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Saturday, August 6

I can never return to PDP...says whoever believes I’ve return to PDP will doubt his mother’s gender

I can never return to PDP...says whoever believes I’ve return to PDP will doubt his mother’s gender


… says whoever believes I’ve return to PDP will doubt his mother’s gender

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has reiterated his last year exit from the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) to became an elder statesman, saying he left the party when it was still alive.

Obasanjo said having announced his exit from partisan politics publicly, it is unthinkable and preposterous for anybody to contemplate that he would reverse himself and returned to a comatose PDP

The ex – Chairman, Board of Trustee(BoT) of PDP made this known to reporters in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, on Saturday in a release, ostensibly to dismiss media report purportedly linking him with a meeting of the Convention Committee of his former party at the Shehu Musa Yar’ Ardua Centre, Abuja last Friday.

Obasanjo said whoever believes such false media report would certainly doubt the gender of his or her mother.

According to who was a two time elected President of Nigeria from 1999 – 2007, he attended farmers’ event at the Shehu Musa Yar’adua Centre organused by the Commodities Association Stakeholders on “Zero Hunger Nigeria” and not for any PDP event.

He noted that those behind the media report linking him with the PDP convention committee’s meeting were probably looking for ways to annoy and embarrass him, but assured that anybody hoping to drag him back to PDP for whatever reason would fail just “like any man serving a dead mice to a cat.”

“If I quit a party when it was alive and seemingly united, how could I go back to a now divided, factionalized party gasping for breath?”

“Those who know me, know that I have publicly announced my quitting partisan politics and those who will believe the purported story will believe anybody who tells him that his or her mother is not a woman.

The elder statesman explained that he had ordinarily attempted to ignore the media report, but felt compelled to clarify the situation due to plethora of phone calls he was still receiving from people who were confused about the said report.

“To clear the minds of doubting Thomases and those behind the orchestrated news in circulation and particularly those who had been calling to ascertain what actually happened at the Shehu Musa Yar’adua centre”.

“The meeting commenced but few minutes into the session, his attention was drawn to the presence of some people walking up to where he was seated. At closer glance, he recognized them to be politicians and they exchanged pleasantries, saying they came to greet him and they walked out again from the meeting”.

The release which was signed by Obasanjo’s media aide, Mr Kehinde Akinyemi, stated that “Obasanjo cracked jokes with members of his former party on which platform he was elected as civilian president in 1999 before he later became the Chairman, Board of Trustees (BOT) of same party, calling them ‘invaders and gate-crashers’.

“The programme ended and immediately he and his entourage headed back to Lagos. He was barely hours in Lagos when he started receiving calls from both far and near, wanting to find out about his presence at a political party programme in Abuja.

“The photo as well as the media report in circulation, which claimed that he was spotted at a political party event is therefore mischievous, as a responsible journalist ought to have gone further to ascertain his actual destination in among the number of venues at the centre.

“They simply took the photograph of his alighting from his vehicle to read another meaning. It is shocking also to note that the picture was actually taken while on his way out of the Centre after the programme he attended had ended.

“This is height of irresponsible journalism, which the former President is calling for its investigation and sanction on anybody involved in order to serve as deterrent to others who may want to be used either by omission or commission to misinform the public on such sensitive issue.”

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Goodluck Jonathan arrives Zambia to lead election observers from AU

Goodluck Jonathan arrives Zambia to lead election observers from AU

Former President Goodluck Jonathan on Saturday touched down in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, where he will lead a team of observers from the African Union.

Mr. Jonathan immediately convened a press conference to introduce his team to local authorities, as well as other international agencies on ground for the poll which is slated for August 11.

The AU had appointed Mr. Jonathan as the head of its Election Observer Mission last week, a team that included high profile personalities, diplomats, civic groups and experts.

‘The objective is to ensure that the AU-EOM approaches its work with added professionalism and factual analysis of all aspects of the electoral process in Zambia,” the AU said in a statement.

Zambian election authorities said an estimated 6.6 million voters were expected to cast their ballots in the southern African nation of 14.5 million people.

Incumbent President Edgar Lungu is facing a challenge from nine other contestants.
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Drama as Church Members Accuse Priest of Corruption. See Details

Drama as Church Members Accuse Priest of Corruption. See Details

Bishop Blessing Erifeta

Drama has occurred in an Anglican church, as members have threatened massive unrest if the bishop does not step down from his position.

The age-long crisis rocking the Sapele Anglican Diocese in Delta State on Friday assumed a frightening dimension as members of the church insisted on the removal of Bishop Blessing Erifeta.

Last weekend, soldiers attached to the pipeline facilities in Sapele were alleged to have injured some protesting women and youths of the church, calling on Erifeta to step down on the ground of alleged corruption, maladministration and high-handedness.

Two women said to have been injured by the JTF were reported to have been in a critical state of health at the Sapele Central Hospital.

But in a swift reaction, the JTF Commander in the area, Lt. Mohammed Idris, said the allegation of injuring the protesters was untrue, adding that they moved into the scene to maintain law and order.

Meanwhile, on Friday, protesters were seen carrying placards on the premises of Saint John Anglican Church.

Some members of the diocese who spoke to our correspondent on condition of anonymity said the quarrel with Bishop Eriefeta was informed by his alleged high-handedness and corrupt practices, insisting that unless he steps aside peace might not reign.

Mr. Smart Umukoro and Chief Unukegwo Onome, who also spoke to our correspondent, said the protest would not stop until the Bishop is removed or transferred to other area by the Primate, adding that they were ready to forcefully throw him out.

Ereifeta described the allegations against him as untrue, stating that the protesters were doing that based on political and selfish interests.

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Police Arrest Suspected Child Traffickers Conveying 12 Children

Police Arrest Suspected Child Traffickers Conveying 12 Children

Officers of the Nigerian Police have arrested suspected child traffickers in Bayelsa state who were seen with 12 children in their custody.

Police operatives in Bayelsa State have intercepted two vehicles conveying 12 children into the state for alleged child labour and child trafficking.

The two vehicles – a Mazda 626 with number plate BC 645 KSF and a Jetta with number plate DX 643 PH travelled from Akwa Ibom to Bayelsa. The children were nine females and three males, aged between five and 17 years.

The vehicles were paraded at the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Yenagoa.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Asinim Butswat, said they were arrested on Sunday during a routine stop-and-search operation along the Glory Land Drive.

Butswat said, “Policemen, during routine stop-and-search operation at the Glory Land Drive (in Yenagoa), arrested the two vehicles carrying the children.

