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Saturday, March 5

INSECURITY: Lagos seeks total ban of Okada

INSECURITY: Lagos seeks total ban of Okada


There are indications that Governor Akinwunmi Ambode is disposed to imposing a total ban on commercial motorcycles, popularly called Okada, in Lagos State.

 The move, it was learnt, is not unconnected with the Thursday clash in Ketu-Mile 12 area of the state, allegedly triggered by a dispute between an Okada operator and a passersby, which led to loss of lives and property worth millions of naira A source at the Government House, Alausa, at the weekend, said Ambode was under pressure and may approach the state House of Assembly to amend the law restricting Okada on some routes to total ban of their operations in the state.

 The former administration of Fashola had signed the Lagos Road Traffic Law 2012, which restricts Okada in at least 492 of the 9200 roads across Lagos in an effort to reduce the menace of their operations in recent past. The source said Ambode was not comfortable with the flagrant abuse of the law by Okada riders, coupled with reports of robbery incidents in recent times allegedly perpetrated with the use of Okada.

 Don’t forget that there is a law on ground that restricts them on certain routes in the state but they have not been adhering to the law. They find a way to circumvent the law and government has a duty to safeguard innocent lives. Most of them drive against traffic during the day and at night; so, government is weighing the option strongly that the best thing is to ban Okada outrightly and it is in the interest of the state to do so”, the source added.

 “They (Okada riders) are gradually becoming a menace in Lagos and it is evident in the way they ply restricted routes at any time of the day. “You are also aware of the recent bloody clash in Ketu-Mile 12 and the increasing threat to lives and property by terrorists in the country; it has, therefore, become expedient and imperative for government to ponder on this option.

 “The governor is seriously considering this move because he feels that a mega city like Lagos cannot harbour Okada. He feels that the Lagos economy and most especially the transport sector cannot be driven by Okada”.

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EFCC is a toothless bulldog – Obasanjo

EFCC is a toothless bulldog – Obasanjo

Olusegun Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has attacked the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, which he described as a   toothless bulldog.

Olusegun Obasanjo Obasanjo said, though the anti-graft body became dreaded   during   the time of the   pioneer Chairman, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, it has become a toothless bulldog.

 While speaking, on Saturday, during his 79th birthday celebration, held at Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library (OOPL), Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, the former Nigerian leader wondered what had   happened to the anti-graft agency that led to its present status. According to him, gone were the days when the people believed that   “the fear   of Nuhu Ribadu is the beginning of wisdom”.

 The former President, however, advised the Buhari government and stakeholders to take a critical   look at the   situation that made   the agency   lose its power to tame corruption and avoid it. He said government must avoid any action that could make the agency   take   a step forward and three steps backward.

 Obasajo said, “Honestly, when Nuhu was handling EFCC, he handled it in such   a way that people coined the saying that ‘ the fear of Nuhu Ribadu is   the beginning of wisdom ‘ and then the question you will ask is, how did we   go down? How did we lose that? “Nuhu Ribadu is still here, he’s still alive.

 The institution we started   together is still there, but what made the institution to become a toothless bulldog? What? And that’s the matter we have to keep   looking at, so that we don’t take two steps forward, one step aside and three steps back.”

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The 10 Kinds of Guys That Find It Difficult to Woo a Lady

The 10 Kinds of Guys That Find It Difficult to Woo a Lady

These are the type of men who find it very difficult to woo or approach a lady and because of that have remained lovely all their lives.

It's hard-wired into our psyche that only well to do guys are highly attractive and therefore, have the courage and what it takes to actually approach/woo a lady but the truth of the matter is that if you are wooing a lady with genuine intention, even the most articulate and confident guy can be rendered into anxiety and panic for possible outcome rejection and embarrassment.

The ones who really have no romantic commitment and are only in for sexual intentions are never nervous wooing a lady even though they might not admit it. They subconsciously act like badoo and see any interaction as a route to sex with that lady.

However, when guys decide whether to approach a lady, they normally calculate their chances of rejection correctly/incorrectly, thus overestimating their chances of rejection especially when a beautiful and sophisticated woman is involved.

1. Virgin Guys

Some of us are not very confident and are usually very timid when it comes to expressing our love for a lady we deeply love. Though some of us may form badoo on social media but other there, when locked up inside the room with a lady, all we discuss is Olajumoke, the bread seller, and Saraki, who declared fake assests.. Often times, when I see a lady I deeply love, the thought of approaching her troubles me that I will have to hide somewhere and will beg my friends to woo her on my behalf cool

2. Scholars

Believe it or not, most scholars tend to have boring social life. This is because they focus on their books more than anything else. Though ladies flirt with them for academic prevalence. After graduation, some of them may not even be able to approach a lady. Na their mumsy dey woo on their behalf. The worst scenario is that some of them will bag first class and may not be able to locate where the kitty cat is, at the age of 35 . cheesy

3. Short Guys

Don't get this twisted cos it's not a maximum generalization that all short guys are unable to approach/woo a lady. All I'm trying to say is that, research have it that short guys are usually very confident when approaching a lady, just that they are likely to find it difficult to approach a lady who is much more taller than they are. Let's assume a guy is 5ft 10inch, approaching a lady of 6ft 2in won't be easy. Vizkiz can testify to this cheesy

4. Introverts

Introverts are as shy as virgin guys and are usually timid and nervous when it comes to approaching/wooing a lady. Even when some of them come across a lady they have serious crush on, for them to open their mouth in sealing the deal is a thug war of contest. Some of them cannot even decode greenlight or utilize opportunities. Some of them are usually in a boring relationship

5. Stingy Guys

The notion that Nigerian ladies are usually at the receiving end often makes me refrain myself from wooing ladies. Stingy guys are not very good in showing love because we know that no lady in her right sense of reasoning picks handsomeness over wealth. As a result of this, they employ lie to gain the love of a lady. Often times, if I have the intention of wooing a lady and she asks me for recharge card, I go just pick my slippers begin grab

6. Pastors (SU)

Though, I take exception to some pastors who are veteran wooers and can woo anything woo-able. Some of them no dey gawk themselves that they can even snatch the girlfriend/fiance of a brother in the church. When they spot a member they have interest in, they will go straight her telling her how God revealed to them she will be their wives. On the contrary, most of the pastors in Deeper life, MFM, Jehova witness are likely to be poor at approaching/ wooing ladies.

8. Grammatically Deficient Guys

Someone like me who can't construct proper English often cram and rehearse what to say before approaching a lady. Take for example, let's assume a chronic Ekiti guy like me wants to woo a Lagos babe, it's usually a thug war of contest because I will be very mindful of my grammar; I will try to fake confidence and will eventually mess up at the end of the day. Our inability to speak fluently in English often makes say ru.bbish when approaching/wooing a lady

9. Mummy's Boy

They won't say a thing while chyking a girl without mentioning their mum's name. Everything is all about their mother promised to take them to Dubai provided they score 160 in JAMB. Such ideology will make a lady have negative impression that her boyfriend is nothing but an immature boy.

