from the Federal Government, we embraced it. Everybody was aware of the reason behind the struggle. The international community and other relevant bodies were aware of the reason for our struggle.
What was the reason for the fight?
We were fighting for our rights. We have the oil; we have the resources being used to feed Nigeria. But they did not want to give us anything and that explained why we were fighting. They refused to employ our people; instead, they (government) brought in foreigners to work in oil companies while we were suffering. That was why we determined we would fight our cause and make the authorities realise that we were not happy with the situation of things. We needed employment; we needed to work. We needed good hospitals, good roads and other social amenities, but there were none. We had to embark on the struggle to make them realise that we were being marginalised. 
Everybody knew that we were fighting for our rights. The Federal Government called us and asked us why we were fighting. When the late President Musa Yar'Adua called us, we came out to tell him and Nigerians why we were fighting and they reasoned with us and asked us to cease fight. We accepted and embraced amnesty. 
But in the case of Boko Haram, why have they refused to come out? What are they fighting for? Who are they fighting for? They (Boko Haram) members should come out and tell Nigerians why they are fighting. So, it is not right to compare us with Boko Haram. What is stopping them (Boko Haram) from telling Nigerians the reasons they are fighting? President Goodluck has called on them several times to come out and tell Nigerians their grievances, but they have refused to do so. So, we are not similar to them.
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Its A Disgrace For Neighbours To Join Boko Haram Fight Says Buhari

Presidential flag bearer of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Gen. Muhammadu Buhari is appalled that neighbouring Chad and Cameroun are turning out to be more successful at the battle front against Boko Haram than Nigeria.

Nigeria's poor performance,he says,is a disgrace.

"It's a big disgrace for Nigeria. It is now Cameroon and Chad fighting the insurgency more than Nigeria. We will build the capacity and Nigeria should be able to secure its territorial integrity," Buhari told Reuters.

Troops from neighbouring Chad, Niger and Cameroon, all much smaller and poorer than Nigeria, have been battling the terrorists who have seized territory in Borno State.

Niger Republic said yesterday its troops killed 109 Boko Haram fighters in an attempted attack on Bosso close to the border with Nigeria.

The attack was repelled.

Buhari said that he was committed to using the courts if there are irregularities in the voting, and would not call his followers into the streets.

"I'm optimistic that I won't lose. But we signed an undertaking that it will be violence free," Buhari said. "We are attempting to stabilise a multi party democratic system."

Buhari's party,APC, insists that this month's elections should proceed as scheduled ,saying the only reason the pro-Jonathan camp is pushing for a delay is that it knows he will lose if voting goes ahead now.

"There will be no delay. But if INEC is compromised then it will be too bad," said Buhari.

Buhari said his administration also intends to tackle corruption within the Nigerian National Petroleum Corp (NNPC) and plans to reopen an investigation into missing crude revenues of around $20 billion.

He would also tackle the theft of crude tapped from pipelines in the Niger River delta.

"Our main objective is to secure the country. We will not tolerate insurgency, sabotage of the economy by the blowing up of installations, by stealing crude and so on…. All these things will be things of the past."
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51-Year-Old Nigerian Man Bought As A Toy By A Rich White Kid

The Toy, a popular 80s movie, was about a spoiled rich white kid who buys a black man (played by Richard Pryor). Now there is a real life story: Wallace Turnquist purchased Ezekiel Akpu-nku from Nigeria as a playmate and servant for this 13-year-old son, Skyler.

"Last year I took Sky on a hunting safari to Africa and he was delighted by the African people," Wallace Turnquist told WSB-TV. "How funny they were, how they were always smiling and so eager to please. At first he just wanted to take one, but I told him kidnapping was illegal. So instead, I bought him one."

Since slavery and human trafficking are illegal, Turnquist gave Ezekiel a five year employment contract that pays $1,000 per year plus room/board, one day off per month and unlimited snacks. Ezekiel's contract states that he must do whatever Skyler tells him to do so long as it is not illegal.

"This one time I made him stand on one foot for the entire day," Skyler Turnquist said. "I also made him eat a
spider. He does whatever I say. He's the best toy ever."

"I'm very happy to be Skyler's toy, " Akpu-nku said. "In Africa I was starving, here, in the land of opportunity, my belly never go hungry."

Turnquist said Skyler already wants another "African toy" but his father has said no this time.

"I don't want Sky getting spoiled. If I buy him another African, he'll just want more. I think owning one African is enough."

