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Saturday, June 18

Sex scandal: Anxiety as Reps await probe panel

Sex scandal: Anxiety as Reps await probe panel

Members of the House of Representatives were last night waiting anxiously for information on the panel which Speaker Yakubu Dogara promised on Thursday to set up to probe the allegation that three Reps  groped a hotel chambermaid and tried to solicit prostitutes while visiting the US.

Listed for probe are Mohammed Garba Gololo (Gamawa, Bauchi State) who is alleged to have “grabbed a housekeeper in his hotel room and solicited her for sex,” Mark Terseer Gbillah (Gwer East/Gwer West, Benue) and  Samuel Ikon (Etinam/Nsit Ibom/Nsit Ubium, Cross River) both of who  allegedly “requested  hotel parking attendants to assist them to solicit prostitutes.”

The decision to probe them stemmed from a petition to the Speaker by the US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. James Entwistle, who said the US government “took pains to confirm these allegations and identities of the individuals with the employees of the hotel.”

Gololo and Gbillah have strenuously denied the allegations.

Gbillah’s US-based wife, Sophia, spoke yesterday with The Nation on the phone, defending her husband.

She said her man was wrongly accused.

Although House spokesman, Abdulrazak Namdas, told reporters on Thursday that the Green Chamber of the National Assembly had commenced investigation into the scandal, The Nation gathered last night that no committee of the House had been assigned the responsibility by the Speaker.

A House source who pleaded anonymity said the leadership of the House appeared to be treading cautiously on the issue, hence the delay in constituting the panel.

The source said: “Normally, the Nicholas Ossai-led Ethics and Privileges Committee that conducts investigation into allegations of misdemeanor by members should have been mandated by the leadership to handle the matter.

“But as we speak, no official information has been forwarded to the committee to commence any investigation in that direction.

“We cannot however rule out the composition of an ad hoc committee to do the job in view of the magnitude of the allegation and the fact that the nation’s image is at stake.

“If the leadership prefers an ad hoc committee, no one should be surprised that some members of the leadership would be members.

“As we speak, nothing has been done so far. But it is also possible that the Speaker might have asked some people (without the knowledge of other members) to carry out the investigation.”

The US Embassy has already cancelled the visas of the three Reps.

Gololo and Gbillah are demanding retraction of the allegations by the ambassador.

Gololo, rising in his own defence, dismissed the allegation against him as false and unfounded.

“I was shocked. I was embarrassed. There is nothing as such that has happened,” he told the BBC.

“You can imagine if one attempted to rape someone or grabbed someone, what stopped the person from screaming? What stopped the person from shouting?” he asked.

“Remember we were there in April. Now we are in June. What stopped them from alleging or stopped them from reporting from April until now? What stopped them from bringing footage or some video clips of how it happened and where it happened?

“It’s false, it’s unfounded, and it’s really embarrassing.”

Gbillah in a lengthy protest letter to the US Ambassador said: “The accused individuals were not accosted with these allegations while in the US so they could immediately defend themselves. The hotel employees conveniently refrained from making these allegations while the members of the group were in the United States and curiously decided to do so after our departure.

“What is the reason behind their not reporting these incidents immediately they occurred and why are we only being informed about these allegations two months after our return from the US?

“None of the members of the group was driving a vehicle while at the hotel and would therefore have had no cause to interact with the car park attendants as the Residence Inn car park is not in front of the hotel but somewhere behind and some distance away from the hotel.

“You will have to go out of your way to go to the car park so video footage should clearly indicate whether or not any member of the group interacted with a hotel car park attendant.

“Other groups comprising African Americans and other ‘people of colour’ were also occupying the Residence Inn while this group of House of Representatives members was visiting Cleveland because of the scheduled basketball game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Atlanta Hawks at the Quicken Loans Arena, which is just across the road from the hotel.

“What is the certainty of the ability of the probably caucasian hotel car park attendants to accurately identify the specific members of any of the groups at the hotel as being responsible for the purported infractions?”

His engineer wife, Sophia, speaking by phone from the USA, said:

“My husband did not do what he has been accused of. What they have alleged that he did. The few people in Nigeria today, who have had cause to interact with my husband would have come away with a certain impression of the kind of person that my husband is. And that impression is that he is an honourable, but more importantly God- fearing person.

“Because of the value that my husband places on the God he serves, he would never do this kind of thing. Because of the kind of person that my husband is as a person, he would never do this kind of thing. And finally, because my husband values his family and loves me, his wife, he would never do this kind of thing.

“So, yes, my response to all this is: I know my husband very well, and I know my husband did not do anything that they have said; any of the things that they have alleged he did. So the accusations are totally unfounded, completely unfounded.

“Now to the second issue of where I was, where he was…when this program came up, my husband requested officially by e- mail, from the organisers of this programme that he would be traveling with his wife and his baby…we have a 9-month-old baby, that he would like them to accompany him on this programme.

“The person who initially responded to that mail was a bit aggressive in his response, telling my husband that he can’t come with me. The way he responded was not the nicest way, and I have evidence, facts to prove it. It was sent by e-mail and the e- mail is still in existence.

“So, as a result of that, my husband and I agreed that we would travel together, but I decided that no, I’m just going to allow you go and do this thing by yourself in the chosen location. Now after this response from the man who responded initially, we were now able to talk to another one of the organizers of the programme who said it’s okay, I could go but could attend non-official events like the basketball event.

“But I thought I had already decided that since they said it’s an official thing and family is not allowed. You just go do what you have to do. I would be in the US as well, but you go do this.

“Where I am is about 45 minutes to an hour from where my husband was. He was in Washington DC and I was in Owings Mills, Maryland. They had to go to two separate locations – Washinton DC and Cleveland in Ohio. My husband came to see us the night of the day they were supposed to finish from Washington

“My husband and I are constantly on FaceTime when we are not together. Now my husband went to Ohio and I knew just about what went on. The day they were free, he was with me on FaceTime all day.”
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Photos: Meet Bimbo Akintola’s Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor Emodi Obinna

Photos: Meet Bimbo Akintola’s Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor Emodi Obinna

Meet the fitness expert behind Nollywood actress Bimbo Akintola’s new sexy look.

Photos: Meet Bimbo Akintola’s Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor Emodi Obinna

Emodi Obinna, a certified personal trainer is the founder of TSK fitness.

He works one on one with Lagos-based Nigerian celebrities.

Photos: Meet Bimbo Akintola’s Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor Emodi Obinna

Every Tuesday and Thursday, he takes Miss Akintola on the road for tyre flipping.

Photos: Meet Bimbo Akintola’s Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor Emodi Obinna

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Bessy Boniface, Nigerian Footballer Born With Male & Female Organs Begs Akwa Ibom Govt For Help

Bessy Boniface, Nigerian Footballer Born With Male & Female Organs Begs Akwa Ibom Govt For Help

Bessy Boniface, Nigerian Footballer Born With Male & Female Organs Begs Akwa Ibom Govt For Help

Akwa Ibom based Footballer Bessy Boniface has cried out to the First Lady of Akwa Ibom State, Martha Udom Emmanuel for help over her status as a her­maphrodite.

