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Saturday, May 2

Patience Jonathan's Many Battles

The wife of President Goodluck Jonathan, Patience, was not a contestant for any political office in the just concluded general election. However, she was more prominent at the various campaigns of her political party, the Peoples Democratic Party, was involved in – during the countdown to the polls.

She was optimistic that her intervention in the campaigns would save from defeat her husband, who was the presidential candidate of the PDP – and whose public rating had plummeted.

Popularly referred to as 'Mama Peace' by admirers, Patience was a delight to watch as she danced to various songs by popular musicians on magnificently decorated podiums draped in the party 's green-white-red flag colours. And she had no patience when lambasting the opposition All Progressives Congress, which was at the receiving end of her outbursts. Indeed, Patience poked direct verbal attacks and innuendos at the presidential candidate of the APC, Muhammadu Buhari.

At a campaign rally organised in collaboration with PDP women in Lokoja, Kogi State, Patience appealed to her audience to vote en masse for the PDP and her husband. She said that Buhari's brain is dead. Urged to speak further by her supporters who shouted, "Mama Peace, tell them," she described Buhari as unfit to govern Nigeria.

The retired permanent secretary from Bayelsa State, who is more at home with Pidgin English than Standard English, said, "Wetin e dey find again? E dey drag with im pikin mate," in Pidgin English. "Old man wey no get brain, him brain don die pata pata." Shaking her heads with contentment because of the approval she got from the cheering crowd, she further told the crowd that their days of freedom were numbered if they voted Buhari. "If you vote Buhari, na your prison; if you vote APC, na your wahala."
Taunting them about the catchphrase of the APC which is "change," Patience said, "What is change? Why did you not change things when you were there? Is it now that you want to be doing the things you weren't doing before? "Jonathan looked at us and said, 'Women, I am giving you the position of the Chief Justice of this country.' Okonjo-Iweala is a woman, Diezani is a woman. 70 per cent of his cabinet is women. He also gave us the opportunity to start enrolling for the regular combatant course at the NDA (Nigerian Defence Academy). He wants continuity because he has vowed to do more. He places Nigerians in his mind and if he says he will do this, he will do it. So what are we looking for? If we women of Nigeria don't appreciate Goodluck and we are looking for (a) bus conductor? It is left for us."

After appealing to voters to obtain their Permanent Voter Cards in order to participate in the election, she told them that she did not come to them with empty hands after all. "I thank you very much the people of Kogi. This time around I came to thank you very well. I brought some gifts for you, I brought rice, I brought meat, I brought brocade. I brought many things for you. These things are not for election but to thank you very well."

In another rally in Calabar, Cross River State, Patience said that anyone chanting "change" should be stoned. "I'm telling you, anyone that comes and tell(s) you change, stone that person. What you did not do in '19 kikilili,' is it now that age has caught up with you that you want to come and change? You can't change rather you will turn back to a baby."

At the Akwa Ibom PDP women rally, Patience took time to teach the women the meaning of "corruption." Her decision to speak on the topic, it was gathered, was informed by the APC's anti-corruption campaign. In the countdown to the presidential election, especially, the Jonathan administration was accused on many occasions of being weak to wage war on corruption. But Patience said the APC's promise to fight corruption should be discarded, describing it as a lie.

She said she was at the rally to say the truth. In a peculiar voice, she said, "Akwa Ibom people, judge o, because we are not here for lies. We are not here for propaganda; because their own number one campaign is (anti) corruption. As if they are not corrupt. They are not corrupt. What do you call corruption? He has a house. You, are you living outside? Are you living in the forest? It's corruption. In abroad, if a young boy works so hard and buy(s) a copter, we praise the boy. But in Nigeria, if a young boy works so hard and buy(s) a copter, we say he's corrupt. Why? Why can't we encourage the young ones to grow? Why can't we encourage them to do better? We, our mother born us and train us, why they trained us is that we should be better than them. Are we to bring the young ones down? It's not our portion."

In unison, the women shouted, "Amen!"

She urged the electorate in the state not to throw away the opportunity of returning her husband to power, saying that a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Besides, she warned that the opposition was planning to build prisons where she said criminals would to be kept.

Buttressing her illustration with one of her hands behind her, she said, "A bird at hand is worth a million in the bush. Nigerian women, let us shine our eyes. Women of Nigeria, are you ready to go to prison? Are you ready to go and give your father food in the prison? It is not our portion. We reject it.