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Photo Of The Day

Governor Amaechi of Rivers state and Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa state pictured above minutes after the Council of State meeting in Abuja yesterday February 5th. Give a caption to the picture! :-)
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Modupe Ozolua Determined To Rehabilitate Internally Displaced Nigerians

Due to the devastation left in the wake of Boko Haram attacks, those that live to tell their stories now face what seem like a bleak future.

Countless lives have been taken. Families torn apart and worlds shattered. Families have watched their loved ones slaughtered before their very eyes. Children have become orphans either from parents being killed or losing their parents during desperate attempts to escape their villages alive.

From having homes, regardless if they were small huts, to now sleeping on open fields with no food, shelter nor clothing beyond what's on their bodies. From having a source of livelihood to feed their families, to over night, becoming beggars depending on handouts from government or civil groups, to survive.

During a 3 day informative visit to Gombe State, Modupe Ozolua and her foundation, Body Enhancement Foundation, visited many temporary camps and host communities harboring the displaced Nigerians and announced their intentions to help by taking on the challenge of properly rehabilitating as many families as they can.

Ozolua has informed both the Gombe government officials and displaced persons that her foundation has a strategic plan on how to help them reintegrate back into society and regain their lost dignity. Arrangements to commence rehabilitating them within the next few days are currently underway.
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Kanye West And Giuseppe Zanotti Design New Shoes For Mrs. Kim West

Photos of the Giuseppe Zanotti Mrs. West biker style peep-toe booties designed for Kim Kardashian. Costs £900.

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Mercy Johnson Shows Off Her Post Baby Body

She welcomed her second child in October 2014. Almost four months later, she's gotten her body back and looks as sexy as ever! More photos after the cut...

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Eku Edewor Thrills On The Cover Of Vanguard Allure 'Valentine Issue'

The TV personality covers Vanguard Allure's Val issue...beautiful lady!
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Friday, February 6

Whitney Please Send Her Back! Dencia Makes Passionate Prayer For Bobbi Kristina Online

Bobbi Kristina: Whitney Please Send Her Back
Dencia: Whitney Please Send Her Back
The whole world is praying for her right now. We truly hope God will answer these prayers. It will be the saddest thing to report here that Bobbi is gone barely three years after her mother's demise. Here's what pop star Dencia wrote;

Heavenly Father, I thank you for all you have done for us, we worship and adore you because you are our lord & savior. I ask you now to bless Bobbi Kristina in the name of Jesus. In healing her body, mind and soul to become healthy. Embrace her family and friends in comfort and peace knowing you are almighty and continually seeking you in prayer, knowing all things are possible with Jesus. as it is written in John 14:27 "My peace I give you." Stay strong in God's word, when we ask anything in Jesus name it is well done with Him. Keep the faith, FAITH SEES THE INVISIBLE,BELIEVES THE IMPOSSIBLE,RECEIVES THE INCREDIBLE, NO MATTER WHAT WAS,FAITH MOVES THE UNMOVABLE, PROVES THE UNPROVABLE FOR ANYONE WILLING TO TRUST ,BELIEVE AND YOU'LL SEE WHAT FAITH DOES.

God has dispatched His angels around Bobbi Kristina and his protection is with her at all times. Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding, but in all thy ways acknowledge Him and he will direct our path. {Proverbs 3:5&6} Peace and blessings to Bobbi Kristina and her family. In jesus name I pray,AMEN. #bobbikristina #GodIsGood #GodPleaseHearOurPrayers #GiveHerAnotherChance #WhitneyPleaseSendHerBack #TheYoungMustNotDie.
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Nollywood Actor, Prince Eke's Open Letter To Buhari

Prince Eke's Open Letter To Buhari
My letter to BUHARI,

Sir, Let us examine your service records. I consider your generation a very privileged one, indeed. In 1975 at d age of 33, you were appointed d Military Governor of d North-Eastern State, present day Borno & Yobe States. In 1976 at d age of 34 you became d Minister 4 Petroleum and Natural Resources. In 1978 at d age of 36 you became d Chairman of d Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). Today d reverse is d case. Most Nigerians at age of 35 are still unemployed and still living with parents.
 Many are still not married. During your time you were already Governor at this age. One major reason for this unfortunate turn of events is that many elders like you have refused 2 voluntarily handover d baton 2 d next generation. Life should be a relay race where one runs his race and hands over 2 d next. In Nigeria many elders like you have run their races and are still holding on tenaciously 2 d baton. But Sir, I have an important question here 4 you.
The question is simple, MUST YOU SERVE NIGERIA AS A PRESIDENT ONLY? IS THERE NO OTHER CAPACITY YOU CAN SERVE US EXCEPT D PRESIDENCY? It is very erroneous 2 imagine that you can only serve Nigeria only in one capacity. During d regime of late General Sani Abacha, you accepted d appointment 2 serve as d Chairman of d then Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF).
D general opinion was that you served faithfully in this capacity. Well done Sir! But you never asked Abacha 2 vacate office 4 you as your former subordinate in d army. Never! In fact that would have been a dangerous move, if not suicidal. Rather you served faithfully under your former junior in d army. Sir, imagine if you take on another job like d Chairman of EFCC or ICPC or NDLEA. Nigerians actually need you 2 serve in one of these capacities much more than they need you in d Presidency. Mere mentioning your name as Chairman of EFCC would drive many corrupt men underground. But you wouldn't.
Either d Presidency or nothing. When are you going 2 handover 2 d next person? It is either you do it voluntarily or risk disgrace at d polls. God bless you sir.."
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Canadian University Offers Cristiano Ronaldo A Course

