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Saturday, April 2

Bayelsa APC suspends Timipre Sylva

Bayelsa APC suspends Timipre Sylva

Timipre Sylva

APC in Bayelsa state have suspended one of its members, Timipre Sylva. Sylva who was the governorship candidate of the party in the December 2015 election, was suspended via a statement released by the state party chairman, Timipa Orunimighe today April 2nd. Sylva is accused of corruption, Indiscipline and Trading of Political office. See a copy of the suspension letter after the cut ..

Bayelsa APC suspends Timipre Sylva

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Incredible!!!!! Vaginal beer set to go on sale. Fancy a swig?

Incredible!!!!! Vaginal beer set to go on sale. Fancy a swig?

Throws up before I start writing this story…lol. You could soon be able to drink you-know-what if eating it is not to your taste. The creators of the beer said the idea was to capture the essence of a woman (‘her charm, her sensuality, her passion… her taste, feel her smell… her voice’) and turn it into a drink. The bacteria was taken from Czech model Alexandra Brendlov.

Incredible!!!!! Vaginal beer set to go on sale. Fancy a swig?

On their website, Order Of Yoni, they wrote: “The secret of the beer lies in her vagina.
“Using hi-tech of microbiology, we isolate, examine and prepare lactic acid bacteria from vagina of a unique woman.
“The bacteria, lactobacillus, transfer woman’s features, allure, grace, glamour, and her instincts into beers and other products, turning them into dance with lovely goddess.

“We have devoted much time to seek for such a woman, all the models had to undergo a very strict selection process.
“And, finally, after long months of search we have made it. We have found a woman that personifies feminity, natural charm and lure and who possesses all the desired instincts which we wanted to frame in our bottle of beer.”

The creators are hoping to raise €150000 and have set up an Indiegogo page for donations, so far, €11 has been raised after six days. Obviously, not many people find the idea mouthwatering.
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Choi! Read what comedian Michael Blackson wrote to transgender, Sidney Starr

Choi! Read what comedian Michael Blackson wrote to transgender, Sidney Starr

Choi! Read what comedian Michael Blackson wrote to transgender, Sidney Starr

Lol. So apparently Michael Blackson met popular transgender Sidney Starr at an event and they took photos together. When Sidney posted the photo of them together on her instagram page, her followers started asking if the comedian was the new man in Sidney’s life. That got Michael mad and he decided to set the record straight by being mean to Sidney…see the rest after the cut…

Choi! Read what comedian Michael Blackson wrote to transgender, Sidney Starr

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Diner finds live worm in her hamburger after biting into it (photo)

Diner finds live worm in her hamburger after biting into it (photo)

Diana Serik filmed the moment a live worm wriggled out of a hamburger she had just bitten into. She was dining with friends in Astana, Kazakhstan when she made the gross discovery. She posted a video of the incident to Facebook where local media picked up on it. the burger bar is facing calls to be closed down for health checks.

Diner finds live worm in her hamburger after biting into it (photo)

In the video she can be heard saying: “We stopped by at Hardee’s fast food restaurant, located Kabanbay Batyra street. And here is what I discovered in my hamburger. Be careful everyone and everyone should be aware. They should have checked what they put into their food.”

The restaurant, a branch of the Hardee’s American fast-food chain, later claimed their food was “carefully checked”.

A spokesman said on social media: “We test everything before selling it and we have all the necessary certificates guaranteeing the quality of our food.”

One internet user named Beybarys however saw the matter in a different light saying: “Worms are also made from meat so why would she complain?”
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Lol. Steve Harvey didn't find his wife's April Fool's joke funny

Lol. Steve Harvey didn't find his wife's April Fool's joke funny

Marjorie Harvey,

Yesterday, Steve Harvey’s wife, Marjorie Harvey, announced that she would join the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Then she sent a text to her husband with the happy news, but Steve wasn’t having any of it, lol. Read their convo below..

Lol. Steve Harvey didn't find his wife's April Fool's joke funny

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Loyalists hold prayer service for President's 300 days in office

Loyalists hold prayer service for President's 300 days in office
Various individuals who are believed to be loyalists and fans of the Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari, held a prayer service to commemorate the administration's 300 days in office.

The event, which held on Friday, April1, 2016, at the area 11 Juma'at Mosque in Abuja, had hundreds of Nigerians from across the states in attendance.
Reportedly sponsored by Ahmed Shuaibu-Gara Gombe, the session had Shiek Muhammadu Kabiru Gombe as a guest speaker and other dignitaries in attendance.
The session was the third prayer in the series for president Buhari, which is being marked after each 100 days of the administration's lifespan.
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Jasdon Derulo Hot singer reveals his diet and fitness secret

Jasdon Derulo Hot singer reveals his diet and fitness secret

Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo has awed us for so long with those sculpted abs. Now the 26-year old artist has let us in on his diet and fitness secrets.

The Naked singer has been getting almost everything right in recent times. He's found love with his new lady, Daphne Joy; his career seems to be on the right track, and he's basically just living the life.

Jasdon Derulo Hot singer reveals his diet and fitness secret

Singer Jason Derulo in 'Naked' video (Billbaord )

Revealing the secret of his amazing physique to E! News, he reveals that he keeps a strict, lean diet, filled with proteins and low in carbs.
READ MORE: Jason Derulo talks about Jordin Sparks split
"It's really just being strict within reason," Derulo advises.

Jasdon Derulo Hot singer reveals his diet and fitness secret

Jason Derulo (x17online)

"...I was kind of doing just like those crash diets where I was going hard, going hard, going hard. [But] it's easy to fall off and when you fall off, it's kind of hard to get back up. So if you create yourself a reasonable diet...if you want something, you can have it, but within reason, do like an 80/20, 80-percent healthy and 20-percent...don't go too crazy!" he joked.
Derulo, Jordin Sparks' ex-boyfriend will be continuing his U.S. tour later this month, and is also set to perform for CMT Crossroads with Luke Bryan in the summer.

Watch the video below..

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"Hush" TV series' premiere to hold in Lagos

"Hush" TV series' premiere to hold in Lagos

The anticipated premiere of the series "Hush" which stars RMD and Thelma Okoduwa, held on Friday, April 1, 2016. Check out photos from premiere.