"Akwa Ibom State is a PDP state. It's not for expired drugs, because APC cannot heal you, outdated drugs cannot heal you. Let them call it any name. Just like as my husband younger brother (Governor Godswill Akpabio) have (sic) said, they will continue changing name until they will reach (sic) Ebola. And they will call it Ebola.

"You know what Ebola normally do? Although Dr. Goodluck Jonathan has said Nigeria is not Ebola country. So, they cannot bring Ebola to Nigeria because Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and PDP government will wipe it off. And they will bury it because it cannot stay here at all. So, let them continue changing their name. If they fail this time, because I know they have failed, you will hear they will change their name again. They will change it and answer another name."

Her many references to prison in the course of her campaigns suggested that Patience dreaded jail. At Ibadan, Patience stated that the APC was planning to send her to prison. But in order to avoid this, she invoked the 'Holy ghost fire'.

She said, "I want to warn you not to listen to the APC. The APC does not have materials to match what the PDP has on (the) ground. Their candidate was there in governance initially. What did he do? They only sent your fathers to prison. They are planning to even send me to prison. Holy ghost fire! Holy ghost fire! Holy ghost fire! They have nothing to offer."

As she prepares to vacate Aso Rock with her husband on May 29, Nigerians will still recall how she burst into tears when she realised that Hajiya Nana Shettima, the wife of Borno State Governor, was absent at a second enlarged stakeholders' meeting on the abducted schoolgirls. The President's wife burst into tears after she took a roll call and discovered that the governor's wife and the other people she invited refused to honour her invitation. Before she shed tears, she said repeatedly, "There is God in everything we are doing. There is God in everything we are doing. Those bloods that are sharing in Borno will answer. God will answer. What of two teachers that can tell us that they conducted that exam, do you come with any, Principal? No, too? Na only you waka come? Chai, chai, there's God, there is God , there is God!'' And Patience wept.

The wife of the President had summoned the governor's wife, officials of the West African Examination Council, security chiefs and other government officials to her 'office' to seek clarification on the conflicting issues about the exact number of the missing schoolgirls from Chibok. She was, however, astonished that the majority of the officials refused to turn up. This action infuriated her. She didn't hide her displeasure as she said in anger, "I asked her to come with the principal and parents: she did not turn up till today. She is the mother of these children, I am their grandmother. She should be more concerned and come to her grandma. The police, Army, WAEC, government officials came with a few of their own but no parent was present to tell us their child was kidnapped or among those who escaped. It is because we are pained and crying, that is why I am doing so. Why should I cry more than the bereaved?"

PDP women leaders such as Amina, the wife of Vice-President Namadi Sambo; Helen, the wife of the Senate President, David Mark; and PDP national women leader, Kema Chikwe, among several others, will miss the enthusiasm and fun Patience brings to politicking.

Even her fellow African 'First Ladies' are getting set to bid her goodbye as she prepares to quit her position as the President of the African Ladies Peace Mission.

Nigerians are patiently waiting to see if her successor, Aishat Buhari, would surpass the records set by the Rivers-born politician.
In this piece, PUNCH's Olusola Fabiyi recounts the style brought to the political space by the wife of President Goodluck Jonathan, Patience, during the outgoing political dispensation.
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BBA Star, Huddah Monroe Shows Off Hot Body In New Bikini Photos

Huddah pictured lounging at the Infinity pool in Kilimanjaru Hotel, Tanzania. Another photo below;
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Nigerian Oyibo Niki Tall Is In Lagos!

Self acclaimed Nigerian Oyibo, Niki Tall, who's half Greek, half German and famous for remixing Nigerian songs and speaking pidgin is currently in Lagos. He flew in on Wednesday and will be here for 6 days. More photos below;

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Wanna Know What Chris Attoh Would Be If Not An Actor? By PEG


Chris Attoh has revealed what he would have being doing aside acting. Ghanaian actor, Chris Attoh has revealed that he would have been a top movie producer, if he was not acting. The former Tinsel actor spoke with NET recently where he disclosed that he would have been a top movie producer, director and Television host.

'If I wasn't acting, I would have been exploring one of the important things I am interested in, in the industry, which is directing and Television hosting, producing, which I am kind of doing. That's definitely where my passion is.' Chris Attoh, who is one of the talented actors in Africa, will feature in the latest edition of Shuga.

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Hat Trick Against Madrid, My Best So Far By Lionel Messi‎, PEG


Messi celebrates after scoring the second goal of his hat-trick against Real Madrid in March 2007. Argentine football star, Lionel Messi has opened up on the best hat-trick goal he has scored so far for Barcelona.

