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Saturday, January 23

Bola Tinubu – “Why I collected N9million from Dasuki”

Bola Tinubu – “Why I collected N9million from Dasuki”

Bola Tinubu

The National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, and owner of the Nation Newspaper, Bola Tinubu, has returned his own share of the N9 million received from the Office of the National Security Adviser, ONSA, through the Newspaper Proprietor Association of Nigeria, NPAN.

This is coming after the Sun Newspaper also surrendered its own share to the Federal Government and as the Punch Newspaper also suspended its membership from the association following its involvement in the arms scandal.

Recall that investigations from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, had traced a suspicious transfer of funds from the former NSA, Sambo Dasuki to Newspaper outlets including Tinubu’s own Nation Newspaper.

Obviously embarrassed by the trend of events following the arms scandal, Tinubu may have pressed on his company directors to file an explanation and immediately return his own share of N9 million received.

“We are again compelled to comment on the N9 million received by Vintage Press Limited as compensation from the government of ex- President Goodluck Jonathan through the Newspapers Proprietors Association of Nigeria (NPAN) for the seizure of our publications, The Nation and Sporting Life in June, 2014.

“We do this for two reasons. First, to restate the sequence of events that culminated in the payment , thereby debunking insinuations about the motive for the compensation. Second, to inform the public that the N9 million collected from NPAN on behalf of the Jonathan government has been returned to the association .

“This decision was arrived at on Wednesday by the Board and Management of Vintage Press Limited after a painstaking examination of the legal and moral issues arising from the compensation.”
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Buhari’s budget best in Nigeria’s recent history – Wammako

Buhari’s budget best in Nigeria’s recent history – Wammako

Sokoto Governor, Aliyu Wammako

A former governor of Sokoto State, Aliyu Wammako, has scored President Muhammadu Buhari’s proposed 2016 budget high, saying it is the best in the recent history of Nigeria.

Speaking with PREMIUM TIMES in Abuja on Friday, Mr. Wammako said the proposed 2016 budget was the first in the history of civil rule in the country to give 30 percent allocation to capital projects.

“No civilian administration came nearer to 30 percent allocation to capital projects. This is really commendable.

“Past administrations mainly allocated everything to the recurrent vote. We must commend President Buhari for this populist-orientated budget, which will address infrastructure deficit in the country,” he said.

Mr. Wammako, who is currently a senator, noted that the thematic area of the budget is the issue of diversifying the economy, against the previous mono-economy budgeting.

He argued that Nigeria’s first generation universities and other institutions in the country were not built with oil money, saying the country had been yearning for a leader who would take away his focus from oil revenues to diversify the economy.

“We are happy that we have a president who courageously seeks to address the issue of economic diversification.

“Remember, our old universities such as Ahmadu Bello University, Obafemi Awolowo University and University of Nigeria, Nsukka, were not built with oil money. So it is obvious Nigeria can survive without oil revenues.

“The three major areas I highlighted – agriculture, solid minerals and tourism – will take Nigeria out of its problems when harnessed. We will forget about oil completely.

“The budget also gives a major check to address the educational challenges in Nigeria, including teacher quality, school enrolment and retention, training and retraining, among other issues.

“It will surely restore the glory of public schools and address literacy issues in this country. It may not be easy, but with good planning, these targets can be attained.

“In the over N6 trillion budget, only less than N1 trillion that is expected to come from oil sector. This means that we are looking inward, including sourcing for loan, which is part of governance.

“No government can survive without loan. America is the biggest debtor in whole world, just as it is the biggest economy in the whole world.

“Previously Nigeria took loan and misused it. But this time it is going to be used for the betterment of the people.

“Last year, $1 billion loan was collected, but what happened? The loan itself and our existing money, totalling $2.1 billion, were all stolen.

“If this money was invested in our economy, the story would have been different. The economy would have been more productive and buoyant.

“By and large, the budget addressed all the major challenges affecting Nigeria. I appeal to Nigerians, regardless of political affiliation to support this budget as it gives hope to Nigerians. Instead of calling it ‘a budget of change’, I will prefer to call it a ‘budget of hope’,” the former governor added.
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65 Year Old Woman Burnt To Death By Cultists (PICTURES)

65 Year Old Woman Burnt To Death By Cultists (PICTURES)

A 65-year-old woman has been burnt to death by cultists in Bariga. The woman was inside a bungalow set on fire by cultists during gang war. The bungalow located at 19, Oshinfolarin Street, Bariga.

65 Year Old Woman Burnt To Death By Cultists (PICTURES)

General Manager, Lagos State Emergency Management Agency, Michael Akindele confirmed the incident.

Mr. Michael Akindele  said the agency’s Emergency Response Team, ERT, along with the Lagos State Fire service, Lagos Ambulance Services, LASAMBU; State Environmental Health Monitoring Unit, SEHMU and the Nigeria police from Bariga divisional police station, responded to the distress call.

Information revealed that the cultist had been tterrorizingthe area since Friday before attacking the affected building this morning, trapping the occupants inside and setting the building on fire.

“A 65-year-old woman known as Adejoke Adefuye was burnt beyond recognition in one of the rooms. She was the only mortality recorded and has been taken to morgue by SEHMU. Other occupants of the building sustained minor injuries that have been treated by LASAMBUS”.

“However, the whole occupants of the building have been displaced and might need urgent temporary shelter. The inferno was finally put out at 11:55am,” he said.

The General Manager, Lagos State Emergency Management Agency, Michael Akindele said that proper investigation would be carried out by security operatives on the incident, advising Lagosians to assist the police with necessary information.
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Man dies after Kempton Park drug arrest

Man dies after Kempton Park drug arrest

Johannesburg - A man believed to be a Nigerian national died in a police van in Kempton Park on Saturday, with police accused of suffocating him, the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) confirmed.

Spokesperson Robbie Raburabu told News24 that police say the man was arrested in front of the Arwyp Hospital for possession of drugs.

"As soon as he saw the police coming he swallowed the drugs and overdosed and died on the scene," said Raburabu.

"It was a sizeable amount of drugs," said Raburabu.

The police officers called for back-up immediately because a crowd formed around them and accused them of suffocating the man.

Ipid investigators started an investigation as soon as they arrived in the back of the police van.

Raburabu said that while police held the crowd of angry Nigerians back, investigators took samples to conduct a post mortem.

This will either confirm or rule out the police's version of events.

"The body is still in the police van while they conduct the investigation on the scene," said Raburabu.

One police officer had been singled out by the crowd.

An EWN reporter on the scene said that people were throwing rocks and bottles at the police.

Eight policemen were sentenced to 15 years each last year for their part in the death of Mozambican, Mido Macia, who was dragged to his death behind a police van, heightening sensitivity to the rights of arrested people.
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A little honeymoon surprise!

A little honeymoon surprise!

Someone sent me a BB message, the other night, that asked, “After agreeing with your partner not to have sex before marriage, what will you do if you FIND THIS on your honeymoon?” The “this” in question was the lower body of a naked adult man, sporting (maybe that isn’t even the right word) the genitalia of a child. Quite frankly, his penis didn’t appear to have grown since the midwife looked between his newborn legs and called out, “It’s a boy!”

Naturally, after we had exclaimed in horror and pity, we forwarded it to a few girlfriends to get their answer to the question. One, a staunch believer in the endurance of marriage, whatever the challenges, reported that she “would cry and cry plenty-plenty.” Another, whom I would call her exact opposite, said she would not divorce the feller with the arrested development, but would do as she liked – no cooking, no washing, nothing – and that if he ever really upset her, she would just expose him … albeit the exposure, instead of being indecent, would simply be invisible. The third respondent to the questionnaire stated that, on first viewing, she thought she needed another visit to Dr Jillia Bird; and then, on second sight, declared that she has “skin tags that are longer than that….”

