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Saturday, July 30

Eww..Amber Rose Wants More Of Wiz Khalifa’s Sperm

Eww..Amber Rose Wants More Of Wiz Khalifa’s Sperm

Amber Rose

Speaking on The Amber Rose Show on Friday night, Rose who used to date rapper Kanye West, was asked what makes her hot in the bedroom.

‘I like to take a really rich, powerful man and make him squirm like a little b***h…I get off on that,’ admitted the 32-year-old. Her favorite position, she said, is the basic missionary.

‘You know you like to lay on your back and take it,’ grinned the model/TV personality.

When asked about the ‘back door’ she said: ‘I’ve never tried anal.’ Adding quickly: ‘Not saying I won’t, I’ll probably get bored and want to try it sometime,’ she speculated.

Eww..Amber Rose Wants More Of Wiz Khalifa’s Sperm

In another TMI moment Rose talked about wanting another child with her rapper ex Wiz Khalifa, with whom she already has a three-year-old son called Sebastian.

‘Now, you know that we have Sebastian together, and I really, really want another baby,’ she cooed.

‘So I asked him for his sperm, like I always do, every time I’m around him,’ continued the Philadelphia native.

‘And I’m like, you know, ‘He’ll probably give me some more sperm, so we can have another baby!’

‘But instead, he just put his babies on my face.’ Rose was joined by Rich Kids and EJNYC star EJ Johnson, the 20-year-old son of NBA legend Magic Johnson
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Restaurant owner forced to eat cockroach found in customer’s food

Restaurant owner forced to eat cockroach found in customer’s food

A customer who ordered fried noodles from a restaurant in Changsha, Hunan province, China on July 25th, forced the restaurant’s owner to eat a cockroach he said he found in his food.

After the customer found the supposed cockroach, he told the restaurant owner to either eat the cockroach or pay him 5,000 yuan (£569).

The owner ate the cockroach instead. But the customer wasn’t a man of his word, as he kept demanding money from the owner, adding that he needed to be compensated financially for the bad experience he had, but the owner refused to give in to the customer’s demands.

Restaurant owner forced to eat cockroach found in customer’s food

According to the owner and other customers, the restaurant had been running for 11 years and had never encountered problems like this.

Some workers at the restaurant claimed that they thought they were being blackmailed by the customer. One worker even fought tears while she talked to reporters who came to interview them, saying she was upset that her boss had been forced to eat the insect.

 After the incident, o n July 26, the Food and Drug Administration visited the restaurant for an inspection and discovered that the restaurant was using outdated equipment and did not have the necessary means to rid the establishment of flies or rats.

 The FDA then ordered the restaurant to close for five days so that they could make the necessary changes.

Source: People’s Daily Online
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Believe it or not, This a man!!! [PHOTOS]

Believe it or not, This a man! [PHOTOS]


Remember the young boy called Micah, who broke the Internet with photos of his thin waist and huge hips, with a bum so large that can outshine the likes of Nicki Minaj or Kim Kardashian

The 21-year-old’s astonishing measurements go thus; chest: 41.5″ waist: 37″ butt/hips: 63″ which is frankly ridiculous.

Micah has released some new photos that are sure to make people talk and he has a bit of a Denrele vibe as to the way he’s decided to look nowadays.

 You can see the photos below.

Believe it or not, This a man! [PHOTOS]

Believe it or not, This a man! [PHOTOS]

Believe it or not, This a man! [PHOTOS]

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Nigerian Soldiers Write Touching Letter To Buhari Over 7-Months Unpaid Allowances [READ]

Nigerian Soldiers Write Touching Letter To Buhari Over 7-Months Unpaid Allowances [READ]

Nigeria Army (File Photo)

Nigerian soldiers have written a touching letter to President Muhammadu Buhari requesting that their monthly allowances owed them for seven months be paid.

The letter obtained by tells a story of a country that constantly fails to care for its own.

Read below:

To Mr President,

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

We are officers and soldiers of Nigerian Battalion 45 (NIBATT 45 UNAMID) deployed on January 5, 2016 on a peacekeeping mission in Sudan.

Since our deployment, life had been so difficult for us. Even to communicate with our families has been a problem due to lack of finances.

The army has refused to pay us our allowances of $100 monthly since the beginning of the mission here in Sudan and this is the seventh months without payment.

Many of our soldiers undergo surgical operation due to poor feeding, no drug for us whenever we are sick. The only remedy for us when we are sick is to be referred to Pakistan hospital due to lack of drugs in Nigerian Contingent Level 1 Hospital.