Speaking with Barcelona's official magazine in a recent interview, the football star, who has scored 32 hat-tricks out of his 277 La Liga goals for the Spanish team, said the hat-trick he recorded in the match against Real Madrid in March 2007, was so special for him, despite his team losing out in the title race.

'The one I scored against Real Madrid when we drew 3-3 at Camp Nou was very special for me, for what it meant in the game and because for me, it was my first hat-trick and it kept us ahead in the league. Even though at the end we didn't win the league, at that moment it was important and also because it was against Real Madrid.'

Lionel Messi poses with each of the 32 balls he has taken home after scoring a hat-trick for Barcelona

Lionel Messi poses with each of the 32 balls he has taken home after scoring a hat-trick for Barcelona.

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Checkout Mikel Obi's House In London And His Expensive Fleet Of Cars

Chelsea and Nigerian midfielder Mikel Obi is one of the richest footballers in the history of Nigeria football. Having being in Chelsea for many years, he has earned a lot of money that he has a massive mansion in London. He also owns expensive cars such as Bentley Continental GT (worth around N35m), Mercedes G Wagon, Black Mercedes G 500 and a Range Rover Sport.

Checkout his mansion in London and expensive fleet of cars.

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Spoilt Child? Kylie Jenner Admits She Doesn't Know How To Do Laundry Or Iron Her Own Clothes

17 year old Kylie Jenner who owns a new $2.7 million Spanish-style, five-bedroom mansion located a few feet away from her sisters' homes admitted to her sisters Kim and Khloe Kardashian at Sunday's episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians that she doesn't know how to do laundry or iron her own clothes. 
Aerial view of Kylie's mansion
Her 30 year old sister Khloe told her "You need to take notes'. Kylie's older sisters educated her on the things she needs which included finding a good gardener, homeowners association fees, rattlesnake fencing, as well as buying earthquake, flooding, and fire insurance.
Kylie made the statement with a shrug. 'Kylie, seriously? I cannot believe you don't know this,' her 34 year old sister Kim asked. 'Do you know anything about credit?' She shook her head that she didn't.
'Kim and Khloé have made me aware that it's a little tough to own a home and I really hope I'm not in over my head,' Jenner remarked.
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Frank Edwards Shows Off Swag And Hangs Out With Pastor Chris' Daughter Sharon Oyahkilome

Frank Edwards Shows Off Swag, Hangs Out With Pastor Chris' Daughter Sharon Oyahkilome
Frank Edwards who is currently abroad for a show is really having some great moment in his career. The gospel singer shows off swag in new photos he just released. Cute!
See more of the photos below:

Frank Edwards Shows Off Swag, Hangs Out With Pastor Chris' Daughter Sharon Oyahkilome
Frank Edwards Shows Off Swag, Hangs Out With Pastor Chris' Daughter Sharon Oyahkilome
Frank Edwards Shows Off Swag, Hangs Out With Pastor Chris' Daughter Sharon Oyahkilome
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We Must Question Sources Of Rich Nigerians' Wealth Says VP Elect, Yemi Osinbajo

The Vice-President-elect, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, on Friday explained how the Muhammadu Buhari administration would prosecute the anti-graft war, saying that Nigerians must question sources of wealth of the rich. Osinbajo, while delivering the keynote address at the Abuja edition of The Platform, said the incoming administration would ensure zero tolerance for corruption by reforming the Justice system.

He said within the last few years, what the country had experienced was a situation where people got away with corrupt practices, noting that going forward; the incoming government would make sure that corrupt people suffer the consequences of their actions. He said when people are made to suffer the consequences of corrupt practices; it would send a strong message to everyone that the era of looting of the treasury was over.

He said, "We have always talked about zero tolerance for corruption but it is also important that people are made to understand that there will be consequence for corruption. "What we have seen so far is that there is hardly any consequence and people simply get away with it and if you get away with it often, it sends a message to everyone that there is no problem, and we need to fix that whole thinking that there has to be a consequence for corrupt practices.

"People have to explain, for instance, if you are a public servant, that how come you have 50 houses. Somebody needs to ask you those questions and some of the reasons people get away with that is our criminal justice system." He said in view of the fact that the incoming administration would be taking the fight against corruption seriously, one of the reforms that would first be carried out is in the judicial system.