You can imagine, by now, that I was in stitches, or, as my mother used to say, “nearly cramped with laugh.” But then the fourth response came in – from the lone male to whom I’d sent the picture – and he simply said: “Till death do you part.” And, just so, the joke done … For, to borrow a local saying, “What is joke to schoolchildren is death to crappo:” No man wants what he considers to be his manhood made light of – no matter its lack of weight. And an underweight feller, apparently, still expects the same level of commitment from his wife as if he were well endowed.

I am certain that, before the disrobing in the honeymoon suite, the new husband would have made a point of reviewing all his good points, all the pluses that had convinced his bride that he was fine husband material. And then, after he had dropped his towel, followed by her outcry or fainting spell, he would have reminded her again, frantically this time, of everything else he brought to the table, if not the bedroom….

Now, it is interesting and instructive to note the difference in responses by gender. For even though the man might have turned out to be a champion in all the ways we women say we want – ambition, conversation, consideration, cleanliness, dependability, employability … all the good qualities down to Z – all of us women would consider ourselves to have been gravely shortchanged, nonetheless. Not one of us was buying the argument about “size of ship and motion of ocean” in this regard. For whereas we have always heard that what counts is what you do with it, we believe that there must be an “it” in the first place.

Which brings me to another, more important question: Should a woman agree to marry without having even seen the goods first? I try always to respect other people’s beliefs, values and religious convictions, no matter how shortsighted they might seem to me, personally. But I don’t see the wisdom in promising a feller everything, even under adverse conditions of health and finances, until the Lord takes one of you home, without having even an idea of what it is you are committing to. After all, none of us would buy a house sight unseen, and a marriage is way more significant than a mortgage (though, to some, they are one and the same). Matter of fact, half of us don’t even want to buy shoes via the Internet, because how they look doesn’t mean they will fit well. And if we don’t want to take the chance with footwear, of which we already have dozens of pairs in the closet, why be so risky with what you hope will be your one and only husband?

And don’t tell me that the husband-to-be’s endowment, or lack, would be covered under the “for better or for worse” clause, either. Because it is always better to know what you’re setting yourself up for before worse comes. Don’t tell me, either, that sex isn’t everything in a marriage. Who doesn’t know that? But it is such a significant part of it that even when it is available, on tap, inside, husbands go outside to find even more of it. Why, then, condemn a woman to settle for even less than a little?

I know there are some women (two of whom I know well) who argue that they don’t care about sex and wouldn’t mind never having it again. One has declared that all she needs, now, is to kiss and cuddle, while the other has said, simply, that she’d rather have a good steak. I don’t think it would be blasphemous to say that these sisters are taking, literally, the biblical admonition for a husband to “lay with” his wife, choosing to ignore that the “lying with” is merely euphemism, on one hand, and a prelude to what, naturally, ought to follow, on the other.

Anyway, let me get back to the question: Why wouldn’t a bride-to-be want to preview the merchandise? She’s right there in the choice of what rings she will wear; what style her dress will be; and determining her colours and wedding song. She spends weeks choosing her invitation and favours, and insists on having her own way even with the bridesmaids’ dresses. And then, you want to tell me, she shouldn’t have even a peek at how the night will end? Is she to rely on his physical reaction during their first dance, to try to decipher – through seven yards of tulle and lace, full-body Spanx, and pantyhose – what he has, or doesn’t, only when they sway sedately – in front of her parents and his – to the strains of My Endless Love?

I don’t buy that and you can’t sell it to me, either. I understand religion and I understand modesty and all that, and far be it from me to tell any sister to do the deed if she believes it is a mortal sin. But I do believe that this should be a frank discussion before they get to the point of setting wedding dates, and, in this instance, I advocate full disclosure – or, at least, disclosure from the waist down, Sisters. It is clear to me that the church does not intend for couples to go into marriage with dangerous secrets and impediments; that is why there is that announcement, prior to the vows, where persons with knowledge of things that might hurt the success of the marriage are asked to speak up now. And I believe that if a man is built practically the same way as his bride – and she, poor girl, doesn’t know – then that is “just cause” why the nuptials shouldn’t take place.

I would want to know, Sisters; and if I find out that your feller has that problem, I’m going to tell you, too. OK….
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I hate religion, I will never go to church – Music legend, Bongos Ikwue

I hate religion, I will never go to church – Music legend, Bongos Ikwue

Chief Bongos Ikwue

Music legend and Cock Crow at Dawn crooner, a classic NTA TV series programme, Chief Bongos Ikwue has explained why he hates religion and will never go to church.

The singer who has several hits including Still Searching, Maryam and a host of others has a guiding mantra that says, ‘the only sin is laziness, the only religion is hard work.”

Ikwue, a native of Otukpo, Benue State in a chat with DAILY POST, opined that religion is the reason for the universal unrest and if possible, should be banned.

The singer who is currently working on a net studio effort entitled, Bongos Ikwue 2016 says he won’t retire until God calls him home.

His words: “I have never doubted he existence of God. I believe in God but I hate religion. I don’t go to church because it has become a business venture.

“Don’t go give a cheque of N300m to a church and expect that God is so happy and clapping because he has not seen money.

“So, money will take me to heaven or it is meant to stop on this earth?

“Those who will not listen to people like me will pay the price; they will remain gullible and the price is remain in your poverty because you are not thinking or using your head.”

On when he intends to retire, the country music legend said, “maybe when God says it is over. I don’t retire. I work round the clock because I hate laziness.”

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All those who diverted money from Jonathan will die — Mr. Ibu

All those who diverted money from Jonathan will die — Mr. Ibu

John Okafor

Nollywood star actor and comedian,John Okafor,popularly known as,Mr. Ibu, in this interview expresses his reservations on the efficacy of the current   anti-corruption war even as he revealed that Enugu State has abundant latent Nollywood potentials yet untapped.

What do you foresee for the Nollywood industry in 2016?
The picture I foresee for the Actors Guild of Nigeria,AGN,in 2016 is big. But,there is a clause. The clause there is that we should stop attacking each other. If we stop attacking each other by going to court and police every minute including washing our dirty leaning in the public, we will go far. AGN is one all over the world. Our own should not be an exception. Good administration has eluded us for so long now. We do not have people that can pilot the affairs of the AGN.

We are fighting every minute. How do we succeed in life in that kind of atmosphere? Now,I sent a proposal for Film Village to the Federal Government. Only God in Haven knows weather it has gotten to the designated point or not. The same thing was sent in to the government of Enugu State. We are conducting a poll   to ascertain where will be most suitable for citing a Film Village. Enugu State scored 83%. It means that if ever we are going to have a film village, Enugu State is the most suitable nationwide. Second to Enugu is Lagos, with 53% then Owerri, Asaba, 38%,34% respectively. That is why if you watch most Nollywood films,t here locations are shot in Enugu.

Now that you said Enugu State ranks highest for citing of the Film Village, have you taken your proposal to the government?

So we have more advantage than any other place. We are looking forward to having that film village in Enugu. It is very important. Let government make us responsible rather than looking beggarly,going to government houses and so on. I promised myself that I will never be part of the people going to government houses seeking   alms. Our people should stop piling themselves in government houses. When ex-President Goodluck Jonathan was in office,every minute they were there asking for all maner of favour. And the ex-President loved us so much that he gave them huge money.   All those who diverted monies meant for AGN or Movie Makers will die because they do not know the souls they have killed. For 2016,if all these things are taken care of, AGN will do better. I am promising one thing, am not contesting anything on the AGN but, I have a lot of surprises.

A woman working with me has sent in the proposal. The federal or state government might not spend much because we will go ahead and get sponsors. They will come and build a five-star hotel with a big gate carrying a neon sign,AGN. All the things one may need from all accredited members of AGN will be there. We will be resident inside the village. People will come in,shoot pictures,shoot musicals among others. I have all these things inside. I equally have friend who are not Nigerians willing to come and invest.