We have been in this Mission in Sudan for seven months now yet our domiciliary account in Union Bank of Nigeria has only been credited with two months and 27 days salaries out of the 7 months so far.

We ask Mr President to look into this issue to make his anti-corruption campaign in the Armed Force a success.

If nothing is done very soon, we will be force to take the law into our hands.

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Heartbreaking Details Of How A Driver Crushes Three Children To Death In Nnewi

Heartbreaking Details Of How A Driver Crushes Three Children To Death In Nnewi

Tragedy struck in the industrial town of Nnewi, Anambra State yesterday when a hit-and-run driver crashed three children of the same parent to death along Ichi Road at about 2.00pm.

The children a male and two females were rushed to the Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching Hospital Nnewi for medical attention by sympathisers but were pronounced dead when they arrived the emergency ward of the hospital.

The stricken parents of the dead children, Francis and Amara who were seen at the hospital premises were too dumbfounded to talk about the tragic incident.

But a close family relation said the first born, Kosi who was aged eleven and his two sisters were coming back from a school where they had gone for holiday lessons before they were crushed by an alleged reckless driver on the ever busy Nnewi-Onitsha Road.

There was uproar at the NAUTH premises after the incident as mammoth crowd trooped to the hospital to behold the lifeless bodies of the three children before they were deposited at the hospital morgue.

Another family relation who spoke with our source on grounds of anonymity said that they were perfecting arrangement for the release of the dead bodies so that they can go and quickly bury them before it becomes too late as there was no need to keep them in the mortuary.
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SHOCKER!!! Meet The 19 Year Old Girl: R&B Legend, R. Kelly Is Currently Dating (Photos)

SHOCKER!!! Meet The 19 Year Old Girl: R&B Legend, R. Kelly Is Currently Dating (Photos)

R. Kelly is 49 and he’s reportedly dating this 19 year old girl named Halle. Reports suggest they met at the backstage of one of his concerts in North Carolina and have been hanging out since then. See other photo below
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NUC approves new varsity for Bayelsa

NUC approves new varsity for Bayelsa

The National Universities Commission (NUC) has approved the establishment of the University of Africa for Bayelsa, the 43rd state university in the country.

The Chief Press Secretary to the Bayelsa State Governor, Mr. Daniel Iworiso-Markson, disclosed this in a statement issued in Yenagoa on Saturday.

The statement said the NUC handed over the letter of approval to Governor Seriake Dickson when he visited the commission in Abuja.

The governor expressed gratitude to the NUC Executive Secretary for the warm reception accorded him and his team.

“The approval of the university followed the formal presentation of relevant gazette law, academic brief, physical master-plan as well as the satisfactory report of the advisory resource assessment visit by the commission,” the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) quoted Bayelsa State government as saying in the statement.

Dickson said the University of Africa, Toru-Orua, was conceived as a public private partnership venture and designed as a first rate institution of learning to attract some of the best teachers from Africa and the world.

He said the university would be funded by private partners, while the government would only provide the enabling environment for its establishment.
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Young Nigerian artistes sing foolishness, nothingness— Veteran reggae artiste Ras Kimono

Young Nigerian artistes sing foolishness, nothingness— Veteran reggae artiste Ras Kimono

Ras Kimono

Renowned reggae artiste, Ras Kimono, is an angry man at the moment. And the source of his bristling anger is nothing other than young Nigerian artistes holding sway at the moment.

Ras Kimono isn’t pleased that none of the artistes is singing ‘reality’ songs.

In an exclusive chat with Showtime, the ‘Rum-Bar Stylee’ master thundered, “None of the new crop of artistes now are doing real reggae. They are afraid to sing reality.

They’re all about bum-bum and such mundane things. They’re all singing about foolishness and nothingness. Look at what is happening in the country today; the president is also doubling as the Minister for Petroleum, and nobody is talking about it. I’m angry.”

On which of these young artistes he would like to work with, Kimono retorted: “Which of them would I like to work with, or which of them would like to work with me? Anyway, none of them is doing real reggae, so I’m confused and paranoid about working with any of them.”

Kimono however refuted the claims that reggae music is dead in Nigeria. In his words, “As long as Ras Kimono lives, then reggae is still alive in Nigeria. If reggae is dead, you won’t come and talk to me now.”