On April 4, 2016, Olu Jacobs and Richard Mofe Damijo will make their return to TV in a new telenovela "Hush," which is set to premiere on Africa Magic Showcase.

An exclusive screening of the series held yesterday 1 April, 2016 at Four Points by Sheraton in Lagos.
The star-studded event saw celebrities in attendance including Richard Mofe Damijo, Rita Dominic, Toke Makinwa, Michelle Dede, Uti Nwachukwu, Linda Ejiofor, Toni Tones, Meg Otanwa, Daniel K. Daniel, Adesua Etomi, amongst others

"Hush" TV series' premiere to hold in Lagos

A tale of fashion, politics and ambition which follows different members of high society as they collide, the story of Hush revolves around Bem and Arinola, power-players in fashion and politics respectively.

Bem, played by Richard Mofe-Damijo, is one of Africa’s biggest designers based in Lagos State, Nigeria, and Arinola, played by Thelma Okoduwa, is one of the state’s fastest rising politicians. The intrigue begins when Bem proposes marriage to Arinola, an action that sets in motion a chain of events propelled by the secrets in their respective lives, secrets that run through the backrooms of secret societies, the corridors of the judiciary and on social media.

"Hush" TV series' premiere to hold in Lagos

The telenovella which will air weeknights at 9pm CAT, also stars Olu Jacobs, Baj Adebule, Rotimi Adelegan and Meg Otanwa.
"Hush" premieres on April 4, 2016, on Africa Magic Showcase (DStv channel 151).
Check out photos from premiere below.

"Hush" TV series' premiere to hold in Lagos

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4 die in auto crash

4 die in auto crash

Police in Enugu on Saturday confirmed the death of four persons in road crash along Udi-Oji River on the Enugu-Onitsha old road.
The Public Relations Officer of the command, Mr Ebere Amaraizu, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Enugu that the incident occurred at about 6.30 a.m.

He said that the injured were rushed by a combined team of policemen, Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) officials and public-spirited Nigerians the hospital.

Amaraizu said that the accident took place close to Udi Local Government secretariat.

``The auto crash involved a water tanker with registration number ENU 211 XY and a Galaxy Sharon mini-bus with registration number LFA 375 XA coming from opposite directions of the road.

``The accident led to the instant death of four persons including a little girl, and left some injured,’’ he said.
He said that the injured were rushed by a combined team of policemen, Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) officials and public-spirited Nigerians the hospital.

According to him, the injured were taken to Our Saviour Hospital 9th-Mile Corner, Ngwo, and Victoria Hospital, Udi, while the corpses of the deceased were deposited in the mortuary for necessary action.
Amaraizu said that police had commenced investigation on the incident.
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President says FG will reduce nation’s food import bill

President says FG will reduce nation’s food import bill

 President Muhammadu Buhari

According to Buhari, addressing the past neglect of these two sectors will help to reduce unemployment and make Nigeria a more productive country.

 President Muhammadu Buhari has said that the Federal Government is determined to significantly reduce the high bill for importation of food products to Nigeria.

Speaking at a bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister of Denmark, Mr Lars Rasmussen, in Washington DC, U.S., Buhari also reaffirmed his administration's commitment to the rapid diversification of Nigerian economy.
``We developed a mono-product economy and lost opportunities to diversify in the past.

``We have great potential for agriculture and solid minerals; we are now determined to exploit them to the fullest,’’ Buhari said in a statement issued by Presidential Spokesman Femi Adesina on Saturday.
According to Buhari, addressing the past neglect of these two sectors will help to reduce unemployment and make Nigeria a more productive country.
``We will welcome more investment in our agriculture and solid minerals sectors from countries with expertise in the two sectors.

``We abandoned them for petroleum; Now, we have to go back.
``Our bill for the importation of food and dairy products is very high.
``We want to cut it as much as possible by developing our local potential," the President told Mr Rasmussen.
Buhari assured the Danish Prime Minister that the Federal Government would continue to partner other countries to further improve maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea.

The President said that his administration was determined to stop the huge loss of revenue from crude oil theft and had received assurances of international support to curb illegal shipments of Nigeria's crude oil.
Remarking that his country was a major shipping nation, Rasmussen thanked Buhari for Nigeria's current efforts to enhance security in the Gulf of Guinea.

He assured the President that Danes would be very interested in investing in the development of Nigeria's agricultural sector if the right policies and conditions were put in place.
``We are quite experienced in agriculture; it is an area in which we can cooperate.
``If you pave the way and remove the obstacles, we will like to come in," the Prime Minister assured President Buhari.
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Tinubu: I will never forget how a naval officer slapped me when I was a cab driver

Tinubu: I will never forget how a naval officer slapped me when I was a cab driver

Bola Tinubu

Bola Tinubu, a national leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), has opened up on his experiences on the journey to the top, recalling how a naval officer slapped him in his days as a cab driver in the US.

In a special interview with TheNews, Tinubu also spoke on how he did menial jobs to survive during his undergraduate days.

The former Lagos state governor also made comments on how he excelled as a technocrat in the US, and his contribution to the growth of the country’s democracy.

“One experience I will not forget was when I over-charged a naval officer who was returning to the country. It was not intentional. Apparently, I didn’t know the direction; there was no GPRS in those days to locate directions,” he said.

“He gave me the direction to his house in a Virginia suburb. I gave him the price and the man responded with a slap to my face. He said I should know the correct fare to charge to the location he mentioned. He slapped me and gave me the money.

“Another experience was when I took a guy whom I didn’t know was drunk. When I drove to his house, he pointed a gun at me instead of paying the fare. He took my leather jacket and said: ‘Get into your car and get lost.’ He did not pay.

“Another interesting one was when I was taking the third accounting class and equally working as a security guard at a construction site. They were very serious with their kind of security. You just had to do that job. There were about six points with six clocks at the site, which the security man must wind every hour and with a dog in hand. So, there was never a chance of trying to catch a nap.

“As I was doing my accounting assignment, I fell asleep. I was dead asleep! The inspector came to the site and found me sleeping, with my head on my books. He simply pulled the register and wrote: ‘I have been here. You were sound asleep. So, see me tomorrow.’ When I woke up, I found that Skiddo (the dog’s name) was gone, and then the register. I just went to a corner, cleaned my face and concentrated on my assignment because I knew the job was already gone.