What is your perception of the President Muhammad Buhari-led government anti-corruption war?
It is too early to fight this. I would have preferred the government to set their house in order first. Set the administration going,make the people who voted you talk good of you as you are coming in. The corrupt people know themselves. While your good work is going on,you can then start picking them one after the other. Whoever that has offended government knows he or she has done so.

Government should set its house in order first. Let the good things about this administration flow first before the arrests. Let Nigerians talk good of you first, then you can now tell them,there are people who did this and that,that need questioning. But starting with this quarrel,fighting as a new government,I do not think it will help. Many people are talking about hunger,no money,collapsed businesses among others. They would have first of all laid good foundation about their administration so that people will feel them first. The change should be seen in the peoples’ welfare and every other thing will follow. That’s my own idea.

Why is it that most Nollywood films tilt towards,ritual and affluence that are perceived as lacking morals?
Films are a reflection of the society. Nobody believes he is a poor person in Nigeria. We are trying to give proper interpretation of what is happening in the society. Films give back the life in the society. But,already,we have held a meeting that all things should go and give way for films dwelling on family,tragic,comedy stories. The issue is that the ritual thing can’t even go in the society. My father for instance, was poisoned to death by his best friend. I was small then.   When my father died,he told my mother in a dream about three weeks after, that it was his best friend that killed him. In that dream,my father told my mother,invite the man who killed me but nobody should hurt him.

My father equally instructed my mum to invite my brothers and relations inside our compound. Tell them what I said. My mother invited the man, as my father instructed  and other relatives. My fathers instruction was done exactly as it came. They told the man what my father said. He denied and they said okay,you will eat the yam roasted on my father’s grave. If you did not do it,you will go home, but if you did it,you will die here. The yam was roasted on my father’s grave in the presence of the man. All the elders in my village ate the yam and said the yam was sweat and that we did not put poison in the food roasted on father’s grave. Then came the turn of the man. The elders asked him to say that if he was responsible for the death of my father,Emmanuel Okafor,let this food be the last food he will eat.

But if he did  not know anything about my father’s death,let his life span be increased. The man who killed my father refused to eat it. And remember,my father had warned us in the dream,that we should not touch him. When he refused,nobody touched him and he left. That is to tell you that the rituals we are shooting is real. But the new generations coming up,they are oblivious about these concoctions. That is why we shoot films to highlight these things so that people will know and shun such evil ways.

What happened to the money,ex-President Jonathan allegedly gave to the AGN as loan?
Laughter…I did not see one naira oohhhh! I do not know who processed andcollected it. If the money was released,I do not know. If they did not release it,I do not know. The people who were supposed to give us information, talking about the leadership of AGN, did not tell us anything even the first $200 million,nothing was heard of it. What am looking for is hectares of land for the Film Village,then I will leave acting.

All those who diverted money from Jonathan will die — Mr. Ibu

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Pastor Caught Trying to Bury Charms Before Crusade

Pastor Caught Trying to Bury Charms Before Crusade

Hmmm…people must fall under the “anointing” by force! A man said to be a Pastor was caught at Olokoro in Umuahia, Abia State, trying to bury prepared charms on a land meant to be used for a crusade this weekend in the community where they had promised “powerful miracles”.

Some eagle-eyed members of the community however got hold of the move and apprehended him. The man later confessed he was sent by a Popular Pastor known as Chibuike who is meant to hold the crusade, to come and bury the charms on the ground secretly.

Pastor Caught Trying to Bury Charms Before Crusade

The junior pastor was held and forced to burn the charms and, sadly, the crusade has been cancelled.
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Fierce Disagreement Within Buhari’s Camp Preceded Signing Of Extradition Agreement With UAE

Fierce Disagreement Within Buhari’s Camp Preceded Signing Of Extradition Agreement With UAE

Pres. Muhammadu Buhari.

Tolu Jinadu

However, SaharaReporters has learned that the commercial and trade agreements signed between Nigeria and the UAE were considered by many on Mr. Buhari’s delegation as counter to Nigeria’s best economic interests. The most vocal dissenters, according to sources, were Mrs. Adeosun and Mr. Udoma, who counseled Mr. Buhari not to sign those agreements.

Sources inside Nigeria’s Presidency have told SaharaReporters that fierce disagreements over treaties signed between Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) nearly led to the sacking of top ministers in President Muhammadu Buhari’s government. The sources disclosed that Minister of Trade and Investment, Udo Udoma, and Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun, expressed serious concerns over the provisions of several of the treaties President Buhari planned on signing with the UAE. The ministers’ opposition caused serious friction within Mr. Buhari’s team, SaharaReporters learned.

Mr. Buhari met earlier this week with Sheikh Mohammed Bin Al Nah Yan, the Crown Prince of the UAE, to discuss a range of financial and political issues and to sign six bilateral agreements. According to documents exclusively leaked to SaharaReporters, the six agreements focused on four judicial issues: extraditing criminals in the UAE to Nigeria, the transfer of incarcerated and sentenced persons, mutual legal assistance on criminal matters, and mutual assistance on civil and commercial issues. The bilateral agreement expressly states that these agreements relate to the “recovery and repatriation of stolen Nigerian assets.”

Ahead of the signing of the agreements, Garba Shehu, the Senior Special Assistant for Media and Publicity to President Buhari, stated, “Nigeria also expects to get more support from the UAE for its war against terrorism and the recovery of Nigeria’s stolen funds.”

However, SaharaReporters has learned that the commercial and trade agreements signed between Nigeria and the UAE were considered by many on Mr. Buhari’s delegation as counter to Nigeria’s best economic interests. The most vocal dissenters, according to sources, were Mrs. Adeosun and Mr. Udoma, who counseled Mr. Buhari not to sign those agreements.

Our sources revealed that Mr. Buhari was, however, not interested in his ministers’ arguments that the economic agreements between Nigeria and the UAE were weighted against Nigeria’s interests. “Mr. President was focused on doing whatever was necessary to repatriate stolen funds and extradite criminals hiding in the UAE,” said one source. He added, “He was so concerned about that sole issue that he became incensed about the warning from some members of his team.”

At one point in the debate, Mr. Buhari declared his readiness to relieve Mrs. Adeosun and Mr. Udoma of their portfolios if they did not drop their opposition to the agreements.

One source told SaharaReporters that the two ministers realized the importance of identifying and reclaiming assets illicitly stashed away by corrupt Nigerians in the UAE, especially Dubai. However, they felt that Nigeria gave away too much in terms of its bilateral economic interests in order to achieve the president’s major goal.
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President Muhammadu Buhari has finally given in to pressure from different quarters by replying the statements made recently by American Presidential Hopeful, Donald Trump concerning Nigerians.


Speaking to journalists in the United Arab Emirates, President Buhari had a simple reply to Donald Trump.

"He says he will fursue all my fiful out of America. No frovlem. I wish jim well at ze forthcoming elections. But if he thinks he can threaten my fiful zen I zont sink he understands who I am and what I am capable of". President Buhari told newsmen.

"He should go and ask the pamily of Umaru Dikko. he should ask ze Mossad about me. If he threatens my fiful, how does he sink ze Americans in Nigeria will be safe?"

The President went on to issue a warning to all Americans resident in Nigeria, both on temporary and permanent basis.

"I hofe all op you are fraying this man loses. vecause ip he wins, all op you, from emvassy to the streets, will be sent home. And don't ziscount the frovavility that your flane might not land exactly in America. Zat is all I can say por now".

Donald Trump could not be reached for comments as at press time. However, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, both Democratic Hopefuls, and Dr. Ben Carson and Ted Cruz of the GOP, have reached out to President Buhari, reassuring him that if they win, none of Mr. Trump's threats will come to fruition.
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Presidency Replies Edwin Clark, Says Lawbreakers Must Pay

Presidency Replies Edwin Clark, Says Lawbreakers Must Pay

Chief Edwin Clark

The Presidency has yesterday assured  Ijaws that it is not heading a vendetta against Ijaws and has no intention whatsoever harass or persecute them. The Presidency warned that whoever violates the law should be ready to face the consequences.