Sharing a bit of what he’s up to at the moment, the reggae veteran said, “I’m in the studio working, and I’ll be coming out with a brand new tune before the year runs out.”

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OMG!!! Pastor's Wife 'Goes Mad' Destroying Properties After Accusing Husband of Cheating (Photo)

OMG!!! Pastor's Wife 'Goes Mad' Destroying Properties After Accusing Husband of Cheating (Photo)

Ruth Nyaga went on rampage destroying her husband's property

A pastor's wife has caused serious drama as she went on rampage destroying the man's property for allegedly cheating while people gathered to watch the shameful thing.

It was drama in Ukunda, Kwale County of Kenya after a pastor's wife went on rampage destroying properties at the husband's cafe after accusing him of cheating with another woman.

According to CitizensTv, Ruth Nyaga said her husband, a pastor, has abdicated his responsibilities, adding that she is now demanding that her husband of 20 years does the honourable thing and introduces his lover formally if he has intentions of marrying her.

She alleged that her husband now use the proceeds from the café for the upkeep of the woman and has even built her the business.

“Marrying a second wife is not a problem, but he should come with that woman and tell me this is my second wife,” said Ms Nyaga.
However, the pastor has responded by saying that his culture allows him to marry up to four women, noting that he had done nothing wrong.

“I am from the Tharaka community so I can marry up to four wives, even your dad has two wives,” he said.

As the couple went through the embarrassing public show, petty thieves were taking advantage of the situation to make away with whatever they could lay their hands on.

A member of the church where the pastor ministers said that it was unfortunate that their leader who should be showing them a good example was involved in such a case.

“He is the pastor at New Apostolic Faith Church and should be showing us a good example,” she noted.

An eye witness described the scene as embarrassing, adding that the man’s life was in danger because both women showed up with knives.

He also added that the couple could have settled the dispute at home instead of such a public show.

“To tell you the truth we men have more than one woman, but they should have settled the dispute in their own home,” he said.

This comes less than one week after an incident where a 32-year-old man in Matunda Village, Kakamega County was attacked by his wife while he slept and his private parts set on fire following a disagreement on land ownership.
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IN PICTURES: Burial ceremony of Asari Dokubo's first wife, Zainab

IN PICTURES: Burial ceremony of Asari Dokubo's first wife, Zainab

  Here are photos from the burial ceremony of Zainab Asari Dokubo, the first wife of ex Militant leader Asari Dokubo.

She died in an accident during the week while travelling to Ibadan.

See photos:

IN PICTURES: Burial ceremony of Asari Dokubo's first wife, Zainab

IN PICTURES: Burial ceremony of Asari Dokubo's first wife, Zainab

IN PICTURES: Burial ceremony of Asari Dokubo's first wife, Zainab

IN PICTURES: Burial ceremony of Asari Dokubo's first wife, Zainab

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Just In: Nigerian Army and Militants Clash in Heavy Fight at Arepo and Ibafo (Photos+Video)

Just In: Nigerian Army and Militants Clash in Heavy Fight at Arepo and Ibafo (Photos+Video)

It is a serious battle between the Nigerian Army and militants in Ibafo and Arepo areas of Ogun State terrorizing residents of the state.

Nigerian Military entering Arepo and Ibafo in Ogun State to confront militants

The Nigerian Army have stormed Arepo and Ibafo communities in Ogun and Lagos State to confront militants terrorizing residents in the area.

Just In: Nigerian Army and Militants Clash in Heavy Fight at Arepo and Ibafo (Photos+Video)

Just In: Nigerian Army and Militants Clash in Heavy Fight at Arepo and Ibafo (Photos+Video)

According to a Punch report, there was a serious exchange of gunfire between militants and military men inside the creek, people were advised to stay indoors as the militant now hide inside people’s compound to escape the military men.

The military came prepared, even with a helicopter to fish out the criminals.

Watch video below:

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Nigeria still has fine judges - Sheriff says after favourable court judgement

Nigeria still has fine judges - Sheriff says after favourable court judgement

Ali Modu Sheriff, factional chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), says the ruling that nullified the forthcoming convention of the party is proof that the country still has fine judges.

Okon Abang, a judge of a federal high court in Abuja, had declared the caretaker committee of the PDP as illegal, voiding the convention scheduled for August 17 in Port Harcourt.

Commending the ruling, Sheriff said the order was a demonstration of the existence of some fine judges in Nigeria.