Born with both male and fe­male organs, Boniface, an orphan whom doctors confirmed has 85% female and 15% male organs is having an identity cri­sis, lacking the confi­dence to call herself either a man or woman.

The IBOM Angels player was thrown out of the Fal­conets camp be­fore the Chile 2008 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup when the coaches discov­ered they had a player that could not pass for a complete woman.

To compound Bessy’s woes, she was duped in 2010 by those who pretended to be raising funds for her to have a corrective surgery Over­sees.

Speaking with Saturday SunSports,in an emotion-laden voice, the Akwa- Ibom State born footballer, presently nursing a frac­tured knee injury , said she longs to have a family of her own and had made frantic efforts to get the atten­tion of Akwa Ibom State First Lady but to no avail.

“I have been going through a trau­matic time and it has not been easy coping with the situation,” Boniface began. “Through the help of some people, I have tried severally to see if I can get the attention of my state government. This has not been suc­cessful.

The last effort I made, I was ad­vised to write a letter and send it via DHL to the governors office. When I enquired about the procedure, I was told that to send a letter through DHL will cost N10,000, which I could not afford. As the breadwin­ner of my family, it has been tough making ends meet. Throughout last year I did not play with my Club Ibom Angels because of the injury I sustained.”

“My wish is to get married and raise a family of my own , but I cannot have it because of this situation. whom do I run to, where will my help come from? Doctors have told me that I’m 85 per cent woman. I need the help of Nigerians to come out of my nasty condition, I plead with them to help me raise some money for an operation to correct my condition.”Ironically, she said her younger sister, Monica Boniface, her status has affected her sexual life as she has no boy friend.

“Intimate relationship with the men? Truth be told, I don’t have any boyfriend. I long to have a relation­ship with men but I cannot because of this issue. It is a very embarrass­ing one. How do you explain to a man that you have both organs, which man will stand such a situa­tion?. However, I believe that God will not let me waste away like this. I believe that Nigerians will listen to my case and plea and come to my assistance. I pray that God will touch their hearts to come to my rescue,” she cried.
Ekaete, as her team mates fondly call her, in the 2007 women’s league season, scored a total of 12 goals for Delta Queens – seven in the League, three in the Challenge Cup and two in the Super Four.

Meanwhile, it would be recalled that a similar problem ended Iyabo Abade’s career with the Super Falcons, when it was discovered that she had both male and female organs. She returned from a success­ful operation in the United States as a man and immediately changed her name to James Johnson. Like Iyabo, Bessy must undergo surgery to either remain a woman or launch herself into the men’s world.
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My plans for lecturers who can’t keep their Libidos- Ekiti State ‘varsity VC Prof Bamidele

My plans for lecturers who can’t keep their Libidos- Ekiti State ‘varsity VC Prof Bamidele

Prof. Bamidele

Recently appointed Vice-Chancellor of Ekiti State University (EKSU), Prof. Samuel Oye Bamidele, will superintend over the 21st convocation ceremony of the university next week, barely six months after his appointment. In this interview with ODUNAYO OGUNMOLA, the senior pastor of Deeper Life Bible Church speaks about his experience on the VC’s seat so far, his vision, his achievements, and how, as a lecturer, he managed to overcome temptations from the opposite sex.

How has the experience been for the six months you have been in the saddle as Vice-Chancellor?

I want to thank God for the experience and the great challenges. And in the midst of the great challenges, I want to say that it is a sort of experience that I was able to go through with the help of God and His grace. All through the time when I resumed and till now, my experience has had a positive impact on the university community.

Recently, the West African Students Union (WASU) gave you an award, the Kwame Nkrumah Award for Excellence in Academia and Administration. How did you feel about the award which came less than a year after you assumed office?

I want to say very categorically that I am averse to taking awards, and that was the first award that I would take since I became Vice-Chancellor. It is good to say that many people and bodies contacted me with letters, saying they wanted to give me awards, but I said no. I told them that they should let me settle down first, measure my performance before giving me awards. But when these people came with suggestions, I said that I was going to reject it until I was educated that this one was a credible international award and I accepted. Then they came, and when I saw the pedigree of those who came, about 16 of them. They were introducing themselves, one said I am from Ghana, another said I am from Côte d’ Ivoire. I saw all of them coming virtually from all the West African countries. Therefore, I accepted this award. To say the least, I was particularly elated that I have this privilege of being recognised to be given this award.

On the other side of the question, the challenge I have taken is that I will continue to increase my tempo and my passion for the students because it is historical and strategic that the first award I would receive as the Vice-Chancellor of this university came from international students. They said many things I didn’t know they were ever aware of, because since I came on board, I have been fighting a great crusade on behalf of the students. I believe that this starts from parents. We are here, the biological parents have committed the lives of these students into our hands and my own simple analogy is that we should be the closest parents to them while they are in school.

I was not fighting my colleagues. It was just like a battle to say let’s change our mindset; let’s know that when parents gave these children to us, the intention was that we should let them get out of this university as better materials than they came in. It is like a factory; you put the raw materials into the system and you want to get a very good product. That has been my crusade in this university.

Shortly after you assumed office, you held revenue and academic summits. Have these policies had positive impact on the university since you concluded them?

I came into this university with a vision. In fact, in my application, I said brighter vision, bigger mission. I came here as a Vice-Chancellor with a brighter vision because I am an insider and I have taken time to critically examine the condition of our university and I felt that I should be able to understand this place more than an external candidate. I came with a vision. I knew that in this present situation in our state, in our country, except one wants to deceive himself or herself, there is no higher institution, no university that can say it would rely on the government to fund its educational activities. Therefore, I came with a vision for IGR (internally generated revenue). I also came with a vision for academic quality, because it is not enough to have money as an institution without an equal effort at improving quality.

So we had two summits. We had the academic summit and then we had the IGR summit. I am happy to say here very clearly today that these two summits are bringing positive dividends to our university. The IGR summit has radically changed the face of our university. As you are entering the university, we have a building by the right. That is our water project. I am not rushing it because we are being strategic. I could have as well restructured one of the old buildings, but I said no. We want to make it international, and when we have the water, it will be one of the best in this country.

If you get through our roadside, you will see that our bakery is growing. The building is under construction. We didn’t have a bookshop before we came on board. The shelves of the bookshop are being installed now. Our block industry before I came was comatose. It was leased to an external consultant, but I said this is a university and we are talking about IGR. It is already our own and we have tons of blocks now. Any building that is erected on the soil of this university must use blocks produced from here. We are reviving our press. Because the university is an academic environment, we have publications, journals, exam booklets. How can we rely on printers outside alone? So, these are some of the good things that came from the IGR summit.