The Presidency was responding to Ijaw leader, Chief Edwin Clark, who opined that the Buhari administration was harassing the Ijaw people.

Chief Edwin Clark cited the trial of ex-militant leader Government Ekpemupolo alias Tompolo for theft and money laundering and the cancellation of the proposed Maritime University in Delta State. Incidentally, The Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) expressed similar sentiments previously.

The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, said it was untrue to say the administration is out to punish any ethnic group in the country.
He said: “Anybody who is a follower of events in the country knows that this administration persecutes nobody”.

“The administration is just asking all Nigerians to do the right thing and anybody that goes contrary to the law will answer, irrespective of where the person comes from”.

“So if anybody says a particular group is being targeted for attack or assault or persecution, right thinking Nigerians know that that is not true.”

Chief Clark in the open letter to Buhari described Tompolo as a gentleman who could not have been responsible for the recent pipeline attacks in Delta State.

He said: “In the course of my interactions with these militant leaders, I discovered that Tompolo is one of the most responsible and peace-loving militant leaders. This was also observed by the then President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and late President Umaru Musa Ya’Ardua”.

“That was also one of the reasons why during one of the discussions I had with the former President, Chief Obasanjo in February, 2007, he said to me that he learnt that Tompolo was not well educated, that he was wondering what appointment or position could be given to him to keep him engaged and to effect permanent peace in the area”.

“I suggested to him that because of his (Tompolo’s) dexterity, he should for a payment, be engaged to provide surveillance for the oil pipelines and supervise oil installations together with his colleagues in the various communities.”

He condemned the pipeline vandalization that trailed the arrest order issued against Tompolo last week by a Federal High Court in Lagos after the ex-militant failed to show up to answer charges for theft and money laundering.

Clark said the perpetrators of the sabotage should “be fished out and punished for their actions.”

He added: “On the other hand, however, whilst not making a case for Tompolo, I do not think that he will be part of such dastardly acts.

“Mr. President should please take time and look at the indices of cases of pipeline vandalism between 2014 and today.

“I will plead with Mr. President to investigate this matter and treat it strategically.”

Clark faulted government’s decision to discontinue work on the Nigerian Maritime University.

The take-off campus for the university, Mieka Dive Training Institute Limited/Gte, was sold to government for N13 billion

Clark said: “Tompolo is one of the owners of Mieka Dive Training Institute Limited/Gte. The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) entered into an agreement with the institute to purchase the institute covering an expanse of 6.597 hectares of well sand-filled land together with all the structures thereon, for the sum of N13,072,564,822.00 (thirteen billion, seventy two million, five hundred & sixty four thousand, eight hundred & twenty two naira only), as the take-off campus for the Nigeria Maritime University, Okerenkoko.”

He said: “This legitimate transaction was approved by the Federal Executive Council at its 34th Executive Council, EC; meeting presided over by the former President, His Excellency, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.”

Clark took exception to a statement by Transport Minister Rotimi Amaechi who was quoted as saying: “who will attend the university (Maritime University)? How many parents will allow their children to go to such place where it proposed to site the university…”

The Ijaw leader said: “If this statement is true, it is very insulting, callous and vindictive on the people by Mr. Rotimi Amaechi. It is all aimed at executing his plans of personal vendetta against the people of the Niger Delta.

“This is unacceptable to the people. I strongly advise him to retrace his steps and reconcile with the people. He is appointed as Minister to represent Rivers State (Niger Delta people), based on constitutional provision.”

Apparently taking a cue from Chief Clark’s open letter the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) yesterday accused the Federal Government of singling out their ethnic group for persecution and asked President Muhammadu Buhari to arrest the situation.

IYC spokesman, Eric Omare, told AFP: “Our position is that due process should be followed. We support an anti-corruption war that is done within the ambit of the law.

“We seriously oppose selective prosecution and political victimization.”

The IYC condemned the pipeline vandalization but also claimed that the military had invaded several Ijaw communities in Delta State, destroying properties and causing injuries.

“The Ijaw people are not at war with the federal government. We call on the military to exercise restraint in their actions. There is no basis to attack innocent villagers,” said Omare.
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I have Been Alfa’s Sex Slave, He will make me Mad If I Reveal Our Affair – Housewife

I have Been Alfa’s Sex Slave, He will make me Mad If I Reveal Our Affair – Housewife

It was like madness had come over 50-year-old Dayo Kamorudeen, a taxi driver in the Lekki area of Lagos, when he heard the most shocking secret his wife of more than 20 years had been keeping from him.

According to Kamorudeen, it appeared that a spell had been placed upon his wife when she told him on Sunday, January 17 that she was visiting Akute, a border town between Ogun and Lagos states.

Kamorudeen said he lived with his wife and three children in Akute for many years until two years ago when he relocated to his new house in Oke-Ogun area of Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos.

But what happened on January 17 opened a Pandora’s box of a big secret that his wife had been forced to keep for two years.

“My wife told me he was going to Akute that day and she was really adamant as usual. Anytime she said she wanted to go to Akute, there was nothing anybody could say to stop her.

“But this last Sunday, I had to ask her what exactly she was going to do at Akute since we had left the place two years ago. Even if she had a relation there that I did not know about, shouldn’t the person too visit her once in a while?

“She then started crying, mentioning the name of Alfa Shehu Lukman, the Islamic cleric that was teaching my children Qur’anic studies before we left Akute. I remembered that before we left the community, my last daughter suddenly said she was never going to attend the Alfa’s Qur’anic class anymore.

“I asked my wife what the Alfa did and by the time she was done, I was too shocked to even know what to say. I was looking at my wife and she suddenly seemed like a stranger to me, like she was not the same woman I married in 1996. I just could not believe what she was telling me.

“She was crying and said if I did not allow her to visit Alfa, he would kill me and our children and she too would run mad.”

What Kamorudeen narrated that his wife confessed to was too shocking to be believed at first, so our correspondent asked his wife to explain what happened herself.

Kemi told our correspondent that while they were still living at Akute, she had a dream one day. Since her husband was away at work at the time, she said she had to turn to Alfa Shehu Lukman for help.

She said, “The dream was frightening. I narrated the dream to him and he told me that a spirit husband was behind my problem. He said the problem required an urgent solution so that the spirit husband would not be able to kill me.

“He told me that after I had taken my bath the following day, I should call him and he would come with the medicine. The following morning, I took my bath and called him.

“When he came, he brought out a razor and some medicine he had prepared and said he would need to make an incision on my private part. I asked why he couldn’t just explain how it would be done so that my husband could do it for me when he came back from work but he said that it was a taboo for husbands to handle such medicine.

“He told me that to ward off the spirit husband, the incision was just the preliminary treatment. He said the medicine would be rubbed on the incision after it had been made.

“I agreed to it and he was making the incision when he suddenly grabbed my neck and forced himself on me. He raped me on the three-seater couch in our sitting room.”

Kemi explained that after Lukman had his way with her, he brought out some drugs and a Qur’an and told her that if she dared to disclose what he did to anybody, her husband and children would die while she would run mad.

She said as she was visibly shaking in fright, he made her swear to secrecy with the Qur’an.

The 45-year-old artisan said, “He told me not to worry and that the spirit husband would leave me alone so far as I heeded his instructions. I asked why he would do such a terrible thing to me when he knew my children and husband.

“He said what was done was done. He said he used a medicine on me while raping me and that he would leave me to my problem if I decided to make a scene. He said I would simply run mad.

“He said another condition that would make me to retain my sanity was that anytime he needed sex and he called me, I must always heed his call wherever I was and that I must not tell anyone.”