“You can’t lose two things. I ensured that I read well for my test and passed the next day. I opted to post their uniform and the cap to them, but suddenly ran into the man and he handed me my cheque and said the job was gone. I told him I knew and we said goodbye to each other! I had to start looking for another job.”

On how he managed to escape during the crisis that the military plunged the country into after annulling the June 12, 1993 election, Tinubu said: “I disguised with a huge turban and babariga and escaped into Benin Republic on a motorbike.

“My old Hausa friend gave the clothes to me. In fact, when I appeared to Kudirat Abiola, she didn’t know that I was the one! I gave her some information and some briefing. I left at 1 a.m. While in Benin Republic, I was still coming to Badagry to ferry people, organise and coordinate the struggle with others on ground. We put a group together, ferrying NADECO people across. It was a very challenging time. I can’t forget people like Segun Maiyegun and other young guys in the struggle. I would come from Benin to hold meetings with them and sneak back.”
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Radio Biafra back on air without Kanu, prays for ‘confusion in the midst of Biafra’s enemies’

Radio Biafra back on air without Kanu, prays for ‘confusion in the midst of Biafra’s enemies’

Radio Biafra is currently streaming live across the Nigerian airwaves without Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

Checks by TheCable revelaed that the station is live on Tune In, an Internet radio airing across the world.

The radio station has hit the airwaves pushing the same message of “freedom of Biafraland” while condemning the happenings in Nigeria, regarded as a Zoo.

Radio Biafra is airing from “30 Sandlings Close, Pilkington Road, London, SE11 3SY England, United Kingdom”.

When TheCable tuned in, the anchor, who was referred to as the new deputy director of the station, was complaining about the state of power and energy resources in the country.

After receiving a call from Nigeria to complain that the radio was not being aired via FM in some parts of south east Nigeria, the anchor responded by saying the problem would be resolved.

“There is no problem with our general platform, we would look into it tomorrow,” he said.

“We are not forgetting our leader, Kanu. Lord God almighty, grant our leader protection. Continue to set confusion in the midst of our enemies, grant us total freedom.”

Agents of the federal government had earlier arrested suspected masterminds of Radio Biafra, and charging its leader to court for treasonable felony.

The signals were also reportedly jammed after initial failed attempts, but the station is still broadcasting on the world wide web, after months off air.

After it was jammed in 2015, it announced that it had launched another station and promised to launch 50 others.

Both Radio Biafra and Biafra 24 radio were live online as at Friday afternoon, while residents of Port Harcourt, Rivers state, were said to be having difficulties accessing the station via local transmission.

IPOB released a statement earlier in the week to say: “Right now, we are back on shortwave after Nigerian government spent millions of dollars taxpayers money trying to stop Radio Biafra.

“All Biafrans and friends of Biafra can now go to 11600 kHz at 25-meter band to cherish the gospel of truth, Broadcasting time is 8pm London time, 9pm Biafra land time. We are unstoppable because Chukwuka Okike Abiama, Almighty God, is on our side.”
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Troops destroy 'ready-to-explode' Boko Haram bomb factory

Troops destroy 'ready-to-explode' Boko Haram bomb factory

The Nigeria army says its troops have destroyed a Boko Haram bomb factory at a village in Borno state, where two empty artillery shells and other cartridges with IED and batteries were “ready to explode”.

According to Sani Usman, army spokesman, the troops also killed nine members of the sect in an operation to clear the village of insurgents.

“The troops of 155 task force Battalion, 21 brigade, Nigerian army on Thursday 31st March 2016, during clearance operations discovered and destroyed improvised-explosive-device (IED) factory and  cleared Boko Haram terrorists hide out in Wulwuta village, ahead of Jere, Bama local government area,” he said.

“During the operation, the troops  also killed nine Boko Haram terrorists while one of our soldier was wounded in action.

“The troops recovered one laptop, one solar panel, a pair of Nigerian military desert and woodland camouflage uniform each, as well as bandolier vest and six ready IEDs pressure plates. Other recoveries include a loaded pistol with registration number D557954, 3 rounds of  7.65mm, 13 rounds of  7.62mm (NATO) ammunition and combat boots, amongst others.

“The gallant unit also rescued 21 persons held captives by the terrorists, comprising eight men, four women and nine  children. They have been moved to the brigade headquarters for further care, screening and eventual hand over to the appropriate agencies.

“It is significant to state that the ever-vigilant and professional troops noticed that the terrorists were determined to cause maximum casualty on them by stuffing two empty artillery shells and other cartridges with IED and batteries ready to explode. They were however safely detonated by the explosive ordinance device (EOD) team attached to the unit.

“It is heart warming to state that the troops morale remains high and fighting efficiency is equally unprecedented.”
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12-yr -old girl raped and impregnated by dad wants him to go jail!!!

12-yr -old girl raped and impregnated by dad wants him to go jail!!!


A 12-year-old girl,  Queen, who was allegedly raped serially by her father, Bamekpa, with her four-month-old pregnancy crudely aborted, has said she could not count the number of times Bamekpa allegedly forcibly had canal knowledge of her (HERE).

There has been public outrage against the incident, which occurred at Imiringi, Ogbia Local Government Area, Bayelsa State, since it was reported by The Nation, with many people calling for Bamekpa’s arrest and prosecution.

But Queen relived her ordeal in the hands of her father and called on the Inspector-General of Police, Solomon Arase, to step in and facilitate the process of bringing the man to justice.The traumatised SS1 student said

“I want my father to be thrown into prison”, “I feel pained that a man I called my father used me many times to satisfy his sexual urge.”
Narrating how it all started in 2015, she said:

 “He started sleeping with me in 2015. The first time he did it, I was in my room reading when he came in. He asked me the kind of school I would like to go. Then he came close to me. “When I stood up to go, he asked me to wait and started touching me all over my body. I asked him what he was doing but he told me to keep quiet and immediately pushed me into the bed.

“He tied my hands backwards. When he saw that I was shouting, he covered my mouth with his hand, He started doing it increasingly from that time. I always cried and begged him to leave me but he would not listen.” She said she was afraid to discuss her ordeal with anybody because her father threatened to kill her if she did. She, however, said the bubble burst when she began to show signs of pregnancy.
She said:

 “When I became pregnant, I didn’t know. My stepmother saw the signs and suspected that I was pregnant. It was when she began to ask me who impregnated me that I told her. I learnt she has moved out of the house.”
The teenager said her life became more traumatic when her father allegedly commenced the process of aborting the pregnancy. She said the method was crude and opened a chapter of health problems in her life.