Let me also mention that we have what we call the university auto care. That will be a masterpiece by time we complete it. Other universities will come here, by the grace of God, to look at it. In the auto care, we are going to have a quadrangle. We will have a petrol station, a service bay, a car wash, a theatre. We are going to have our own inverter, batteries and distilled water. Some of the things we go outside to buy, there is a particular sector that is working on that under the leadership of Prof. Akintayo, who is a chemist. So work is going on that particular area.

If I have my way, I would tell them to go and harvest some of our mushrooms for you and you give to your wife to cook for you. So, a lot of things are happening with this IGR. I want to believe that it is a confirmation of my vision which came through the channel of this IGR summit. So, academic summit was out to bring quality to our academic enterprise in this university. This we are already achieving.

I said it in the last Senate that I have just spent six months and I have started the second six months. This second six months, I am focusing on academic quality and discipline in the university. This is where I want to showcase again the products of the academic summit that we had, which would impact on students. It would impact on the staff and it would impact on the entire academic community. I want to say that the two summits have been fantastically productive.

Staff and students welfare is key to the output of staff and students. What is your agenda for their welfare?

In fact, if you ask any question from either the students or staff of this university, the quick answer you are likely to get is that the VC is a welfarist vice-chancellor. My passion is to see to the welfare of staff and students of this university. I want to say that if somebody comes to the helm of affairs and does not put the welfare of staff and students first, what is he or her coming there to do? Since when I came, there has been no strike because they know that I pursue the welfare of members and unions. If you are an ASUU chairman or NASU chairman, we are to pursue the welfare of staff and students. Some think I am pampering them, but it is because I also believe that I am a parent, even a grandparent to them; that I am here to passionately take care of them and pursue their welfare just like that of the staff.

I have been pleading with my staff members that, please give them quality attention and let them pass. I am not saying that they should mortgage standards, but give them quality attention and let them come out good. Don’t cut your lecture. Don’t organise a single lecture and then you do exam, because these students will fail. If you reel out failures to the society, we are reeling out expert armed robbers, expert miscreants, and I don’t want that. I want my university to reel out products that will impact positively on our society.

A university cannot survive in isolation. How do you intend to explore partnerships and exchanges with universities all over the world in order to take EKSU to a higher pedestal?

We are working seriously in that regard. My little experience before I came into this university, we are already trying to re-engineer partnerships with foreign universities. I just came from the meeting of the Association of Vice-Chancellors of Nigerian Universities which we attended in Jos, and one of our major agenda was this area of realistic collaboration. We were told in that particular place that most of what is called collaboration in Nigerian universities is just jamboree and opportunity to travel out of the country. But that is not what is going to help our universities. I have asked for a list of all foreign universities collaborating with us and they are about 10. My plan is to just zero in on two for now. By July, God helping me and God willing, I want to travel out and visit two of the major universities we are collaborating with and these are the University of Nottingham in the UK and I want to visit the University of Houston in Texas (USA). I intend to go there, study their programmes, look at the areas of collaboration.

We are not going to look at everything together; we are just going to pick one. Initially, we had a collaboration with the University of Nottingham on engineering, I want to see how we can revive that one, then our Engineering students and staff will be going there and they will be coming here. That of Houston may not be engineering; it will be in another direction. It can be on entrepreneurship and we can also collaborate. If it can be Houston on entrepreneurship, I will do it critically, I will go deep. That is the part of the vision and inspiration I got from this meeting of the Association of Vice Chancellors of the Nigerian Universities, and that we are going to accomplish from mid-July to early August. The intention is for us to have a symbiotic relationship with the local universities and the international world so that we can be really international.

You are a pastor and at the same time an academic. How do you cope with the challenges of both callings?

I want to put it to you today that every human being is also a spiritual being. And that is the mistake many people make. There is no single person that stands and just says I am for the physical. That is pretence. Even those who don’t pray, those who don’t believe those things, they still pursue other spiritual things either when they run into problems or when they have some needs.

I want to say that God has helped me to balance the two. The problem of people in the world is that they cannot find the balance. I am an academic person and I have been a pastor for more than 30 years. I am a senior pastor in Deeper Life Bible Church, and that has never affected my academic life. My academic life can never affect my spiritual life, if you meet me in the office, you can never tell that this one is a pastor because I don’t believe in bringing or importing pastor things into academic matters. Also, if you see me in the church, you will think that I am a full-time pastor because I am there to do pastoral work. If human beings can balance and know that as we are in the physical and so also we are in spiritual realm and both must be balanced. I want to thank God that He has made me to balance the two, and that’s why I have not been found wanting at both ends.

In the course of your career as an academic in this university or elsewhere, have you ever been tempted by female students?

I want to say that every human being is tempted at one point or the other. And maybe I should say it today, the power of being a Christian is that God will give you the ability, the unusual supernatural power to be able to overcome temptation without falling into it. There is a difference between temptation and falling into temptation. For example, we are all men here and that makes it good. Supposing a woman is here now, the atmosphere will not be the same. I will not say I have not been tempted in the sense that maybe an amorous person comes in, wanting to show a quarter of her breast. I will say, ‘Excuse me, go out and dress properly. As a lecturer, you can’t come into my office like that.’

Some students will come with the intention to tempt you, trying to make eye contacts, and I will say, what are you trying to do? For you to be able to overcome temptation, you must resist it. But some people don’t resist the picture of temptation, so they run into it. So, to respond to your question directly, I want to say that to God be the glory, since I gave my life to Christ, I have not been tempted to the extent of falling, touching another person’s wife or student; never, never. And it is not only girls or women that cause temptation; some are tempted with money.

They supervise students and collect money on projects. I supervise Ph.D students and I don’t take anything from them. You cannot even try me. So, all those ones, if you can keep yourself from being attracted by women or by money or material things of this world and you are contented, it will be easy for you to overcome temptation. But summarily, every human being will face temptation at one point or the other, but the power to overcome that temptation can only come from Christ.

What measures has your administration put in place to prevent cases of sexual harassment of female students by their male lecturers?

We are going to work on that. I have said I am committing my first year to IGR and this other one is academic and discipline. We are trying to put some things in place that will checkmate some lecturers that cannot keep their libido, and to that extent, we are going to go through management and then the Senate to fashion out some strategies to protect our female students from sexual harassment. That one is being planned, I may not feel out everything now.

Things are changing in this university and that is the truth. The head matters. If there is seriousness at the top, everybody will fall in line. They know that if I catch you sexually harassing female students, you will be in trouble. If as the vice-chancellor I am also one of those carrying girls and ladies around, I won’t have the mouth to tell those who are doing it to stop or sanction them in line with the rules.

Now, it is no longer going to be business as usual. Some regulations will come out in a short while to checkmate all those things in terms of the dressing of the students, because students also can be harassers. Female students can harass male students by their amorous outlook. We want to checkmate those things and for the staff, admin, teaching and non-teaching, we are going to have some codes that will create a level of restriction as to how they can harass female students.