“When they were interrogated, they could not tell where they were going. They said their parents are here in Bayelsa, but till now, none of their relatives have come to claim them.”

The police spokesman gave the identities of the prime suspects and drivers of the two cars as Inemesi Koffi and Geoffrey Ezekiel, both from Akwa Ibom State.

In an interview, Inemesi Koffi, claimed that the parents and guardians of the children asked him to help carry the children to Yenagoa to spend holidays with them.

Koffi, a taxi operator in Bayelsa, said he was in his village, Nkana, in Etinan Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom for a funeral when the children’s parents contacted him and sought his help.

He claimed that some of the children’s parents were vegetable sellers at Swali Market and restaurant operators in Yenagoa.

Butswat said the children had been handed over to the Social Welfare Department of the State Ministry of Women Affairs while investigation was ongoing.
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Tired of Hackers? 5 Tips to Stop Anyone from Hacking Your WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Accounts

Tired of Hackers? 5 Tips to Stop Anyone from Hacking Your WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Accounts

Hackers have increased their rampage these days and are causing people many worries. But you can be safe by following these tips.

One normally starts thinking about security only when it gets compromised. But the services you normally use put in a lot of effort to keep you and your data secure. Here’s a quick rundown of the steps you need to follow to secure your online presence.

1. Whatsapp

WhatsApp already uses end-to-end encryption to secure your chats — no one, not even WhatsApp staff members can read your chats if encryption is on (which it is by default). But a common scenario is losing your phone.

Before you realise the loss, a thief will have full access to your WhatsApp account which may include photosvideos, personal information and messages. The thief may also impersonate you to extract money from your contacts. To prevent this, lock WhatsApp with a PIN — you will need third-party apps to do this.

In case of theft of phone with an unlocked WhatsApp account, get a new SIM immediately and use it to register with WhatsApp on another device — this will instantly deactivate WhatsApp and the other phone

2. Instagram

You might not want everyone in the world to see and comment on your Instagram photos.

A simple way to enable this is by making your Instagram account private — this means that only those who follow you can see your photos and new followers will require approval from you.

The other security feature you should activate is Manual Photo Tagging. Go to the Instagram profile section and tap on the Photo of You (last icon below your bio) — tap on the menu button on top right and select tagging options. Here you can enable `Add Manually’ — this will prevent you from being tagged in unwanted photos.

You have given third-party apps access to your Instagram account. To manage these apps, you will need to login to Instagram on a computer and select ‘Edit Profile’. In the settings page that opens up, you will see Manage Applications section where you can revoke access for unwanted apps.

3. Facebook

Facebook also offers login verification and alerts but there are a bunch of additional options — for instance, you can set trusted contacts (who can help you get access to your account if you get locked out) and you can see which browsers and apps you’re signed in from.

One very useful feature you’ll find in the Security Settings page is ‘where you’ve logged in’. Let’s say you went to a friends place and logged in to Facebook on hisher computer, but forgot to log out when you left.

You can use this option to sign out from any devices — just click the link that says ‘End Activity’. If you head to the help page, Facebook also offers a handy wizard-style Security Checkup that will show you old logins, let you sign out with one click, review your alerts and give you password tips.

4. Twitter

Apart from changing your password often, one of the easiest things you can do to secure your Twitter account is to use login verification.Once you sign in to Twitter on a computer, from your profile icon drop down menu, click Settings and then Security & Privacy Settings.
Before you can use login verification, you will need to confirm your email ID.

You can use the iOS or Android app to complete the process. Once in a while, also head to Twitter’s settings page and click Apps — here, you can check which apps and devices have access to your account.

Some may be from a couple of years ago on older devices — you should revoke access to the ones you no longer use or recognise.
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Like Father Like Daughter: See What Charly Boy’s Daughter Was Spotted Wearing Recently (Photos)

Like Father Like Daughter: See What Charly Boy’s Daughter Was Spotted Wearing Recently (Photos)

Dominique Oputa

Charly Boy’s daughter has been caught on camera wearing what has attracted people’s attention recently.

Like Father Like Daughter: See What Charly Boy’s Daughter Was Spotted Wearing Recently (Photos)

Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa who is popular known as Charly Boy is a Nigerian singer/songwriter, television presenter, publisher, and producer.

He is also regarded as one of Nigeria’s most controversial entertainers considering his eccentric lifestyle.
And now it seems his daughter, Dominique Oputa, is taking in father’s footsteps.

She recently released these photos and has got people talking on how much she looks like her father.

See more photos below:

Like Father Like Daughter: See What Charly Boy’s Daughter Was Spotted Wearing Recently (Photos)

Like Father Like Daughter: See What Charly Boy’s Daughter Was Spotted Wearing Recently (Photos)

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See The Baby Born With 1 Head And 2 Faces in Australia (Photos)

See The Baby Born With 1 Head And 2 Faces in Australia (Photos)

Young Australian mother miraculously gave birth on Thursday, May 8 to conjoined twins with two faces, two brains inside one skull and share one body.

Doctors had told Renee Young to terminate the pregnancy when they found out via an ultrasound that the twins they were expecting was one child with two symmetrical faces and two brains connected by the one brain stem but she and her partner, Simon Howie refused.

Renee and her partner welcomed their daughters named Faith and Hope, via an emergency caesarean at Blacktown Hospital last Thursday, six weeks before they were due.

See The Baby Born With 1 Head And 2 Faces in Australia (Photos)

Conjoined twins and their mother

Born with a rare condition called diprosopus, which means they share the same body and vital organs but have their own faces and brains which are connected by only one brain stem, the girls have continued to surprise doctors with their exceptional progress as they are breathing perfectly on their own and feeding too.

Though they were born with one body, their parents have decided to call them twins.
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France expels Malian on suspected jihadist links

France expels Malian on suspected jihadist links

France has expelled a Malian believed to pose a “serious threat” to public order “for belonging to a pro-jihadist Islamist movement,” the interior ministry said Saturday.

“Malian national Moussa Keita was expelled to his homeland yesterday bringing to 81 the number of expulsion measures taken since 2012,” the ministry said.

The ministry said Keita was expelled Friday on his release from jail after serving “a heavy sentence for common law offences”, the ministry said. Those included armed robbery, according to a source close to the case.

The source also said Keita had indicated interest in joining the jihad in Syria and Iraq.

On Thursday, France had expelled Algerian Abdelkrim Mostefai on suspicion of links to jihadist networks, according to a police source.