“I have been his sex slave for the past two years because of this. He calls me anytime he wants sex. Sometimes he sleeps with me in our house when my husband is away, sometimes he demands that I should come to his house in Akute.”

Asked if Lukman’s wife and children were not usually around when he slept with her, she said he has a dedicated room where he slept with her.

Asked how she did not summon the courage to tell her husband in the last two years, she said she was just too afraid that Lukman might make good his threat.

Kemi said she was also afraid that Lukman could reverse a spiritual help he rendered to her youngest child, who is now 22 years old.

“There was a time my daughter woke up and was complaining of some problems. I took her to the Alfa and he said she needed a spiritual bath. That was before he first forced himself on me. He took her for the spiritual bath and she became well,” she said.

Asked if she followed the spiritualist and her daughter to the spot where the spiritual bath took place, she said Lukman forbade her from following.

Kemi’s husband said he simply could not believe that his wife was going through such a thing without telling anyone.

“I told her that she must not go that day and that if he was indeed as powerful as he claimed to be, he should kill me before the next day,” Kamorudeen said.

Kamorudeen said one of their children, a university undergraduate, was travelling to school and had accident that affected her legs few years ago.

He said, “My last born, who introduced the Alfa (Lukman) to us, was undergoing Qur’anic studies under him at the time. While we were in Ife for her elder sister’s treatment, she was alone at home.

“She said she was sleeping in the sitting room one afternoon when the Alfa came visiting to sympathise with us on the accident. She said when she told him that we were not around, he suddenly grabbed her neck and attempted To Molest her but she quickly raised the alarm.

“Our landlady at the time came out when she heard the noise but the Alfa quickly told the woman that he was just trying to continue the Qur’anic studies and she was proving stubborn. He used that opportunity to escape that day. My daughter too could not tell the woman what actually happened.”

Kamorudeen said he could recall that since they left Akute two years ago, his wife had visited the place more than 30 times.

On Thursday, our correspondent tracked down Lukman in a remote community of Otun Abule, few kilometres from Akute area of Ogun State where he carries out his spiritual consultations.

Lukman, who started to sweat when our correspondent mentioned Kemi’s name, said he is 52 years old and an indigene of Abeokuta, Ogun State.

When all the allegations against him had been related to him, he said he was really shocked about everything the woman had said against him.

He said, “There is no quarrel between us, so I don’t know where all these rape allegations are coming from. I am really shocked but truly, they consult with me regularly on spiritual issues.

“I am a spiritual doctor to the woman and her children. It is true that I made incisions on her, but it was not on her private part. It was just beside her private part, on the inner part of her thighs.

“I have been a spiritualist for more than 30 years and I do not lie. It is true that I also did a treatment for her daughter which required a spiritual bath. There is nothing strange in that. There is a stream not far from here where she had the bath.

“I knew the girl first when she was my pupil. She then introduced me to her parents. Her mother consults me all the time and so do the children. But I never slept with or raped the woman before. I also never attempted To Molest her daughter.”

Asked if he ever called Kemi in recent times, he said he only called her about two weeks ago to find out if she was visiting the area.

“She had told me before that she was attending an event around here. So, I called two weeks ago to know about the event,” he said.

And why did he have to do that, he was asked, Lukman said he was just checking on her welfare.

“Before that last call, I had not even spoken with her for about four months.”

Kamorudeen, who reached out to activist, Esther Ogwu, of the Esther Child Rights Foundation, for help, said he wants justice but does not know the appropriate step to take.

The case has yet to be reported to the police, but Ogwu said the authorities would be notified when necessary.

She said, “People should be careful the kind of people they turn to for help. At this point, I can only advise people who may be in a similar situation to always confide in a third party.

“I believe Kemi. He probably simply preyed on her fears. It is also possible that this Alfa might be doing the same thing to other people in that community. They should seek help because whatever he is feeding them is just lies to keep them enslaved.”
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Benue South rerun: Any attempt to remove Mark will lead to political retrogression – Senator Mujitab

Benue South rerun: Any attempt to remove Mark will lead to political retrogression – Senator Mujitab

One of the friends of Idoma nation and a former lawmaker, Senator Mallam Mujitab, from Jigawa State has described the embattled former Senate President, Senator David Mark as the “number one politician in Idomaland, stating that any attempt by the Idomas to replace him with another person will amount to political retrogression.” He made this known in Abuja on Wednesday while speaking exclusively to DAILY POST.

Senator Mujitab while speaking advised Idoma league of editors and publishers to take the message to the Idoma nation at the grassroots in order to mobilize support for Senator David Mark in the February re-run.

Speaking on Senator Mark’s achievements and national recognition, Senator Mujitab said Mark has succeeded in putting Idoma nation on a national political scale and recognition, while also building bridges across Nigerian political scenes for the Idoma nation.

According to him “Senator David Mark’s national political standing has put the Idoma nation on a national political recognition and standing due to his various achievements in terms of his famous steps to stabilize the National Assembly and his ability to build bridges across the various stakeholders within our national polity.

“The Idoma nation has succeeded in producing somebody who has built bridges up across the nation. Mark is somebody who is even on the verge of becoming the next president. It’s not a close secret. Everybody knows this fact. Various stakeholders within the Nigerian polity know Senator Mark as somebody with credibility who has built national goodwill, somebody with national standing.

“And to add, it is going to be the greatest political retrogression in this political dispensation, if Idoma as a nation makes the grave mistake to substitute Senator Mark with a small boy who people will not listen to. Quote me anywhere, it is going to be the greatest political retrogression.

Speaking on how disappointing it would be to the entire nation should Mark not returned to the senate, Mujitab said it will be mockery of the Idoma nation at the state level in particular and at the federal level in general.

He said,, “if now, Idoma as a nation, with all the intellectuals, with all the academicians, and with all the political experienced people would even attempt to do away with Senator Mark and bring a new person, then I think it will become a laughing stock in the Nigerian political scene.

“People will laugh and say, these people, what do they need? They substituted somebody who has gathered national solidarity, national appeal, national political goodwill? Somebody who is among national discourse that people are even suggesting he could go for presidency? And now they are bringing somebody who will start from ground zero?”

Senator Mallam Mujitab, skilled in political happenings, deeply lamented at what is going on in Idoma nation, noting that it is politically saddened that Idoma nation does not recognize the value of their nationally accepted number one man. He added that such thing cannot happen in his place.

Comparing his own place, he said, “in my place, this type of thing will not even come up. Nobody will even contemplate on removing somebody who has built bridges, who is an asset to that nation and an asset to that community and bring somebody who will just come and learn the work at that particular time. We don’t play this type of politics in my area, to be honest.”

He advised Idoma nation saying, “therefore, I think, this message must be extended to all well meaning sons and daughters of the Idoma nation.

“The achievement you have recorded in politics, the standing you have at the national level now demand that you must not bring somebody that is of lesser status of David Mark.

‘’If at all, Idoma nation must change, why changing from somebody who has created history to somebody who is just a starter?

“If anybody is saying let’s change Mark, then change him for somebody who is more credible, nationally accepted, who can fight for the course of Idoma nation, who can talk and people will listen to him, somebody who has made the connection here and there, somebody who can reach out.

“If you lose the federal leverage, you have already lost at the state level. The only leverage Idoma nation has now is the quality of representation in terms of somebody who has become a national political figure. This is nothing but the truth!”

‘’This is a general opinion of friends of Idoma nation. It is the talk of town. The question we are asking is, who is that man that is contesting with the number one Idoma political figure?”

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Empress Njamah On Movie Date With Brothers, Aquila & John Njamah

Empress Njamah On Movie Date With Brothers, Aquila & John Njamah

Pictured above is Empress Njamah and her siblings at the Festival Mall in Festac area of Lagos few days ago.

Empress Njamah On Movie Date With Brothers, Aquila & John Njamah

Though the movie was boring, the actress said she enjoyed the company of the two important men in her life.

