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Saturday, October 3

Asa crowned Akan Queen of Ivory Coast (Photos)

Paris based superstar, Asa announced on Instagram this morning that she has been crowned Akan Queen of  of Ivory Coast. 
She was 'crowned' on RTI TV as a mark of honour to appreciate her efforts at helping the country fight HIV.

 asa queen

The singer has been in Ivory Coast the last couple of days. She performed at a concert there as her own contribution to helping the country fight AIDS, all proceeds from the concert will be donated to hospitals
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Rukky Sanda, Iyanya, Freda Francis, Uti Nwachukwu & others attend Ini Edo’s Lounge opening

Nollywood actress Ini Edo opened her lounge a couple of days ago.
The grand opening of ‘Mimz’ was attended by a number of her colleagues in the industry including Emem Isong, Rukky Sanda, Olu Maintain, Uti Nwachukwu, Shawn Faqua, Mike Godson, Iyanya, Freda Francis, Oge Okoye and more. See photos below:

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Ronke Oshodi reveals why she doesn't live with her husband


Busty actress, Ronke Oshodi-Oke, has had her fair share of controversies in the Nigerian movie industry. Among the many stories that have been peddled about her is the issue of her marriage because the fair skinned actress does not live with her husband.

In a chat with Saturday Beats, the actress said that her marriage is intact. She gave reasons why she does not live with her husband.
“Personally, I don’t like places that are noisy. If you live in certain places in Lagos, everybody would know your movement. I don’t like such places. I try to keep my life private. I don’t want people to know where my children school or any other private information about me. But my husband works in Surulere and he loves the area a lot. I don’t like the area. We have a family house there, so he stays there on weekdays and during the weekend, he comes home to meet me at Abule-Egba. I have been in that area for a very long time and it is very quiet. That is why we live separately.

“Whatever people say, I really don’t care because I believe in pleasing myself. The same people that would advise you are the same people that would criticise you when things go wrong. I have developed a thick skin. Nothing is perfect in life and my marriage is okay. I am happy,” she said.
The actress, who recently delved into music, assured her fans that it is not a one-off-development. She said that her music career had been in the pipeline for about six years. The actress agreed that it was not easy being a mother, wife, actress and a singer but thanked God for giving her a husband who doubles as her best friend.

She said, “The main reason I have been able to cope in the industry is because my husband is my best friend. When you have a friend, he always understands you and knows what makes you happy. If your friend knows what makes you happy, he would always encourage and support you. That is my husband. When it comes to my job, he supports me fully because he knows that is what makes me happy. I cannot also thank my mother enough because she has been of tremendous support.”
She further said that whenever her husband misses her, he calls her to come home and she has her way of making him happy whenever he is upset with her for any reason.

“Sometimes when I have spent so much time on set and my husband misses me, he does not make a big fuss about it because he knows it is my job. He would just call me to come home. And whenever I know I am wrong or I have been away from him for too long, I apologise. Most times, even before he calls me to tell me that I have not been home for too long, I caution myself and go to spend some weeks with him. If I find out that he is very mad at me, I know how to calm him down. Every man has a weak spot and every woman knows how to make her man happy. Whenever he is really upset with me, I cook his favourite meal and I also make it up to him in the bedroom,” Oshodi-Oke said.

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Pregnant Mercy Johnson & Hubby step out in style (Photos)

Heavily pregnant actress, Mercy Johnson recently stepped out with her husband, Okojie. They attended the Miss Nigeria Ireland event in Dublin last night. See more below:
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Four-year-old becomes dumb after rape by Father (photos)

Four-year-old Rebecca (not real name) has lost her voice following several sexual assaults on her by her 37-year-old father, identified as Ademola,  She has not been able to talk for the past few weeks.

Her mother explained to Saturday PUNCH how her husband of 14 years had been molesting their daughter.

Blessed with four children; three girls, including a set of twins, and a boy, she reminisced about how they used to live as one (happy) family in the Igando area of Lagos before things took a grim turn and she caught her husband committing one of the most gruesome crimes against their second daughter – sexual assault.