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If Boko Haram kills Christian, burn churches, we’ll slay Muslims, raze mosques – N-Delta militant group

If Boko Haram kills Christian, burn churches, we’ll slay Muslims, raze mosques – N-Delta militant group

The Niger Delta Revolutionary Crusaders, NDRC, Saturday, vowed that it would carry out reprisal attacks on Muslims and mosques in the Niger Delta region if Boko Haram kills Christians and burn down churches in the north, as threatened by its new leader, Abu Masab el Barnaw, last Wednesday.

Spokesperson of the militant group, W O I Izon-Ebi, in a statement, said: “We want to alert Nigerians and the world that the Islamization plot has been proven by the Boko Haram new leader Abu Masab el Barnaw that their new mission is to kill all Christians and burn down all churches.”

“But, we want to warn them that we, the Niger Delta youths, in this 21st century will not accept killing of innocent Christians or burning of churches.

That if they try it in the north or any part of Nigeria, we the Niger Delta youths will not see any Muslim or mosque in the Niger Delta,” it said.

Its words: “We are not against President Buhari granting the Boko Haram amnesty if their sole purpose is to own an Islamic caliphate in the north, but they should mot shift it to the Niger Delta.”

“All we know and want is resource control and true federalism, if truly they believe in one Nigeria, and are working harder to build a prosperous One Nigeria, let them shift their Operation Crocodile Tears to the Fulani herdsmen and the Boko Haram that is threatening the unity and peace of Nigeria,” the group asserted.

We are all Avengers NDRC called on President Muhammadu Buhari to demonstrate that leadership as the current leader and the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria, just as former President Goodluck Jonathan showed by visiting him (Buhari) to indicate that he believes in the unity of Nigeria and was not part of the planned declaration of the Niger Delta Republic.
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REVEALED: Obasanjo attended Zero Hunger in Africa meeting at Yar’Adua Centre not that of PDP

REVEALED: Obasanjo attended Zero Hunger in Africa meeting at Yar’Adua Centre not that of PDP

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo was at the Yar’Adua Centre in Abuja on Friday to attend a meeting of Zero Hunger in Africa-Nigeria chapter and not a meeting of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that a photograph of the former president was wrongly captioned as having been seen arriving at the venue of the PDP meeting.

NAN reports that Obasanjo was at the centre for the Zero-hunger meeting and not for the PDP meeting, a party he openly left. According to a statement by Mr Tunde Arosanyin of the Zero Hunger in Africa in Abuja on Saturday, it was just a coincidence that the two meetings were holding at the same venue.

”He came for zero hunger in Africa-Nigeria chapter meeting with commodity Association stakeholders. ”At closing, some PDP members came to greet him at the boardroom of the hunger meeting venue,” Arosanyin saidi. NAN reports that the PDP, on Friday, Aug. 5, inaugurated a convention committee ahead of the Aug. 17 convention in Port Harcourt.
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Division in Avengers over emergence of new faction

Division in Avengers over emergence of new faction

There are discordant tunes in the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), the militant group responsible for the recent spate of attacks on oil installations.

On Friday, the Reformed Niger Delta Avengers (RNDA), a splinter group from the Avengers, announced its breakaway from the original group, and threatened to expose the real person behind the pseudonym “Brigadier General Murdoch Aginibo”, spokesman of the Avengers.

“Permit us to begin by introducing the Reformed Niger Delta Avengers (RNDA), a breakaway faction of the Niger Delta Avengers,” the splinter faction said in a statement released by Cynthia Whyte on Friday.

“A majority of us, in consideration of the recent personal appeal by His Excellency, former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and the peace efforts and initiative of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), and the feeling of guilt over the damage being effected on our environment at the same time the government of President Buhari has exhibited political will and backing words with action to clean up the environment, we have decided to join the MEND Aaron Team 2 peace initiative through the clearing house of Niger Delta Dialogue and Contact Group (NDDCG) headed by HRH King Alfred Diette-Spiff.

“We will also cooperate with the government by exposing the identities of our comrades who remain stubborn in their insistence to continue attacks. For example, it will shock the nation to know the Jekyll and Hyde personality behind the pseudonym ‘Brigadier General Murdoch Aginibo’ and our sponsors.

“We also use this opportunity to call on IPOB to take advantage of the olive branch concession secured by MEND and renounce the Biafra question which is an anachronism.

Those advising Mr. Kanu to do otherwise do not love him nor appreciate the level of treason this simple act of common sense and humility can extricate him from. The Niger Delta will no longer be your proxy war to achieve your ambition.

“To our comrades in the NDA, we urge you to stop being defiant and embrace peace and the wise counsel we all received from former
President Jonathan.”

However, the NDA responded on Saturday by insisting its members were united.

Murdoch Agbinibo, its spokesperson, told TheCable that a certain “Jude Kekyll” is behind the RNDA and that he didn’t belong to the militant group.

“The NDA is too busy at the moment to be distracted by people like Jude Kekyll; he is not part of us and can’t be part of us,” he said. “All our operatives are united and we are all together.”

However, he did not comment on the new group’s claim that Goodluck Jonathan, former president, counselled them to “embrace peace”.
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Why I rejected Barcelona - Gameiro

Why I rejected Barcelona - Gameiro

New Atletico Madrid signing Kevin Gameiro says he rejected Barcelona because he would not have been a first-team regular at Camp Nou.

The 29-year-old joined Diego Simeone's side from Sevilla on a four-year deal for a reported fee of €32 million last week, having been courted by the Catalan giants.

At his unveiling at the Vicente Calderon, Gameiro insisted that Atletico were always his first choice and he has now gone in to greater detail on his decision.

"It was overwhelmingly a footballing decision," he said to L'Equipe.

"I knew that if I went to Barcelona, I would be the fourth-choice attacker [behind Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar]. My playing time would have diminished, I think.

"In fact, it was more likely that I would have stayed at Sevilla rather than going to Barcelona.

"Atletico Madrid are offering a very good project, notably with a new stadium in a year. Also, for three or four seasons, the team is not changing much. I was told that it was like a big family."

Gameiro also revealed that he could have earned more money by leaving Spain, but had no plans to do so.

He continued: "My agents made me aware of more attractive offers on a financial level but I wanted to stay in Spain.

"I feel very good here, my family does too and La Liga is one of the best leagues. Only Spanish teams have won the European trophies in the past three years."
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Flooding: Evacuate communities on River Niger immediately, NEMA warns

Flooding: Evacuate communities on River Niger immediately, NEMA warns

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has advised communities along the River Niger to evacuate immediately to safer ground.