The Vice-President- elect said the nation's judicial system as presently constituted was slow, adding that this had made it easy for people to get away with criminal acts. He said, "Our criminal justice system needs to be fixed. The system is slow and it almost always ensures that people who have been charged with offenses would not be tried forever and after a while people forget that people are on trial.

"We have to fix that criminal justice system to ensure that criminal trials are speedy and that anyone who is guilty of an offense will be punished for that offense. "So there are so many initiatives around what we need to do in that area. The United States has 300 million people and they have 2.2 million people in jail. We have 170 million people and we have convicted people of just 12,000.

"Now if you add those awaiting trials, it comes to about 50,000 but actual convicted people are just 12,000. Truly it shows you that there is a failure somewhere of our criminal justice system, practically every one of us knows somebody who has stolen something. "The truth is that the system of protection, investigation and trial of people is wrong and the truth is that everybody gets away with criminality in Nigeria and I think there is a need for us to review the system such that it begins to work."

In the area of policing, Osinbajo said a country as big as that of Nigeria needed community policing. He said it would be difficult for the Nigerian Police Force in its present form to fight crime in an effective manner owing to what he described as structural problems. He said, "We need to look at law and order. The question of policing our society, how do we police this country? At the moment we know that policing is ineffective.

"If the police want to deal with the criminals, you and I know that they are hampered from doing so, they are hampered structurally, they are hampered by the fact that they are not as well equipped as they ought to be, and they are not resourced as they ought to be but the structural problem is the major one.

"A country of this size needs some form of community policing because criminality is always local, we need to have policemen who understand the local language, who live in the local community, who understand the language. So there is logic in it to have community policing." The event powered by Covenant Christian Centre had the theme: "Business and governance."
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It's A Girl! Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge Gives Birth To Her Second Child Following 3-Hour Labour

Duchess Of Cambridge Gives Birth To Her Second Child

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has given birth to a baby girl at St. Mary's Hospital in Paddington. News of the birth was announced in the traditional manner with a notice attached to the railings outside Buckingham Palace where a jubilant crowd is currently celebrating the little girl's birth. The younger sister of George is fourth in line to the throne. Thanks to a recent change in law, the little princess cannot be superseded in her claim to the throne by any younger brother who may yet come along.

Duchess Of Cambridge Gives Birth To Her Second Child
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I Don't Go To Church Because Of Too Much Noise Says Noella Wiyaala

I Don't Go To Church Because Of Too Much Noise Says Noella Wiyaala

Noella Wiyaala says she stopped attending church because of too much noise. Despite being born and raised in a catholic family, Ghanaian female singer, Noella Wiyaala has revealed churches in her neighbourhood made her stop attending church services because of excessive noise.

Speaking with Flex Newspaper, the 'Make Me Dance' singer who recently performed at the 89th birthday of British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at the British High Commission in Ghana, said: 'I don't go to church because the churches around where I stay currently make too much noise which doesn't invite me to worship with them. I believe we go to church to worship God, sing and pray but what goes on in my area is beyond measure.'

The singer also questioned Churches and their worshipers' manner of keeping their voices loud while communicating with God. 'Why should they be shouting at God in the first place just to get favour? To me it's unnecessary and those things put me off, you don't have to shout at God to give you something that doesn't suit you especially if God says he won't give you something and you keep shouting, he won't give it to you.'

Noella Wiyaala won the award for Best Female Vocal Performance at the 2015 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.
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See What Lagos Fuel Scarcity Made This Car Owner Do

This car was spotted in traffic in Lagos today. Desperate times require desperate measures they say!
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Janet Jackson Spotted Out Again

Janet Jackson Spotted Out Again

Janet Jackson is quite scarce to see these days so any spotting is reported. Ms Jackson was spotted leaving her hotel in Milan, Italy two days ago after attending Giorgio Armani's anniversary dinner the day before with her husband. See another photo below;

Janet Jackson Spotted Out Again
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Governor Fashola And Wife Celebrate 22nd Wedding Anniversary

Governor Fashola And Wife Celebrate 22nd Wedding Anniversary

Governor of Lagos state, Bababtunde Fashola and his wife, Abimbola celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary on May 1st, 2015. The couple got married in 1993. Congrats to them.
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See The Tattoo Singer Oritsefemi Just Got

The music artist shared a picture of his latest addition to his collection of body tattoos. This one says international. Looks painful!
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Breaking News: Nollywood Actor Peter Bunor Dies In Asaba