She said: “My father, seeing that I was pregnant, took me to do an abortion. He took me to Elebele and handed me over to his female friend named Peace, who took me to a house in Otu-Aba. “They did not allow me to see the process, but I saw the instruments. It was very painful. After that day, I started bleeding because he didn’t abort the pregnancy completely. I was taken back to Otu-Aba on December 5 and from there, we went to Otu-Asiga to flush the remaining one. “I discovered later that my body system had been messed up.

 I noticed I was no longer menstruating. It was just recently that I was taken to the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) where an operation was done on me with something like a container inserted into me. They called it a minor operation. I went back to FMC on Thursday to remove the container.”

Queen said she could no longer go to school because of the problems created by her father.

“I feel very bad. I want the police oga (police boss) to put him in prison. He has been doing similar things to many people,” she said.
Queen’s nephew, David Apigi, who reported the matter to Operation Rescue, asked the police to speedily and diligently prosecute the matter. He confirmed that her niece went through an operation at FMC.
He said: “The operation was done on her private part and a container was inserted into her. She went back on Thursday to have the container removed,” he said.

The Coordinator, Operation Rescue, Princess Elizabeth Egbe, said the police had promised to effect the arrest of other suspects after taking Queen’s statement. She said the Officer in Charge, Family Unity, Edith Washington, said the statement of the violated girl would be taken after her medical check.

She, however, said the NGO had no suspicion that the police were trying to sweep the matter under the carpet until they failed to effect arrest and commence prosecution within a reasonable time frame.
She said initially, the policemen in charge of the case said they had no money to go to the crime scene. She, however, said the police commissioner later made a financial provision for them to go there.

She said: “The police said they would commence the arrest of suspects after they get the girl’s statement today after her medical checks. They have not got the statement of the girl. “I don’t have any suspicion that the police are trying to hide the matter. The police said the suspect is in the state CID but we have not sighted him. The police have not been able to invite us officially for a meeting. “For now, I cannot hold them till after she has given her statement. The police said they didn’t have money to go to the crime scene but the commissioner made a provision for them to go there. If they failed to arrest the doctor and the lady, we will commence our campaign.”

Further lamenting her condition, 27-year-old Joy, who said she was raped serially by Bamekpa when she was between six and seven years old, appealed to the police to diligently handle the matter and ensure that justice is served.

Recalling the second time the suspect raped her, she said:
 “While I was playing with other children, he called me and asked me to go to his room and get pineapple. When I went to his room, he came in and shut the door. He held me and pushed me into his bed.
“While I was shouting, he was laughing at me, boasting that even if I shouted with all my energy, nobody would come and rescue me. I shouted but nobody came.”

When contacted, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Bayelsa State Command of the Nigeria Police Force, Butswat Asinim, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), said the matter was being handled by the police. He assured that the matter would not be swept under the carpet, particularly because it involves sexual abuse of a minor.
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Things will not change overnight – Bishop Okonkwo speaks on the current Nigerian situation

Things will not change overnight – Bishop Okonkwo speaks on the current Nigerian situation

Mike Okonkwo (TREM)

 Popular pastor and Presiding Bishop of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM), Mike Okonkwo, has faith in President Muhammadu Buhari to fix Nigeria, saying that “it will be foolhardy to say things will change overnight”.

Okonkwo, who was a vocal supporter of President Buhari during the 2015 election, also said Nigerians are ‘naturally impatient’ and ‘once there is a little pressure we’ll say we don’t want again’.

While expressing confidence in Buhari’s ability to ‘change’ Nigeria, the Bishop said: “I read somewhere in the social media a young man who said we should go back to corruption since things appear not to be working out well. I said so we should go back to the vicious cycle? I replied the young man and said he was talking nonsense.”
“Yes, things are not too stable but that is to tell you the rot the nation has degenerated to. You see, we are not fighting corruption. Nigeria is corruption. Everywhere you turn, every sector you turn, you find corruption.”

“From the messenger to driver to the boss, everyone is involved. Corruption has become a second nature to us. The truth is you hardly find anyone that has not been dragged into the industry of corruption. It is as bad as that. Corruption has become the biggest industry in the nation.”
“Now that Buhari is there, it will be foolhardy to say things will change overnight. Buhari will not completely eradication corruption because it’s been with us for decades.

 If anyone is expecting Buhari to change this even if he stays for 15 years, the person is not being sincere. I believe the current administration is fighting so hard to put things in place. The things we are seeing is corruption fighting back. We have saboteurs in the system that will take time to be detected and flushed out.”
“There are people enjoying where we were. They were making it with the situation we had then. They have a lot of money in their hands so they can do anything; they can create problems. But if we endure a lot, I believe things will be better.”

“I believe the current crop of leaders will fix this nation. That is why some people are fighting them back. It is because they know within themselves that they can deliver.”
“They have wonderful programmes. The budget has just been passed. So, let’s watch between now and end of the year for things to start taking shape.”
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Listen to the South-East and Break Up Nigeria, the Amalgamation is a Deadly Monster - Methodist Bishop Blows Hot

Listen to the South-East and Break Up Nigeria, the Amalgamation is a Deadly Monster - Methodist Bishop Blows Hot

A highly respected Cleric has opined on the need for not staying together as one when Nigeria is apparently on fire.

Rt Rev B.L. Onuagha, the Bishop, Method­ist Diocese of Onitsha, bared his mind on the state of Nigerian nation and noted that the amalgama­tion of 1914 has not fa­voured the Igbo, appealing to the world leaders to lis­ten to the South East and break, off “this monster called amalgamation.”

According to Sun News, this was contained in the Bishop’s address to mark the 14th annual dioc­esan synod of the church. Bishop Onuagha said since the amalgamation was not working in the interest of the components of the fed­eration that the best option should be to dissolve it based on the fact that, ac­cording to him, a section of the country was suffer­ing enslavement.