The agency warned in a statement it issued in Abuja on Saturday that flooding might occur at any moment following intense rainfall and rises in water level.

The Director-General of the agency, Malam Muhammad Sani-Sidi, who gave the advice in the statement, said the agency had received alerts of the imminent flooding.

He said information given by the authorities in the Republic of Niger indicated the present water level in the river had reached a point that may result in flooding that could be compared with that of 2012.

He said: “Niger Basin Authority (NBA) notified Nigeria that rainy season, which started in the Middle Niger (Burkina Faso and Niger Republic) in June, has led to a gradual rise of the level of River Niger in Niamey, Niger Republic.

“This high level of water in Niger Republic is already spreading to Benin Republic, and invariably, to Nigeria.’’ He further said that the level of water in all the hydrological monitoring stations across the country, as at Aug. 5, had already exceeded the corresponding values at that time.

According to him, this development is an alarming situation that requires the prompt and coordinated action of all governments and stakeholders.

“If the heavy rainfall continues in intensity and duration within these regions of the River Niger, it is imminent that flood situation similar to that of the year 2012 may occur,’’ the director-general quoted the report as saying.

Sani_Sidi, therefore, called on all stakeholders to take necessary actions in line with their various mandates. He said that states and local governments should ensure observance of the threat to avert imminent loss of lives and property that might arise in the event of flooding.

He identified the states along the river Niger belts as being the most vulnerable and those along its major tributaries such as in Benue river belts , the confluence states and downstream to the Atlantic Coast.

He said NEMA zonal and operation offices had been instructed to continue with advocacy visit to the state governments.

He also urged the states to utilise the flood vulnerability maps given to them earlier by NEMA to identify safer ground for temporary shelters in time of evacuation.

He advised them to always review all their contingency plans.

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Arsenal new boy Nwakali to go on loan

Arsenal new boy Nwakali to go on loan

Arsenal have confirmed Nigeria U20 skipper Kelechi Nwakali will be shipped out on loan shortly.

“Kelechi, who joins us as a young professional, will look to gain experience with a loan move in the coming months,” announced the Arsenal official website Friday.

The 18-year-old Nwakali was best player at last year’s FIFA U17 World Cup in Chile, which Nigeria won.

He is an attacking midfielder, who packs a decent shot and weighs in with his fair share of goals.

He has signed a five-year contract at The Emirates from Diamond Academy of Umuahia.
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PDP Chairmanship: Dokpesi formidable, as Jigawa,Kano PDP pitch tent with him

PDP Chairmanship: Dokpesi formidable, as Jigawa,Kano PDP pitch tent with him

High Chief Raymond Dokpesi

Chairmanship aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, High Chief Raymond Dokpesi on Friday described as unfortunate decision to micro zone the position to the Southwest by Southern leaders; saying it is a repeat of the same mistake that led the party to where it is today.

PDP Chairmanship: Dokpesi formidable as Jigawa,Kano PDP damn Southern leaders pitch tent with him
This is even as kano and Jigawa chapters of PDP vowed to give their votes to Dokpesi at National Convention of the Party in Portharcourt.

This was stated in a statement by the media team of Dokpesi Campaign Organisation, as the media mogul took his campaign into Nigeria’s North West, berthing in the ancient city of Kano.

He told delegates in Kano to do the right thing by voting their conscience. He said he doesn’t have any godfather but is depending heavily on them to vote for him.

“Leaders of the South met and decided to micro-zone to the Southwest. “These are the same things we did that brought the party to its knees.

“I have come here pleading and begging that if I become National Chairman it is me and you that would be chairman,” he said.
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Iwobi nets brace in Arsenal's preseason win over Viking

Iwobi nets brace in Arsenal's preseason win over Viking

Alex Iwobi bagged a brace and Chuba Akpom got a goal as Arsenal thrashed Viking from Norway 8-0 in their tour of Scandinavia on Friday in continuation of their pre-season friendly games ahead of the new Premier League season.

Nigerians Iwobi and Akpom came off the bench for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Kieran Gibbs respectively, to get on the score sheet at the Viking Stadion.

Iwobi scored in the 71st and 80th minutes, while Akpom scored on 90 minutes to complete the rout.

The goal was Akpom’s third in Arsenal’s pre-season friendly games after scoring against the MLS All-Stars and Chivas Guadalajara.

Other scorers for Arsenal against Viking are Joel Campbell (brace), Santi cazorla and Theo Walcott while Viking’s Michael Haukass scored an own-goal.

Arsenal will round off their tour of Scandinavia when they take on Manchester City on Sunday in Sweden.
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I used money from robbery to pay my children’s school fees – Police Sergeant

I used money from robbery to pay my children’s school fees – Police Sergeant

The Lagos State Police Command has paraded two former police sergeants and three others for various robbery offences.

The former officers identified as Sgt. Ochigbo Gabriel and Sgt. Francis Onuh were arrested alongside Emmanuel Audu, James Momoh and Sunday Onuh by men of the Inspector-General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team in the state.

The ex-police officers, who were dismissed from the force for different offences in 2009 over their involvement in various illegal activities in Warri, Delta State, decided to take up the tools of armed robbery.

Audu, 33, said he joined the Nigeria Police in 2003.

The 33-year-old Audu, who joined the police in 2003, and was dismissed as a constable in 2009, told journalists that shortly after he lost his job, he relocated to Lagos and became a dispatch rider until December last year when he was looking for a job and met Peter Owocho, another member of the gang who introduced him to the gang.

Audu disclosed that he had participated in all the operations carried out by the gang.

He said he used his share of their loot run his family and pay his children’s school fees.

He said, “I live at Ikorodu with my family. I took part in all the operations, but I was arrested on June 7, 2016 by the police.”

A police source told Punch that the suspects specialised in robbing Chinese nationals in different parts of Lagos State.

According to the source, the suspects who were apprehended during an operation at the homes of four Chinese nationals in Gbagada, had carried out no fewer than 10 robberies between December 2015 and June 2016.

The source said, “The dismissed policemen normally gain access into the homes of the Chinese men under the pretence of conducting routine checks, or that they had information that they (the Chinese) were involved in drugs and currency counterfeiting.

“When they are allowed into their homes, the dismissed policemen would ransack the apartments and cart away all valuables including cash and electronic gadgets.”

One of the suspects, 33-year-old Sunday told newsmen that he had National Diploma in Business Administration.

He said he lost his job shortly before his marriage, and met a member of the robbery gang, known as Jack introduced him to their operations.

He said, “He told me he would introduce me to a business. That was when I learnt that it involved robbing Chinese expatriates.