Veteran Nollywood actor, Peter Bunor has passed on. He died early hours of Friday, May 1, 2015 in Asaba, Delta State. Bunor who appeared in several Nollywood movies is survived by his children and grandchildren.
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Friday, May 1

I Became Blind After Drinking Ogogoro

One of the survivors of the Ode-Irele methanol poisoning in Ibadan, Mr. Olorunwa Jero, yesterday, recounted his ordeal in the throes of death. Jero, a father of six, who is a vulcaniser, narrated: "By the time I was brought here, I had gone blind. I could not identify my wife, I could not identify anything. I did not even know when I arrived here. "But I thank God and the management and staff of University College Hospital, UCH, for bailing me out. I can see all of you here clearly. I can even identify the clothes each one of you is putting on."

The victim commended the teaching hospital for its timely medical intervention which he said saved his life. Meantime, UCH management, yesterday, confirmed that five victims of Ode-Irele methanol poisoning were responding to treatment. The victims were said to have taken the methanol while consuming a local gin. Confirming that the toxin was detected in the blood and urine of the victims, Professor Temitope Alonge, Chief Medical Director, UCH, said the five victims were transferred to the teaching hospital on April 18 adding that they had regained their lost sight as a result of taking the chemical.

Alonge, who said this while speaking with newsmen in Ibadan, warned people to be wary of taking local gin so as to avoid similar unpleasant experience. According to the CMD, series of tests were carried out on the victims and the samples of the three drinks they took.

The medical practitioner said: "On April 18, the Consultant Pathologist with the Ondo State Ministry of Health, Dr Osasan, called to seek the assistance of the University College Hospital, Ibadan, in the management of five patients who survived the Ode-Irele neuro-toxicity saga who were completely blind.

''We agreed to take over the management of the patients but requested for the samples of the local gin that were incriminated along the fresh blood and urine samples of the patients. "I contacted the consultant neurologist on call, Dr. Steeve Oluwole for a comprehensive evaluation of the patients because of the clinical presentation of the patients that had died and the ones that survived since they all pointed to neurotoxicity".

'In addition, the clinical pharmacologists led by Professor Catherine Falade, the laboratory scientists and specialists advisers to the hospital, Professor Segun Ademowo, were all contacted for the biochemical analyses of the blood of these patients as well as the urine in addition to the three samples of local gin that was reportedly consumed by the patients. He added that all the relevant health personnel worked for almost two weeks before they detected the likely cause of the neurotoxicity exemplified by sudden blindness and correlated their findings with the toxicants in the blood, urine and the local gin samples.

From Vanguard
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Jeffrey Okafor Who Killed CBBC Presenter Carl Beatson-Asiedu Found Guilty Of Murder

Convict Jeffrey Okafor:
Jeffrey Okafor, who was only 18 when he stabbed Carl Beatson Asiedu 19, outside a nightclub in Vauxhall, central London in August 2009 when a late-night row escalated into violence, has been found guilty of murder.
Carl Beatson Asiedu:
On the night Carl was killed, he was with friends and had performed a set at the Club Life nightclub near Vauxhall station. Carl who was a DJ at the time, was outside the club when he and his friends were approached by a gang of clubbers, which included Okafor, and an argument broke out. The court heard that Carl became separated from his friends and it was at this time that he was stabbed by Okafor.

Within an hour of the attack, Okafor confessed in a phone call to his girlfriend that he had stabbed Carl, and days later he told the same woman that he had stabbed the DJ in the stomach. She said he gave her a pair of black gloves to look after which were later passed to police. DNA which may have come from the victim was found on one of the gloves.
Police arrived at his East Dulwich home on August 13, 2009 to arrest him but he was already in hiding and took a flight from Heathrow to Lagos using his brother's name and passport. A post-mortem examination concluded the cause of Mr. Beatson Asiedu's death was a single stab wound to the front of the chest.
Sarah Whitehouse QC, prosecuting, told Woolwich Crown Court that Okafor had no connection with his victim prior to the attack. She said "It is not clear, and will probably never be known, what led up to the killing of Carl Beatson by Jeffrey Okafor. You may hear that there was some ill-feeling between some members of the two groups, but there was nothing serious enough in the background for anyone to explain why knives should be drawn. What is clear, the prosecution say, is that Jeffrey Okafor was the man who killed him."

