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Saturday, February 21

Buhari, His Wife And Daughter Zahra In London

Gen. Buhari went to London with his wife and other delegates. His daughter Zahra, who lives there came out to join the group at an event today. See the photos after the cut...

Zahra with Dele Momodu.
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Sign Up To Be Part Of Beauty Business On The Go By House Of Tara

Beauty Business on the Go (BBOG) is an initiative by Africa's leading make up brand, House of Tara in partnership with FCMB. This initiative is aimed at recruiting and empowering 5,000 women to become beauty representatives and as such create job opportunities for themselves.
Attendees will be offered financial advisory, trainings, marketing support and other skills necessary to grow their business. seminar is targeted at men and women who would want to start their own Businesses as Beauty Experts and will inspired and mentally equip reps on how to start their own Beauty Business on the Go.
As Beauty Representatives, they will get to sell multiple beauty brands as either a part time or full business.
Free weekly trainings and seminars for interested persons which has already commenced will span through 9 states including Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Benin, Enugu, Ilorin, Ibadan, Kano, and Kaduna.
At a press conference held recently at the House of Tara International HQ, the CEO, House of Tara International Tara Fela-Durotoye said that "Beauty Business On-the-Go is very important to me, even if we didn't make money [which we do], I would still do it because we are empowering people and making them entrepreneurs". She continued as she laid emphasis on the financial importance of being a rep "In a tough economy, people would still buy food and cosmetics because makeup makes us feel good. So what better product is there to invest in?"
Speaking about the job creation opportunity, Ada Iwugo, Commercial Director of House of Tara also said, "This model will potentially create 20, 000 jobs across the country in a relatively short space of time" 
 To become a House of Tara beauty rep and enjoy financial independence, go to to sign up now
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Photos Of Boko Haram Members As They Stormed Gombe Last Saturday

Photos show Boko Haram members during their failed attack in Gombe last Saturday. See more pictures after the cut...


Photo credit@Donklericuzio
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Shocking Moment Terrified Mother Feared She Was Going To Die As Husband Held Knife Against Her Throat

This is the moment a terrified woman desperately fought for her life as her crazed husband held a knife against her throat. Neighbours watched in horror as drunk Glenn Mills grabbed his wife Susan around the neck and threatened to kill her.

The terrified mother feared she was going to die at the hands of her jealous husband as he pointed the large kitchen knife towards her throat and told her: 'If I'm going down I'm going down for something worthwhile.'
'Bullying' Mills had already beaten his wife a month earlier and been banned from their flat in Margate, Kent. But the 48 year old alcoholic returned in July after drinking and Susan complained, telling him: 'Glenn you can't treat me like this.'

Mills told her 'Call the police!' and she ran into their garden and shouted to a neighbour to make the 999 call.
Prosecutor Dominic Connolly said she then saw Mills emerge carrying a large kitchen knife. He grabbed her around the neck.
Mr. Connolly said: 'He then put the knife to her throat and then her stomach as she pleaded: 'Please don't kill...please someone help!'
'She said that she thought she was going to die but managed to get the knife off him and threw it over a fence.
'She then ran into her daughter's bedroom and carried her to a neighbour's house and called the police.'
Mr. Connolly said the attack was seen by a neighbour who saw Susan being held in a headlock and her husband making stabbing movements towards her face and neck.
They said Susan 'looked absolutely terrified' and took the photos on their mobile phone before calling for help.
Susan escaped to the neighbour's flat for safety but Mills followed her begging his wife not to press charges.
Police arrived within minutes and found Mills sitting on the toilet and 'extremely drunk'.
The court heard how Mills had a previous conviction in October 2012 for battery on his wife when he fractured her fingers, telling her later: 'I wish that I had killed you.'
Canterbury Crown also Court heard that the couple had argued over the parentage of their child. He was originally charged with attempted murder but on the day of his trial pleaded guilty to assault by beating, affray and making threats to kill.
He was jailed for three years and eight months.
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Playing With Death? Cyclist Risks Life By Riding Around Edge Of Romania’s Tallest Dam

Wow! An extreme unicyclist risked his life by cycling around the rim of the tallest dam in Romania for a TV show – without a safety harness.31 year old Flaviu Cernescu is shown on camera steadying himself and getting into position..The feat of bravery will be shown in full on World's Most Talented, a new series. An observer said of his dangerous stunt;
 'You know there are those things that are quite dangerous and funny, but this isn't one of those. This is just scary.