Empress Njamah On Movie Date With Brothers, Aquila & John Njamah

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Touching Confession Of A Kidnapper: I Wish I’m Dead I Don’t Want To Bring Shame To My Father

Touching Confession Of A Kidnapper: I Wish I’m Dead I Don’t Want To Bring Shame To My Father

Touching Confession Of A Kidnapper: I Wish I’m Dead I Don’t Want To Bring Shame To My Father

Friday Allen, a suspected kidnapper confessed to the police that he received N100, 000 out of one million Naira ransom his alleged gang got from a kidnapped victim.

Allen, 27, however denied being a member of the gang that abducted a businessman at Abijo, insisting that he was forced to stay with the victim.

The suspect who was arrested after the police tracked the telephone number that the victim’s family was contacted through and traced him to his 9, Borrow Pit, Sango Tedo resident, stated that the real kidnappers collected his phone from him and forced him to look after the businessman in the bush he was kept.

Narrating how he got involved, Allen said one Agali who lived on the same area had invited him over for a drink.

“He told me that we should hang out and drink a bottle at a joint and we went in his Gulf car. But after the drink, when we were supposed to go, he drove towards a Toyota Camry car.

“He told me to come down and enter the Camry. When I got close to the Camry, I saw two other boys there and I saw that there was a man who was tied. His head was covered and his neck bent.

“I refused to enter and asked them what they were doing with the man but he brought out a gun and pointed it at me that if I don’t enter, he will kill me there.

“I was scared and that was how I entered. They collected my phone from me and drove into Abijo bush where they kept the man. We were inside the bush for two days, Agali will go out and buy food for us and the man.

“On the third day, he said the family was going to pay and he collected one million Naira from them and gave me N100, 000. They did not return my phone to me.

“I was arrested in my house while I was sleeping. Police said they tracked the number that was used to contact the businessman’s family and they found my address.

“I am not a kidnapper. I have never followed them for any operation. I have never robbed before. I am the only child of my father and we do not have money. I am the one who usually takes care of my father each time I return from my labouring job.

“Now, I do not know what will happen to him. I just wished that I could be killed instead of bringing this kind of embarrassment on my father,” said Allen.
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Photo: Yahoo Yahoo Boy Jailed For Duping American In $4100 Inheritance Scam

Photo: Yahoo Yahoo Boy Jailed For Duping American In $4100 Inheritance Scam

Adeosun Olanrewaju

A yahoo boy, internet scammer identified as Adeosun Olanrewaju has been sentenced to one year behind bars for allegedly duping an American citizen of the sum of $4100 in an inheritance scam.

Olanrewaju initially pleaded not guilty when he was arraigned. He, however, changed his plea and was subsequently convicted.

He was sentenced today by Justice Oluwatoyin Ipaye of Lagos State High Court Ikeja.
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Photos: Fire Destroys Samsung Nigeria Office In Opebi Ikeja Lagos

 Fire Destroys Samsung Nigeria Office In Opebi Ikeja Lagos

Here are more photos from the inferno that destroyed Samsung digital headoffice in Opebi area of Ikeja Lagos yesterday.

The fire reportedly destroyed properties worth 40million naira.

Photos: Fire Destroys Samsung Nigeria Office In Opebi Ikeja Lagos

Photos: Fire Destroys Samsung Nigeria Office In Opebi Ikeja Lagos

Photos: Fire Destroys Samsung Nigeria Office In Opebi Ikeja Lagos

Na serious gbese be that o.
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Beads are usually small round pieces of pierced glass, wood or metal strung together to serve as adornment for the waist, neck or ankle beads.

Waist Beads are common with females and they are an excellent tool for women to feel more feminine and beautiful. These beautiful gemstone waist beads are hand made and customized. The tradition of wearing beads is an age long one, from time immemorial; it has been worn for varying reasons by the royalty, for body adornment, deification and decoration.

The wearing of beads on the waist was made popular by the Yorubas in Nigeria. Overtime the culture of the use of beads has been associated with both spiritual and material reasons. In some parts of Africa, the beads are anointed in oils and the woman stands over a smoked pot and commences to ‘smoke her self’.

This practice aids in sensory pleasure for the man. Some beads are adorned with bells, which is a signal to let the man know that the woman wants to engage in se.xual intercourse. The Yorubas have a revered usage attached to the waist beads. It is also worn as a form of birth control, as a way of preventing obesity or also for their ‘healing’ and therapeutic powers.

They refer to the waist bead as ILEKE or LAGIDIGBA is made of palm nut shells string together, while the ‘bebe’ which is also worn around the waist is made of glass.

The Yorubas have a belief that the waist beads possess some erotic appeal and have the power to incite desire or deep emotional response on men. Waist Beads in Yoruba are also used for birth control, the beads are laced with charms and worn by the women to prevent conception and were also around the waist of baby girls to perfectly shape her buttocks.

Gone are the days when beads have been thought to be worn by ‘UNSOPHISTICATED’, forward or slutty women alone, also different stories abound on the usage of waist beads by ladies and some men who believe they are infused or laced with charms or Juju or Juju will never touch a woman wearing beads with a 10 foot pole for the fear of falling under the supposed spell of such women.

For a while, waist beads almost went into extinction but now the re emergence of beads has added a new dimension into the craze among Nigerian Ladies. While some men ablor it, some request their partners get them as it makes them more sensual and attractive.
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PHOTOS: Labour Minister Chris Ngige buries father

PHOTOS: Labour Minister Chris Ngige buries father

Anambra State Governor Chief Willie Obiano and Senator Chris Ngige, Minister for Labour and Employment during a special funeral mass for Senator Ngige’s father.

Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr. Chris Ngige, buried his late father Pa Okonkwo Pius Ngige in Alor, Idemili Local Government Area of Anambra State Friday. In attendance were Anambra State Governor Willie Obiano and his wife, Ebelechkwu; Delta State Governor Ifeanyi Okowa and other dignitaries from different walks of life.

Here are some photographs from the event.

PHOTOS: Labour Minister Chris Ngige buries father

Anambra State Governor Chief Willie Obiano and Senator Chris Ngige, Minister for Labour and Employment during a special funeral mass for Senator Ngige’s father.

PHOTOS: Labour Minister Chris Ngige buries father

Delta State Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, Mrs. Ebelechukwu Obiano, wife of the Governor of Anambra State and Anambra State Governor Willie Obiano during the special funeral mass for Pa Okonkwo Pius Ngige, father of Senator Chris Ngige.
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Man, 80, marries for the first time in Lagos

Man, 80, marries for the first time in Lagos

Isiaka Oladipupo and Sunbo Olanrewaju…

At 80, one expects a person to be on marital holiday,   to be enjoying the fruits of his labour but this is not the case with Isiaka Oladipupo, an octogenarian who for the first time in his life time got married to a 70 year- old woman Sunbo Olanrewaju.    Isiaka met his heartthrob about two years ago and today, they are together in a matrimony though in an uncompleted building at Bayeku, Ikorodu.

Both met two years ago and today, they are together in a matrimony though in an uncompleted building at Bayeku, Ikorodu
The man engaged in menial jobs in his prime   while the woman who became visually impaired about a decade ago begs for alms in Ikorodu town. It was while doing this that Isiaka stumbled onto her and sought her hand in marriage.    Before their coming together, Isiaka had spent the most tangible part of his life seeking a life partner but none came his way until year 2014 when he went to Ikorodu town for an engagement and was attracted to the Sunbo who as at that time was living with her children after the demise of her first husband.

Sunbo, on discussing the relationship with her children brought Isiaka to her home but Sunbo’s family rejected the proposal and chased Isiaka out from their home. Their reason was that their mother was too old for such but Sunbo became adamant and followed her heartthrob saying she needed to come out of loneliness and as a result, she defied the decision of her children to follow Isiaka to take refuge in an uncompleted building.