10. Low Self Esteemed Guys

Guys with low self esteem don't have what it takes to show their worth to a lady, therefore, they see money as the only tool or escape route to get the lady they desire. These kinds of guys are likely to find it difficult to approach/woo a lady cos their philosophy is that, money is all they need before they can ask a lady for a relationship.
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Shocking! University Professor Who Taught Students for 25-years is Found to be a Pornstar (Photos)

Shocking! University Professor Who Taught Students for 25-years is Found to be a Pornstar (Photos)

Professor Nicholas Goddard

A professors shocking double-life has been exposed after information got around that the dad-of-three has been a porn star for 10 years while teaching as a lecturer in a university.

A university professor aged 61 is leading a double life as a porn star. The shock revelation also revealed that the divorced dad-of-three Nicholas Goddard has taught chemical engineering for almost 25 years.

The professor has been starring as Old Nick in dozens of X-rated flicks for close to 10 years now without anyone knowing.

According to the TheSun UK, The Oxford-educated prof wears just a gold watch to romp with girls more than 40 years his junior.

The report went further to reveal that videos, with titles such as Teen Monique F**** Old Nick, he acted in have racked up over million hits on the world’s biggest adult site, PornHub.

One viewer said: “Fair play. I would not have lasted as long.” Another added: “Goddamn... he must be rich.”

Many of his co-stars are blonde Europeans. He drives a £35,000 Audi A6 and lives in a new-build terraced home in an area popular with his University of Manchester students.

Shocking! University Professor Who Taught Students for 25-years is Found to be a Pornstar (Photos)

The professor teaching his student at the university

A source said: “He’s a very pleasant and quite nerdy scientist, at the top of his game in the professional world. But no one knew he was hooking up with scores of young women on weekends.

“It’s not exactly a smart move to be teaching 18-year-olds by day and having sex with others at night.

“Some students will think he’s a hero and has the dream hobby, but the university will be furious.”

Prof Goddard is a leading scholar who has published scores of scientific papers over his 35-year career and is lead tutor on three courses. University videos also feature him lecturing to students.

Shocking! University Professor Who Taught Students for 25-years is Found to be a Pornstar (Photos)

Professor Nicholas Goddard as a porn star

When his secret was reported to The Sun, he said: “There is such hypocrisy with people watching porn then complaining about those who act in it.

“Why would students and staff be happy to watch it, but unhappy when they see who stars in them? Especially as I know that on evenings and weekends, 75 per cent of web traffic on the university’s server is accessing porn.”

He said he got into the films to relieve the stress of his divorce. His family are unaware of the sideline.

Prof Goddard said: “I don’t get paid much, mainly travel expenses. Sometimes you do things that you regret later while under stress. But I’ve given it up since January, it’s too much for me now. What I do in my private life is my business not the university’s. I haven’t told anyone there.

“I don’t know what students or their parents would think but I for one certainly wouldn’t care if my children were being taught by a porn star.”

The university last night said it is investigating.
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Father confused as to whether he should meet son’s iPhone 6 demand after son met his

Father confused as to whether he should meet son’s iPhone 6 demand after son met his

This is the story of a 7-year-old boy, Gerald, and his father. According to Naij, little Gerald had demanded for an iPhone 6.

 The man in turn demanded that he should come home with 10 excellent grades in his new school. Lo and behold, Gerald ended the term with 14 excellent grades. The man is now asking whether he should fulfill his own part of the deal, considering the boy’s age…. d boy is already threatening to sue him for N10.5m if he reneges…..
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Nigerian court orders South African lady to forfeit $374,355 to the FG

Nigerian court orders South African lady to forfeit $374,355 to the FG

 Ngqula Nosisi

Yesterday, Justice C.M.A Olatoregun of the Federal High Court, Lagos, convicted Ngqula Nosisi Pam for money laundering and bulk cash smuggling. She was arraigned by EFCC on February 1, 2016 after her arrest at the Lagos airport.

Nqgula had said the 5 packs of oats containing the money, was given to her in Johannesburg by a Nigerian, Prophet Cyprian Chigere, to be deliver to one Damian Akamelu, in Lagos. Justice Olatoregun ordered that she forfeit the money to the FG….. luckily for her, she escaped deportation….
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3 clearing agents and one exporter nabbed with illicit drugs worth N222m

3 clearing agents and one exporter nabbed with illicit drugs worth N222m

They’re arrested at the Lagos airport with drugs with a street value of N222m. Mike Odofia, had 50 packs each of diazepam tablets and injections.

 Orji Otuu was found in possession of 2.810kg of cocaine while Akpan Jacob and Nwaeyizia Sylvester conspired to export 24.7kg of methamphetamine disguised in hair extensions….. aka Peruvian hair….
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For bullying her over being “too fat,” Halima Abubakar puts her namesake on blast

For bullying her over being “too fat,” Halima Abubakar puts her namesake on blast

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Embarrassment of the Year! See What a Girl Did to Her Boyfriend Who Proposed in a Shopping Mall (Video)

Embarrassment of the Year! See What a Girl Did to Her Boyfriend Who Proposed in a Shopping Mall (Video)

The awful moment a man was nearly given a heart attack after he proposed to his girlfriend

This is absolutely the embarrassment of the century as a man who tried to proposed to a packed audience in a shopping mall was left licking his wound.

A man was left totally knocked out and cold after he tried to take advantage of a crowded mall to propose to his girlfriend. But, no one saw the end of this proposal coming. The girl knocked him out cold in front of a packed audience and crowd while the man was making his love confessions on the microphone.

I bet you have never see anything like this before.

Here are some of the comments by people.

One commented said: "Lol grin grin. It was like the hit made his brain reset. with an object for that matter"

Another person wrote: "That's totally not right.. nobody will marry that girl I swear"

And a third commented added: "lwkm 'she crushes him', "Hian! I can't do that to the one I love sad"

Watch the video below:

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I don’t want to die like this – Woman shot by SARS men, abandoned at LUTH for eight months

I don’t want to die like this – Woman shot by SARS men, abandoned at LUTH for eight months

Roselyn Adewunmi

A very fair skin with a face adorned with tribal marks and tattooed eyebrows would have made one conclude that 57-year-old Mrs. Roselyn Adewunmi is hale and hearty, as she sat on a corner bed in Ward B1 of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital.

Merely looking at her sitting on the bed, one would conclude that she is simply a patient with a minor problem who would soon be discharged.

But all is far from being well with the woman, who once worked as a cleaner at the National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos.

In fact, in the last 10 months, Adewunmi has been confined to her bed, not able to walk. She cannot move on her bed without support while she cannot go to the toilet by herself. She has had to use disposable briefs to ease herself, which are costing her heavily financially.

Anybody who has not heard her story before might have thought she was stricken by a terrible illness that rendered her immobile but that is far from the truth.

Her trouble started in the evening of May 1, 2015, when she decided to sit in front of her tiny plank house at Badia East Oke-Eri community at Ijora, Apapa to take fresh air with one of her daughters around 8.45pm.

Operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad were said to have stormed the area in pursuit of some hoodlums when they started shooting sporadically.

A resident of the area identified as Nwane was said to have been shot dead in the raid.

Adewunmi, a widow and mother of five, was hit by bullets before she even heard the sound of gunshots.