Images-World's most talented.
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Buhari Interviewed In London Earlier Today

The APC Presidential candidate was a guest on "All Eyes on Africa" TV show earlier today. More pictures below after the cut;

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How Abuja Businessman Was Assassinated On Orders Of His Best Friend

The circumstances surrounding the gruesome murder of Tony Eze, a 39-year-old International businessman based in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, have been unravelled by detectives attached to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Force Headquarters, Abuja. The late Eze, from Umuagede village in Nsukka L.G.A. of Enugu State met his untimely death after a night out with friends, including a kinsman from Eha-Alumonah in Enugu State (name withheld).

Eyewitness account said he was shot dead by two young men on a motor bike who closed in on him while he was trying to avoid a porthole, just a few meters away from the refreshment garden at Tungama area of Zuba in the outskirts of Abuja. He had gone to the garden for conviviality with friends. It was learnt that on the fateful day, November 6, 2014, the father of two was about closing for the day's business when his kinsman and best friend called to request that they go out for drinks at Zuba. He was said to have initially hesitated before reluctantly agreeing to be at the refreshment garden in the evening.

He reportedly left his shop about 5pm and got to the garden where he met three of his friends already seated and enjoying drinks. Crime Guard gathered that about 7:20pm, they all set to leave, moving in a convoy, with his best friend and kinsman driving the car in front. Eze was the last to join before he was blocked and shot dead inside his car.
After the owner of the garden and other sympathizers gathered at the scene, his friends reportedly drove back claiming that they heard a bang at their back but thought that Eze must have hit something and that was why they continued without him.
Reports said that even after the arrival of his friends at the scene, no serious efforts were made to either take him to the hospital or contact the police at Zuba. Policemen arrived the scene around 11pm and all efforts made to revive Eze in the hospital failed. One of the doctors was said to have reprimanded his friends for not rushing him to the nearest hospital immediately they arrived the scene, saying that he could have survived the gun shots if he had been given immediate medical attention.
Nevertheless, it was gathered that police detectives of SARS swung into action after it was noticed that the police at Zuba were lukewarm over the ugly incident. Police sources said their efforts were complemented by those of a Lagos-based private detectives hired by members of the family of the deceased. According to the source: ''While we were combing all the nook and cranny of Abuja for clues, the private detectives were busy spreading dragnets all over the country and even beyond, where the deceased had business partners.
"A startling breakthrough came few weeks back after the private detectives succeeded in arresting a suspect in possession of the phone of the deceased which was the only item his assailants disappeared with after the incident. The suspect turned out to be in the same Aluminium Market where late Eze had his shop. We drilled him for long hours until he capitulated and started confessing how they killed the innocent young man."
According to him, two people came to engage their services for the job in their cult group. He gave a detailed description of them and one of the descriptions tallied with that of the late businessman's best friend and kinsman who also had business in the same market with him. The suspect said that when they asked those that came to hire them why they wanted the man dead, they said he had been importing goods from abroad and needed to be silenced. They were paid N1.2million, some of them got N250,000 while others got N300,000 each."
Giving a vivid account of how they carried out the operation on the day in question, the suspect said some of them arrived the restaurant earlier than the deceased and sat by a table near where he later sat with his best friend who hired them. 'He said that as soon as they were ready to go, his friend winked at them at the nearby table and they used their telephone to flash their colleagues who were positioned outside the area as a signal that they should proceed to hit their target. He further said they were told that he would be coming in a car behind. So, his friend quickly drove off in front with the deceased following behind and when they got to the point where they had to join the expressway, the friend in front drove faster.
 As soon as his friend entered the expressway two of the hired killers blocked the businessman's car and one of them just pulled out his gun, approached the driver's side and yanked open the door. While Eze was passionately pleading with them to take whatever they needed and spare his life, the armed man shot him point blank, picked his phone and sped off.''