She noted that apart from having sexual intercourse with the little girl on several occasions, she had caught her husband inserting his finger into her private part more than once, all of which had traumatised Rebecca and made her a shadow of her real self.

The unfortunate incident seems to be tearing the family further apart as she has not only moved out of the house; she has vowed never to return, whilst accusing her husband of being diabolical.
She began, “It started in 2013 when I suddenly woke up one night and saw my husband removing the panties of my daughter. It was in the midnight. I wanted to shout but I wanted to see what he was up to. So, I pretended as if I didn’t see him because the room was relatively dark.

“When he pulled down her pant, he looked around and when he felt convinced that everyone was deep asleep, he stood up and moved to where the girl was and dipped his hand in her private part. I screamed.

“To say I was shocked was to say the least. He was shocked too because he didn’t know anyone was watching, so he quickly stood up, pulled up his trousers and started beating me.”
According to Folake, the experience she had that night was enough for her to leave his house, but she said she had to stay because she was already pregnant for him at the time.
She continued, “He beat me that night such that blood came out of my body. I didn’t even know I was pregnant until that night and the pregnancy was about two months old. I ran away from him for some time and I told my relatives. But I had to go back because of the pregnancy and that was when I had a set of twins for him.”
To Folake, her husband had turned a new leaf and would never do such a despicable act again, but unknown to her, other things had been going on without her knowledge. She said the straw that broke the camel’s back happened on July 17, 2015 when she caught him molesting her daughter again the same way he did before.
With her eyes soaked in tears, she said, “I thought he had stopped until the night of July 17, 2015 around 1am. It was a Friday. Rebecca was sleeping beside me but I saw him stand up, he carried the girl to the other side of the bed. He didn’t know I was awake. I had wanted to shout but I wanted to know what he was up to again. So, he removed his trousers, turned his back at me and crawled to where Rebecca was lying.
“He didn’t know I was looking at him. He pulled down her panties and started inserting his finger in her private part again. I thought I was dreaming. I screamed and continued shouting. He was shocked and couldn’t talk. He was just looking. Then, he went back to sleep.
“The following morning, I challenged him why he was doing that to his own child. I know he is diabolical, so I told him if his plan was to use my daughter for anything evil, he would not prosper. That was what got him angry and he started beating me. He said he would kill me. Then, my other children started crying and shouting, and he didn’t stop until one of our neighbours intervened.
“The following day, I went to the church to report to the shepherd of the church he was attending, Celestial Church of Christ, somewhere around Ikotun in Alimosho Local Government. The shepherd was shocked too but he pleaded with me to exercise patience. Because of the fear of what he could do to us, we left the house and moved to the church and we kept sleeping there.”
Folake explained that her estranged husband, who is a motor mechanic in Ikotun area, came to the church, beat her and forcefully took away their 17-month-old twins, whom she was still breastfeeding, noting that the two girls had been in his custody since then.

Her seven-year-old boy, identified simply as Seun, who appeared sharp-minded, told our correspondent that he used to see his father on top of his sister, maintaining that he had caught him twice in the act of putting his hand “under” his sister. He explained that his father used to rub his hands all over Rebecca’s body but he barely knew what he was up to.

Disturbed by the incident, Folake said she reported the assault at the Igando Police Station and to the Executive Director, Esther Child Rights Foundation, Mrs. Esther Ogwu, who had helped to monitor the case with the police. Folake added that some of the policemen in the station even laughed at her when they heard about the case.

Ogwu told Saturday PUNCH that it would be in the interest of all if justice was done on the matter, saying she would follow the matter to its conclusion.
She added, “We have involved the National Human Rights Commission, Office of the Public Defender and the Lagos State Ministry of Justice in the case so as to ensure justice. It is increasingly becoming important for parents to pay due attention to their children to guard them against assault.”

Even though a test conducted on the girl at the Mirabel Sexual Assault Referral Centre at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, Lagos, confirmed that the girl had been assaulted and her hymen broken, Folake noted that to her dismay, Ademola had been released on bail by the police, and that the police in Igando had been foot-dragging in taking the case to court.