“I did not even know about any shooting. I did not hear any sound initially; maybe because our area is generally noisy. What I heard was my daughter screaming and pointing at me. She was screaming ‘blood, blood!’” Adewunmi said on her hospital bed.

The woman had been shot in the lower abdomen and the thigh.

Saturday PUNCH learnt that when Adewunmi’s daughter raised the alarm, residents who ran out to find out what had happened, including one of her sons, sighted one of the sars operatives, identified as Mohammed Abubakar, who reportedly shot her nearby and approached the man.

“We approached the policeman and he said that he fired the shot by mistake. His colleagues were there too. They brought a patrol van and said they were after a robber. My mother was bleeding on the ground. They still did not make any attempt to help her,” Adewunmi’s son, Seun, said.

Adewunmi also said that when they made no attempt to help her, she crawled to meet the policeman who shot her and held him, begging for help.

She said, “My son first went to meet them. But they pushed him back. The policemen said I should not worry that I would be alright. They said the bullet would come out.

“I was pleading with them. I said, ‘please, please don’t leave me like this. Don’t let me die.’ But he pulled away from me. Then one of the colleagues of the one that shot the bullet that hit me spoke to him in Hausa. Then they jumped inside their vans and left.”

Adewunmi was left in a pool of her own blood.

Seun was said to have put his mother on his back as he rushed her from one hospital to another as she continued to bleed. They could not get a vehicle to take her.

It was learnt that the divisional police officer of the area had to come to the aid the woman and helped residents of the area to take her to the hospital.

“Three hospitals rejected me that day until I was finally brought to luth where my life was saved,” she told our correspondent.

Adewunmi said residents of her community also had to contribute money for her initial treatment at the hospital

Soon after Adewunmi got to the hospital, she told our correspondent that some men, who said they were from sars, including Mohammed, the man who shot her, visited her in the hospital and handed her N30,000 for her treatment.

Adewunmi’s son said Mohammed later met him and gave him another N40,000 for the treatment. But these have been like a drop in an ocean of the huge medical bills mounting against her.

“When the sars men came, they told me they contributed the money among themselves to help with the medical treatment. They also said that they would come back later with beverages so that I won’t have to suffer. I did not know they only came to check if I would survive or not. They never came back,” Adewunmi said.

Unfortunately for Adewunmi, as her fund waned, her situation deteriorated, leaving her children running from pillar to post, scrounging for money just to continue their mother’s treatment.

Doctors said the initial treatment was to save her life and that she would require additional reconstructive surgeries in her abdomen.

At a point in her discussion with our correspondent, Adewunmi began to sob. She said, “Life has been hard for me. I don’t want to die like this. My situation is not getting better because I don’t have money to spend on treatment again. This bed has been my home now for eight months.

“I used to have a shop where I sold things. My children would have been able to run it in my absence to get some money to survive on. But last year after I was admitted, the shop burnt down with all the goods when there was a fire outbreak in our community.

“Even my family members have deserted me. I just don’t know where to run to now but to call upon the police authorities, whose men did this to me to help me. Please, help me call on the police authorities, I don’t want to die like this. They need to see what their bullets have done to me.”

When our correspondent visited the woman, the sight of the gunshot injury in her abdomen was too gory to be publishable.

Adewunmi’s children have said they they are preparing a petition to the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Fatai Owoseni, on their mother’s plight.

The Esther Child Rights Foundation, which has decided to take up the woman’s case even though it is not a child issue, has called on the police authorities in the state to take a step on the woman’s case.

Director of ECRF, Mrs. Esther Ogwu, said, “We keep hearing of cases of people becoming victims of police accidental discharge everyday and it is really worrisome.

“We are using this opportunity to call on the commissioner of police in Lagos to fish out the policemen whose act has made this woman’s life a living hell.

“The way she is living is terrible. Suffering over the last 10 months is not a thing to wish on anybody. We are going to notify the Office of the Public Defender and the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights about her case. We are sure justice would be done on the issue.”
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DSP in Trouble After Falling Into Trap by Taking N24,000 Marked Bribe Money

DSP in Trouble After Falling Into Trap by Taking N24,000 Marked Bribe Money

A bunch of corrupt policemen in Cross River are in serious mess after they unknowingly took a bribe containing N24,000 that was marked by an AIG.

A Deputy Superintendent of Police, Mr. David Ekong, of the Cross River State Police Command and some of his subordinates are in serious trouble after falling into a bribery trap prepared by an Assistant Inspector General of police.

The corrupt officers took N24,000 marked money as part of the N250, 000 demanded from a certain Mr. Ottobong Inyang for his bail.

According to reports, Ekong and his team had unlawfully arrested and detained Inyang and demanded as bribe the sum of N250,000 for his bail.

Inyang was arrested on February 19 and detained at the state Police Command headquarters in Calabar but was released on February 21 after paying N50, 000 to Ekong.

According to Punch, Inyang was arrested for alleged armed robbery and car theft shortly after he bought a Volkswagen Passat from a car shop along IBB Way by Eta-Agbor roundabout in Calabar.

The police, had on arrest, claimed that the car was stolen during a robbery but the date and scene of the incident were not disclosed. However, the car dealer who sold the car to Inyang was not arrested which suggested it was a setup.

Inyang was forced while in detention to pay N250, 000 for his release, but at the long run, he agreed to pay N100, 000.

He was able to deposit N50, 000 before he secured his freedom on February 21 but was asked to bring the balance by February 22 or he would be rearrested.
However, the luck of the corrupt officers ran out after Inyang assembled a legal team that approached the AIG in charge of Zone Six, Mr. Adisa Bolanta, to formally lay the complaints.

According to a source, Mr. Omini Bassey, said while in the AIG’s office, Ekong kept calling for the balance and instructed Inyang to bring the money to Watt Market area of Calabar South.

“While still in the AIG’s office, a follow-up call came from one Agu (a corporal) who said he had instruction from Ekong to collect the N24, 000 balance from him. He said he was already waiting at Watt Market,” Bassey said.

It was at that point that the AIG marked N24, 000 himself and gave it as part of the balance to be handed to Ekong.

“The AIG also put detectives on the trail of Ekong and his accomplices. The money was eventually delivered to Agu and soon after, the detectives swooped on him and arrested him with the balance in his pocket,” he added.

It was learnt that Ekong was subsequently picked up from his beat along with others who participated in the bribery deal.
The AIG has ordered an orderly room trial and dismissal of the affected policemen if found guilty.

Zone Six Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Nwibani Baritoge, said the orderly trial was currently ongoing to determine the fate of those involved.

“I am aware of the case. An orderly room trial is on to determine their fate,” he said.
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Church Pastor Catches Wife Having S*x with Choirmaster in Delta Hotel

Church Pastor Catches Wife Having S*x with Choirmaster in Delta Hotel

A pastor has been left shamed for life after he was called to a hotel room where his wife was having s*x with the choirmaster and he caught them red-handed.

A pastor of one of the new generation churches in Asaba, Delta state has been left embarrassed and ashamed after he caught his wife red-handed having s*x with a choirmaster of his church.

Narrating the sad ordeal, the unnamed pastor said on Thursday that news of his wife sleeping around was everywhere before he eventually caught them red-handed.