Bishop Onuagha cited the ac­tivities of the Fulani cattle herdsmen who he said had displaced communi­ties, killed, maimed and burgled the people with impunity and government would remain complas­cent. He described it as an indication that some people were not wanted in the marriage. The synod enjoined the Federal Gov­ernment to make enabling law as regards grazing in Nigeria to avoid bloodlet­ting between the herdsmen and farmers in Nigeria.

“Amalgamation has brought about the erosion of human dignity, the en­slavement of a section of the people in the name of one Nigeria. This deadly monster has led to the loss of millions of lives of Igbo and no one is talking about the genocide. Yes, our culture and that of those in question are not the same. Our language is not the same, our customs, our tradition, our faith and our education are not the same. Our values are at variance. Then, why must we be forced to be in a marriage that we do not want and we see that it is not favourable?” the Bish­op queried.

He said he was not sur­prised that a group was crying for separation from the unholy marriage forced on Nigeria by the British government in 1914.

The Bishop noted that even in the entity called Nigeria, there is extreme hardship to the extent that the naira would soon become a piece of paper if not checked. He said fuel was fast becoming a scarce commodity to the extent that the poor could not afford it in a nation that exports crude oil.

He said the synod urged the Federal Government to tread with caution in her quest to deregulate the pe­troleum sector in order to avoid further sufferings of Nigerians, adding that the refineries should be made to work in full capacity.

“The cost of living is rising daily, as the central government is busy witch-hunting individuals in the name of fighting corrup­tion,” he said.

On Anambra State, the Bishop expressed satis­faction with Governor Willie Obiano, whose government is doing well in providing security, ag­riculture, education, infra­structure and other social amenities.
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Police Officer Who Rescued the Kidnapped Lagos Schoolgirls Gets Presidential Honour (Photos)

Police Officer Who Rescued the Kidnapped Lagos Schoolgirls Gets Presidential Honour (Photos)

Abdulrahman Bello Dambazau and CSP Abba Kyari

The police officer who made headlines for helping initiate the processes that led to the rescue of the schoolgirls who were kidnapped in Lagos has been honoured

President Muhammadu Buhari, represented by the Minister of Interior, Abdulrahman Bello Dambazau, on Friday, March 31, honoured CSP Abba Kyari, the police officer who was behind the team that led the Special Intelligence Response Team that rescued the 3 abducted school girls in Ikorodu, with a Presidential Award for Courage.

It will be recalled that CSP Kyari led the operation that rescued the kidnappedgirls on March 6th.

CSP Kyari also led the team that rescued the mother of Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, who was abducted in Delta state in 2012.

It is an honour well deserved...

Police Officer Who Rescued the Kidnapped Lagos Schoolgirls Gets Presidential Honour (Photos)

Police Officer Who Rescued the Kidnapped Lagos Schoolgirls Gets Presidential Honour (Photos)

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FG is Planning to Replace N5,000 Monthly Stipend for Unemployed Youths With Something Else - Ngige

FG is Planning to Replace N5,000 Monthly Stipend for Unemployed Youths With Something Else - Ngige

Chris Ngige

New revelation has shown that the monthly stipend of N5,000 promised by the Federal Government to unemployed youths will soon be replaced.

Sen. Chris Ngige, the Minister of Labour and Employment, revealed that the Federal Government has initiated empowerment programmes to engage unemployed youths against the proposed N5,000 monthly stipend.

According to Vanguard, Ngige made this disclosure at the Special Day of the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) at the ongoing 27th Enugu International Trade Fair on Friday.

He said that there were ample opportunities for unemployed graduates in the country in the 2016 Budget.

“Instead of paying youths N5,000 monthly for doing nothing, the government has initiated plans to engage hundreds of thousands of youths in the country with over 10 empowerment programmes.
“Some of the intervention programmes will be spearheaded by the NDE including Teach Nigeria, skill acquisition and community services,” Ngige said.

The minister said that some of the youths would be employed at the end of the programme, while others would be assisted to start their own businesses.

“When you enter the programme, the person would be earning far more than N5, 000 depending on his or her input,” he said.

Ngige said that the Federal Government had started taking stocks of all the skill acquisition centers in the country and would soon roll out training programmes for them.

He said that he appreciated the support of the private sector in the provision of jobs, stressing that creation of sustainable employment in the country was basically a challenge for the private sector.

The minister said that there was need for economic diversification from oil to other areas such as agriculture and pledged government’s commitment to tackle poverty in the country.
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Exposed: How 17-year-old Girl Sold Child for N500,000, But Was Paid Only N30,000 (Photo)

Exposed: How 17-year-old Girl Sold Child for N500,000, But Was Paid Only N30,000 (Photo)

Suspected child traffickers in Indo including Mrs Chibuzor Okoye

Her desperation to get rid of the unwanted child led her to trade off the first fruits of her womb to a couple who also have been waiting desperately for a fruit of the womb for over six years.

17 year old Tessy Obianua, a secondary school drop-out ate the “forbidden fruit”and was made pregnant by one of her acquaintances, Shola.

The shame led her to elope when the pregnancy was five months old and the protruding tummy was becoming a source of embarrassment for her and her parents at their Ogbese camp in Akure North area of Ondo State.

Without the knowledge of her parents Mr and Mrs Henry Obianua , Tessy left with another man Jude Azuka for Onitsha, to escape the prying eyes of neighbours and others who may jest of her. The father was said to have been flabbergasted when Tessy who disappeared with the five month old pregnancy re-surfaced after nine months without a baby which was the evidence of the pregnancy.

Evidence of the pregnancy

Meanwhile, when Tessy disappeared, the father had lodged a complaint via a petition at the Police station that her pregnant daughter was missing and detectives were deployed to smoke her out with the pregnancy. But a Police source hinted that Jude who was a neighbour of Tessy’s parents seized the opportunity of her condition to lure her to Onitsha where he promised to link her to a “ good Samaritan” that will take care of her,the pregnancy and even the baby after birth.

Tessy was ferried to Onitsha and put in the custody of Mrs Chibuzor Okoye who housed her until she gave birth to a baby girl which she also helped her nurse. Unknown to Tessy that Jude was one of the agents of Mrs Okoye who is a child trafficker, she was reportedly given special treatment throughout her stay with the Mrs Okoye in Onitsha. When she was put in the picture of what would be the fate of her “unwanted child” Tessy according to the Police source had no choice than to agree with them.