The university is having its 21st Convocation next week. What will you be showcasing to the world through the event?

I am happy to tell you that this year’s convocation will be a celebration of excellence; a celebration of emancipation for a university that has come of age. We are now on the path of making ourselves known nationally and internationally, that this is a university that is growing into prominence. One, we want to showcase our students. Our students in this university are excellent, and that is the truth. They are very excellent.

 Recently, we had a literary competition and my university came first in the entire South West. We have a lot of talents in our university. We have some of them who are making waves in their disciplines. We want to showcase them. Apart from this, we want to showcase our current developmental innovations. Our ICT platform has moved to the next level and we want to have some of our eminent members of the society honoured by recognising and celebrating them. We are giving honorary doctoral degrees to two eminent personalities in this country. The Governor of Bayelsa State (Seriake Dickson), we want to give him a honorary award. Then our own here, Gbenga Oyebode, who has made it in the business world, in the corporate world and in the legal world, we want to showcase and celebrate him.

So, this year’s convocation will be a celebration that is unique; a celebration to which we are inviting our alumni. They are also going to be part of it. We want to celebrate excellence. We want to celebrate the Fountain of Knowledge that has become the pride of education. It will be a weeklong programme featuring a press conference, convocation environmental sanitation, convocation lecture to be delivered by no other person than the indefatigable pillar of law, pillar of education, legal luminary who is recognised beyond the shores of Nigeria, a business mogul, that is Aare Afe Babalola.

All this will precede the award of diplomas, first degrees and postgraduate degrees. It promises to be historic in all respect.
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I’m opposed to creation of grazing zones in Nigeria —Amosun

I’m opposed to creation of grazing zones in Nigeria —Amosun


Governor Ibikunle Amosun has said he is opposed to the proposed creation of grazing zones across the country by the Federal Government.

Amosun said grazing zones should be deemed private  business ventures of those who rear cattle, adding that the incessant clashes between herdsmen and farmers in the country would not be solved with the proposed creation of grazing fields by the Federal Government.

The governor, who made this known in Abeokuta while receiving the technical committee on herdsmen/farmers clashes set up by the Chief of Defence Staff, General Abayomi Olonisakin, said he would  support the establishment of cattle ranches as lasting solution to the conflict.

“The setting up of the committee is  timely and a step in the right direction. People have suggested a number of solutions. But, for me, I would not support grazing. They should take it as a business, probably building ranchesý privately. We should not try to solve a problem by creating another one,” he  said.

ýEarlier in his remarks, the head of the technical committee, Major-General Edward Nze, said the panel was set up by the Chief of Defence Staff at the behest  of President Muhammadu Buhari.

He noted that the technical committee had  visited some affected states, including Nasarawa, Benue, Enugu, Zamfara, Ondo, Ekiti and Oyo, ahead of the planned operation.

According to him, the delegation is in Ogun to meet with relevant stakeholders towards ascertaining facts about the herdsmen and farmers clashes.

“When we finish, we will take back the information gathered to Abuja where we would present it to the Chief of Defence Staff who, in turn, would use it to plan an operation that can assist us to deal with this menace once and for all,” he said.
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Senator submits bill for abolition of State of Origin

Senator submits bill for abolition of State of Origin

Dino Melaye

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Senator Dino Melaye, yesterday disclosed that he had submitted a bill for the abolition of State of Origin.

 Melaye said this in Abuja at the unveiling of the 18th anniversary logo of the Peace Corps of Nigeria (PCN).

 He said  there should be State of Residence, adding that Nigerians should be united in everything instead of victimizing one another.

 The lawmaker disclosed that the PCN had performed to the admiration of the National Assembly hence the need to support the organization.

 He said the Senate President, Senator Bukola Saraki, had assured him that the third reading of the PCN bill in the Senate will be slated soon.

 His words: “I have submitted a bill for the abolition of State of Origin. We are one united indivisible people in this country. We do not need State of Origin. Instead of State of Origin, we should have State of Residence. Where ever you reside is your state. For example, Emeka can become governor of Kano State; Oluwole can decide to become the governor of Borno State and Abudul Malik can become the governor of Edo State. That is the Nigeria of our dream and that is for the youths to actualize.

“The PCN has demonstrated service in your labour for Nigeria in the last 18 years. I acknowledge that you are a very responsible organization and you have done well. I want to encourage you to press on and you will continue to enjoy the support of Nigerians like myself. And  the Senate President sent his support and encouragement.

 ”He has assured me that the third reading of the bill in the Senate will be slated soon and I want to assure you that it has been passed in the House of Representatives and I will personally supervise the concurrent in the Senate.  I appreciate the Ministry of Youths and Sports for its supervisory role and encouragement.

 ”I charge the Nigerian youths to shun violence; they are yet to discover their strength. This country is yours. Youths need attitudinal change.”

 The Minister of Youths and Sports, Solomon Dalung, said government would continue to support the PCN and urged the organization to keep up the good work.
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‘How we murdered army colonel in Kaduna’

‘How we murdered army colonel in Kaduna’

The suspects

When the news broke that the recently murdered army colonel, Samalia Inusa, a Chief Instructor at the Nigeria Army School of Infantry, Jaji, Kaduna State, was abducted by some gunmen at Kamazo area of Kaduna Refinery Road, on March 26, 2016, many thought his abduction and eventual killing might have been a revenge mission by members of the Shiite Islamic sect who were embroiled in a bloody clash with the Nigerian Army in December 2015.

During the said clash which occurred in Zaria, Kaduna State, more than 374 members of the Shiite Islamic Sect were alleged to have been killed. The incident was reported to have thrown the entire Kaduna metropolis into panic as many feared that the Shiite sect would revenge the attack. But as news of the abduction and killing of Col. Inusa filtered into town in March 2016, accusing fingers were pointed at the Shiites who are also known as the Islamic Movement of Nigeria. The sect, in a swift reaction, rebuffed the allegations, calling it a campaign to destroy its image.

Three month after the abduction, the police authorities in Abuja announced that its operatives at the Inspector General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team (IRT) and men of the Kaduna State Police Command, Special Intelligence Bureau (SIB) had arrested four suspects who participated in the abduction and killing of the army colonel in Kaduna State.

It was gathered that the IRT operatives, who were deployed in Kaduna State by the IGP Solomon Arase to track down the bandits had trailed a Techno mobile phone that was taken from the slain Colonel to a prison warden, Abdulahi Adamu, who is believed to be a close associate of one of the suspects, Ibrahim Kabiru, who was already in the custody of the SIB in Kaduna State.

The SIB operatives, who were trailing car snatchers terrorising the state, were said to have arrested Kabiru and his boss, Ebere Precious, also known as Pastor, in Kaduna State for armed robbery. Their interrogation and subsequent confessions aided the IRT operatives in apprehending, the gang leader, Emeka Okeke Cyprain, who was alleged to have personally shot Col. Inusa and one Chijioke Ugwuanyi. In a chat with our correspondent, one of the suspects,   Cyprian, an indigene of Imo State, relayed how he killed Col.  Inusa, adding that he had no regrets killing the army officer.

