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Saturday, February 18

Actor Yul Edochie advises Tonto Dikeh & her Husband Olakunle Churchill about their Marriage

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Buhari is ashamed to disclose ailment, he won’t return soon – Dele Momodu reveals more

Dele Momodu, Publisher of Ovation International, says President Muhammadu Buhari is not comfortable disclosing his actual ailment.

He added that images released by the presidency proved that the nation’s leader was not yet fit to return to Nigeria to resume the task of governance.

This is just as Coalition of Urhobo Nation Youth Leaders and Stakeholders (CUNYLS), has asked the presidency to release video recording of President Buhari.

In his latest article published on Saturday, titled ‘President Buhari and his London vistors’, Dele Momodu lamented that there was a theatre of the absurd ongoing in the city of London.

He said “the patrons are very important personalities from Nigeria who have turned the supposed illness of President Buhari into a stage play.

“At the rate these medical tourists are going, Nigeria may be empty of all its fat cats as they jostle to pay obeisance lest anyone accuses them of nonchalance and of plotting against the President or wishing him dead”.

Dele Momodu recalled that when President Buhari suddenly left Nigeria, he did what late President, Umaru Musa Yar’Adua failed to do which was to send a simple letter to the National Assembly about his intention to go on vacation and hand over authority to his Vice President, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

The article reads in parts further: “For God’s sake, it is not a crime to fall sick. We all do, in various degrees, from time to time. At over 70 years on the surface of this earth, no one would expect President Buhari to be in the most perfect state of health.

“It is a miracle that he survived the harrowing vicissitudes of life after he was thrown into a dungeon in 1985 during the military coup that toppled his dictatorship. He also had to contest some bloody elections a record four times before fortune smiled at him. Naturally, all of these events would have combined to conspire against his health.

“So why should he be ashamed of telling the world that his health is failing and that he would have to attend to it as frequently as possible? No one needs to consult a doctor or a prophet to know our President is not very well at this moment and that he deserves our understanding and prayers.

“Even if we thought otherwise, his London visitors have virtually confirmed our worst fears. Aso Rock media gurus who have been regaling us with tales of how well and fit the President is should have worked harder on their powerful friends to stay in Nigeria and wait to flood the airport whenever it pleases God to bring him back in one piece to Nigeria.

“Rushing to London to mark register is absolutely unnecessary and a total waste of scarce resources. The London visitors have wittingly or inadvertently attracted more attention to the President’s frailty.

“I have taken time to study some of the pictures that have emerged from the President’s shrine in London and most of them did not do justice to whatever it is some people are trying to cover up by fire by force.

“The pictures have shown clearly why the President cannot just yank himself off from London and return home pronto as his tedious job demands. It is very obvious that the President is no longer in London of his own free volition, even if he ever was at some point. Someone should please beg the Good Samaritans to allow the President receive his medical treatment in peace and hopefully recuperate handsomely and adequately.

“Only his immediate family should be allowed access to him at this moment. The visitors actually make it look like they are on an espionage mission to ascertain the true state of the President’s health in order to plot, position and manipulate what seems an impending power game, sooner or later”.
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Liz Anjorin says no sugar daddy is sponsoring her career

Nollywood actress and single mum, Liz Anjorin, has slammed those who accuse her of having a sugar daddy, sponsoring her acting career.

The actress who is currently working on a multi-million naira
movie project titled, ‘Owo Nairabet’, in a chat with Saturday beats, disclosed that all she has now, was gotten through hardwork.

“As a young woman, no sugar daddy would want to invest in you without getting a baby from you. I work like a slave and I sleep in my shop in Ogba.

I don’t just sleep there for a day but for weeks. I stay in Lekki Phase One but I sleep on the bare floor in my shop for months.

I bathe in a gutter, my workers would hold a cloth to cover me from the public eye and I would bathe there and I am a celebrity.

This is what I do often and I work like a slave. Aside from being an actress, I am a fashion designer; I also sell jewellery, shoes and bags.

I used to travel out of the country most times to Senegal to buy goods but I cannot do that anymore because of the exchange rate.

The clothes that we used to sell for about N70,000 is now about N160,000 and nobody has such money anymore.

When I travel to Senegal to buy my goods, nobody knows that I am a celebrity because I work like a slave.

Sometimes if I am in a hurry to return to Nigeria and they have not finished my works in Senegal, I would join them and begin to sew.

If I had a sugar daddy somewhere, would I go through all this stress? I thank God that I am doing fine on my own.