Recounting how bad she had been battered and assaulted by the husband, Folake noted that her worry was that the man who had done both spiritual and psychological damage to her little daughter should was about to go scot free.

“This girl’s private part has almost become rotten and as young as she is, her breast is already coming out, and she limps occasionally. I can never entrust my children into his hands and that is why I’m worried about the twins that are with him. They are also girls. I don’t want him to molest them too.“He had afflicted us with charm but we have been set free. The two children in school have been very retarded, coupled with the fact that Rebecca has not been talking until she did twice just two months ago. And since then, she has stopped again. She just doesn’t talk and she urinates frequently. She should be in Nursery One now but she seems not to be coping. Even her teachers are complaining she had become a recluse and she keeps urinating all the time.”
Meanwhile, when Saturday PUNCH contacted Ademola over the allegations levelled against him by his wife and son, he denied, saying, his wife was looking for ways to move out of his house, thus, she had to “cook up lies against him.”

He added, “She is lying against me. I didn’t do any of those things they were saying. She has seen someone else she wants to marry and that was why she left the house.”

The Divisional Police Officer, Igando Police Station, Mr. Segun Fagbohun, told Saturday PUNCH that he had transferred Ademola and the case to the State Criminal Investigation Department at Yaba for further investigation.
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First photos from Ebuka Uchendu's traditional marriage to Cynthia Obianodo

Right now, media personality, Ebuka and Cynthia's traditional marriage is holding in Nnewi, Anambra state. Cynthia is the daughter of Vincent Obianodo, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), The Young Shall Grow Motors. Friends of the media personality including Dotunof Cool FM, Lamide Lagos and more are gathered there. See photos below:

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King Sunny Ade compares himself to 'Solomon' in the Bible


Veteran juju musician, Sunday Adegeye, popularly known as King Sunny Ade, clocked 69 recently. He shares some of his life experiences in this interview with Punch.