He also relayed how he got into crime and provided details of his robbery escapades around the Kaduna metropolis. The 44-year-old man and father of three said: “I went into robbery three years ago. I started by hijacking trucks on   Kontagora Road, Kaduna State. We would barricade the road, which is usually busy, with broken down vehicles and big woods. And when a truck carrying goods stops in front of our barricade, we would attack the driver and the conductor with machete and drag them into the bush.

We would then hijack the truck and take it to our receiver, Dan Sokoto, who would smuggle it to Niger Republic.     In our first operation, we hijacked a truck carrying 600,000 cartons of noodles. Dan Sokoto and a member of our gang, Ogbonna Nwobodo, took the goods to Niger Republic. When they returned, they brought N2 million for the goods. Dan Sokoto told me that they threw away the truck because they don’t buy trucks in Niger Republic.

“I got N300,000 as my share of the loot and I didn’t give my wife anything out of it. I was angry with her because I caught her sleeping with another man twice. I spent my money on drinks and women. “We usually call our gang a company and Nnwobodo was the leader of the company.

But because of the small money Dan Sokoto and Nwobodo brought from that first operation, our company got scattered and we didn’t do any job for five months. Dan Sokoto later called us and tried to reset the company. We had new terms for sharing of our loots, and because I am the striker who goes after the driver and conductor, I insisted on getting the lion’s share.    

“We hijacked another vehicle carrying spaghetti on the same route and Ogbonna took the truck to Dan Sokoto and they took it to Niger and sold. I got N330,000, which was higher that what I used to get.     “On our third operation, we hijacked another truck carrying spaghetti and we asked Dan Sokoto to get us two pistols with the goods and pay us the balance in cash.

He got us two pistols and brought N1 million which we all shared. Since we got two pistols, I decided to sideline Nwobodo and his boys. I formed my own company and I brought in Chijoke, Ebere Kabiru and we went fully into car snatching.  “We snatched a 2005 Toyota Sienna and we told Dan Sokoto that Ogbonna was no longer part of our company, and before selling any of our goods, he must ensure that I spoke with the buyer in Niger Republic myself and agree on the price.

When he took the vehicle to Niger, I spoke to one Garuba and he paid us N700,000. I got N120,000 as my share and I told him that I liked the way he did the business and I promised to always get him vehicles. “We liked doing business two times in a week because it provided us the chance to relax and monitor the environment.  We collected a Toyota Corolla 2008 Model and gave it to Dan Sokoto who took it to Niger Republic and was paid N600,000. I got N200, 000 as my share. We then snatched a Honda Anaconda and we sold it for N700,000 and I got N150, 000.

“After that operation, I advised everyone to take some time off and monitor how security operatives within Kaduna would react to our actives and they all heeded my advice. We did that for two weeks and we discovered that things had started changing. Policemen had been deployed all over Kaduna and they were looking out for people who were snatching cars. I was also seeing them at areas where I don’t use to see them before.  

“I called my people and told them what I noticed. We were all monitoring, and one of them called and told me that he noticed that policemen were now standing in Abuja junction and they usually hid their vehicle in a dark spot. I told my people that we must be fast in anything we did, and we also discovered new routes.

“After two weeks, God helped us and blessed us with a Toyota Venza. I told Dan Sokoto that I wanted to go to Niger and I wanted to see Garuba and Mustapha. Dan Sokoto asked me to meet him at the Kastina border, and when we crossed into Niger, I met a man who hugged me the moment he saw me and he shouted Shege Emeka three times and told me that I was a strong man.  

“I told him that I wanted a big rifle because of heavy presence of policemen in our area. They told me that rifles were sold for N500,000 and loaded magazines were sold for N250,000. Garuba then said he was going to pay us N50,000 and that he would smuggle the rifles for us into Nigeria and we should go back to Nigeria and get him a Toyota Hilux.

“I told him that Hilux is difficult to snatch because it is mainly used by security operatives and we needed big guns to snatch it and its occupants could be armed. Dan Sokoto asked me to go and by the next day he would call me to meet him at Abuja junction and I should come with Ebere whose bus we were using for our operation.

 “When he arrived, he called me and I called Eebre who told me he was at the mountain praying. He asked us to come to the mountain and when got there, we hid our rifles under the seat of his bus.  The next day, Ebere taught me how to operate the rifle and we used it to snatch a Toyota Camry in Sabo area. Whenever we snatched a car, we would keep the owner with us in the bush and make sure that the vehicle got to Dan Sokoto and it was moved into Niger Republic. We would give the victim only pure water.

“It did not take long before we would move the car into Duala in Niger Republic. We normally dropped the person on the expressway when we had received a call from Dan Sokoto that the vehicle had arrived Niger successfully. When we told our victims that they should go, they were usually surprised, because some of them would think we had kidnapped them for ransom. We sold the Camry for N800, 000 and I got N220,000 as my share. Ebere later broke out away from our gang and formed his own gang, leaving just Chijoke, Kabiru and I in the company.

‘How I killed Col. Inusa’

“One Saturday evening, we were on the road and we saw a Mercedes jeep (SUV) and we liked the flashy light. We followed the vehicle to Kamazo area and to a house. When the driver stopped to open the gate, we went after it and discovered that the driver was a woman and a man was also seated inside.

“I suspected that the man was the owner of the vehicle, so I ordered him into our own car and asked Chijioke to drive the Mercedes Benz to Dan Sokoto. Kabiru was the one driving our own car. I told the man to relax, that all I wanted was his car and we were not going to kill him. We took him into a bush at Abuja by-pass, Kaduna. “I told Kabiru to go into the bush with the man and told the man to lie down. I told him again that he was a big guy and he could always buy another vehicle. He asked for water, but when I was about to give him the water, he dived at me, collected the gun and removed the magazine.

 I was shocked.   He gave me a head boot and beat me so much, but I held tightly to the rifle and we rolled ourselves on the floor. I don’t know what he touched and the trigger stopped working. If not for God, the man would have killed me. Luckily for me, the trigger worked and I shot him. “I didn’t know that the man was an army officer. I was surprised that he was so strong. But a few hours later when Chijioke called and told me what he saw in the man’s car, that was when I knew that I was in deep trouble. We sold the car for N900,000 and I advised everyone to go into hiding.

“The news was everywhere. Chijioke told me that he wanted to quit. We did our last operation and stole an Avalon. But we couldn’t reach Dan Sokoto when Chijioke took the car to Niger Republic by himself and sold it to Garuba, who then informed him that Dan Sokoto had been arrested by policemen at Brinikebi over a N250 million case.

“Chijioke relocated to Enugu, while I stayed back in Kaduna watching as things unfolded. Kabiru went and joined Ebere. Not long after, they were both arrested by the SIB in Kaduna.