Isiaka was said to have been taken to Ikorodu town by his relations when they saw that he was ageing for him to find succor, some resting place.   But he also defied the proposal of his people as he believed   that being idle at old age could affect his health.

In a chat with Sunbo, she told  Saturday Vanguard  of how she became visually impaired. According to her, she was a food vendour with six assistants under her employ when her father’s property was invaded by some land grabbers and she intervened, ‘’my ailment was a spiritual attack. I was in my shop one day when somebody came to extend a diabolical N50 note to me and I unknowingly collected it and that was the genesis of my problem as I gradually began to lose my sight,”

Man, 80, marries for the first time in Lagos

Isiaka Oladipupo and Sunbo Olanrewaju…

Both met two years ago and today, they are together in a matrimony though in an uncompleted building at Bayeku, Ikorodu
Asked if she had sought   medical assistance, she said, ‘’I have been to the various hospitals within and outside Ikorodu all to no avail and I resolved to find solace in God almighty until I met  baba,”

The couple goes out together and are well known in their area.   Isiaka usually refers to Sunbo as ‘’Mama” while Sunbo reciprocate by calling him ‘’Baba”.   But the big problem is that the couple have no steady accommodation as they sleep in an uncompleted building but as at the time Saturday vanguard met them, they were relocating to an unknown destination for fear of being harmed in the neighbourhood.

Isiaka, an indigene of Bayeku happens to be the only son of his parents and he started his life sojourn from Bayeku, living all along in his father’s house and eking   a living until the death of his parents whose only house he lived all through his life.  The building was later sold by his siblings but the buyer was kind enough to allocate a room to him in the said building because of his gentle nature.

As he was ageing, his relations saw him suffering and decided to take him away to Ikorodu town to give him succour and that was how he lost the room but on getting to Ikorodu, he felt uncomfortable as he could not exercise himself.   He sneaked out of the place and went back to Bayeku where he felt would be more comfortable for him. On getting to Bayeku, his room had been occupied by another person and he became homeless.

Regardless of that situation, he intensified effort to get a life partner and this materialised in year 2014.   Unfortunately for the couple, they have accommodation challenges and they roam the area for an abode,   finding temporary measure in an uncompleted building. But last Sunday, they became homeless again as street urchins came to rob them of their meagre means if livelihood.   They raised the alarm and fled for their lives.

When Saturday Vanguard saw the couple at about 9pm   last Sunday, the Lagos Zone 2 Liason office Commander of Vigilante Group of Nigeria Mr Johnson Olaiya, out of pity, took care of them for a while before putting a call across to this reporter.  In a chat with Isiaka, he said, “ I’m 80 now. I searched all my life to enjoy matrimony but nature denied me until when I clocked 78 years and met Mama who has given me happiness unlike before when life was lonely and fully of uncertainty. As at the time of filing this report, the couple was still roaming the area in question for a place to lay their heads.
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Marriage rumours to Ooni shocks Ronke

Marriage rumours to Ooni shocks Ronke

Founder, African Fashion Week London and African Fashion Week Nigeria, Ronke Ademiluyi, is still shocked over rumours which went viral recently that the recently appointed Ooni of Ife was about to take her as second wife.

According to sources, the Law graduate still can’t imagine how the rumours originated!

“Ronke is still very much in shock! She still doesn’t know how the rumours originated. Ooni has been a friend and one of the sponsors of her shows. They are very good friends and there is nothing between them. In fact, she is in a very stable relationship and she doesn’t want things like this being said and published about her. Even if she wants to get married, she wouldn’t put it in the papers because she is a very private person.”

Meanwhile, refuting the rumour, the Ooni’s Personal Assistant, Folabi Da Silva said: “Ooni Ogunwusi maintains a cordial business relationship with Ronke Ademiluyi who is also a princess from Ile Ife and their interests are strictly professional and there is no basis for such rumours between the two.”
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Chilling confessions of a robbery kingpin

Chilling confessions of a robbery kingpin

We attack Lagos, Ogun banks to get contract from govt –Suspect
I never knew my husband of 16 years is a robber –Wife

AS the manhunt for suspected armed robbers that robbed several banks in Lagos and Ogun States in recent times continues, an ex-militant commander-turned robbery kingpin, Million Clement Abanara, recently arrested by the Police has confessed that he and several other ex-militants carried out the attacks.

He was tracked down by detec­tives attached to the Inspector Gen­eral of Police (IGP)’s Special Intelli­gence Response Team (SIRT) at his hideout in Osayande Estate, Benin City, Edo State where he recently relocated.

With the confession at the police station, it was confirmed that the gun­men who were dressed in military camouflage during the operations in Lagos and Ogun states are ex-militants who returned to the creeks. “Most of the generals including Ossy and Kakadu dropped their guns dur­ing the amnesty period. They also collected N65, 000 per month from government. Abanara said that the attacks were specifically carried out to draw the attention of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation to the need to hire the generals control­ling Ikorodu and Festac areas to pro­tect the pipelines”.

Not bothered that he was in police net, Million, a 42-year old father of 5 repeatedly raised his hands to heaven that he had fully repented and to earn God’s forgiveness, he was ready to confess to every crime that he com­mitted in Lagos.

Manhunt and arrest

In 2015, bank robbery in Lagos State was always hitting the head­lines of every newspaper. The secu­rity challenge in the state started at a time residents heaved a sigh of relief after the reign of a notorious robber, popularly known as Godogodo was brought to an end. Several notorious gang members were mopped up in Lagos between 2012 and 2014. As a result, Lagos State, under Governor Raji Fashola was rated as peaceful.

In March 2015, a new wave of crime hit the state following cele­brated attacks by gunmen dressed in military camouflage. In a commando style, every activity in Lekki axis was brought to a halt as they raided a new generation bank. That incident left three policemen and some civil­ians dead even as the robbers carted away millions of naira. While police was busy arresting some of the minor suspects who participated in that rob­bery, the hoodlums struck again.

This time, they attacked two banks in Ikorodu twice in the month of June. In October, they returned, this time, it was to Festac town. Armed with sophisticated weapons, the sus­pected militants stormed the town and successfully raided three banks and escaped through the waterways. The following month, the same set of robbers returned and raided two banks in Agbara area of Ogun State.

At that point, the Inspector Gen­eral of Police, Solomon Arase had to draft his Special Intelligence Re­sponse Team (SIRT) led by CSP Abba Kyari yo combat the hood­lums. Less than 48 hours after, Kelly Fotor, a top-ranking commander of a militant group was arrested in Delta State after he featured as a special guest in a wedding ceremony. He was said to have given the names and details of all those who participated in the Lagos and Ogun bank robber­ies before he died of bullet wounds. Fotor, who was arrested, a day after the Agbara incident, told the police that Million was the one who dis­guised as a woman during the opera­tion. Several others, including a serv­ing policeman and military personnel were nabbed when some of the arms used during operations were traced to the gang members.

It was also gathered that Aba­nana who had been on the wanted list of the Police, attracted the at­tention of the Lagos State com­mand when he was accused of being behind several cases of kid­napping in the state.

Recall that in 2012, several per­sons were abducted and taken to Delta State through Ikorodu water­ways. Families of the victims were forced to travel to Warri to pay ran­som before their loved ones could be released.

Investigations revealed that Mil­lion was declared wanted by a for­mer Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Umaru Manko in December 2012 after he led a four-man gang of kidnappers to abduct a former Majority Leader of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Tofeeq Adeniji, in Lagos and taken to Delta State, following which he demanded N30 million as ransom.

In 2013, it was reported that four members of the gang including one of its financiers, were also arrested by men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, of the Lagos police command after which they took the SARS operatives to a mansion on 15B Fokade Street, Okuatata, Effu­run, Ugboro suspected to belong to Abanara.

The officer-in-charge of SARS in 2012, Abba Kyari and his team, mounted surveillance on the house. When the policemen finally struck, Abanara, escaped.