While Tessy and the little baby were enjoying the luxury provided by Mrs Okoye, a deal had been struck on how much a desperate couple who had been looking for a baby was willing to pay on her. Police source told Vanguard that a drama ensued when the couple came to the house of Mrs Okoye to collect the baby after the payment of N500,000. Tessy was said to have put up a fight, vowing she would not let go her baby and it reportedly took the intervention of Jude who brought her to Onitsha before she allowed the couple Mr and Mrs Sunday Kalu to go with her.

Sensing that Tessy may have a re-think and probably want to make trouble, they suggested to both Jude and Mrs Okoye that she (Tessy) should sign an undertaking that she would never come back for the baby. After that was done, the baby was taken away and Tessy was settled with N30,000 cash while some new clothes and shoes were equally bought for her from the sale of her baby girl. But the 17-year old girl in an interview denied having knowledge of the whole transaction saying she was handed N30,000 after she discovered that her baby had disappeared while she was asleep.

She said that she later learnt from Jude that N500,000 was collected by them from a couple in need of a baby. Tessy told Vanguard when she was paraded alongside with four other suspects of the child trafficking and the couple that Mrs Okoye and Jude should be held responsible for the disappearance of her baby. She said because she was not in support of the sale of the baby that was why she exposed the child trafficker to her uncle who informed the police and she was arrested.

The story told by Mrs Okoye differed as she told Vanguard that Tessy was lying and that she was handed over her share of the money while Jude also collected his share. She said that N200,000 was given to Jude out of the sales while she took N300,000. The burble reportedly burst when Tessy after she re-surfaced didn’t come with a baby and the father became suspicious and raised alarm.

Vanguard learnt that she later confessed that their neighbour, Jude and one Mrs Okoye sold her baby girl to a couple in Onitsha, Anambra state. Detectives later traced both Mrs Okoye and Jude to Onitsha where they were both apprehended and brought back to Akure, the Ondo State capital. The five suspects are presently cooling their heels at the Criminal Investigation Bureau CID division of the state police command.

Vanguard learnt that the couple were later arrested at their home in Onitsha.

Child trafficking

The Police Image Maker Femi Joseph confirmed the incident saying that the child trafficker and four others are in their custody undergoing interrogation. Joseph said, “through investigation to Onisha, the police arrested Okoye,who specialized in child trafficking in Onitsha.

“It was Okoye, who sold the baby girl to the couple at No. 8, Uzogwu street Onitsha for the sum of N500,000.

“She claimed to have given Jude the sum of N200,000 out of which Jude claimed to have bought clothes and shoes for Tessy and also gave her N30,000 cash.

“Mrs Okoye thereafter forced Tessy, to sign an undertaking that she would never come back for the baby.” The suspects, according to him, would be charged to court after their investigations.”
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Shocking! PDP's Director of New Media, Adeyanju Deji Calls President Buhari an Animal And Murderer

Shocking! PDP's Director of New Media, Adeyanju Deji Calls President Buhari an Animal And Murderer

Adeyanju Deji

Outspoken Director of New Media Director for the Peoples Democratic Party has called President Muhammadu Buhari names on social media.

Adeyanju Deji  yesterday called President Buhari an animal and a murderer implying that he killed the Shittes Islamic sect members in Kaduna.

Trouble started when the PDP's twitter handle claimed they had information that the presidency is plotting to assasinate Deji Adeyanju.

Shocking! PDP's Director of New Media, Adeyanju Deji Calls President Buhari an Animal And Murderer

Shocking! PDP's Director of New Media, Adeyanju Deji Calls President Buhari an Animal And Murderer

After apparently reading the tweets, Adeyanju took a swipe at President Buhari with his own tweet:

See what he tweeted below:

Shocking! PDP's Director of New Media, Adeyanju Deji Calls President Buhari an Animal And Murderer

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Shocking: How Anambra Villagers Killed Two Brothers While They Were Burying Their Sister

Shocking: How Anambra Villagers Killed Two Brothers While They Were Burying Their Sister

Two brothers who were still in grief as they went about burying their sister, have met their untimely and brutal end at the hand of villagers.

It sounds incredible but it really happened. A family went to the home of their in-laws to accord their daughter a befitting burial only for them to lose two other members of their family in the most brutal manner. The ugly incident allegedly took place at Umueze-Anam in Anambra state in January 23, 2016.

Spokesman for the bereaved family, Christopher David,40, who narrated how the incident happened alleged that youths in the area unleashed terror on them and ended up killing two of his brothers, Obinna David,24, and Chuks David,17, in cold blood during the burial of their only daughter, Gloria who was married to a man from the area.

Death of our daughter

His story:

“Before her death, 31-year-old Gloria, was married to Fidelis Ofozor for eight years without a child. She was a full time housewife. On the 21st of December, 2015, our in-laws called us to say that Gloria was very sick and that she was admitted in a hospital in Port Harcourt where they still reside. Two days later, they called to inform us that she had passed on. It was really a sad news for all of us, especially our mother as she was the only daughter of the family and worst still, she didn’t have a child of her own before her premature death. But, we put everything in the hand of God who sees all things.

Burial plans

“Her husband’s family notified us after they fixed the date for her burial for January 23rd, 2016 in their home town, Umueze-Anam in Anambra state as custom demands because she was married traditionally. Without an inkling that our in-laws had other plans in stock for us, family members and friends from our home town in Ohuhun, Ubaha village in Umuahia, Abia state and Port Harcourt where some of my brothers are based, followed us to Umueze-Anam in Anambra state.”

Why we were attacked

Recounting all that happened on the day of the burial the elder brother of the deceased, Christian Okorie, who was physically present during the attack told Crime Guard:

“During the course of the burial, our mother was in tears and while weeping, she lamented by saying; ”My daughter, oh you died a premature death, whosoever that is involved in your death would not know peace.” The statement angered our in-laws and they became enraged and started shouting, asking why she uttered that statement. Immediately after the prayers, our daughter was taken to the burial ground where she was committed to mother earth while we returned to the burial venue.

"Suddenly, some youths in their village wearing black T shirts began to attack us with cutlasses, broken bottles and sticks. They used machetes to cut us, they broke my ankle with sticks. Everyone that accompanied us from the village to the town had to scamper for safety as we were all under attack. Along with some family members, we ran towards the commercial motorcyclist park in the village so that we can escape, but the cyclists chased us back and dragged us to the burial site."