I have paid my dues. In fact, you cannot tell children of nowadays to sleep on the bare floor, they would not listen.

When my daughter is around, she joins me and sleeps on the bare floor and same goes for my sister, Arike.

I do all these because if I decide to always go to Lekki, I may not be able to save money.

The truth of the matter is that I have paid my dues; I endure a lot even more than my age and stardom. If you work hard, God would surely reward your effort.

I don’t have a sugar daddy anywhere. If I had a sugar daddy, people would know because they would want a child from me.

No man in Nigeria would invest so much in you without expecting something in return,” she said.

The actress further hinted that she is in a relationship at the moment and she feels blessed to have a partner who understands and appreciates her work.

“I have a boyfriend and I really appreciate him for being there.

He is very understanding and nice.

As a young woman, if you date a man that is always collecting money from you, the lady would not progress in life but when you are dating a man that is not after your money, whatever you get, people would notice that you are doing well.

My boyfriend is a very busy person, so my busy schedule does not really affect him. As a celebrity, if you want to date a man, go for the busy ones.

If you need to have time for yourself, both parties would clear their schedule.

There was a time my boyfriend travelled for about two months and when he went to my house, my guard told him that I had not been home for weeks so he called me.

I told him I was in my shop and he decided to have a video call with me.

He was shocked the way I looked and had to ask why I looked terrible because I had been in the shop sleeping on the ground,” she said.
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Gov. Mimiko's pregnancy disappeared from my womb after 5 months - Mother

Image result for mimiko and his mum
Governor Mimiko's mum, Madam Muyinat, has revealed that her son mysteriously disappeared from her womb when her pregnancy was just five and half months old.

This confession of how Madam Muyinat stomach that was protruded, suddenly went flat, was
captured in her son’s  new book titled “Mimiko’s Odyssey: A Biography of Revelations”, which was presented yesterday in Akure, Ondo State.
Image result for mimiko and his mum

She also revealed how Gov. Mimiko's dad threatened that if she didn't give birth on October 3, 1954, then he was not responsible for the pregnancy.

Here's how it was written in the book;

“Aside the pregnancy seemingly disappearing, as narrated by Mama Muyinat Mimiko, it is also on record that the conception of Olusegun Mimiko coincided with when his father, Pa Atiku Mimiko, took seriously ill.

“The father, even on his sick bed, kept reiterating to whoever cared to listen that if the child was not delivered on October 3, then it would mean that he was not responsible for the pregnancy.

“Why he was so emphatic about the date is unknown to anyone, and may never be known, as the father did not divulge it before his demise.

“She had moved to the mother’s house when the pressure from her in-laws was becoming unbearable. According to her, the family members were uncomfortable about her husband’s illness and blamed her for it. This was compounded by her husband’s insistence on the exact date on which the child had to be born for him to accept it.

“At noon on October 3, the child was born and the news got to the family. The father was filled  with joy and he exclaimed, ‘That is alright. Alhamdulilai, Oluwasegun!’ This was to become one of the names of the newborn.

“As is customary in most cultures, including the Islamic and Yoruba, a child is formally named on the eighth day. Eight days after his birth, therefore, Islamic clerics gathered and the child was first named Abdulrahman, then his father named him Oluwasegun (meaning, God has given us victory) and his mother named him Abayomi (Ota i ba yomi Oluwa ni oje), meaning “but for God, my enemies would have derided me”.

The book also revealed how Gov. Mimiko's  numerous political battles and triumphs, his political calculations and strategies, strength of character, courage in the face of adversity, and daring political manoeuvres, earned him the name, IROKO.
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Primary school students allegedly arrested in Enugu State, for not doing their assignments (photos)

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoor
The Enugu Government in conjuction with Early Dews Montessori Primary School, located at GRA Enugu, arrested primary school pupils who didn't do their assignments. 
Image may contain: car and outdoor
The arrested pupil were put behind a hilux, alleged to be the same place where dead bodies are kept.
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Justice Aladetoyinbo And His Contradicting Rulings: Tenants Of U.L.O. Plaza Storms FCT High Court

 This is the story, brought to us by some aggrieved tenants, of a Judge who has wreaked great hardship on them by issuing conflicting orders that have sent them evicted twice from the premises in which they carry out their legitimate businesses and earn their livelihood.