You celebrated your last two birthdays elaborately, why did you decide to have a low key 69th birthday?
I thank God that I clocked 69 this year. I decided to celebrate my 69th birthday in a low key manner because I am preparing for my 70th birthday. The same people – my fans and friends and my patrons – will still be the same people I will invite for the celebration. Even now, people have started telling me that, by the grace of God, they will celebrate with me during my 70th birthday. More so, God just gave us a radio station and we have to work on it and set up everything. Then again, we were supposed to go on tour of the US but we couldn’t get our visas. I got mine but the other members of my band couldn’t get theirs.
Why were your band men denied visas since you are a known personality?
It doesn’t have anything to do with being a known personality. There are processes involved. We weren’t asking for visiting visa, we were going there to work. It wasn’t as if we were denied. There were a lot of technicalities involved and by the time they were done with the processing, the show we were going for had come and gone. I have a good relationship with the US embassy. At times, they even ask me whether I am travelling.
You are almost 70 and yet you don’t want to slow down, don’t you think it is high time you retired?
When people are still in love with you and your music is there and I have to feed a lot of people starting from my family, organisation and band members, there wouldn’t be any reason for me to slow down. But then, I would say I have slowed down a bit. Before, we used to have shows every day of the week. But now, we stylishly reject some and say we are engaged. Then again, if I really slow down, I am afraid of what may happen to me. My mother didn’t slow down even when she clocked 100. If you tried to tell her to slow down, she would tell you that you wanted her dead.
Do you still miss your mother?
I miss her every day. I saw her remembrance advertisement in the newspapers the other day and I couldn’t hold back my tears. I was just visualising her. We normally mark her remembrance at home. We did it this year but I wouldn’t know how the ceremony became so elaborate. We the family members were upstairs to pray and by the time we came down, the whole place was filled up with people. It turned out to be a festival.
What do you really miss about her?
I miss her prayers and then the advice she used to give me. She had some certain attitudes that I miss as well. She never allowed me to bear grudges against anybody. She always wanted me to forgive everybody who had hurt me. I learnt that from her. I make sure that people always forgive one another.
You said you can’t slow down because you have so many mouths to feed; but as a successful artiste, don’t you have enough investment to sit back and relax?
No matter how much you make, you have to spend the money. Apart from the money I am making, people are happy with my music. One of the late legends, IK Dairo, once told me that only a stupid musician would not want to play on a Christmas Day. How can people want you and you say you are relaxing? If you continue to relax, you will be forgotten. I still enjoy what I do; I have a passion for music. It is not just for the money. When I am on the stage, I am on another level.
When it comes to dancing and stagecraft, age does not seem to have affected that…
I love to dance. Few days ago, at an event, so many people were in awe. They couldn’t believe I could still dance like that. They had to ask me how I could still be this energetic. But I am known for this.
You collaborated with D’banj some time ago; do we see you doing such with other younger artistes?
Yes. I have so many of them on the list. It is just that I have been so busy and I keep apologising to them. I have the likes of Darey, Waje, MI on the list. They want to be part of me and I want to be part of them as well. K Peace that won Nigeria Idols is also on the list. By the grace of God, I will build a good studio and we can do some work together.
Are there moments you wish you had just married one wife instead of having so many women and children in your life?
I would say there are times I may have wished so but I don’t think I have regretted having the women in my life. When I came to Lagos, I had told my people that I was in school in Lagos. How would I tell them I wanted to get married? If I had to tell them such, they would have wanted to come over to Lagos and they would have known my true status. But when things went well, I couldn’t regret anything. I believe God wanted it that way. I tried my best not to have so many women. They even love me more than I love them. If it were now, I would have said may be they loved me because of money or material things. But that is not so. Now, they don’t even care about my wealth, they just treat me as their loved husband.
Was your mother happy with you that you married so many wives?
Definitely! She didn’t have anything against it. She said as long as they would live with me peacefully, and then there was no problem. She said she didn’t know if I was the son of Solomon who had many wives. She said it was between me and my God. Even now, you will not even know who my wife is and who is not or who my biological kids are because we all bear the same name, even my brothers and their family members, we all bear the same name, Adegeye.
But you must have a favourite among your wives…
I wouldn’t call any one my ‘favourite.’ I would rather describe what I do as ‘etiquette’ and fear of God. One has to be careful and pray for wisdom in matters like that. That is how I operate.
You even went as far as marrying an American, was it love or you just wanted to marry a foreigner?
It was love. By the way, the one you saw is not the only one. I have kids in America. There was love on one side, respect on another side and then business on the other side. I just don’t say, ‘I love you, I want to marry you.’ You have to know me. All my wives work hard. They want to copy me. They don’t want to stand at the door and beg for money.
There was a time your kids used to join you on the stage; we don’t see such again, what happened?
By law, children shouldn’t be at night shows; they could come during the day. But then, most of the kids you are talking about are now in school. They have to study. When they are out of the university, if they want me to be their manager, I would agree and I would put them through. They have to study because I believe so much in education since I wasn’t able to get much during my time. However, I have been given doctorate degrees by so many universities in Nigeria. I always tell them they have to beat me.
Despite being regarded as a legend, you have managed to remain humble, how do you do it?
It is just God’s grace. When I look at what is happening in the world, I have to reflect. Where are you going that you have to be in a rush? The whole world is like a stage; do your best and leave the rest. That is the way I look at myself. I have seen people who were so rich but ended up wearing rags and I have seen people who wore rags but turned out to be millionaires eventually. I even sang about this. You need to respect people because you don’t know who would help you eventually. A superstar is one side; Sunday Adegeye is on another side. Sunday carries the crown of the superstar on his head. But that crown is there. But then, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. You have to be careful with the crown you wear. If you don’t polish it, people will do it for you. You just have to be careful so that people will not refer to you as a yesterday man.
When you built a church inside your country home in Ondo two years ago, people thought you were about toeing the path of Evangelist Ebenezer Obey.