The pastor who has been married to the woman for 12 years without a child, revealed that he has been publicly ridiculed because of the act.

“I have been inundated with reports about my wife having sex with her choirmaster, but I kept my ears to the ground until the fateful day I was called to a hotel around Ezeani Avenue, Asaba where I caught my wife pants down in the hotel room.

“I have been married to her in the last 12 years without a child, she has exposed me to the winds; people spread all kinds of rumours about me.”

After catching them, he invited the police who arrested the choirmaster. The choirmaster on interrogation, admitted to the crime and begged for forgiveness from the pastor.

This is not the first time the lady, a native of Esan Land in Edo State (name withheld) had been warned by the church members, who had earlier suspected that she was involved in an illicit relationship with the choirmaster. But, she never listened.

A member of the church who gave her name as Rosemary Iwoha, claimed she stumbled on the choirmaster and the pastor’s wife in the church neck deep kissing, said, “I met them kissing one day and I reported to our Daddy about it.”

It has been revealed that the pastor has thrown his wife out of their matrimonial home and is concluding other necessary action to end their marriage.
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I extort money from traffic offenders using N2, 000 fake walkie-talkie – Fake policeman

I extort money from traffic offenders using N2, 000 fake walkie-talkie – Fake policeman

The Lagos state Police Command at the weekend, paraded a 45-year-old self acclaimed traffic policeman, Dele Oduwole, who had operated for two years in the Ketu area of the state.
While being paraded, he said he lost his job at the Agboyi Local Government secretariat, Lagos where he worked as an enforcement officer in the traffic unit about two years ago.

The suspect said he didn’t go to the extent of acquiring a police uniform in order not to draw too much attention, adding that he specified in arresting traffic offenders and extorting money from them.

Oduwoye told newsmen he preferred to operate with just a walkie-talkie rather than putting on a fake police uniform.

However, luck ran out on him recently after he and an accomplice had arrested a motorist at Ketu and impounded his vehicle before a suspicious policeman challenged them about their identities.

He said, “After losing my job at the Agboyi Local Government secretariat, I realised that I had become good at arresting traffic offenders. So, I simply continued my work by telling people that I was a policeman in mufti.

“I realised that people respect policemen when they are holding a walkie-talkie.

“A friend told me where I could get the radio cheaply and I went there. I bought the walkie-talkie for N2, 000 at Oshodi.

“The walkie-talkie does not even work. I swear it has never worked since I bought it. But for the period I used it, people obeyed me anytime I stopped a vehicle for any traffic offence.

“I was actually helping the government,” he added citing examples.

He said, “The man we arrested before we were arrested was actually making a call while driving. That is a crime.”

Oduwole claimed that he had not used his fake police identity to commit any other crime.

But the police have said investigations are ongoing to determine if he had been involved in more grievous crimes while parading himself as a policeman.

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Two teenagers beaten, stripped naked for stealing TV, N600,000 in Ogun [PHOTO]

Two teenagers beaten, stripped naked for stealing TV, N600,000 in Ogun [PHOTO]

Residents of Oke Afa area of Magboro, Ogun State have reportedly beaten two teenage robbers to a pulp after they allegedly raided an apartment in the area.

The teenagers, Tunde and Omo Mushin aged 15 and 16 respectively, had stolen a television set on Tuesday and two days after, they were said to have carried their loot through the same area when they were confronted by angry residents.

Speaking on the incident, a resident, Mr. Ayoade Ahmed, told The Punch that an eagle-eyed resident spotted the suspects when they carried the television they had stolen two days earlier, through the street where they had carried out the robbery.

Ahmed said, “This kind of robbery attack takes place often. Two of my family friends had been attacked in a similar fashion in recent times. The usual thing is that while you are in church, they would steal your electronics and jewellery.”

Ahmed said, “The man only discovered his house had been burgled when he got home around 11pm that day (Tuesday).

“On Thursday, residents noticed the two boys passing by. One of them carried a television on his head while another carried a ‘Ghana-must-go’ bag. Some young men then challenged them and asked where they were coming from. The boys said they were coming from their house and that they were taking the television for repairs.

“But the explanation they were giving did not sound reasonable. It showed in their voices that they were not telling the truth. When they were asked to take people to where they brought the television from, they could not say where the place was,” the resident added.

Residents were said to have pounced on the robbers and beat them mercilessly after stripping them and tying their arms behind their backs.

Upon interrogation, the residents handed them over to the police at the Ibafo Division.

A police source said the suspects had been transferred to the Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Eleweran, Abeokuta for further investigations into the incident.
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Relief as Abuja, Enugu Residents Experience First Rainfall

Relief as Abuja, Enugu Residents Experience First Rainfall

It was high relief from the scorching temperature as residents of Abuja in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), and Enugu experienced the first rainfall in the year on Friday night which in some areas lasted till the wee hours of Saturday, THISDAY gathered.

The downpour, which was accompanied by heavy dust, however preceded the day’s heat across the six Area Councils of FCT, caught some residents.

A resident of Gwagwalada on the outskirt of Abuja, Mr. Ibrahim Kareem, while heaving a sigh of relief at the downpour, said he had an unforgettable sweet sleep following the rain which came around 7 P.M. His regret is that the rain did last long until it subsided an hour later.

“Before, yesterday, I mastered the art of sleeping outside my flat just because of the heat. I prefer mosquitoes bites to sleeping under a suffocating environment.” he said.

The publisher of Newstrack, a monthly tabloid in Enugu, Mr. Norbert Okolo, whiling speaking on telephone, said the rain that fell from Friday night to the early hours of Saturday which was the first in the city brought comfort and relief from the heat. adding that the coal city has never experienced such high temperature in that zone in the last couple of years.

Details later
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Arase: 317,000 Police Officers Can’t Secure 170m Populace

Arase: 317,000 Police Officers Can’t Secure 170m Populace

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Solomon Arase

NCC, Nigerian Police fine-tune strategy for protection of critical telecoms infrastructure

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Solomon Arase, has said the numerical strength of 317,000 of the Nigerian Police is not enough to effectively secure the country’s geographical space hosting over 170 million of its populace.

However, he said the Nigerian Police is leveraging on the deployment of modern technology to fight crimes.

“Since I came on board as IGP, I have tried to migrate from analogue to digital technology,” he said, adding that that is the best way the modern police force can go.

Meanwhile, the Police and the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) have concluded arrangement to constitute a team within the Force Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to brainstorm on the various telecommunication laws and how to apply them for prosecution of offenders found contravening the provision of the Criminal Justice Miscellaneous Provisions Act, CAP C39 2004.

The IGP said: “In fighting crime you must be able to put the police on a technological platform that will be able to match the effectiveness and sophistication of criminals, wherever they are.

“Our numeric strength is not enough to police the country’s security space. We are just 317,000 officers and there is no way we can be everywhere.”

Arase made the disclosure weekend while hosting the Executive Vice Chairman (EVC), of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Prof. Umar Danbatta, in his office in Abuja.
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Keri Hilson to headline Airtel TRACE Music Star Season 2

Keri Hilson to headline Airtel TRACE Music Star Season 2

keri hilson

The Season 2 of Airtel Trace Music Star, the biggest pan-African talent search competition, has commenced in Nigeria, with renowned American vocalist and songwriter, Keri Hilson, to serve as judge/mentor in the music talent show.