“He said we would go to the houses of some Chinese people and pretend to be engineers and that if they allowed us in, we would rob them. He said if they were not at home, we would break in.

“Three of us went for the operation at Omole and we opened the door with a metal cutter since there was no one in the house. We stole phones, laptops and cash. I wouldn’t know how much we got, but I was given N500,000 cash.

“At the operation in Gbagada, we wore coveralls and told the expatriates we wanted to repair electricity cables and they opened their doors for us. We went in and robbed them of their phones, laptop and money. I got N45,000 as my share after that operation.”

He confessed further that the locally-made revolver pistol they used for operations belonged to Jack, and he was able to buy a car for taxi before he was arrested, after policemen traced one of the phones they stole at Gbagada to him.
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Obasanjo pays surprise visit to PDP national convention inauguration centre

Obasanjo pays surprise visit to PDP national convention inauguration centre

Leaders of the main opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party rushed to pay homage to former President Olusegun Obasanjo in Abuja on Friday.

The former President was at Yar’Adua Centre to attend a programme on Agriculture while the PDP leaders were also at the same premises to attend the inauguration of the party’s national convention.

The convention holds in Port Harcourt on August 17.

Our correspondent gathered that one of the administrators of the building alerted the PDP leaders of the presence of Obasanjo in the building.

The former President was a card-carrying member of the party until about two years ago when he tore his membership card.

It was gathered that as soon as the party leaders were informed about Obasanjo’s presence, the leaders rushed out to greet him.

Among those that were said to have rushed out to pay homage to the leader of the party included its National Chairman in charge of the National Caretaker Committee, Sen. Ahmed Makarfi; the Secretary of the committee, Sen. Ben Obi and a former Deputy President of the Senate, Ibrahim Mantu.

The former President merely greeted briefly and proceeded to attend the programme he came for.

Leaders of the party had been visiting its aggrieved members with the aim of reconciling them with the now factionalised party but they had yet to visit the former President.

The Board of Trustees of the party visited former President Goodluck Jonathan in Abuja two days ago.

They had earlier visited the home of a former Minister of Finance, Adamu Ciroma.
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Kelly Osbourne Sued By Dad's Mistress

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.
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Goodluck Jonathan’s government cancerous, PDP should forget 2019 – Fr. Mbaka

Goodluck Jonathan’s government cancerous, PDP should forget 2019 – Fr. Mbaka

Enugu Catholic Priest, the Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka has once again taken former President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration to the cleaners, describing his days in office as full of mess and cancerous to the economic life of the nation.

His recent declaration entitled: “FR MBAKA’S ASSERTION ‘THERE IS HUNGER IN NIGERIA’, NOT AN ATTACK ON PRESIDENT BUHARI”, came as a reaction to recent media reports where he was quoted to have bashed President Muhammadu Buhari over the level of suffering in the country.

In a statement he issued through his spokesman, Barr Maximus Ike Ugwuoke, the cleric said he observed with keen concern the news trending some sections of the media that he “attacked” President Muhammadu Buhari.

Mbaka maintained that he didn’t attack Buhari but told him the situation of things in the country and as well suggested ways out.

He stated that “the news headline is not only sensational but also a censorious media colouration and hype of the message of the cleric titled ‘Bless and Be Blessed’ for whatever ends.”

While admitting that he lamented the level of hunger and suffering in the country, the fiery priest said it was followed by another ‎message where he explained that Buhari was not responsible for the situation but the previous administration.

He declared that the “Bless and Be Blessed” message that was misunderstood was followed by a message titled “Mega Change of Conditions”.

According to him, the second message, where he absorbed the President of blames over the hunger situation in the country read:

“There is sword that is moving about in the country. People are dying like flies. The sword of Hunger is eating the land. And as I have told you this is just the beginning.

If anybody is telling you it is going to be well very soon that person is deceiving you. This is because many of us were among those that were alive during the years of the past government.

The past PDP government was a grasshopper and locus to Nigerian. The past Government was a disaster to the land of Nigeria; the past government was cancer to this country. There is no need trying to cover their incalculable and iniquitous mess. If you don’t feel it now, you will feel it later.

“The impact of their horrific mess is yet to be felt. It was a regime where hooliganism became a political slogan; where looting became the order of the day; where the neglect of youths became a pattern of administration.

The result is what we are passing through now. Hunger is everywhere; the hunger was created before this new government came in. Buhari is not the maker of the hunger.

“The hunger was created during the Jonathan PDP administration but Buhari should abate the long procrastination, bureaucracy and slow methods in tackling it.

“Understand it very well. People will know the truth and the truth will set us free. Buhari is just an agent of change. The money in our treasury was nothing to write home about before this new regime came. The country was in an embarrassing mess.

“Apart from the petroleum that we sell and get money, what other means of foreign exchange do we have? The foundation of the Nigerian economy is oil which has now collapsed and the foundation once destroyed what will the just man do? Psalm 11:3.

The past administration did not prepare this administration for this season. That is why the sword has risen. Many will die by this sword but there will be survivors.

“That is why I have been saying and I keep on saying that the past administration should publicly come to apologize to the Nigerians. They should not be foolhardy.

They should not continue to perpetrate this type of iniquitous attitude planning about 2019 election for them to continue from where they stopped. All these years of Jonathan, nothing happened in Niger-Delta specifically to be recorded in the annals of history.

What a shame? What an embarrassment. The place where the oil has been coming from remained underdeveloped under a man from the same soil. If you go to Niger Delta today you will cry. But what worries me is that our people are good in shifting blames.

“Somebody entered your kitchen carried your pot of soup, enter your store and farm raked everything in the store and farm and ran away. And another person enters the kitchen where there is no pot at all and you want the person to turn the kitchen into a magical kitchen that will produce a magical pot and a magical soup, which soup?

“I am just telling president Buhari that people are hungry because he cannot not come to the street like me and notice people’s feelings. But Buhari is not the author of the hunger. The past government planted the tree of hunger and they want to come back to water it.

If it is in a developed country by now from the Senatorial to the reps to the governors, all who participated in the last administration should have resigned with apologies to our youths, otherwise the youths one day will begin to stone them.

“They will soon confuse you that present governments don’t want to feed you, feed you with what? It will surprise the whole Nigerians to know that even after Buhari was a petroleum minister and a military president of the country, he had no oil bloc.

Is it not a shock? Don’t you hear the quantum of money that is being recovered from one person? Buhari just came as a redeemer. I don’t know if the people of this country are hypnotized.