Thereafter, he went underground and smartly relocated his family to a rented apartment in Warri, Delta State. After the arrest of his boys and the Police got tired of looking for him, he relocated to Lagos in 2013.

Lagos/Ogun exploits

Abanana at no point, during inter­rogation, denied his involvement in the bank robberies but insisted that he did not participate in the Lekki operation. “Like I said earlier, by the time I came to Lagos, it was a week after the Lekki robbery. I was co-opt­ed into the group after that robbery. Let them check the CCTV footage which I learnt is with the Police, you will not see me there. I heard about the robbery but I was not part of it. I made N1.7million from the two Ikorodu robberies. Agbara was the highest because I got N2.5miilion as my share. Normally, after each operation, we will deduct the opera­tional cost before sharing among the groups that participated. This cost in­cludes refunding the owners of those cars that we used. We normally set them on fire so that the Police can­not trace us through them. I’m just an independent striker because of my experience”, he said.

On the series of kidnapping and death of security men, the suspect explained that he never participated in such. “I am not based in Lagos, I only come around, work a bit and return to Delta.”

He claimed that it was not part of his lifestyle to kill people during any robbery incident. “I was well trained and I’m one of the best marksmen that were trained by Tompolo and Ateke Tom. They knew my capac­ity and that was why they called me to join them. If anyone was killed in the process, then it was stray bullet that hit the person. I do not kill and I frown against it.”

On the 2012 kidnap incident in Lagos, he said “heaven knows that I am innocent. I am not a saint but I was not part of the group that was coming to Lagos to kidnap people and bring them back to Warri. One of the boys that were arrested is my first cousin. He came to my house and asked me to lend him N300, 000 to buy Cotonu boat. Cotonu has the best boat that can withstand any kind of weight. I thought he wanted to use the boat for something else till he was caught.

“It was then that I knew that he ac­tually used the boat to carry people that were kidnapped from Lagos to Delta. I was shocked especially when he told the police that I was his sponsor.

My informants told me that he called my name, so I decided to stay away from my beautiful house. As if I knew, the next day, policemen stormed my house and sealed it off.

He took advantage of my good­ness to accuse me falsely. In my community, I am well known be­cause I am generous.”

On the source of his wealth through which he built such a mag­nificent house, Abanana laughed and said. “You need to go and see the structure I have on ground. You can­not use N800, 000 to build a house. I was into crude oil business; I had an illegal local refinery where I was producing at least 500 of fuel drums in a day.

“I only joined John Togo to rob a bank in Port Harcourt before we joined the amnesty programme. The day we dropped arms, we were sent to Calabar for training and placed on N65, 000 salary per month. After then, I never robbed any bank till I came to Lagos.”

On what has become of his for­mer boss, Million said that he was killed by the Federal Government for failing to drop arms after the am­nesty. “John Togo was the one who hired me to join him to rob a bank in Port Harcourt. After accepting am­nesty offer, he dropped some of the arms and kept the majority. He was not satisfied with what government gave him, that was why he went back to crime. They found him and killed him.”

Why Lagos?

According to Million, Delta State became too hot for him after he was declared wanted. “I know that their focus was on Delta State, so I de­cided to relocate to Lagos. My wife ran away with the children after the Police raid. She only kept in touch when it was time to pay school fees. Initially, I did not come to Lagos to rob anyone. I learnt that the fuel business was booming in Lagos es­pecially in Ikorodu area. My friend, Kakadu invited me over that I can­not be arrested in Lagos. I bought several jerry cans and started the business. Pipeline vandlaization is for small boys but since I needed to survive, I had to do the job that was available.

“The camp in Ikorodu is controlled by Ossy and if you want to vandalize pipelines, you must settle him, if not, he will not allow you to work. It was easy to blend with them since they knew my records in Delta state.

“During one of our regular meet­ings, Ossy told me to come and join forces with him. He said that he wanted to get security work in Lagos State. He said the fastest way was to cause trouble in the state and NNPC would employ his company to guard the pipelines. He believed that if we should cause serious trouble, they would locate him and give him the job.

“Naturally, if he gets the job, the money NNPC would be paying him would be more than enough to stay away from crime. I told him that I was not going to be part of it. I made that decision because I was one of the hit men that served Ateke, Tompolo and Young Shall Grow before they accepted amnesty form the Federal Government. We served them and they became generals. I told him that the time of militancy when we served Ateke, Tompolo and the Young shall Grow, we served them and they be­came generals .The kind of money that the generals collected was too much, my God! We were only given N65, 000 a month after carrying gun sfor them, he disclosed.

“This was the reason why initially, I told Ossy that I did not want to help him to cause trouble and at the end of the day, I would not gain anything. We discussed this issue for several days and I changed my mind when they assured me that whatever we got would be shared equally. I prom­ised myself that as soon as I collected small money, I would leave the camp and start a legitimate business. I am here now because of bad friends,” Million said, smiling.

Million under siege

Recalling the robbery incident in his house, Million, laughing out loud said that he had to call the Police and army to help him when robbers visited his house. “I was in the house when they started scream­ing, that I should prepare that they are coming to rob me. I have strong gate that will be difficult for anyone to enter easily. When I heard their voice I called my brother who is a police inspector to come to my rescue, I also alerted some military guys that I know to come to my res­cue.

“It was when they started breaking the wall that I knew that it was time for me to run. I scaled the fence and on my way I met some of the bad boys. It was dark so they never knew that I was the one. They thought I was one of them, and asked if the operation was going smooth and I answered yes. I know that they will not kill my wife and children.”

New leaf

Believe it or not, Million claimed that he decided to repent on New Year day last year. “After the Agbara robbery and I heard that policemen died, I was touched because my el­der brother is a policeman. With the money I saved from the various rob­beries, I decided to go back to my crude oil business especially when I learnt Kelly Fotor, a general had been arrested. I knew it was time to gradu­ally stay away from Lagos. Unfor­tunately, in November, I was cook­ing (locally producing diesel) about 500 drums of crude oil when I lost everything in a fire incident. Ossy and Kakadu warned me to be care­ful that Police was gradually picking our members. I sold my Toyota high­lander SUV and decided to relocate to Benin and start timber work. I had to rent a clean house at Osayende estate that befits my status. I bought several motor saws and hired labour­ers who were doing the job. I had decided that nothing would take me back to Lagos, but later in Novem­ber, Ossy called me that they wanted to attack another bank in Lagos and that the police were no longer look­ing for them. I told them that I was not interested. I guess they were still waiting to pick someone as good as I am before they could strike or they assumed that I will give Police infor­mation.

“On New Year day, I went to church in Benin and it was then that I decided to give my life to Christ. To prove that I was serious, I broke the two SIM cards that I had with me. If I have not repented, nothing would make me give you all these informa­tion. I need you to help others to also repent.”

Meanwhile, to the Ogbinbirin community in Delta State , Million as he is popularly known is the Ibim­ieowei 1 of Ogbinbirin, Warri North. “I am very nice and generous to peo­ple, that was why they gave me that title which means someone that does good. I was given the title in 2014, because of my numerous achieve­ments in the community.”

I never knew my husband was a criminal -Wife

Mrs. Abanara who was also ar­rested claimed that she did not know that her husband of 16 years was an armed robber. “I am aware that he is a militant and was also happy when he accepted amnesty. I’m aware that he cooks and sells crude oil which was a very good source of money for us. I believed that our house in Delta was built from proceeds that he made from selling black oil.

“In 2013, people were calling me that my husband’s name was in the newspaper. I confronted him and he told me that he is not the only one that answers Million. Even when the Police came and seized our house in Delta, he told me that it was his cousin that he lent money to that gave his name out. After they seized our house, I had to sell the only car he bought for me to start a business. This is the end of this mar­riage; I cannot continue to risk the life of my children because of him,” she stated.
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