 Leading telecommunications services provider, Airtel Nigeria, and its partner, TRACE TV, announced the kick-off Season 2 to pressmen during the week.

Speaking at the event, Chief Commercial Officer, Airtel Nigeria, Ahmad Mokhles, noted that Airtel is pleased to partner with TRACE to bring excitement, joy and laughter to millions of Nigerians through the TRACE platform and also empower talented Nigerians and African youth with a credible ladder to stardom.

“Indeed, Airtel is passionate about creating platforms that delight, excite, entertain, engage and empower talented youth as well as telecoms consumers across the country.
TRACE demonstrates our commitment to our vision of connecting talented Nigerian youths to their dreams. The sponsorship is yet another eloquent testimony of Airtel’s commitment to empowering young, talented Nigerians.

As Nigeria’s smartphone network of choice, we are always excited to enter partnerships that connect the Nigerian youth to their dreams and we are very excited about the opportunities that TRACE presents, “ he said.
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NDLEA nab clearing agents who disguised N222m drugs as hair extension, foodstuff

NDLEA nab clearing agents who disguised N222m drugs as hair extension, foodstuff


Operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, MMIA, Lagos, have arrested two clearing agents who allegedly concealed drugs worth N222m as artificial hair and foodstuffs.

The NDLEA spokesperson, Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju, in a statement, said ‘the drugs: 24.7kg of methamphetamine disguised as artificial hair, 2.810kg of cocaine concealed in foodstuff and 27.250kg of diazepam, were about to be smuggled out of the country when they were discovered.’

Confirming the arrest, the NDLEA airport commander, Ahmed Garba said, “Preliminary investigation has shown that two of the suspects, Akpan Jacob and Nwaeyizia Sylvester (both clearing agents), conspired to export 24.7kg of methamphetamine.

“Another agent, Mike Odofia, had 50 packs each of diazepam tablets and injections while an exporter, Orji Otuu, was found in possession of 2.810kg of cocaine.

“We are leaving no stone unturned in improving the operational activities of the command,” Garba affirmed.

One of the suspects, Jacob who claimed to be married with five children, said he agreed to take the job because of financial difficulties.

“I am from Akwa Ibom State. I was given this job by another clearing agent, Sylvester. Ordinarily, I would not have accepted the job but I had no choice because of my family problems,” he said.

On his part, Sylvester told officials that Akpan was the one that mounted pressure on him to do the job.

“I was never interested in this job but the pressure from Akpan was too much so I gave him the job. I also gave him N100, 000 before my arrest,” he told officials in his statement.

Also, Odofia said in his statement that he was called by a customer to pick up the bag and send it to Conakry, Guinea.

“I collected it and went to the airport but during examination, some injections and tablets of diazepam were found inside the bag. This was how I was arrested. I have no idea that there were injections there,” Odofia stated.

Otuu on the other hand explained that exporting foodstuffs abroad was his business. 2.810kg of cocaine was found inside some foodstuffs he was about to export to India.

“I normally export African foodstuff and spices to India. But this time round, I was tempted to hide cocaine inside the foodstuff. I had wanted to make about N10m profit but things did not go as planned,” Otuu lamented.

The NDLEA, however, said that the suspects would soon be charged to court.

Chairman of the NDLEA, Muhammad Abdallah, said that many traffickers had been successfully prosecuted by the agency.

According to him, “Clearing agents are liable under the law when narcotic drugs are traced to their shipments.

“It is pertinent for them to take necessary measures in preventing their consignment from being used in smuggling narcotic drugs.

“They, therefore, have a responsibility to know their customers and produce them on request.

“Investigations into the cases have commenced and more arrests are in the offing,” the Chairman noted
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FG allegedly institutes action against IOCs over $12bn in missing oil revenue

FG allegedly institutes action against IOCs over $12bn in missing oil revenue

The Federal Government of Nigeria has allegedly instituted civil actions against Shell, Chevron, Agip and other prominent oil companies to recover over N2 trillion in missing revenues from over 57 million barrels of crude oil shipments that were either not declared or under-declared between the period 2011 and 2014, Breaking Times reports.

In suits filed on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria by a team of lawyers against the oil giants, the FG is praying the Federal High Court to direct the defendants to pay into the Federal Government of Nigeria’s account with the Central Bank of Nigeria, the  sums of over $0.6 Billion (USD 51,033,180, USD 462,681,780, and USD 145, 848, 551, being the value of missing revenues accruable to the Government of Nigeria from the shortfall/ undeclared/ under-declared crude oil shipments made by the Defendants.

The significant crude oil theft takes the form of accounting fraud, non-declaration or under declaration of crude and gas cargoes. The cases reveal instances where an oil tanker declares that it loaded about 50,000 barrels at Nigeria’s port, but the same vessel on arrival at a port in the USA, would discharge over 60,000 barrels of crude oil. It is the differences that account for the losses running into billions of dollars in lost revenues.
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Kylie Jenner auctions off 75 pieces of her wardrobe on eBay

Kylie Jenner auctions off 75 pieces of her wardrobe on eBay

Devoted Keeping Up with the Kardashians fans can now own their very own ‘Made in Jenner’ bathrobe in an eBay auction ending this Sunday morning.

As of Friday evening, there were 14 bids for the white My 1st Years-brand dressing gown – monogrammed with the initials K.K. – totaling $86.

‘A percentage’ of the proceeds from the official Kendall and Kylie eBay page benefit Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.
Kylie Jenner auctions off 75 pieces of her wardrobe on eBay

Kylie Jenner auctions off 75 pieces of her wardrobe on eBay

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Customs Impounds 2,000 Cartons Of Imported Poultry, 27 Items Worth Over N219m

Customs Impounds 2,000 Cartons Of Imported Poultry, 27 Items Worth Over N219m

The Nigeria Customs Service, Federal Operations Unit Zone ‘C’ Owerri has impounded a 40 feet container of two thousand (2,000) cartons of imported frozen poultry products cleverly concealed with three thousand, three hundred (3,300) crates of Lacasara drinks with a Duty Paid Value (DPV) of fifty-three million, three hundred thousand naira (N53,300,000) on the Benin express way – Edo State.

The items were suspected to have been preserved with chemicals meant for the preservation of dead bodies by the smugglers.

This came on the heels of the seizure of one thousand five hundred (1,500) cartons of the same hazardous products in January, 2016 by the unit.

The Customs Area Controller in charge of the Unit, Comptroller Haruna Mamudu disclosed this while briefing newsmen at the Customs house premises in Benin Edo state, during which he explained that the recent seizure of imported frozen poultry products coincided with the end of February month report, which he said that 27 seizures were recorded with a DPV of N219,239,208.21.

According to him, 12 suspects were arrested and sixty-five million, four hundred and thirty four thousand, four hundred and forty-one naira (N65,434,441.00) underpayment recovered during the month.

Comptroller Haruna who stressed the consequences of continued importation and consumption of unauthorized products in the country regretted that such products easily come in because of their relative cheap prices which usually attract members of the public – especially the youth.