A church is a church. You don’t build a church because you want to become a pastor. Even if you are a pastor and you were able to afford to build a church, it wouldn’t be meant for just you but for the whole world. I was just lucky that the church is in my compound and it is not just for my family members alone but for everybody. If I am being called to be a pastor, then I will become one. We have even built a bigger church and we transferred the children to the old one. I have built churches in so many places and I am not even a member of those churches. I just felt like building for God. I want people to know God and get closer to Him.
Are there times you still remember those days when things were so difficult?
I remember those days every day. I always have to be careful before I take any decision so that what happened before will not repeat itself. The moment you even asked the question, my mind had gone to those days. It is just as if I have played back the video. I am a boss now; I may not have known I would get to this stage. It is God’s grace. You have to be very careful when you are at the top. I always tell my band members to be careful. Don’t ever think nobody could occupy your position in life. When you are in a good position, you just have to be cautious. If you think nobody is watching you, your shadow is watching you.
What is your staying power in the industry?
Let me answer your question this way, KSA is Nigeria’s only enduring musical brand after Fela.
Somehow, we talk of marketing brands, I feel a sense of loss when you don’t extend this to musical brands. In music, the modern world has pitched established names to their brands of music, so that you easily catch up like when you mention Fela, what comes to your mind is his Afrobeat which was Nigeria’s major music export. You don’t need to mention Fela Anikulapo Kuti, just mention Fela.
In my case, many Nigerian musicians used to go on musical tours to so many countries without much focus on our brands of music until 1982 when I broke the jinx with major globally acknowledged concerts in Japan alongside world renowned musicians. It is you, I mean THE PUNCH (Mr. Ladi Ayodeji) who coined the name KSA from King Sunny Ade, explaining to the world the establishment of another major Nigerian musical export.
Since then, KSA became synonymous with my brand of music which is seen till today in the world as Nigeria’s cultural music export.
This brand is established solidly over the last years all over the world, apart from Nigeria, in such a way that global events think of KSA when they want to consider African or Nigerian music.
So, the answer is KSA represents enduring musical brand, Nigeria’s enduring cultural music. This is part of what we are going to celebrate next year. Like many successful marketing brands, the KSA brand has faced many challenges, but remains a legacy because of its enduring music which is ordained by God.
Talking about music, don’t you think juju is taking the back seat now?
Lai Lai (Never)! Juju can never be relegated to the background. It has come to stay and it is for life. All the genres of music you are listening to come from juju. Juju is like a reservoir. Juju went to church to pray and every other music is now tapping the anointing. All the music now have element of juju.
But then, after the legends that came before you and then you and your contemporaries and maybe some others that came after you, there is no other juju music personality in recent times, is that not a sign that the genre will soon fizzle out?
I don’t agree. We have plenty of them. You may not see them because all of us have this problem of combating piracy and not having good promoters. The music industry is suffering and smiling. A lot of people who can play and who wish to play juju music are worried because of pirates. So many people do not want to invest because of pirates. It is just one internet download and the music is everywhere. I even had to appoint a distributor to help me market my albums. But distributors are also complaining because pirates don’t allow them to market the albums. But then, there is no way you will go for a party that you will not hear juju music. It is just that we have a general problem in the industry.
Are you planning to release an album to mark your 70th birthday?
I have plans and I pray God will let it come to pass. It is not just because of celebrating my 70th birthday. As a musician, I always think of what I can do to sustain my career and my legacy. I always sit down with my record companies and we discuss. We are just begging the government to look into the area of piracy so that musicians could do more when they know their works are protected. I have plans.
Maybe part of the plan would be seeing you and Ebenezer Obey on the stage once again…
We have done that. If God wants us to do it again, we would. We have yet to release the video of the one we did before. There is tendency to modify it or redo it. It is just what the world wants to see. My mother would always advise people not to talk so much of what they intend to do before they do it so that people don’t copy them.
You earlier mentioned a radio station; do you now have licence to operate a radio station?
Yes! We just got our licence. We now have a frequency, 106.5 FM. It is called Music and Culture (M and C FM). We just want to protect our culture. We got licence from NBC. We have distinguished Nigerians on the board and we have veteran broadcasters; I am just lucky to have those people.
You said you lied to your family that you were in school in Lagos back then. If any of your children does that, will you be angry?
I used to preach to them that when I did it back then, I was a lone ranger. Now, they have their mothers and father around. So they don’t have any reason to lie. It is even difficult for them to try to lie now. It is just for the parents to pick up the phone and google or call the school. Back then, I was just an explorer. I wanted to see what I could do. An explorer could go on a journey and become a farmer or whatever. That was what I did. I just had to do what I did because I needed to do something. Now, all my children are in school. I don’t have any regret. I am attached to so many universities. I would have registered in school some time ago but one of my children beat me to it. The day I wanted to register at the National Open University was the day she brought her form. But then, I have not lost hope. I would still join them one day.
In some of your old recordings, you used to chant incantations which made some people think you patronised traditionalists to fortify yourself against enemies, how true is this?
It is absolutely not true. When you are looking for fame, you will look into areas where you think you can make an impact. If I had done such, I wouldn’t be a Christian or go to church. But that is not even the issue. During that time, I got the incantations from Yoruba stories and proverbs and I turned them into music. In my home town in Ondo, they celebrate Ogun festival ever year. It is a big event. I just felt that people would buy my albums if I sang about it. The same thing I did with football. I knew a lot of people were fans of Stationery Stores, so I released a song for them too. I didn’t have any reason to patronise herbalists to get any form of fortification. I am a Christian and my parents were Christians.
But did any of them approach you to get powers from them?
What kind of power? I just believe in God. That’s why I love God.
Was it deliberate that you didn’t align with any political party during the last election?
From the very beginning, even when I was in school, I was always afraid to align with any politician or political group. When it comes to campaign, which usually goes violent, I try not to be a part of it. That said, I would always tell you that I am a voter. When it is time to vote, I go to the polls and I cast my vote. After that, I stay back.
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Bomb Blast: Pieces Of Human Flesh Litter Abuja Suburb (Graphic photos)