“Last Saturday, I was in my sister’s house sleeping when policemen came into our house very early in the morning and asked for Emeka. I told them I was the one and they asked me why I killed Col. Inusa. I told them that I would reveal everything when we got to the station.

“At the station, I also helped in luring Chijioke back to Kaduna where he was arrested.“

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I-G orders PDP h/qtrs shut

I-G orders PDP h/qtrs shut

IGP Solomon Arase

The police wielded the big stick on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) yesterday on account of the protracted leadership crisis rocking the opposition party.

Police Inspector General Solomon Arase ordered the office complex that houses the national secretariat of the party shut for a week to allow peace to reign.

He gave the party leaders the same period to resolve the stalemate between Senator Ahmed Makarfi,former governor of Kaduna State and Senator Ali Modu Sheriff,  both of whom are laying claim to the party chairmanship.

The decision was taken at a meeting between Mr. Arase and PDP stakeholders after repeated acts of violence by supporters of the gladiators to seize control of the party secretariat, especially in the last one week.

 Force Spokesperson, Olabisi Kolawole, in a statement on the meeting said: “In a bid to find a lasting solution to the protracted crisis rocking the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the Inspector-General of Police, IGP Solomon Arase, convened a meeting with all stakeholders in his Abuja office on Friday (yesterday) and called for peace among the parties, particularly Senator Ali Modu Sheriff and Senator Ahmed Makarfi.

“After exhaustive deliberations in the meeting that was also attended by the Director-General of Department of State Services (DSS), Lawal Musa Daura, each of the factions – Sen Ali Modu Sheriff’s and Sen. Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi’s-led factions agreed to nominate four representatives each for peace talks to arrive at a harmonised position within one week.

“The PDP Secretariat at Wadata House Plaza and Legacy House should be under lock and key pending the outcome of the resolution.”

Arase also urged politicians to educate their followers on the need to conduct themselves within the ambit of the law, adding that the Force would not relent in its mandate to protect lives and property without fear or favour.

Heavily armed policemen took over the PDP national headquarters last Sunday ostensibly to prevent a breakdown of law and order.

But they were withdrawn on Monday, paving the way for Sheriff, whose tenure as acting national chairman has lapsed, according to the PDP governors, to gain entry into the complex.

Sheriff, armed with court papers, told reporters he had resumed as the ‘authentic chairman’ of the party.

He said that the ex parte order issued by a Federal High Court in Port Harcourt, which had barred him from acting as national chairman, expired on June 9, 14 days after it was issued, and since it had not been renewed or extended, he remained the party’s chairman.

Makarfi, who heads the party’s Caretaker Committee put in place by PDP governors, accused Sheriff of being used by the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to sabotage the opposition party.

The PDP National Secretary, Prof. Wale Oladipo, the National Auditor, Adewole Adeyanju, and Sheriff, are in court, contesting their tenure.

They had secured a court order restraining the party from filling their offices at the Port Harcourt convention.

Sheriff claims that the constitution of the party does not provide for a caretaker committee.

But only two days after Sheriff’s  court-inspired takeover of the PDP secretariat, some party youths stormed the complex and sealed it off, disowning the ‘national chairman’.

The youths, who called themselves PDP National Rebirth Group and PDP Concerned Rescue Group, then proceeded to hand the keys over to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees (BoT), Senator Walid Jibrin.

They expressed support for the Makarfi-National Caretaker Committee.

Prior to yesterday’s shut down order by the IGP, another group of PDP youths had assembled in front of the secretariat protesting the continued crisis.

They carried leaves and placards.

They blocked the entrance to the secretariat with a rickety van for about an hour before they dispersed with the truck. Policemen and private security guards at the gate watched as the youths protested without violence.
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Tonto Dikeh Celebrates 4 Months Of Motherhood With New Photos

Tonto Dikeh Celebrates 4 Months Of Motherhood With New Photos

Tonto Dikeh Celebrates 4 Months Of Motherhood With New Pictures

The happiest mother in Nollywood, Tonto Dikeh just released new photos to celebrate 4 months of transitioning into motherhood.

Check out her latest photos and a tribute she wrote to herself below...

Tonto Dikeh Celebrates 4 Months Of Motherhood With New Photos

Tonto Dikeh Celebrates 4 Months Of Motherhood With New Photos

She is surely enjoying motherhood

What do you think?
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Friday, June 17

IMF lauds CBN’s decision to float naira

IMF lauds CBN’s decision to float naira

Gerry Rice

The International Monetary Fund, IMF, has welcomed the decision of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, to abandon its currency peg and adopt a flexible exchange rate policy, saying this was important to reduce fiscal and external imbalances.

The IMF spokesman, Gerry Rice told journalists yesterday that the Fund wanted to see how effective the naira exchange market functions once the new float system is put into effect next Monday.

According to Rice, “I think the announcement yesterday to revise the guidelines for the operation of the Nigerian interbank foreign exchange market is an important and welcome step.

“It will provide greater flexibility in that market, the foreign exchange market.”

It would be recalled that senior IMF officials, including managing director, Christine Lagarde had urged the Nigerian government to devalue the Naira to absorb some of the shock to the economy from a plunge in oil prices and revenues.

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Total Transformation: How a Young Man Rehabilitated and Set Up Business for an Old Beggar (Photos)

Total Transformation: How a Young Man Rehabilitated and Set Up Business for an Old Beggar (Photos)

A man who has sworn to spend his life to help humanity, has taken his bid a step further after he totally transformed an old woman's life who is a street beggar and set up a business for her.

This inspirational story was shared by Mackenson Saintloth on his facebook page.

It really pays to help humanity with passion. Read below;

Total Transformation: How a Young Man Rehabilitated and Set Up Business for an Old Beggar (Photos)

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Beauty and Brains: Bianca Ojukwu Graduates with Msc from Spanish University (Photos)

Beauty and Brains: Bianca Ojukwu Graduates with Msc from Spanish University (Photos)

Ambassador Bianca Ojukwu has been pictured in a convocation after completing her Masters Degree Program at the prestigious Alfonso el Sabio University (UAX) in Madrid, Spain.

Wife to legendary Igbo leader, Bianca Ojukwu, who is a former ambassador to the Kingdom of Spain, has concluded her Masters Degree Program at the prestigious Alfonso el Sabio University (UAX) in Madrid, Spain.

It was learnt that he former beauty queen and Nigeria's Permanent Representative to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), who already has a Law degree, enrolled in the full time masters program about a year ago.

Beauty and Brains: Bianca Ojukwu Graduates with Msc from Spanish University (Photos)

Family members including her daughter, Ambassadors, members of the Nigerian Community, Nigeria Embassy Officials and many well wishers turned out to felicitate with her at a spectacular and very colorful graduation ceremony with a full orchestra, which took place at the grand coliseum of the main campus of the university at Villanueva.