The Customs Area Controller who subsequently handed over the fake drugs to officials of the National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) through the Director in Edo State, Mr. David W. West in the presence of other sister agencies warned those still engrossed in the illicit act of smuggling, their collaborators and agents to desist forthwith in their own interest or be prepared to face the full weight of the law.

He questioned the reason behind the continuous smuggling of contraband goods despite stiff penalties for culprits arrested and advised well meaning Nigerians with useful information about smugglers to make them available to relevant government agencies for necessary action.

He said that the NCS in pursuance of the policy of zero tolerance to corruption by the Federal Government would ensure that there is no hidden place for smugglers because “Zero tolerance to corruption is now on and which is being pursued with vigour by the Comptroller-General of Customs, Col. Hameed Ibrahim Ali (Rtd.)
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Patience Paul, Schoolgirl abducted in Sokoto state and converted to Islam, has been rescued

Patience Paul, Schoolgirl abducted in Sokoto state and converted to Islam, has been rescued

Patience Paul

Patience Paul, the schoolgirl allegedly abducted in Sokoto state and converted to Islam, has been rescued and will be reunited with her parents on Saturday,TheCable  reports.

Patience’s parents had reported her missing since August 12, 2015, with unconfirmed reports suggesting she was kidnapped and taken to the palace of the sultan of Sokoto for forceful conversion.

 Aminu Tambuwal, the state governor, ordered investigation into the saga after it became a media item during the week. Patience, who was 14 at the time of her abduction, was found on Friday night at the house of one Malam Ibrahim, who calls himself Sarkin Baki (“king of strangers”).

An insider told TheCable:

“The Sokoto State Human Rights Commission, along with the team set up by the police, questioned suspects and detained three persons in connection with the issue.”
 Some hisbah (Sharia police) personnel had taken Patience to an imam in Runjin Sambo area of Sokoto with a claim that she wanted to convert to Islam.

 “Weighty decision”
The imam asked of her age and was told she was 14. He sought the opinion of the Sultanate Council who directed the imam not to proceed because she was underage and could not make such a “weighty decision” yet.

He was instructed to let her go, but the Imam then informed the hisbah. Rather than let her return to her family house, they took her to the Sarkin Baki who claims he provides residence to indigent persons.

 The “king of strangers” then kept her in his house since September.

Patience Paul, Schoolgirl abducted in Sokoto state and converted to Islam, has been rescued

When investigators met with him Friday night, Patience was seen with his other children and family members. He claimed he adopted the girl because he didn’t want to let her be with the hisbah. He, however, allowed her to be attending both Islamic and government junior secondary school for her education.

A police source told TheCable that when interviewed, Patience claimed she was afraid of returning home because of possible reprisal from her siblings. The alarm Paul Isaac Adaji, father of the teenager, had raised the alarm about her daughter’s disappearance, but it did not gain traction until the case of Oruru started playing out. Adaji, an Idoma from Benue state, said his daughter was forcefully abducted by hisbah in Gidan Kukah, Runjin Sambo area Sokoto, on August 12, 2015.

 Tambuwal, in a statement issued by his spokesman, Imam Imam, directed that the matter be investigated. The inspector general of police then took up the matter.
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Father of Igbo girl abducted in Zaria cries out: ‘I want my daughter back!’

Father of Igbo girl abducted in Zaria cries out: ‘I want my daughter back!’

The Saturday Sun reports that another girl named Ifeoma, renamed Aisha has been abducted for 21 months now. Read story below:

IFEOMA, now Aisha, is the daughter of Mr. Ndubuisi Nichodemus. She was living with her parents, in the midst of the Hausa community in Zaria, Kaduna State, until May, 2014.

On that fateful evening, Ifeoma had left the house in protest against the authority of her moth­er to question her for returning late to the house on the day. She simply walked out of her parents’ compound into a neighbour’s house, and since 21 months ago to be precise, the family is yet to set their eyes on her.

Ifeoma, now 16, Saturday Sun learnt, might have been converted to Islam, even as her mother disclosed that she gathered reliably that her daughter had been married off. This was the story, told to our reporter in November last year.

Since then, nothing happened.

But by last week Wednesday, apparently fol­lowing the public outcry over the abduc­tion of Bayelsa-born Ese, Mr. Nichode­mus was sighted at the Police Command headquarters, in Kaduna. However, neither the Police nor Mr. Nichodemus, was forthcoming on what transpired last Wednesday.

The only thing he told Saturday Sun when pressed further was that “the situ­ation remains the same. Nothing has changed, as my daughter is not back. The Sharia Court handling the mat­ter keeps adjourning the case and as a result, we are still where we were last year”

Speaking during an interview then, Ndubuisi Nichodemus, resident of Sabon-Gari, Zaria, Kaduna State, who appealed to the authorities concerned, to help rescue his daughter, allegedly in the custody of another man since 2014, said her daughter had come home late on that fateful day and felt, as responsible par­ents, she should be scolded. They did, and the girl ran into a neighbour’s house.

Thereafter, he said the girl claimed she had renounced Christianity for Is­lam as her preferred religion, which made one of the neighbours simply identified as Abdullahi to take the girl to one Alhaji Shehu Khalil, who train new converts into Islam. This is even as If­eoma’s biological mother disclosed that she heard reliably that her daughter has been given out in marriage without her knowledge and consent.

According to Nudubuisi, “it all start­ed in May (2014) when she came home late and her mother talked to her. She then left the compound to our neigh­bour’s place. We lived in the midst of Hausa who are majorly Muslims. So, we learnt that Abdullahi has taken her to Mallam, Khalil who work with Ahmadu Bello University, at Energy Research here in Samaru. The next thing we heard was the conversion of our daughter to Islam.

“So after we approached him for the release of our daughter, he told us she had traveled to Sokoto. When we reported the case to the Christian Asso­ciation of Nigeria (CAN) in Zaria, and they wrote to Commissioner of Police Kaduna State, Directorate of State Se­curity (DSS) for assistance, the Police Commissioner, Shehu Umar, sent some of his men to Zaria, that the girl should be handed over to her biological parents.

“But on getting to Zaria, the man has gone to Sharia Court in Zaria to collect a court order, granting him the custody of the girl. This was granted without con­sulting her biological father.

“So, we were told that our daugh­ter had been moved from Zaria to one school called Da-rul Islam in Kaduna where new converts are usually taken to. This attitude is capable of igniting religion crisis in the State. We have been in Zaria for more than three decades without having any issue with anybody.

“Now when we approached the school in Kaduna alongside the CAN representative, the school told us to go and get a written clarification to that ef­fect because there was a written order from court before she was admitted. The school later appealed to us to come and take our girl because she was given them problem. But we need court order to do that.

“Even with the intervention of the Commissioner of Police that the girl should be released to us, the court re­fused to release her and instead trans­ferred the case to upper Sharia court in Zaria.

“In fact, for more than a year now, we have not set our eyes on our own daughter when we are still alive. We are against this impunity that our child will be in custody of another man when we the parents are alive.