Pieces of human flesh were seen on Saturday morning littering the roadside in a suburb of Abuja, Nyanya, where an explosive went off late on Friday.

The explosive was said to have been detonated at the Jikwoyi Park, Nyanya, on the popular Abuja-Keffi Expressway, claiming yet-to-be ascertained number of lives.

The late Friday incident was the third to be recorded in that vicinity.

Two previous incidents with heavy casualties were witnessed there last year.

A Punch correspondent, who visited the scene as early as 6.30am on Saturday, reported that the scene of the blast had been cordoned off by security operatives.

A combined team of soldiers, policemen, officials of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps as well as the Federal Road Safety Corps were seen controlling the crowd of onlookers which kept increasing every minute.

Some policemen wearing black T-shirts marked “EOD” were seen picking pieces of human flesh that still littered the road side.

The pieces of flesh were being packed inside cartons by the security operatives as wailing residents looked on.

Buses and cars that had their windscreens shattered as a result of the impact of the blasts were still at the scene.

An eyewitness, who identified himself simply as Aminu, told our correspondent that rescue workers recovered many corpses from the scene of the blast late Friday.

“What you see them packing now are pieces of flesh because many of the victims were torn into pieces. Corpses with several missing parts were taken away last night,” he said.

The incident has caused a serious traffic gridlock on the expressway inwards Abuja as many motorists made attempt to get a glimpse of the scene.

Security operatives were still having difficulties in controlling the surging crowd at the time of filing this report at 7.15am.
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Hilarious memes roll out for Diezani’s arrest as EFCC grants her bail

Former Petroleum minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke has been granted bail after being arrested in London on Friday morning, by the UK National Crime Agency.

Diezani was granted bail by a magistrate court in London after being detained for several hours.

Her passport was also seized by the police and she has been instructed to report to the Charing Cross Police Station for questioning on Monday.

Diezani is being prosecuted for money laundering and allegations of corruption and bribery.

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