Some tenants of U.L.O. Plaza, a property located at No. 34, Sokode Crescent, FCT Abuja sealed by the police and court officials on the 3/2/2017 at about 5.00am in the morning pursuant to a Warrant of Possession issued by Hon. Justice S.E. Aladetoyinbo in the case of Bil Construction Ltd. V. Gazi Construction Ltd., stormed the FCT High Court today to challenge their forceful eviction from the property owned by U.L.O. Consultants Ltd.

The tenants, in a motion filed by their lawyers, are seeking an order restoring them to possession on the grounds that the Hon. Judge had made a previous order restoring possession of the property to U.L.O. Consultants Ltd. back in 2014 when an earlier warrant of possession had been issued by the same judge in the same case of Bil Construction Ltd. V. Gazi Construction Ltd. The judge had made that previous order acknowledging that the Warrant of Possession he issued did not bind U.L.O. Consultants Ltd. who was not a party in the case, and also that fair hearing was not extended to U.L.O Consultants when the eviction was made in 2014. Bil Construction Ltd. appealed against this Ruling and the matter is still pending before the Court of Appeal.

It therefore came as a shock to the tenants and occupants of the U.L.O. Plaza (which includes Core TV) when court officials and a truck-load of heavily armed  policemen stormed the Plaza in the early hours of Friday, 3rd February 2017, and forcefully evicted the tenants pursuant to a Warrant of Possession exactly similar to the same issued and set aside in 2014 and still in the same case of Bil Construction Ltd. V. Gazi Construction Ltd. This Warrant was signed by the same Judge who gave the Ruling setting that of 2014 aside while the Court of Appeal is yet to determine the Appeal filed against his Ruling. It would then seem that the Hon. Justice Aladetoyinbo is setting aside his own order, an act which can only be done by the Appeal Court. The Tenants were not given any prior notice or warning before the eviction on 3/2/17 and suffered substantial damage to their properties as a result.

Another angle to this peculiar series of events, according to the application filed before the court, is that there is another subsisting Order of Injunction from High Court 25 (FCT) restraining the Deputy Sheriff and Bil Construction from interfering with the possession of the property by U.L.O. Consultants Ltd. pending the determination of the issue of title between U.L.O Consultants Ltd. and Bil Construction Ltd. which the Hon. Justice Aladetoyinbo (Court 3) is well aware of. It would now seem that the Hon. Justice not only overturned his own previous Ruling, but also that of another High Court Judge who had been (and is still) hearing the matter of title between U.L.O Consultants Ltd. and Bil Construction Ltd.
The tenants, who attended the court in their numbers, went home very disappointed as they were informed by the Registrar of Court that their case (which was fixed and listed for hearing on this day 15/12/2017) has been postponed to 20/3/17.

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KFB Churchy & Fly: We present best styles that blew our minds this week (Volume 34)

For the newbies, KFB Churchy and Fly is our fashion column, where we bring you all the dose of inspiration you need to stun for JESUS on Sundays.

You can keep up with the other volumes you have  missed (HERE).

We now bring you some of the best collection of styles as shared on our Instagram page for this week!

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Heart warming pictures of Tonto Dikeh and hubby in good times

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“Your Husband Is Your Son, Take Care Of Him” Vice President’s Mother advises wives

On February 16, 2017, mother of the Vice President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, Mrs. Olubisi Osinbajo, clocked 84 years old. Her son, Yemi Osinbajo and wife were present to celebrate with her.

Meanwhile, the mother of four, who is a widow reminisced in an interview with SUNDAY PUNCH, how she trained four boys alone.

She said, “It was very tough raising four boys. That is why I am called ‘Mumisco.’ A mother with all boys will have to behave like a boy herself if she intends to train them properly. When they started growing up, I made it compulsory for them to say their prayers every morning. Whether they liked it or not, it was an activity that must be done. They would grumble but I did not budge. It was not easy training them. But we knew that someday, everything would be okay. And it turned out that way because all of them are doing well in their chosen careers. Two of them were once Attorneys-General and Commissioners for Justice in Ogun and Lagos states."

Advising parents especially mothers, Mama Osinbajo said, “"My advice goes to the mothers, especially those who have boys to train. They must be very vigilant because sons are full of tricks unlike daughters. If she is sleeping, she must not sleep with her two eyes closed because they can sneak out. I ensured that I always went to their rooms to check on them and pray for them. Mothers must pray for their children always. Also, they should take care of their husbands because they are like children to us. Men are like children and any woman who wants to enjoy them must behave like mothers to them. Even when a man is 40 and he marries an 18-year-old, the wife is his mother. That was how I treated my husband."
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Olubadan of Ibadan, Queens take over London in style...