“The whole episode had even forced us out of the former house where it all started. We are hereby calling on con­cerned authorities including the State government to come to our rescue. They have aborted her schooling. She has also been kept incommunicado as we are no longer hearing from her. She remains a Christian and not a Muslim as they claim. She is just a 15-year-old girl and that makes her a minor in this case. I want my daughter back so she can con­tinue with her education.”

But Ifeoma’s mother, Angnes Nich­odemus’ view was completely different from her husband’s. She alleged that her daughter was said to have been married out to a Hausa Muslim without the con­sent of her parents.

According to her, “I was told that one Hausa boy has been given my daugh­ter, a minor, as wife without our input as parents. I was made to realise that the boy is working inside ABU here in Zaria, though I don’t know whether as a staff of the school or not. This is rather modern oppression and slavery.

“We have been doing everything we could legally. But from the way it has been, it shows we are not one Nigeria. You can imagine how you will feel as a mother when your child is missing. But my daughter’s case is different be­cause for more than a year now she is being in custody of another man. No contact, no phone call. This is rather unfortunate.”

When contacted through his mobile telephone, the man at the centre of the allegation, Alhaji Shehu Khalil, was not ready to give much details on the issues raised.

Instead, he just said “How did you manage to get my number? Who said he has his daughter in my custody? Well, I don’t know anything. You can come to Zaria I don’t know anything because I cannot talk to you on phone.”

The Police on its part, through its Kaduna Command Public Relations Officer (PPRO), DSP Zubair Abubakar, confirmed the incident but declined to comment further, saying “you know the case is still in court and I’m not permit­ted until the court decides.
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EFCC probe: Okorocha explains why he 'jetted' out

EFCC probe: Okorocha explains why he 'jetted' out


– Governor Okorocha says reports were sponsored by opposition elements in Imo state – Says he was ‘on the run’ to Ibadan for Olubadan’s coronation – Reiterates Imo people’s commitment to their governor Imo state governor, Rochas Okorocha has denied reports that he is trying to evade the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) over corruption allegations.

 Reports had surfaced earlier today that the governor of the All Progressives Congress (APC) had fled the country in a bid to evade the torch light of the EFCC on his administration over fraudulent discoveries.

 But, a statement by Ik Ogbonna, special assistant to the Imo governor on Information & Communications Technology, denied the claims, stating that some elements in the state had paid some people to peddle such stories.

 The statement reads: RE: GOV OKOROCHA JETS OUT OF THE COUNTRY AS EFCC BEAMS SEARCH LIGHT ON ALLEDGED DIVERSION OF N2 BILLION BAILOUT FUND. For the second time within 24 hours, opposition elements in Imo and their paid hirelings in the media have made false, concocted and ill motivated stories about the Governor and his aides.

Yesterday 3rd March 2016, in a bid to douse the goodwill the state enjoyed from the meeting of the Southern Governors Wives Forum held in Imo State and chaired by the wife of Gov Rochas Okorocha, Ugo Nneoma Nkechinyere Rochas Okorocha, opposition politicians went on social media alleging that the Principal Secretary to the Governor, Dr Pascal Obi was arrested by EFCC while he was part of officials involved in preparation for the Southern Governors Wives Forum.

 Having failed in their first mission, they have gone ahead with another tissue of lie that Gov Rochas Okorocha has jetted out of the state as a result of the alleged EFCC probe.

 Gov Rochas Okorocha actually JETTED to Ibadan today to witness the coronation of the Olu Ibadan. On his trip was Eze Imo, HRM Eze Sam Agunwa Ohiri and a few other Eze’s and government functionaries.

 On his return from Ibadan, Gov Okorocha dropped off at Egbelu Obube to pay a condolence visit to Engr Chuks Ololo husband to his younger sister, Hon Mrs Ogechi Ololo who lost their patriarch, Chief Iheanyi Ololo. It’s a shame that opposition elements in the state have refused to come to terms with their loss of the 2015 governorship election and have sworn to remain irritants in the system.

 In other climes, politicians return to their main preoccupation or businesses immediately they lose election but here in Imo, opposition politicians are career politicians without a ‘Second Addresses’ and see public office as a right.

It is worrisome that a few journalists have thrown the ethics of our cherished profession to the dogs for ethnic, political and pecuniary considerations. In the report, no attempt was made to recharge the media team of the governor or even any member of his cabinet.

 The good people of Imo have given Gov Okorocha a resounding vote of confidence by returning him for a second term in office to the glory of God and he remains focused on the task of making Imo better.

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Okorocha allegedly jets out of Nigeria to evade EFCC 'trouble'

Okorocha allegedly jets out of Nigeria to evade EFCC 'trouble'

Governor Rochas Okorocha

This Day reports that Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo state may have flown out of the country over plans by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to beam its light on him over an allegation of fraud.

 The governor is reportedly involved in the alleged diversion of over N2 billion from the bailout fund given to Imo by the federal government for the payment of civil servants salaries. After rounding up three senior aides to the governor who are believed to be connected to the diversion of the bailout funds, This Day says he may have absconded from the country.

 Dr Paschal Obi, a deputy director in the ministry of Health, in charge of optical services; director of finance, government house, Casmir Uzoho and the government house treasurer, Iheoma Kenneth are the key men who have been picked up by the EFCC.

 The governor, who had expressed regrets for accessing the bailout fund from the federal government was also said to have lamented the mess which the had put the state in. The N26 billion the state took from the federal government that was used to pay agitating workers, Okorocha said, has put them in trouble as more money is being deducted from the state’s federal allocation than anticipated.

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DSS Arrested me For “Insulting” Buhari – Victor Umeh

DSS Arrested me For “Insulting” Buhari – Victor Umeh

Chief Victor Umeh

Former national chairman of the All Progressives Grand Al­liance (APGA) and the party’s candidate in the rescheduled Anam­bra Central senatorial election, Chief Victor Umeh, returned from Abuja yesterday after spending 24 hours in the custody of the Department of State Security Service (DSS) say­ing the DSS accused him of insult­ing President Muhammadu Buhari.

Umeh, who was arrested and tak­en to Abuja on Thursday, returned to Awka yesterday into the waiting hands of thousands of party support­ers. He however denied the charges.

Umeh narrated how on Wednes­day, he got a text message from the State Director of State Security Ser­vice (SSS), Anambra State, inviting him for a meeting, unknown to him, they were laying ambush for him.

Umeh scheduled the meeting for Thursday after a trip to Enugu to wit­ness the judgment in the case brought by his former opponent in the sena­torial election, Chief Mrs Uche Ek­wunife in which she sought to get the Court of Appeal reverse itself in the voiding of her election and disquali­fication from re-contesting.

However, according to Umeh, as early as 7am on Thursday, he got a follow-up invitation from the same director of SSS, Anambra State com­mand, informing him that the meet­ing was urgent.

When he got to the state securi­ty office, and after being seated for a while, a man walked in and the di­rector pointed at Umeh saying “that is him”.

Immediately, the director’s guest informed Umeh that he would be tak­en to Abuja to answer to some charg­es.
Umeh, however, said when he re­quested that his driver get home and bring his medications, they obliged.

But as soon as his medications were brought in, he was whisked away. He got signs that their mis­sion was serious when he came out to board his vehicle only to see fierce-looking security men all wielding automatic rifles. He was then sand­wiched in between two operatives at the back seat of a white pick-up van and they drove to Abuja.