Canadian University Offers Cristiano Ronaldo A Course
A Canadian university is offering fans of Cristiano Ronaldo the opportunity to take a course on the Real Madrid star.
The University of British Columbia Okanagan is enrolling for a fourth-year sociology module on Ronaldo due to his popularity and influence on Portuguese and global society.

Luis LM Aguiar, associate professor of sociology in UBC Okanagan's Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences, said: "Sociology is nothing if not the delving into the processes of structuring identities and experiences and exposing the social forces that push these processes.

"In this case, I'm interested in how Ronaldo has been used to construct several discourses about who he is, what makes him distinct as a footballer, what is his relationship to Portugal, Madeira (his hometown) and indeed Portuguese identity."

During the semester-long course, students will examine the stereotypical image of Ronaldo and the Portuguese diaspora.

"Ronaldo is said to embody features and characteristics of speed, strength, competetiveness, dogged work ethic, discipline, and adaptability," added Aguiar on

"These features are also in a sense 'very Portuguese' since the Portuguese outside the homeland are nothing if not constructed as hard workers, disciplined and determined. Even as a global athlete transcending geographical boundaries, Ronaldo cannot  escape the stereotypical constructions of 'the Portuguese'.

"My two greatest passions are football and critical sociology. A course on Cristiano Ronaldo gives me the opportunity to combine the two.

"While I'm an admirer of Ronaldo, I'm also a sociologist interested in understanding the social and economic forces driving the various constructions of this athlete and what this says about our contemporary values and culture."

Ronaldo is not the first Madrid name to become the subject of higher education. Staffordshire University offered students the chance to take a module in 'David Beckham studies' prior to the former England captain's move from Manchester United to Spain.

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INEC To Decide On Poll Shift Saturday

INEC To Decide On Poll Shift Saturday
INEC Chairman, Attahiru Jega
The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, has stated that it would hold a meeting with chairmen and secretaries of all registered political parties, and Resident Electoral Commissioners, RECs on Saturday, to decide whether to go ahead with the general elections billed for February 14 and 28.

A statement Friday by Kayode Idowu, the spokesperson of INEC Chairman, Attahiru Jega, said after meetings, "the Commission will address a press conference to brief the nation on its decision with regard to whether or not the general elections will hold as currently scheduled".

Mr. Jega had on Thursday briefed the National Council of States on the preparedness of the Commission to conduct the 2015 general elections.

He made a presentation titled, Preparations for the 2015 General Elections: Progress Report.
The National Security Adviser, NSA, Sambo Dasuki, and Armed Services Chiefs also briefed the Council
on the current security situation.

Mr. Jega had informed the council that the commission was in a better position to conduct the election at present compared to the 2011 election.

"Compared with the 2011 General Elections, for instance, our systems are definitely more robust. We believe that we are ready for the elections as planned," Mr. Jega said

Source: Premium Times
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Jennifer Lawrence Gets Naked For Vanity Fair Magazine

Jennifer Lawrence Gets Naked For Vanity Fair
Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence stripped completely nude with a snake around her body for the March issue of Vanity Fair in her most provocative photo shoot to date.
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WTF, Kim? New Nude Pictures From Her Feature For Love Mag Leaks

New Nude Pictures Of Kim Kardashian
When you're as rich and as famous as Kim Kardashian, what do you need to be showing your puzzy is mags for again? You think you've seen it all? Well, more nude pictures from her Love magazine shoot just leaked online. *sigh*. See it after the cut...
New Nude Pictures Of Kim Kardashian
New Nude Pictures Of Kim Kardashian
New Nude Pictures Of Kim Kardashian
New Nude Pictures Of Kim Kardashian

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