It has been fun for the Olubadan of Ibadan, Oba Saliu Adetunji and his two queens as they stormed London, United Kingdom for their annual vacation. 

From shopping to sight-seeing and Public Display of Affection, the Oba and his wives have engaged in all these without inhibitions.

In a recent train ride, not a few Nigerians opted to taking photos with the Oba, who willing obliged them.
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The doctors said my wife had blocked fallopian tubes'| Man gives testimony of how his wife beat doctors report and delivered a baby

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Depressed Doctor Commits Suicide In Abuja, Sets Himself On Fire (photos)

A hotel in Nyanya area of Abuja, was razed down by fire after a man who checked into the hotel committed suicide in his room, by setting himself ablaze.

The deceased, Dr. Isaac Ojukwu, said to be in his early 60s, committed the said act in the early hours of Thursday.

It was gathered that Dr. Isaac, from Ohuhu in Umuahia area of Abia State,who is married to a German woman with kids, had been staying in the apartment, Boundary Plaza Hotel, Nyanya, for the past 5 years.

Throughout his stay in the hotel, nobody paid him a visit, including his wife and children.

Addressing newsmen who gathered at the burnt hotel, the owner of the hotel, an Associate Professor at the Nasarawa State University, Keffi, Sylvanus M. Itodo (MON), expressed how shocked he was over the incident.

“We were all sitting together that fateful night (Wednesday night) before he left to watch football match and I also left the hotel premises by 11pm, to go and sleep.

“It was around 12am that I recieved a phone call from one of the boys in the hotel, crying, that my hotel was on fire. Before I could get down here, the flame was everywhere; and it took the efforts of the Federal Fire Service to prevent the inferno from escalating to the surrounding houses” he said.

The deceased's neighbour at the hotel, Ohize Yakubu, who has been living in the hotel apartment since his wedding in 2013; alleged that they tried pulling Dr. Isaac out of the building, but he ran back to his burning room.

“We went to watch Arsenal and Bayern match that night, I came back to the hotel and Dr. Isaac came in 5 minutes later. After some minutes, I started hearing strange sound from his room, which is directly opposite my room. He was not shouting loud enough, all I could hear was ‘yeh’, ‘yeh’.

“At first, I was scared to open the door, because I didn’t know if it was a robbery attack, until I heard and recognised the voice of one of our neighbours, beckoning on Dr. Isaac to open the door and come out, shouting fire, fire.

“Then I asked my wife to take my son and rush out of the building while I joined other neighbours and we forced his door open, we met him standing in the sitting room while fire was burning in the bedroom. He was unhurt, we then held his hands and asked him to follow us. All of a sudden, he struggled his way from our hands and ran into the burning room.

“At this point, everyone ran back as the inferno had started escalating and all my belongings got burnt. My wife only escaped with my son. I was engaged in the process of rescuing Dr. Isaac, and lost all my belongings in the process” Yakubu lamented

Mr. Promise Nkwachukwu Okem, who just arrived Nigeria from Ghana, disclosed that he was able to pick few stuffs from his room before the fire got to his own side.

However, he revealed that two ladies who just finished serving the NYSC and searching for jobs, were not that lucky, as they could not pick anything from their rooms, save for their night gowns. “They could not pick anything from their rooms”, Okem said.

Family members are yet to show up to claim Dr. Ojukwu's body which has been deposited at the Asokoro General Hospital by the Police.
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18-month-old boy dies after his mom served him kerosene instead of water in Benin

The incident happened, last Tuesday, at about 10am, at Iguma Street, Off Medical Stores Road, Benin, Edo State. Isreal Buhari had complained to his mother, a hired kerosene seller, that he was thirsty.

The mom then mistakenly gave him kerosene stored in a beverage can, to drink. The child, the only boy of four children, was said to have, on first gulp, immediately spat out the remaining content in his mouth, before his mother realized her error.
His mother,Mrs Ata Buhari, said with the help of neighbors, some volume of palm oil was immediately given to Isreal, before he was rushed to a hospital, where he died few hours later. .
Narrating how she ‘mistakenly’ served her only son kerosene instead of water, Mrs Buhari, from Kogi State, stated that one of her children had filled an empty can of beverage with water, which they took to the stop that fateful morning. .
She added that a similar container of beverage inside which she stored kerosene, was kept in her shop and when her child complained of thirstiness, she ‘mistakenly’ picked the one filled with kerosene.
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