“How can we be fighting somebody who is fighting for us? Apart from this Buhari, how can somebody talk to these political juggernauts and tell them to bring back what they have stolen? it is only a Beniah personality like Buhari that can enter into the cave and catch a lion and kill a lion in a snow season and come out.

The president needs support. He doesn’t know where to begin because there are many holes dug for him by the past administration, and they carried the sand away expecting him to cover the holes with what?”.

“He, therefore maintained that ‎contrary to the media report Fr. Mbaka “merely reinstated the obvious sufferings that Nigerian are facing (which even the president himself had at points acknowledged and sued for patience and perseverance) and advised the president on the ways to tackle it i.e by engaging economic gurus and listening to good advisers.

“We wonder which portion of the message could be viewed as “an attack” or” bombing” of Mr President as twisted in the media. The acclaimed message of the cleric to Mr President to us is rather a further demonstration the cleric’s love to see that the president succeeds in his messianic rescue operation mission in Nigeria and that is why it is devoid of hypocrisy.

“It is obvious that those who are arm-twisting the said message of the cleric to Mr President as an attack on Mr President are those who want the president to fail or be blindfolded so as to use the obvious hardship Nigerians are facing as a weak point of his administration to
ride onto power mindless of the fact that Mr President has done so well in fighting corruption and insurgency in the country, which are mega achievements that scores him above average in just few months of his administration.

“In the background of the message, Fr Mbaka encouraged the gallant warrior, President Buhari, to continue his battle against corruption and insurgency asserting that if not a man like President Buhari, by now people may have stopped going to church and mosques. Boko Haram might have wrecked this country.

People might have equally stopped going to schools, markets etc. Kudos to Buhari .Fr Mbaka revealed that corruption, insurgency and poor governance by past governments gave birth to three horrible children (1) Hunger (2) Anger (3) Danger.

“He asserted that Buhari is not the cause of corruption and insurgency yet he is fighting them frontally and enjoined the president to extend same to hunger even though he is not the cause. He pleaded the
President to begin a War against Hunger, as many are dying hopelessly.

He stressed that if the hunger, anger and danger continue, Nigerians may not vote for him again, as they would mistake him for the cause of these maladies while in fact he is a solution.

“Fr Mbaka equally advised the President on being careful about how he appoints people to prominent positions, so that no region will appear marginalized- as happened in NNPC board and charged the President to make sure that those around him are not misguiding him.

He advised the President on human empowerment and making sure that those who worked for him (Buhari) during the election ought to be empowered –as one good turn deserves another.

“For the purpose of clarity, granted that Fr Mbaka stated the obvious , that there is hunger in the land, he never attributed the cause of the hunger and economic hardship bedeviling the nation to Buhari rather he attributed it to the offshoot of the actions and inactions of the past administrations of this country.

“We recall that earlier this year, Fr Mbaka had during his New Year message predicted that hunger and hardship will come upon the country this year and so we wonder why this message should make a headline at this point of the year.”

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IN PICTURES: Olubadan visits Bola Tinubu

IN PICTURES: Olubadan visits Bola Tinubu

Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Saliu Adetunji has paid a courtesy visit to the All Progressive Congress, APC, leader Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The monarch visited him at his Ikoyi residence on Friday.

See photos below

IN PICTURES: Olubadan visits Bola Tinubu

IN PICTURES: Olubadan visits Bola Tinubu

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Why we investiage serving governors despite immunity clause - EFCC

Why we investiage serving governors despite immunity clause - EFCC

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has explained why it investigates governors while in power.

The commission noted that immunity clause is only to cover them against prosecution and not investigation.

It added that investigation will prevent such governors from destroying evidences before the end of their tenure.

EFCC made this clarification via its official facebook page which pictoral illustration.

See post below:

Why we investiage serving governors despite immunity clause - EFCC

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Saraki, Atiku and others are mere tenants in APC - Bode George

Saraki, Atiku and others are mere tenants in APC - Bode George

Former Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP ), Chief Bode George said former members of the party who left for the All Progressives Congress (APC),like Bukola Saraki, Abubakar Atiku, others are mere tenants who are already on their back to the PDP.

Chief George, who picked up the PDP chairmanship nomination form for the August 17 National Convention on Friday, said he would bring the party back to its winning ways if he wins the vote.

“It takes an experienced captain to stabilise a ship hit by a tornado . And if you know the crisis in PDP, that is the position the party is facing right now.

“But I am happy that all is not lost, and the condition has been enhanced; zoning has gone extremely well. I have paid my dues in this party and I should not be afraid of anybody,” he said.

He warned the ruling party, the APC to get ready for serious engagement because PDP has started a cohesive battle ahead 2019 general elections.
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Fresh crisis hits PDP as Dokpesi rejects zoning

Fresh crisis hits PDP as Dokpesi rejects zoning

Dr. Raymond Dokpesi

There are indications that fresh crisis is brewing in the Peoples Democratic Party over the zoning of its national chairmanship position to the South-West.

Already, one of the serious contenders for the position from the South-South, Dr. Raymond Dokpesi, has rejected the zoning arrangement and has picked the form to contest the office of the national chairman at the forthcoming national convention.

The convention holds in Port Harcourt on August 17.

Dokpesi, who was the first person to pay the mandatory N1m for the form, was represented by one of his sons at the party’s temporary national secretariat in Abuja.

The son, Raymond jnr., refused to speak with journalists after he paid and collected the form.

The leaders of the party from the southern part of the country met in Port Harcourt on Thursday where the decision to zone the office to the South-West was taken.

In the meeting attended by governors, National Assembly members and former ministers, the leaders of the part from the Southern Nigeria, also zoned the positions of National Treasurer and Deputy National Publicity Secretary to the South-West.

The party zoned the position of first Deputy National Chairman to the South-South. This zone also got the positions of National Legal Adviser, Deputy National Woman Leader and Deputy National Auditor.

The South-East got the the offices of the National Organising Secretary, National Youth Leader and Deputy National Financial Secretary.

Before the zoning, there were indications that two other persons from the South-South were eyeing the office of the national chairman. They are Prince Uche Secondus and Austin Okpara.

It is believed that the two men, who are from Rivers State, have agreed with the decision of the leaders of the party on the zoning and had jettisoned their ambition.

In furtherance of the zoning, a former Deputy National Chairman of the party from South-West, Chief Bode George had also picked form to run for the office of the national chairman.

George, after picking the form, promised to reposition and stabilize the party.

