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Saturday, May 9

Omotola Headlines 'Poverty Is Sexist' Global Campaign

Omotola has just returned from Johannesburg where she shot the campaign for ONE campaign's "poverty is sexist". This campaign will see Omotola be on the frontline for women empowerment globally. The African Union has declared 2015 as the year of women empowerment (ywe).

Speaking on the choice of Omotola as the ambassador for poverty is sexist, the Executive Director for ONE in Africa, Dr. Sipho S. Moyo has said they couldn't be happier to have the highly respected actress lead this campaign.

Credit: PR/ Content distribution by: Daniel Sync/
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Emir Of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi Pays Nasir El Rufai Congratulatory Visit

Emir of Kano, Mahammadu Sanusi II paid a congratulatory visit to Kaduna state governor elect, Nasir El Rufai in Kaduna earlier today.
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Lagos State Carnival: Photo Of The Day

Lagos State Carnival: Photo Of The Day

Photo from the 2015 Lagos State Carnival.

Photo credit: Lukeshphoto
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Winifred Adebayo: Changing The Coloured World

I was at my dental appointment a few weeks ago. The dental assistant seemed like she was having the best day of her life; she was smiling every minute. She tried to start up a conversation while she set things up for my teeth cleaning. "Where are you from?" she asked with a broad smile; it's a question I'm asked regularly. I didn't think much of it and I replied "Nigeria" barely looking at her face; nothing prepared me for the next comment from her. She blurted with excitement "Oh! my African sister". It was at this point she got my attention. I looked at her silk-flowing hair, blue eyes, and her 'white' skin; I thought she had cracked a joke and I missed it.

She spent the next few minutes with so much intensity and excitement explaining how we were sisters. It turns out, she is from Morocco and indeed we both are Africans. She added she gets stares and weird looks when she tells people she is African. But what struck me the most was how intensely she was convinced we were 'sisters', even when the both of us were night and day in the way we looked. Throughout my appointment, she treated me like I was a member of her family.
Maybe she gets paid to be friendly; maybe she really believed we are sisters. Either way, she left me really challenged as I pondered on the word 'sister'. It wasn't the title, it was the idea.
I'm really amazed when I remember that appointment, seeing that skin color is one of the biggest issues of our time. You don't need to search far; you will see first-hand what skin-color has done to the world we live in. It's not a western problem as many will like to believe. The light-skin vs dark-skin is a tale as old as time, present in every country. The only difference and why it's not as detrimental for every country is that some countries have wealth and power attached to skin-color variation while others do not. The big question is: what will happen if we see ourselves as 'sisters' and 'brothers'?
As unreal as that idea might seem, it starts with the changes you and I can make in the way we treat people at the bus-station, at the grocery store, in the restroom, etc. It sounds really funny but we are all the same. What we see as differences between sexes and looks are barely tweaks in our chromosomes: just a tiny little segment. At the basics, we all come into this world and leave the exact way we came: with nothing. I looked up the words 'sister' and 'brother': it's simply someone you share something in common with. Although it's used mainly for blood relationships, the concept is the same if we chose to apply it to any other area of life.
Take a moment and look at the person beside you; you'll at least see one thing you share in common. For me and the dental assistant, we had different skin colors, different hair textures, and so many other differences in our looks, but we are Africans, and as she put it 'African-sister'. What stops us from having, work-sister, natural-hair-sister, running-sister, bus-station-sister, etc?
It's not the title; it's the idea that you share something in common with someone else which makes you see yourself in the person and it in turn influences how you treat that person.
I look forward to a future, where our children will not suffer and fight like we are doing today. It doesn't depend on the government or these abstract figures we have created in our mind expecting them to perform magic. Change starts with you and I. As Sidney Sheldon said, let us leave this world a better place than when we arrived.
Photo Credit: Dreamstime | Diana Koryakovtseva
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My Ultimate Ambition Is To Be Governor of Oyo State Says 9ice

Popular singer, 9ice recently contested for the Federal House of Representatives, Ogbomosho North/Ogbomosho South/Orire Federal Constituency on the platform of his party, APC but lost out at the primaries.

However, in a new chat with Showtime Celebrity, the lanky singer revealed that he has not given up on his political ambition, and says he even aspires to become the governor of Oyo State. He also speaks on his relationship with his estranged wife, Toni Payne. Excerpts:
  • What's the greatest lesson you've learnt from your experience in politics?
I've learnt that Nigeria lacks leadership. It's 'moneyticians' that they see, and they have no choice
but to follow whoever they see. During the course of my campaign, I learnt a lot, and I got closer to the people. I listened to their yearnings, and realized that they want a lot of things, but are not getting what they want.