The prosecution said four days later Okafor boarded a flight from Heathrow Airport to Lagos using his brother's passport. He was extradited from Nigeria in November last year. Okafor pled not guilty to the murder but the jury took just two hours to convict  him in London yesterday - six years after Mr. Beatson-Asiedu's death. Judge Christopher Kinch QC will sentence him today.
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APC Accuses Jonathan's Administration Of Hindering Smooth Transition Of Power

The APC has accused Jonathan's government of hindering the smooth transition of power. They say Jonathan's government is not making the May 29 handover easy for them. In a statement issued in Abuja on Thursday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the APC said

We are sick and tired of being blackmailed by Jonathan's administration. Gen. Buhari won the 28 March Presidential Elections fair and square, having satisfied both constitutional and other statutory requirements. We have no apology for our victory, and the concession of defeat - while it may have increased the political stock of President Jonathan - has by no means diminished the historic and emphatic victory of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressives Congress,"
The  party said while the outgoing government had earlier issued a memo to all ministries, departments and agencies to make sure their handover notes are ready by April 20th, the same government has now reversed itself and said the handover notes will not be ready until May 14th.
"With the new date, the Buhari Transition Committee will have little or no time to take a thorough look at the handover notes or seek clarification on knotty issues, effectively handing it (Buhari Transition Committee) a fait accompli as far as the handover notes are concerned. This does not augur well for a smooth transition and gives the impression that the outgoing Administration is trying to hide something. "By its dillydallying on the date for the readiness of the handover notes from the MDAs, the administration's posturing that it is ready to hand over has been exposed as nothing but a smokescreen".
"In case the Federal Executive Council has forgotten, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress was declared the winner of the March 28th Presidential Election by INEC. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari is therefore today the President-elect and the All Progressives Congress
the incoming government. It is therefore illogical to accuse the President-elect and the incoming government of setting up a parallel government.
"It is either the outgoing Federal Executive Council has something to hide or is bent on sabotaging the incoming government. There can be no other reasons for the misplaced aggression that was exhibited in that ill-intentioned, unprovoked and vitriolic statement from the Jonathan government".
"Are they now saying that because the President conceded defeat, the incoming administration can no longer ask legitimate questions or seek clarifications that may arise from the handover notes. "We will not surrender to any blackmail, subtle or otherwise. We shall ask questions and ask for explanations and clarifications whenever and wherever we deem such necessary. We cannot run a transparently honest government or fight corruption if we are prevented from asking legitimate questions and seeking clarifications from the outgoing government during the transition process. Let the Jonathan Administration not tie our hands behind our back just because he conceded defeat after losing an election."
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Husband Tells Wife To Refund N1.4m He Spent On Marriage Expenses

A middle-aged-man, Collins Nduka, on Thursday pleaded with an Ojo Customary Court in Lagos State to order his wife, Sefinat Nduka, to refund N1.4 million he spent in marrying her.

Collins told the court that his wife, whom he married three years ago, had decided to abandon her matrimonial home for more than a year.
"I would want a refund of the amount that I spent as marriage and dowry expenses because she has become unfaithful. My wife is not faithful to the marriage because she has other relationships apart from me and I no more love her. After all, she has not given birth to any child for me. The most painful thing is that she has parked all my belongings in my house to an unknown place in addition to her emptying my shop which I stocked with over N750,000. I invited my friends from outside the country to make the marriage an expensive one and after it, she wants to leave me for another man, I need my dowry so she can be free," Nduka said.
He pleaded with the court to dissolve the marriage and order Sefinat to return his belongings which she allegedly parked away and money to him so that he could continue with his life.

Sefinat, who was absent in court, had earlier told the court that she did not cart away her husband's property as he had alleged. She, however, said that she was ready for the divorce.

The President, Chief Joseph Ogunmola, while advising the husband on the dangers of divorce, instructed that the respondent be invited to the court.
"The court does not dissolve any marriage except in extreme cases, we need the consent of both parties before judgment so she must be invited", he said.
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Eucharia Anunobi, Oge Okoye Clem Ohameze And More Stars At The Africa Magic Igbo Launch In Enugu

Legendary actor Clem Ohameze, Eucharia Anunobi, Oge Okoye, Uti Nwachukwu, Patience Ozokwor, Basket Mouth, OC Ukeje and wife  are some of the celebrity guests at the Africa Magic Igbo launch in Enugu today. Looking good!
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Chris Brown And Rihanna Party Together

Well, not that they partied together but they were at the same party at the same time last night. They were both spotted at rapper Travis Scott's birthday party last night handling the same snake while party goers Tweeted confirmation. See tweets below;

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