He said, “It takes and experience captain to stabilise a ship hit by tornado. And if you know the crisis in PDP‎, that is the position the party is facing right now.

“But I am happy that all is not lost, and the condition has been enhanced, zoning has gone extremely well. I have paid my dues in this party and I should not be afraid of anybody.

“Since 1999, I never left the party to anywhere. I met crises and problems. I have been able to resolve them. I have risen meritorious, from vice chairman South-West to deputy chairman (South) and deputy chairman overall. I have been able to resolve problems.

“If people vote for me, I look forward to stabilise the party and put it in right position. The ruling party should get ready for serious engagement because we have started a cohesive battle ahead 2019.”

He promised to bring back those who defected from the party to the All Progressives Congress, where he said they remain as tenants.

“Everybody will have to come on board even those of our friends who were angry and left for the APC. They are tenants ‎there, but they landlords in PDP. If we are lucky and we get the right leadership who is fair and just and committed in the party, they will come back,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Board of Trustees of the party has said the party is not for sale and called on its members to vote the right candidate for all offices.

Chairman of the Board, Sen. Walid Jibrin, who stated this during the inauguration of the party’s national convention committee in Abuja, said it would be good for the party to elect reliable persons to manage its affairs.

He advised aspirants to abide by the zoning arrangement, but said anyone who was not disposed to it was free to contest.

Jibrin said, “We must remind all of us that the party is supreme. Therefore, I implore all of us to abide by this principle (of zoning).

“Today is party is characterised by court cases. I can count about 15 court cases which is alien to the PDP. We have a constitution that set out procedure for settling grievances and for us to solve our problems internally.

“But unfortunately, rather than judging our selves our problems are going out and we are being judged by someone else outside of our constitution.

“This party is not for sale. This party must be a party of very conscious people. We are telling every delegate to reject anybody that come with money.

“We are an honest and upright person. This party will not want somebody that will come and buy his way into office. The BoT will no longer accept any leadership to be forced on the party.”

In his own remarks, Chairman of the Caretaker Committee of the party, Sen. Ahmed Makarfi, defended the decision to reserve the chairmanship slot for the South-West zone, but said that the despising was not aimed to short changed anybody.

Makarfi said, “I recall when we last met here to inaugurate the zoning committee and I mentioned on behalf of the caretaker committee that the convention would be an all-inclusive one and that offices to be contested for would be open to all and sundry, that doesn’t mean people cannot come together to zone offices.

“If zoning does not favour you and you still think that you have the best chance of winning, the political landscape is there. It’s up to you to campaign across the country to get enough delegates to support you.

“Zoning doesn’t mean you have been excluded, it is meeting of the minds. And it is for every aspirant to assess by himself or herself whether he or she has the capacity to garner more support than.

“Collection of people that come together to have a common position. So, I don’t want people to have the impression that they have been excluded from the process. After all democracy is about minority will have their say, majority will have their way.

“But in PDP, we have the culture of coming together to be one family so that both minority and majority can work together for the good of the PDP.”
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Presidency: No discrimination. Christian pilgrims also bought dollar for N160

Presidency: No discrimination. Christian pilgrims also bought dollar for N160

The Presidency has said that the subsidy on foreign exchange offered to Muslim pilgrims was also made available to Christian pilgrims.

The directive of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) that Deposit Money Banks (DMBs) should sell dollars to Muslims embarking on Hajj pilgrimage at the rate of N197 to the dollar has generated widespread criticism.

The announcement, which was disseminated on Thursday through a CBN circular, noted that the federal government’s special concession could be accessed by 65,167 pilgrims.

“Each pilgrim is entitled to purchase a minimum of $750.00 and maximum of US$1,000.00 as PTA,” CBN said in the circular signed by W.D. Gotring, acting director of the bank’s trade and exchange department,” the circular said.

“The Federal Government has approved that intending pilgrims are to be sold the PTA at a concessionary exchange rate of N197.00 to the US dollar.

“No commission shall be charged by the banks for the sale of the PTA to the intending pilgrims. The Central Bank of Nigeria shall sale the PTA to the designated banks in Lagos and Abuja and the accounts of the respective banks shall be debited as soon as the funds are disbursed.”

Following the circulation of the information, many Nigerians deemed it a reckless action on the part of the government, especially as the economy languishes in the throes of recession.

However, Garba Shehu, presidential spokesman, released a statement late on Friday to clarify that the “exchange rate of N197:00 to a dollar was approved by the president about three months ago”.

Shehu further explained that the approval had come “much earlier than before the new Forex regime came into being”. He maintained that the forex subsidy is non-discriminatory.

“The Chairman of the Hajj Commission has confirmed that it is non-discriminatory. It was approved for Christian and Muslim pilgrimages for this year. The CBN has offered an explanationl” Shehu added.

Indeed, the government did approve a subsidized exchange rate of N160 per dollar for 13,800 Christian pilgrims in October 2015.

A similar CBN circular, signed by O. L. Ahuchogu on behalf of the director, trade and exchange department, was also issued at the time.

It read: “The Federal Government has approved the purchase of a maximum of $1000 at concessionary rate of N160 to the dollar by each intending pilgrim as personal travel allowance.

“Consequently each pilgrim travelling to Israel is entitled to maximum of $750, while those going to Israel/Rome or Greece are entitled to a maximum of $1000″, read the circular containing the concession for Christian pilgrims.”
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Buhari: I’ve ordered security agencies to end herdsmen-farmers clashes

Buhari: I’ve ordered security agencies to end herdsmen-farmers clashes

President Muhammadu Buhari says he has mandated security agencies to deal decisively with all acts of banditry and criminality perpetrated in the name of herdsmen-farmers clashes.

The president said this on Friday at the graduation ceremony of Course 24 at the National Defence College in Abuja.

“On the matter of herdsmen/farmers’ clashes, I wish to state that this administration will not tolerate or condone acts of banditry and criminality, under any guise. As such, our security agencies have been mandated to deal with such acts decisively,” he said.

According to a statement issued by Garba Shehu, presidential spokesman, Buhari also assured Nigerians that his administration was working assiduously in conjunction with local and international partners to rebuild damaged communities in the northeast, as well as to tackle the underdevelopment and neglect in the Niger Delta area by correcting the ills of the past and assuaging inherent grievances.

He expressed happiness that Nigerians and the international community were beginning to have faith in the administration’s capacity to turn the fortune of Nigeria around.

“International confidence in our country and its future is beginning to return, because of how we are slowly finding ways to solve our problems. The nation is beginning to have faith in the ability of our society’s institutional capacity to tackle our problems.