I will also implore people who have the passion to lead their people to offer themselves up for service. The people that we have there now are not leaders; they're just there for whatever they'll gain.
  • This is your first shot at politics, but what would you say is your ultimate ambition?
My ultimate ambition in politics is to become the governor of Oyo State. However, I'll still run for the Federal House of Representatives to serve my constituency in the next election. I believe I can serve in that position very well, and I also know that I stand the chance to become the governor of Oyo State.
  • What's your relationship with Toni Payne now?
We don't have any relationship outside my son, Zion. She's doing fine, and I'm doing fine as well. We both take care of our son.
  • You once said that bloggers should not upload your songs again, what's your problem with them?
I'm still saying that. How could they be offering my songs for free when same songs are available at iTunes for certain price? My problem with them is that they should not put up my songs for free when same songs are being sold somewhere else. There will be a time I'll also release some songs for free. It's not charity; it's business. I have to make money.
  • Your voice has changed over the years, what's the real cause of this?
As at the time I recorded my first album, I was 24 years old, and if you compare that to when someone is 35 years old, you can see the changes in the physical body and every other aspect. Age has a lot to do with that.

Another factor is that most times when we go for concerts, the microphones and other sound equipment are not right. I end up shouting at the top of my voice. Imagine someone doing that consistently for five years. After the release of 'Gongo Aso' I was doing shows all over back and forth for almost five years. Sometimes, you rehearse your songs on a particular key, and when you get there for performance, they play a different key. So with all these, there is the tendency to lose your voice, and even get the voice cracking.
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Nigeria's Youngest Governorship Candidate Umar Nasko And Wife Stun In New Photos

Alhaji Umar Nasko is just 40 years old and ran for the position of governor of Niger state under the PDP in the past April 11 election. He lost though but that didn't stop his shine. Check him out with hos wife in new photos. More photos below;

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Michael Schumacher's Wife Sells Off His $40m Private Jet And Holiday Mansion As 'He Won't Use Them Again'

Michael Schumacher was left disabled after a ski accident in December 2013 that caused major brain injuries which doctors say he will never fully recover from. According to new reports, Schumacher's wife Corina has sold his $40 million private jet and a holiday mansion in Norway after accepting the formula legend won't be able to use them again. Insiders say his rehabilitation is not progressing.

Michael was worth over $600m before the devastating accident left him unable to function. He still can't speak and is immobile. Corina, who manages his empire, is reportedly also planning to sell another family home in France, where Michael and his children were staying before the ski accident.

The family currently lives in their mansion in Switzerland which has been specially adapted for the 47 year Formula 1 legend with a team of doctors, nurses and technicians working around the clock.
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Awww!!! Jim Iyke's Touching Birthday Message To Baby Sister

Happy birthday baby; my baby sis, confidante, prayer partner, grandma and daughter. From the first time i saw u kicking in your crib as i walked into Gladys marternity room i fell in love with u unconditionally. I knw she's up in heaven smiling down at her baby. I literally co raised u, nurtured u and watched u grow into the awesomeness i see everyday. Youre wise n forthright far beyond your years. Im always in awe of your alien intelligence and the grace you bring to bear everywhere. You re my loudest cheer and yet my most conscientious critique. Im besides my self wiv joy n gratitude at the young woman youve become. God bless your day wiv laughter and love. May u find the secret of the small. And humility in the big. May u find a father, a friend and an equal in the man that share your life for life. I love u so u lovely amazing gifted blessed child. I gat u as long as there's breathe in me. Mi casa su casa. Celebrate your earth day like tomo will never end. Bless u!

Talk about true you see why Adebayor was mad at his family? Everyone needs their family, at least one or two, not everyone now turning their backs at you. Well done Jim and a big happy birthday to her. She is beautiful
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Man Steals Jewelry At Gunpoint But Brings It Back Because It Was Fake

A Miami man, Daniel Sion Palmer, 26, man was recently arrested after authorities say he robbed a man at gunpoint, took off running and returned moments later to complain that the stolen goods were fake.

The incident happened about 3 a.m. when Palmer allegedly pointed a gun at a man from New York, grabbed his gold chain and then took off.
Police say Palmer apparently was not satisfied with his freshly stolen jewelry, and so he approached the victim again a block away, just so he could tell him the jewelry was fake.