Police sources also hinted that after the arrest of five of the suspects at the popular Aluminium Market, Abuja, his best friend confessed during interrogation that the deceased gave him N5 million to exchange for him around October 2014, and he was yet to pay him back before he was killed. It was learnt that initially, he wanted to be smart by diverting the attention of detectives to focus their searchlight on one of the brothers to the deceased but when he learnt that one of the killers had confessed to the crime, he withdrew his allegation. Sources said detectives were still searching for the second person that hired the killers together with the best friend to the deceased and would soon arrest him.
Family sources told Crime Guard that the arrest of their son's supposed best friend over his death sent shock waves all over the community. According to a member of the family who simply identified himself as Simon( 45) :
'' This is the greatest shock we have received in our area in recent times. That suspect is well known to all of us as Tony's best friend. They used to travel together to China on business trips. In fact, he was closer to our brother than anybody in the family. Whenever we needed to advise our brother, we usually channelled it through this his friend who happens to come from Eha-Alumonah Community, a neighbouring town in Nsukka. Interestingly, this his friend was leading pallbearers during Tony's burial. He was the first to arrive our compound before other of his friends and business partners arrived. He was shedding tears uncontrollably. 
Even after the burial, his wife prepared our traditional food for the bereaved family which friends usually partake in. I can remember vividly that a few days after Tony's burial, the suspect told some members of our family that he (the deceased) owed some business associates a whooping sum of N12 million and there was urgent need to settle the debt but we swept it aside by telling him that it could come up after the mourning period. I will use this opportunity to thank the Nigeria Police Force and the private detectives for the success recorded so far because these startling confessions and arrests will go a long way to assuage our deep feeling of loss. (In tears) Now see, for how much did they take the precious life of this young, amiable, promising and easy-going young man? Who will train his children and take care of his young wife?
Crime Guard further gathered that detectives were working on the theory that his best friend was envious of his progress and the boom in his business and hatched the plan not just to eliminate him but also to stop him from asking for the whooping N5 million he gave him to change last October. So far, it was learnt that both the suspect that confessed to the killing and the deceased best friend were taken separately to the scene of the crime and they pointed out correctly the table where they sat and the point where Eze was intercepted and killed.
From Vanguard
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Pictures From The Star-Studded Tom Ford Fashion Show, Looks Like The Oscars

Designer Tom Ford had his exclusive Autumn/Winter 2015 Women's wear Presentation at Milk Studios in Los Angeles yesterday night Friday Feb. 20th and everyone was there. From Beyonce and Jay Z, John Legend, Miley Cyrus, Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Palthrow, Robbie Williams and wife, Fergie and Josh Duhamel, Rita Ora, Magic Johnson and many more. You would think it was the Oscars. See the photos after the cut...
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My Boyfriend Is Always Turning Down My Sexual Advances, Should I Be Worried?

From a female reader:
My boyfriend of six months is a super gentleman who respects women a lot, a trait that endeared him to me but I am getting irritated with his over gentlemanness. I have approached him for us to get down countless number of times but he keeps telling me he wants to respect me and my body and that he has the tendency of loving me less once we have sex. I have understood with him for 3 years now but it's beginning to give me concern. I love this dude I want him to have me, to scatter me, for him to Peter me up and down (his name is peter) but he is refusing. Says I'm his queen. Should I be worried?
You should be! Very Men hardly down sex. How much more from someone they 'love'. Turn down for what? Hehe. What say you, people?
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Mary Mary And More Billed To Perform At House On The Rock's The African Praise Experience

After hosting over 700,000 people at the enormously popular gospel music concert, The Experience Lagos, House on the Rock, one of Nigeria's most popular churches, is set to host The African Praise Experience (TAPE) next Friday, February 27th. The event holds all-night long at the Rock Cathedral, Lekki-Epe Expressway beginning at 8 pm. 

See all the artistes set to perform (in flier), will you be attending? The church has also arranged to pick up people from the following meeting points to ease up transportation, so you may want to link up.

           BUS-STOPS                                               MEETING POINTS
1.    Ajegunle/Apapa                  –               Wilma Bus-stop (Mobil Filling station)
2.    Ketu – Ojota                       –               Under the pedestrian bridge @Ojota
3.    Oshodi                               –               Oshodi (facing Mushin by the BRTBus-stop)
4.    FESTAC                               –               Mile 2 Bus-stop
5.    Yaba                                   –               BRT Bus-stop
6.    Gbagada                           –               Mobil Filling Station @ Gbagada
7.    Surulere                              –               National Stadium
8.    Maryland                           –                BRTBus-stop @Maryland before Planet One
9.    Ikeja                                  –                 BRTBus-stop facing the Ikeja Bridge
10. Egbeda                             –                 BRT station facing Egbeda bus-stop
11. Muson Center                      -                      In front of City Mall
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