Umeh, nevertheless, said the op­eratives were friendly with him oblig­ing him a bottle of water when he re­quested for one and some sweets which they bought for him on re­quest.
They got to Abuja at about 7:15 pm and he was interrogated at about 10pm.

Umeh said he was startled that all the allegations leveled against him border on treason.

Umeh’s words: “When the head of interrogation took me to the office, he brought a red file and said that while on my campaign, they had reports that I insulted the President and in­cited the youths. They said they got report that if I get to the Senate, I will unite the youths of Southeast and Ni­ger Delta and wage war against the country.

 That there was an issue con­cerning Fulani cattle herdsmen”.
Umeh said he denied all the alle­gations informing them that he cam­paigned in the open; that he never disparaged Mr President, because he was not running for the Presidency.

“But I told them that I opposed the use of arms to quell protests and fight Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB),” he said.

After the interrogation, according to him, when he was taken to the Di­rector General, he told him that they invited him because they hold him in high esteem and that if the allegations against him were true, then there will be trouble.

Umeh said after the interroga­tion, they had a useful chat on the need to ensure peace in the country.
Umeh said he was happy and “thanked God that the plans of the desperadoes did not materialize”.

According to him, as early as 10am on Thursday, the Court of Ap­peal sitting in Enugu had dismissed Ekwunife’s suit and if the rerun had been held today, March 5, he would have had a smooth sail, though that has been put off to another day.

He also thanked Governor Wil­lie Obiano who had within the time he was at the state headquarters, tel­ephoned the Director-General to vouch for his integrity.
What is more, he arrived at Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu to meet a sea of APGA sup­porters led by the state chairman, Sir Norbert Obi.

On a lighter note, Umeh said he was somehow happy to be at the SSS office “because every time I passed on my way to Asokoro, I used to see the imposing headquarters of the SSS and I wondered how the inside would be. This is my first time of get­ting into that building.”

Meanwhile, former Anambra State governor, Mr Peter Obi has distanced himself from the travails of the APGA candidate saying that he does not have a hand in Umeh’s arrest. Obi was reacting to allega­tions that he wrote a petition against Umeh.

Obi, who spoke through his me­dia aide, Mr Valentine Obienyem, a lawyer, pleaded with Chief Umeh to leave his boss alone. “I read the news credited to Mr Stan Okeke that Mr Peter Obi was behind the arrest of Chief Victor Umeh.

Let me state for the avoidance of doubt that Mr Peter Obi has not, and is not contemplat­ing writing any petition against any­body. He did not do so as a governor, and could not have started doing so now,” he said.
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Senator Dino Melaye Reacts to Gov. Oshiomole's Reply, Blasts SaharaReporters

Senator Dino Melaye Reacts to Gov. Oshiomole's Reply, Blasts SaharaReporters

Governor Adams Oshiomole of Edo State

After he embarrassed and bashed the governor of Edo state, Adams Oshiomole for marrying a wife that is not Nigerian, Senator Dino Melaye has reacted to the governor's latest press statement on the matter.

Senator Dino Melaye has taken to twitter to talk more about his alleged bashing of Governor Adams Oshiomole after the Edo State governor released a statement condemning Dino for saying he didn't marry a made in Nigeria woman.

Dino took to his twitter and blasted SaharaReporters for using a false headline against him as he said Oshiomole never called him a lunatic in the statement, adding that when he is ready, Nigerians will see his Made in Nigeria wife.

Below is his reaction:

Senator Dino Melaye Reacts to Gov. Oshiomole's Reply, Blasts SaharaReporters

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SHOCKING!! 15 – Year – Old Teenager Ordered To Marry The Camel He Impregnated After It Gave Birth

SHOCKING!! 15 – Year – Old Teenager Ordered To Marry The Camel He Impregnated After It Gave Birth

A 15-year-old teenager caught engaging in sexual activity with a camel, has been ordered to marry the animal. It’s understood that the teen has already admitted to having repeatedly mated with the animal during the course of the last year when he developed an “uncontrollable urge” to do so and felt obliged to come out publicly and admit to his crime after the camel gave birth. The village spokesman as recounted by eyewitness testimonies, said:

“Although we do not believe he is the father of the young calf, to punish him of his evil ways and purge him of his demons, we the council of elders ask that the young boy be married to the camel”

It’s gathered that the teenager is satisfied with the verdict and his friends and family say he is relieved that he is not the father of the calf. His aunt told reporters said:

 “He is very ashamed of his wrong doings but is very relieved to have learned that he is not the father of the calf ”

 “He says he felt he was not ready for such responsibilities and is very glad to put this behind him”

 According to the local imam, the boy has been possessed by evil spirits and the teen’s marriage with the evil spirits would ward off the bad omen brought by the insidious act.

“It is necessary to cleanse this young boy of his evil actions and the marriage should protect him from evil Jinns (spirits) and bring forth Allah’s protection within this weak boy’s soul”

He added, “May Allah protect him and his family”.

Sharia or Islamic law state in a situation like this, that the camel would be put to death while the teen’s family would pay for the camel.
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Man Apprehended And Stripped Naked After Being ‘Caught Trying To Rape Eight – Year – Old Girl’ In Argentina

Man Apprehended And Stripped Naked After Being ‘Caught Trying To Rape Eight – Year – Old Girl’ In Argentina

A man will live to remember the public shame he brought upon himself after he was caught while trying to rape an eight-year-old girl in the neighbourhood of Santa Brigida on the outskirts of San Miguel, in the east Argentine province of Buenos Aires. The alleged rapist is seen in the footage being dragged after being stripped naked, around his village by a mob who reluctantly handed him over to the police ofter publicly shaming him.

 The alleged rapist is seen dragged while bound with a rope through eight blocks in town. An angry man in the crowd was heard saying, “Next time we will kill you”, whilst a woman says: “Degenerate! Tie him to the back of the car.” This was even as a policewoman untied the ropes and cuffed the alleged rapist who was still naked.

Man Apprehended And Stripped Naked After Being ‘Caught Trying To Rape Eight – Year – Old Girl’ In Argentina

The images are said to have been uploaded by some of the locals on social media with
the caption: “The neighbours of the community have done justice when we apprehended a criminal who was about to rape a little girls of just 8 years, and we handed him over to police who we hope will get justice for the innocent girl.”

Man Apprehended And Stripped Naked After Being ‘Caught Trying To Rape Eight – Year – Old Girl’ In Argentina

As of writing this report, it’s unclear the evidence locals had to publicly shame this man in such a manner.

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Fans Storm Davido’s Home Pleading To Get Signed On HKN Label After The Singer Signed New Artist From Instagram

Fans Storm Davido’s Home Pleading To Get Signed On HKN Label After The Singer Signed New Artist From Instagram


Fans Storm Davido’s Home Pleading To Get Signed On HKN Label After The Singer Signed New Artist From Instagram

Davido’s new discovery from Instagram

Davido uploaded the video your about to see on Snapchat and you’ll hear clearly the fans singing outside the gate to see if it moves Davido. The singer then responds by telling the fans, “ you wan make I sign you? Sing am! Sing am with heart!
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