"That was a brazen move and because of that he was able to be apprehended," Det. Ernesto Rodriguez said.

The victim was able to flag police down and point out Palmer, who was now driving a Mercedes. Investigators say he sped disregarding the police officers who had turned on their lights and sirens, he was eventually apprehended and arrested.

He has since been charged with armed robbery, fleeing and eluding, reckless driving and possession of a suspended license, police said.
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Femi Fani-Kayode Thinks PDP NWC Members Should Resign

Femi Fani-Kayode thinks the PDP National Working Committee members should resign. His tweet comes hours after Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose called on PDP chairman, Adamu Muazu to toll the line of UK's Labor and Liberal Democrats party leaders who resigned after losing woefully in the UK presidential election yesterday.
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Nigerian Man Jailed For 2 Years For Driving Into Police Officer In The UK

A 22 year old Nigerian man, Michael Oluwafemi Adenibi, pictured above has been sentenced to 2 years imprisonment by a UK court for driving into a police officer while trying to evade arrest along Shepherd Bush road in London in October last year. He was also charged for driving without a valid license and vehicle insurance.

Michael is accused of driving into Police Officer Sue Thomson when she tried to stop him for questioning.

When called upon to testify at the Isleworth Crown Court today, PC Thompson said she feared she was going to die when Michael consciously drove into her, clearing her with his unregistered car until she landed on high impact on his bonnet.
"Fortunately I don't remember too much about what happened immediately after being hit, as I was knocked unconscious, but I have replayed many, many times what I do recall in my head since that day. I remember getting out from our car and seeing the driver mount the pavement and being extremely concerned he would hit someone. I remember thinking he has to be stopped as he is dangerous and then I was on the bonnet. I couldn't hear anything or see anything, and all I could hear was a loud ringing in my ears. I was terrified. I thought that I had died. I was thinking about my nephew and how I wouldn't see him grow up or that I would never see my partner again. I thought of my Mum and Dad and how I had let them down as I promised that I wouldn't get hurt at work and how sad I was going to make them" she said.
Michael pleaded guilty to the offence.
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Ciara Shares Adorable Picture With Her Son In Celebration Of Mother's Day

Singer Ciara, shared this adorable picture with her son in celebration of mothers day. He's too cute!
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Zamfara Assembly Investigates Majority Leader's Alleged Fight With Driver Over A Woman

Zamfara House of Assembly on Friday directed its Ethics and Privileges Committee to investigate the fight between its majority leader and the governor's chief driver over a woman. This followed a "call to order'' letter by the state APC, Alhaji Lawali Kaura, and read on the floor of the house under "matters of urgent public importance".

 The Clerk of the house, Alhaji Isa Bayero, read the letter which urged the lawmakers to investigate the Monday, May 4 brawl to save the state and the party from embarrassment.

The Speaker, Alhaji Sanusi Rikiji, directed committee to call on all parties involved, including the woman, security agents, eyewitnesses and other relevant bodies. Rikiji warned that any invitee who failed to appear before the committee, headed by the Chief Whip, Alhaji Abdulmumini Isa, would be seen and treated as a law breaker. The committee is expected to submit its report on June 27.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the majority leader, Alhaji Salisu Musa (Tsafe North) was involved in an open fight with the governor's chief driver, Idris Garba. The woman operates a restaurant in Gusau,

The majority leader had told newsmen that he had "business'' with the lady for some time now. Musa said that during the fight, the driver tried to bite off his fingers but for the timely intervention of the police. NAN also reports that the matter had generated mixed feelings among people of the state.

Source: NAN
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Friday, May 8

Photos From Sylvester 'Sly' Ojigbede's Burial

The Classic FM presenter died on Sunday May 3rd and was buried today May 8th at Ikoyi Cemetary. See more photos below;

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Tonto Dikeh Kisses A Dolphin

A red haired Tonto playing with a dolphin. So cute!
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Ini Edo, Desmond Elliot, Others Become NOUN Ambassadors After Enrolling For Courses At The University

As seen in the photo above the actors/actresses are now the ambassadors of the National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN. See another photo below;

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Court Suspends Salman Khan's 5-Year Prison Sentence

A Bombay high court today suspended the five year prison sentence handed down to Bollywood actor Salman Khan until his appeal. Salman, 49, who has never been married and has no children, was granted interim bail on Wednesday May 6th following his five prison sentence for a 2002 hit-and-run case where a homeless man was killed and four others injured.

The court today May 8th suspended his prison sentence until the final appeal hearing in July.
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