How our brothers disappeared

“When we got there, I found out that they had beaten my brothers and some of our relatives to a pulp. Some of them were already bleeding heavily. Later, four hefty men came and dragged Chuks and Obinna out. We kept pleading with one of our in-laws to intervene. He said we should not disturb him; that there was nothing he could do. Before I knew what was happening, another group of youths, five in number, started dragging me to the riverside. They said they would drown me. As they were dragging me, a woman who saw what was happening started shouting, and saying “he is a camera man, what has he done? You people should leave him.” As the woman was shouting, the people who were dragging me did not bulge. Neither did the elderly men who were seated at the burial site intervene.
Instead, they kept shouting, take him to the riverside. As they were dragging me towards the riverside, that same woman kept shouting and crying, “you cannot kill this man.” All of a sudden, two of them withdrew. The other three kept dragging me down. The woman was still busy following us. Later, the other two withdrew remaining one. That was when I heard a voice which said they should bring that man here. When they took me there, the man inside the compound said the blood gushing out from my body was too much; they should take me to the clinic that I was dying.

Rescue at last

“That was how he rescued me and I was rushed to the clinic. When I got there, I saw one of my brothers who was also rescued. It was then I also knew that the man that was shouting before was a policeman. He revealed that they came to rescue us in the morning but regretted that they were threatened not to come out no matter what happened, that they own the land. They had to seek more men from Otuocha because they were only two policemen. The reinforcement came to the hospital later in the evening. From there, they took us to a hospital in Awka. We were there in Otuocha hospital from Saturday till Monday morning in the evening when they came to attack us again in the hospital.

Police intervene

“At about 1am when policemen went back to the site to rescue my brother’s wife, both my uncle, my mother and some other people that came with us had sustained injuries. The Divisional Police Officer from Awka led some policemen to the burial site where they met with the Community Chairman, Youth Chairman, Council Chairman asking them to produce Chuks and Obinna who at that time were missing. The villagers told them that we killed their youths but when the police asked them to show their bodies, they said they deposited them in the mortuary. He asked them how can they take a corpse to the mortuary with out police report and autopsy. The DPO asked us to go get adequate medical attention and come back. It was later we realized that Obinna and Chuks had been murdered by the village youths led by the commercial motorcyclist chairman.

Extortion by the police

“Before they were murdered, 24-year-old Obinna David was a three hundred level Business Administration student of Abia State university while Chuks David, was a secondary school student. Up till date, the police haven’t done any arrest. At Awka, the policemen collected N60,000 from us. When nothing was forth coming, we wrote a petition to Zone 9 in Umuahia. They demanded money from us to start investigation. Later, they invited one of us, Fidelis Ofozor and his Uncle who were later detained and released.

Our plea

“We are calling on well- meaning Nigerians, Human Rights activists and the Inspector -General of Police, to intervene in the investigation and bring the culprits to book. Imagine how they killed two people in cold blood including our sister who died under mysterious circumstances because they think they have influence and money and connection in Abuja.”
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Popular Comedian Arrested For Cracking Joke on President

Popular Comedian Arrested For Cracking Joke on President

President Pierre Nkurunziza

A popular comedian has been arrested by secret service operatives for making a derogatory joke about the president.

A popular Burundi comedian known as “Kigingi” was arrested this week after poking fun at the president, his family said Friday.

Humorist and Buja FM radio host, Alfred Aubin Mugenzi was arrested on Tuesday evening by Burundi’s National Intelligence Service (known by its French acronym, SNR) and charged with insulting President Pierre Nkurunziza.

He was apprehended at a hotel in Muramvya, 50 kilometres (31 miles) east of the capital, while on a promotional tour for a beer company.

“He was transferred to Bujumbura and is being held in the SNR dungeons, but no one has been allowed to see him”, said a concerned relative, who did not want to be named for fear of repercussions.

The relative said Mugenzi’s family fears the funny man may suffer the same fate as others taken by the SNR, who rights groups say are commonly tortured or simply disappeared. Many hare reported to have died in jail.

SNR officers told the relative that Mugenzi was arrested “for contempt of the head of state” after a skit he performed in neighbouring Rwanda last year, in which he lampooned football-mad third-term Nkurunziza, showing him refusing to leave the pitch despite receiving two yellow cards.

Nkurunziza’s refusal to stand down after two terms and instead run for a controversial third mandate in 2015 triggered bloody unrest, a failed military coup and months of violence that has killed hundreds of people and driven a quarter of a million to flee the country.

Nkurunziza, a born-again Christian and former sports teacher, is the player-owner of Hallelujah FC, where he is frequently the top scorer.

An intelligence official confirmed Mugenzi’s arrest saying the comic routine was “insulting the president”.

“He will soon be released, this time,” the official added.
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Treasury Looters Should Rot in Jail, They Don't Deserve Bail - Femi Falana Declares

Treasury Looters Should Rot in Jail, They Don't Deserve Bail - Femi Falana Declares

Femi Falana

Femi Falana in a public speech has expressed his disgust for public office holders indicted with corrupt practices which has crippled Nigeria in aggregate.

A Lagos-based lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana (SAN), says politically-exposed persons facing corruption charges do not deserve bail, according to the Punch.

“Since victims of grand corruption including armed robbery and kidnap suspects are not usually admitted to bail, those who are charged with looting the treasury should no longer be granted bail,” Falana said.

While expressing worry that many of the ongoing high profile corruption cases may not be concluded before 2019 when President Muhammadu Buhari would have finished his term, Falana also made a case for the creation of special courts.

The activist lawyer expressed these views in a paper he delivered on Thursday at the roundtable on anti-corruption war convened by the Department of Jurisprudence and International Law, University of Lagos, where he was the keynote speaker.

The roundtable, which was chaired by the Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee against Corruption, Prof. Itse Sagay (SAN), had a former Minister of Education, Dr. Oby Ezekwesili, Dr. Femi Aribisala and Dr. Ayo Obe as discussants.

In his paper titled, “Rule of Law and Treatment of Politically-exposed corruption cases,” delivered on his behalf by Mr. Wahab Shittu, Falana said if the Buhari government did not undertake an urgent reform of the criminal justice system, including creating special courts, its anti-corruption war efforts would amount to nothing.