But we must work doubly hard to restore our nation to higher glory. The Nigeria armed forces have proven to be equal to the task of maintaining our internal and external security,” he said.

He also spoke on the efforts to combat corruption, recover looted funds and combat youth unemployment.

“As part of efforts to address the problem of corruption, we have set in motion legal processes to recover whatever we can and bring to justice those who betrayed their trust.

Thus far, we have been able to recover billions of naira from indicted companies and individuals. In addition, through the implementation and enforcement of the treasury single account, we have been able to save more for our nation,” he said.

“Furthermore, in our fight to end poverty in Nigeria, we have set up social interventions and reliefs for the poor in conjunction with the World Bank.

In the 2016 budget, we intend to stimulate the economy, making it more competitive by focusing on infrastructural development and address the immediate problems of youth unemployment and the terrible living conditions of the very poor and vulnerable Nigerians.”
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EFCC seizes N872m houses from ex-minister

EFCC seizes N872m houses from ex-minister

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has seized four houses worth N872 million from a former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Sen. Bala Mohammed, and his son, Shamsudeen Bala.

The ex-minister is also under investigation on alleged fictitious contracts of about N1billion, allocation of 12 choice plots worth billions of naira and 37 other commercial plots of land worth about N8 billion to his suspected front named Tariq Hammoud as well as the controversial N1 trillion Abuja land swap.

More than 16 companies linked with fictitious contracts awarded by Bala had been under surveillance and their owners grilled by EFCC.

The anti-graft agency quizzed Shamsudeen, Hammoud and top directors of the Federal Capital Territory administration, including that of Treasury, Ibrahim Bomoi; Land, Babayo Mainasara, and Abuja Geographical Information Service (AGIS), Ms Jamila Tangaza.

Tangaza, who had been in detention in the past one week, was battling for bail as at press time.

She has, however, been linked to N800 million questionable contracts to her personal firm apart from benefiting from plots of land from the ex-minister.

According to investigations, the ongoing probe of the ex-minister followed petitions against him, including complaints pending since 2013.

It was gathered that following preliminary findings, EFCC obtained an interim forfeiture order to confiscate a N650 million house at 1 and 3, Mariam Mukhtar Street, Asokoro.

The same forfeiture order was secured to seize the ex-minister’s son three duplexes costing about N222 million in the Apo Area of Abuja.

A top source in EFCC, who spoke in confidence, said: “We are probing the immediate past Minister of FCT on many allegations against him, including award of N1 billion fictitious contracts; abuse of office by allocating 12 choice plots to his son and 37 other commercial plots worth about N8 billion to Hammoud, who is suspected to be his front; land swap, among others.

“Some of the petitions against Bala Mohammed had been pending since 2013. Initial findings showed that the ex-minister used fictitious companies to award contracts worth N1 billion in FCT. In one instance, a man with three companies was allowed to bid for one slot.

“About 16 companies used for fictitious contracts are under investigation because they did not supply items credited to them.

“We have also uncovered how Bala allocated plots of land to his friends, business partners. For examples, he allocated 12 plots of land to his son, Shamsudeen, and 37 commercial plots of land to his business front called Tariq Hammoud.

“Some of those quizzed so far confessed that Bala used unconventional methods in raking illicit funds and laundering same. Each time the ex-minister allocated a plot of land, he would find out the market value and ask you to pay half of the amount to him in cash.

“For instance if a plot of land was N2 billion, Bala would ask for N1 billion cash from the prospective buyer. He was smart in collecting cash.

“But the EFCC has traced allocation of 37 commercial plots to Hammoud and how N8billion was made from it. In fact, we saw a proposal by Tariq Hammoud to sell some of the plots.

“So far, our operatives have arrested, detained and quizzed Shamsudeen. He is presently on administrative bail. We have also interrogated Hammoud.”

Responding to a question, the source said: “Based on substantial findings, we approached the court to obtain an interim forfeiture order to seize a N650million from the ex-FCT Minister.

“What happened was that the former minister allocated some plots of land to Aso Savings and they bought the N650 million house for him at Nos. 1 and 3, Mariam Mukhtar Street, Asokoro District.

“The EFCC has confiscated three duplexes totalling N222million which were acquired by the ex-minister’s son.

“We invoked sections 28 and 34 of the EFCC (Establishment Act) 2004 and Section 13(1) of the Federal High Court Act, 2004 which empower the anti-graft agency to invoke Interim Assets Forfeiture Clause.

“Section 28 of the EFCC Act reads: ‘Where a person is arrested for an offence under this Act, the Commission shall immediately trace and attach all the assets and properties of the person acquired as a result of such economic or financial crime and shall thereafter cause to be obtained an interim attachment order from the Court.’”

On the fate of the ex-minister, the source said: “We are investigating him, we are yet to invite him for questioning. Certainly, we are closing in on him.”

The source added that EFCC had grilled top directors of the FCT administration. “As for Ms Jamila Tangaza, we arrested and detained her because she was connected with the land scam and abuse of office.

“The ex-minister asked her to resign her appointment with BBC and appointed her as a Senior Special Assistant on Media and Information. But Bala allocated some plots of land to her to sell in order to acquire a mansion in Asokoro District too. Her house was allegedly worth N158million.

“Also, Jamila allegedly abused her office by awarding N800million contracts to her company which is called Songbird Multimedia.

“Her case was interesting. When she registered the company with the Corporate Affairs Commission, she used a fictitious name as the CEO of the company but she is the sole signatory to the company’s account and her phone number is the point of contact with the firm.

“We have sent her signature on CAC document and other specimen signatures collected from her to a forensic laboratory. Following a court order, we detained her in the past few days but as at Friday, she was pleading that we should grant her bail. We are looking into her request.”

The top source denied insinuations that the ex-BBC correspondent was handcuffed when she was taken to her office for a search.

The source added: “You can verify from her what transpired. From custody in EFCC, we went with her to her office to recover some documents. We used the EFCC bus but along the way, she begged us to park the bus away from the vicinity of AGIS where she is a director. She did not want her staff and others to notice that she was brought to the office by EFCC team.

“We obliged her request by parking outside AGIS. We also didn’t allow policemen in uniform to follow her to the office. We assigned plain-clothe operatives and even asked her if she wanted the only lady in our team to follow her so that Jamila can blend with the crowd in AGIS without anyone suspecting anything.

“She said all plain clothe operatives can follow her. We did not put her in handcuffs. This is the extent we went based on her request to protect her reputation and integrity. The story of Jamila being handcuffed was rubbish.”

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