See more photos below;

Beauty and Brains: Bianca Ojukwu Graduates with Msc from Spanish University (Photos)

Beauty and Brains: Bianca Ojukwu Graduates with Msc from Spanish University (Photos)

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Police arrest 236 at Redemption Camp, say criminals now use church as hideout

Police arrest 236 at Redemption Camp, say criminals now use church as hideout

The Ogun State Police Command on Thursday reportedly invaded the Redemption Camp of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, and arrested 236 people inside the auditorium, New Telegraph reports.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, DSP Muyiwa Adejobi, who made this disclosure, said the exercise followed series of reports and intelligence gathering on how people with questionable character use the auditorium as refuge after committing crime.

Adejobi said, “Our men carried out the raid in the early hours of Thursday after a series of report that criminals have taken the RCCG Auditorium at Kilometre 46, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, as hideout.

“As early as 2am, they arrested 236 persons, 165 are males while 71 are females.

“The suspects are currently being screened. Those who have genuine reason to be at the auditorium for prayer would be released while those who cannot identify themselves would be prosecuted,” the PPRO added.

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Anti-corruption fight will be weakened by FG's new money laundering bill

Anti-corruption fight will be weakened by FG's new money laundering bill

Human Rights lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana SAN believes that Federal Government’s attempt to amend the money laundering law would weaken the ongoing anti-corruption crusade.

He stated this at a workshop on ‘the Roles of Professionals in the Fight against Corruption’, organized in Abuja by the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption.

Falana explained that there have been “serious objections” to certain provisions of the proposed bill.

“Instead of addressing the challenges encountered in dealing with the menace of money laundering, the federal government has submitted the Money Laundering (Prevention and Prohibition) Bill, 2016.

“In view of the serious objections to certain provisions of the proposed Bill by the EFCC, the National Assembly is urged to conduct a public hearing with a view to ensuring that the limited success recorded in the fight against money laundering is not sacrificed on account of expediency,” he said.

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Take your inaugural speech, manifesto and start afresh – Cardinal Okogie urges Buhari

Take your inaugural speech, manifesto and start afresh – Cardinal Okogie urges Buhari

The Archbishop Emeritus of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, Anthony Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to start afresh in his leadership of the country.

He urged the president to do all that is necessary now to revamp the economy before things get out of hands.

Speaking on Thursday during his 80th birthday celebration which took place at the Holy Cross Cathedral, Lagos, Okojie also advised Buhari not to take the goodwill he is currently enjoying from Nigerians for granted.

“You have already seen it in some parts of the country. We have seen it in some of our children’s behaviours,” Okojie added.
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Nine Killed and Many Injured in Ghastly Car Crash at 3rd Mainland Bridge in Lagos

Nine Killed and Many Injured in Ghastly Car Crash at 3rd Mainland Bridge in Lagos

Inset photo is for illustrative purpose only

Nine Killed and Many Injured in Ghastly Car Crash at 3rd Mainland Bridge in Lagos

No fewer than nine people, including a bus driver reportedly died on the spot on Wednesday after a Mazda bus rammed into a stationary truck at the University of Lagos Waterfront end of the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos State

According to a report on Punch, three other passengers who sustained serious injuries from the accident, were taken to the Gbagada General Hospital, as the driver of the truck reportedly fled the scene after seeing the enormity of the fatality.

It was learnt that an angry mob, which besieged the scene, set fire to the truck and injured an official of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency, as firefighters from the Lagos State Fire Service later put out the fire.

It was further gathered that the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, appeased the youths.

A witness and bus driver, who identified himself simply as Kunmi, said the incident happened around 10:00pm, adding that nine persons died. He also explained that the failure of the truck driver to put a sign on the road to indicate that his vehicle had broken down, led to the tragedy.

“The bus was coming from Ajah/Lekki area en route to Oshodi. It was on the Third Mainland Bridge, moving toward Oworonsoki. There was, however, a truck that had broken down on the road. The engine was still running. The driver of the bus, who did not see the truck, rammed into it.

“People were not willing to stop their vehicles to assist the victims. I met some policemen on the ground. We used my spanner to break open the door. But the passengers were trapped. We wanted to use my vehicle to pull the bus from the truck, but we couldn’t. We later stopped another truck, which assisted us.

“A rescue agency later brought a sledgehammer that we used to open up the vehicle and bring out nine bodies, including that of the driver, Segun. The driver still had the fares he collected in his hand. He didn’t have a conductor. We left the scene around 2am on Thursday,” he said.

Kunmi said policemen from the Adekunle division and officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, LASEMA, and the State Environmental Health Monitoring Unit were part of the rescue operation, adding that three survivors, who were in critical conditions, were taken in an ambulance to the Gbagada General Hospital.

An official of LASTMA, who spoke on condition of anonymity, however, claimed that eight people died, saying their remains were mangled, adding that the Lagos CP gave some money to the family of the driver, who insisted on taking the body to Ibadan, Oyo State, for burial.

“The driver of the bus was at top speed when he rammed into the stationary truck. About 80 per cent of the bus was crushed and that was why the driver and passengers on the first three rows died on the spot. Three people at the back, who did not die, lost their limbs.

“SEHMU wanted to take all the corpses to the mortuary, but the friends and family members of the driver insisted on taking him to Ibadan the same night. The Lagos CP, Owoseni, gave them some money and asked a police escort to follow them.”

The LASTMA official said a mob, made up of sympathisers and some hoodlums, set fire to the truck that caused the accident, adding that the mob wanted to cause more destruction but the police boss urged them to be calm, assuring that justice would be served.

The Police Public Relations Officer, SP Dolapo Badmos, confirmed the incident, adding that investigations were ongoing. “We are investigating the case. The CP was at the scene of the incident. It was an accident that could have been prevented.”
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Amid Controversies, Buhari and Tinubu Spotted Exchanging Banters in London (Photos)

Amid Controversies, Buhari and Tinubu Spotted Exchanging Banters in London (Photos)

Amid Controversies, Buhari and Tinubu Spotted Exchanging Banters in London (Photos)

President Muhammadu Buhari has met with the national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinbu, on Thursday in London.

Despite consistent rumours of a deteriorating relationship, President Muhammadu Buhari who extended his 10-day holiday in London till Sunday, was on Thursday, pictured with Ahmed Bola Tinbu, the national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), in London.

The latest of such rumours began intensifying when the president made a last-minute cancellation of his official 2-day trip to Lagos but was then pictured on the day of the cancelled trip chatting heartily with Ibikunle Amosun, the governor of Ogun state, at the presidential villa.

Amid Controversies, Buhari and Tinubu Spotted Exchanging Banters in London (Photos)

It was gathered from the media that the cancellation was believed to be the result of the president’s displeasure with Tinubu’s meeting with labour leaders in the heat of their failed effort to mobilise workers against the federal government over the hike in fuel price.

Amid Controversies, Buhari and Tinubu Spotted Exchanging Banters in London (Photos)

According to photos released on the official twitter page of the president few hours ago, both men were pictured together in London exchanging banters.The president was also picture with the Awujale of Ijebuland, Oba Sikiru Adetona Ogbagba II in London.