He also took a swipe at the Nigerian Bar Association and the Body of Senior Advocates of Nigeria, who had called on Buhari to respect the rule of law, saying they were not sincere.

He said, “The Body of Senior Advocates of Nigeria has urged the government to fight corruption under the rule of law. On its own part the NBA has censored the Federal Government for violating the human rights of certain suspects. But neither the BOSAN nor the NBA has deemed it fit to caution the members of the legal profession who are determined to frustrate the prosecution of corruption cases.

“As far as both bodies are concerned, human rights are the exclusive reserve of the bourgeois. Hence, the tenets of the rule of law are only invoked when the trial of VIPs is involved, while human rights are violated in Nigeria when the looters of the treasury are arrested and detained for a few days without trial.”

Falana wondered why BOSAN and NBA did not talk of human rights when “70 soldiers were recently tried in camera, convicted and sentenced to death for demanding weapons to fight the well-armed terrorists,” and why the two bodies were not bothered about the plight of “40,000 out of the 52,000 prison inmates who are awaiting trial under dehumanising conditions.”
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Senator Ben Murray-Bruce Releases List of Countries Visited by Buhari in 10 Months

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce Releases List of Countries Visited by Buhari in 10 Months

Ben Murray-Bruce

Bayelsa Senator with the PDP, Ben Murray-Bruce seems to be leading the criticisms against President Muhammadu Buhari on social media with a release of the countries the president has traveled to since his advent in May last year.

For the record, Buhari has been to about 20 countries and also traveling over 25 times since becoming the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

He has been criticized by the Chairman of the Silverbird Group and Commonsense agitator, Ben Murray-Bruce for his frequent trips interpreted as an act of 'Junketing' on social media.

Ben-Bruce is currently urging Buhari to stay back home and focus his energy on the biting economic crisis, fuel scarcity, Fulani insurgency, Boko Haram and others.

See a screenshot of his post via Twitter:

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce Releases List of Countries Visited by Buhari in 10 Months

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Horror! Wife Shoots Her Husband in the Testicles After She Found Him Cheating (Photo)

Horror! Wife Shoots Her Husband in the Testicles After She Found Him Cheating (Photo)

Victoria Reid

A woman who became highly aggrieved after she found out that her husband cheated on her, taught him a lesson in a really shocking way.

The cheating husband took a bullet to the testicles after his wife of 16 years allegedly shot him in the knee for having an affair with another woman.

Mirror Online reports that the woman, identified as Victoria Reid, held her husband up at gun point at their home in Melbourne, Florida, United States, after confronting him about his affair with another woman, according to Brevard County Sheriff's Office.

Officers say she threatened to shoot him in the face and chest after forcing him to sit on their sofa to discuss his infidelity on Wednesday.

The 60-year-old, who suffers from post traumatic stress, then threatened to "maim" him so he would be struck with the same condition, police said.

According to police Reid eventually shot her husband in the left knee, but the bullet is said to have travelled up his thigh and lodged in one of his testicles.

Reid is being held in custody charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and domestic violence after she was arrested in Rockledge.

Her unnamed husband is said to be recovering in hospital, although his condition is not known.
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Nigerians Will Have to Apply For Visas to Visit Ghana From July

Nigerians Will Have to Apply For Visas to Visit Ghana From July

President, John Dramani Mahama
Ghana is set to begin a restriction in the emigration to its country from Nigeria and others despite its commitment to the ECOWAS policy of free movement.

Ghanaian President, John Dramani Mahama has said that citizens from Nigeria and other African countries must apply for visas before allowed entry into Ghana, according to Nairametrics.

The President said visas will be issued at the entry point and would attract an option of 30 days stay in the country.

This policy will take off from July.

“With effect from July this year, we will be allowing citizens of African Union Member States to enter our country and obtain visas on arrival with the option to stay for up to thirty days and experience what our country has to offer,” said President Mahama in his address.
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Drama as Man Commits Suicide by Jumping Into Canal (Photo)

Drama as Man Commits Suicide by Jumping Into Canal (Photo)

Traders, pedestrians and motorists were shocked when a man intentionally jumped off a bridge into a canal in a bid to take his own life in Lagos

An unidentified man has committed suicide by jumping into a canal at Cele Bus Stop area of Lagos, Southwest Nigeria.

The man was brought out of the canal dead, says the Lagos State Fire Service Director, Rasak Fadipe.

According to PM News, the tragedy occurred on Friday afternoon at Cele Bus Stop, on Oshodi-Mile 2 Expressway.

According to Fadipe, information gathered from the scene of the tragedy had it that the man was just walking along the road when he suddenly pulled off his shoes and jumped into the canal.

He said the Fire Service rushed to the scene immediately they were informed that a man had jumped into the canal.

Fadipe lamented that the man was brought out of the canal by his men already dead, but said no one knew why he decided to take his own life.
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Shocking! Desperate 40-year-old Virgin Advertises for Husband on Billboard (Photo)

Shocking! Desperate 40-year-old Virgin Advertises for Husband on Billboard (Photo)

Aranya 'Pui' Pathumthong

TV actress Aranya 'Pui' Pathumthong had rented the huge display in the Thai capital Bangkok to advertise herself after failing to find a partner through dating agencies and apps.

A 40-year-old virgin who put up a giant billboard looking for a husband for s*x has been forced to take it down by police in Thailand, Daily Mirror reports.

TV actress Aranya 'Pui' Pathumthong had rented the huge display in the Thai capital Bangkok to advertise herself after failing to find a partner through dating agencies and apps.

On it, she put up a sexy, cleavage-revealing photograph of herself apparently in a state of ecstasy with a caption: "I Want You."

The rest of the ad - which includes her phone number - reads: "40 and a virgin. Pui Aranya is looking for a husband!"

It goes on: "Let me get it once before I die."

Aranya - the apparently B-list actress who is actually 45 - told local media she was serious about the appeal and had chosen to display her billboard in the Lat Phrao District of the Thai capital.

But police have fined the advertising agency responsible for the billboard £10 (500 Baht) for public obscenity and ordered them to take down the poster.

A police spokesman told local media: "We also want to question the woman on the poster about her motives."
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