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Nigerians Should Join Me in Begging Buhari to Extradite Me from America - Obanikoro Blows Fire!

Nigerians Should Join Me in Begging Buhari to Extradite Me from America - Obanikoro Blows Fire!

Nigerians Should Join Me in Begging Buhari to Extradite Me from America - Obanikoro Blows Fire!

Musiliu Olatunde Obanikoro

As the EFCC officials continue their investigations into Obanikoro's activities while in office, as well as those of his two sons, the former minister has spoken out on how the anti-graft agency burgled his houses in Lagos.

It was widely reported online and on social media few days ago that operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) stormed the Lagos houses of former Minister of State for Defence, Musiliu Olatunde Obanikoro and carted away cars and other valuables.

In an exclusive interview with Premium Times, the Lagos-born Nigerian politician and one-term senator has opened up on his own side of the story from his abode in the United States, as Nigeria’s anti-graft officials continue their investigations into his activities while in office, as well as those of his two sons, Jide and Gbolahan.

Below are excerpts from the chat;

You dared the government to seek your extradition in a statement you released a day after your property was raided in Lagos, did you do that because you’re in America or because you’re confident of your innocence?

You know why I am laughing? Because they have trivialised government by all those senseless propaganda that they’re perpetrating all over the place. These people you’re talking about, they know they don’t have anything that will withstand judicial scrutiny.

They will never attempt any extradition. I, Musiliu Olatunde Obanikoro, am inviting EFCC to petition America to extradite me to Nigeria. The whole world would now see their charade for what it is. It is even good for everyone to know the truth, including those who are sympathisers to the All Progressives Congress.

Because, in Nigeria, you’re either on this side or the other side. But this American system is unbiased. They’re neither for me nor for them. So, let them bring the tissue of lies that they have put together and submit everything to serious judicial scrutiny and let us see whether it will fly. I am inviting them to do that.

Let them tell us how APC elections were funded if it was not government funds that they used. So why are you persecuting people that lost election and maturely and showing respect for peace and tranquility of Nigeria submitted themselves to the rule of law and accepted the verdict of the people and you’re now turning around to witchhunt them?

Maybe they’re trying to tell Nigerians in advance that if they lose elections they will not let go. And I have two good examples to show that if the APC loses election they will never hand over, they would rather destroy the system than hand over government to the winner. My son was a victim in Lagos. We won elections and they refused to hand over without blinking an eye. The councillorship election of my son and chairmanship elections were won by the PDP and they took everything away from them—just like that.

But, as the saying goes, the law is like a sieve, so it can’t catch all offenders. Similarly, if you’ve done anything to breach public trust as a minister, shouldn’t you be made to pay for your actions in order to deter others from committing similar offence?

Mr brother, don’t let us be naive. There are petitions against [Minister of Transport, Rotimi] Amaechi and there are petitions against [Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Tunde] Fashola with the EFCC. They have decided not to touch them because they are in government and they are in APC. We are all Nigerians, are you telling me all APC members are clean? And I am telling you authoritatively as someone who had worked extensively in security institutions in Nigeria that government funds at the state level were used to help APC win elections.

You see, it is unfortunate that these people will use propaganda to destroy people unjustly. And, in this month of Ramadan, God will visit them in his own way.

All this time they were talking about, my son, Jide, was out of Nigeria. We have evidence to show that he was not even in the country. We have evidence. That is why I am telling them to bring the matter to a neutral ground where they will subject it to proper judicial scrutiny. I am inviting them, I am begging them in the name of God. Jide was not even near Nigeria throughout the period in question. He was here in America when the whole funds they’re talking about were released. My other son, Gbolahan, didn’t have access to that kind of money. Did he work for government? How could he have that kind of funds?

What did operatives make away with when they raided your property and that of your son? Has your family enumerated the items to you?

That is no longer relevance as far as I am concerned. I have asked my lawyers to challenge all their activities in the court. I am a law abiding citizen, but I will not allow anybody–no matter how highly placed–to humiliate me, to rubbish me. I have been in public office for more than 20 years and I have never been found wanting. For them to call me a thief, it means a lot to me, even if it doesn’t mean anything to them.

Every of my properties can be explained. These were things acquired not when I was in government.

Including the exquisite vehicles and other valuables said to have been wheeled away from your home?

Up till now, they have not given us any court order to the effect of everything they’ve done. As I speak to you, they have not. Our lawyer was there today for over four hours and they didn’t give him anything.

Nigeria is in trouble. If people of goodwill don’t stand up and ask these people to follow due process–all I am saying is: follow due process. Nobody, should be above the law, including the institutions that are saddled with the responsibility of law enforcement.

If all of us submit ourselves to the rule of law, that is when we will have orderliness. We will not have orderliness when people trample on the individual rights with impunity and knowing that nothing will happen to them. I want all Nigerians to be patient and let us bring this fight against corruption to the international arena and see how it would play out.

So you’re going to remain in exile rather than submit yourself to Nigerian authorities?

I did not say that. I cannot say that. Nigeria is my country, a country that I love dearly. What I am saying is that, once EFCC is made to conform with due process, rule of law, fairness, equity I am prepared to submit myself and come home.
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Horror! Ritualists Murder Pregnant Woman, Removes Fetus from Her Womb in Kwara

Horror! Ritualists Murder Pregnant Woman, Removes Fetus from Her Womb in Kwara

A woman pregnant with child has had the most unfortunate disaster befallen her after people thought to be ritualists attacked and murdered her.

The pregnant woman whose name has not been released was reportedly murdered by suspected ritualists at Gboroko village via Alapa in Asa Local Government Area of Kwara State.

According to ThisDay, the ritualists went on to dismember her private parts after killing her.

Investigations revealed that the incident happened around 4:30pm last Saturday in Gboroko village when a pregnant woman along with a twelve years old daughter of her neighbour were murdered in cold blood.

It was gathered that the deceased woman whose fetus was removed was a popular patent medicine seller in the area who was going for business transaction to the next village when the incident occurred.

An eye witness told journalists in Ilorin on Thursday that the woman was reportedly waylaid , ambushed and later murdered.
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FIFA to announce new 2018 World Cup seeds for Africa

FIFA to announce new 2018 World Cup seeds for Africa

FIFA has confirmed it will release new seedings for the 2018 World Cup qualifying tournament in the African zone.

The decision follows complaints from some teams.

Egypt for instance is not happy with the initial seedings, which puts its team in Pot 2, along with Nigeria. The team insist they should be in Pot 1, which is reserved for top seeds.

FIFA has now sent a memo to the 20 teams in the final rounds of the qualifiers, notifying them about the release of a new ranking on June 21, which is three days before the draws for the World Cup qualifiers.

All the 20 African teams will be divided into five groups of five teams.

The countries that finish top after the qualifying series which begins in October 2016, will grab a ticket to the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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