He also called on the Nigeria Judicial Council (NJC) to remove the few erring judges who, he said, were ‎tarnishing the image of the judiciary.

‎Sheriff said the ruling serves as a boost to his desire to wipe out impunity, s he prepares to take the PDP to “its original owners at the grass roots level”.

He also disclosed that he would convene an expanded caucus meeting of the PDP, which would comprise the board of trustees, national assembly caucus and state chairmen to chart the next line of action.

However, the caretaker committee had reacted, saying the court ruling was misinterpreted as it did not set aside the Port Harcourt ruling that instituted the committee.

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President approves BoT for Ogoniland cleanup

President approves BoT for Ogoniland cleanup

President Muhammadu Buhari has approved a 13-member Governing Council and 10-member Board of Trustees for the cleanup of Ogoniland in Rivers.

The Minister of Environment, Mrs Amina Mohammed, announced this in a statement by Permanent Secretary of the ministry, Dr Bukar Hassan, in Abuja on Saturday.

The minister said the structures would ensure inclusiveness, accountability, transparency and sustainability of the exercise.

Mohammed acknowledged the concerns raised by stakeholders on the perceived slow pace of the clean up, saying “Nigerians have a right to voice their concerns”, but called for patience.

“We have responsibility to deliver. The launch was the first step in a 30-year journey. We continue to make strides toward the implementation.

“We ask for patience as we lay solid foundations for the cleanup. The context is complex and stakeholders are diverse. All must be taken along”, Mohammed said.

According to her, Buhari remains steadfast in his conviction to see Ogoniland and other parts of the Niger Delta cleaned up.

She said the ministry was working with the Ministries of Petroleum Resources, Niger Delta, NDDC and key stakeholders in implementing the UNEP report.

The minister said the exercise was a collective responsibility and urged all the Niger Delta communities, especially the Ogonis, to support the remediation and restoration efforts of government.

The UN report estimated that the cleanup of Ogoniland could take up to 30 years with the initial remediation taking five years and the restoration another 25 years.

President Buhari inaugurated the clean up on June 2 at Bodo in Gokana Local Government Area of Rivers.
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Is transgender Caitlyn Jenner dating Nigerian Bisi Alimi?

Is transgender Caitlyn Jenner dating Nigerian Bisi Alimi?

Caitlyn Jenner and Bisi Alimi seem to have clicked after their first meeting at the at the Aspen Ideas conference in Colorado, USA, on Friday, June 24 2016.

The pair have now sparked dating rumours as they stepped out together to a London casino on Wednesday, July 27, 2016.

Looking cute in a white gown and jacket set, Caitlyn was pictured beside a dapper looking Alimi.

Gossip site, MediaTakeOut has since reported that the pair are in a relationship, adding that Caitlyn has affirmed the Kardashian-Jenner fetish for black men.

Reacting to the dating reports, Alimi laughed it off, adding that Caitlyn would be highly amused by the reports, as well as revealing that they would be spotted together on other occasions.
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IPOB Leader, Nnamdi Kanu, Kicks off the 2016 Kuje Prison Football Championship (Photos)

IPOB Leader, Nnamdi Kanu, Kicks off the 2016 Kuje Prison Football Championship (Photos)

Leader of pro-Biafra group, Nnamdi Kanu, who has been in detention at the Kuje prisons in Abuja since last year, has reportedly sponsored and kicked off a football competition for his fellow inmates.

The leader of Indegenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, yesterday, July 29th, declared 'The Kuje Prison 2016 Championship Competition' opened at the prisons in FCT where he has been remanded since last year.

While declaring the competition open, Nnamdi Kanu reportedly said that his main purpose for sponsoring the competition this year was for inmates to have freedom and relate with one another, adding that the competition is to foster peace and co-existence among the inmates and the prison officers.

The Prison Championship is an annual event aimed at fostering peaceful co-existence among inmates and prison officers.

Last year competition was won by the Arsenal Prison Team.
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BREAKING News: DSS Seals House of Reps Appropriation Committee Secretariat...See Shocking Details

BREAKING News: DSS Seals House of Reps Appropriation Committee Secretariat...See Shocking Details

The Departments of State Security Service (DSS) has just sealed the secretariat of the House of Representative Committee on Appropriation.

According to an authoritative report by Premium Times, The agents of Nigeria’s secret police, State Security Service, on Saturday, sealed the secretariat of the House of Representative Committee on Appropriation.

The closure marked the latest development in the ongoing political and media war between the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, and a lawmaker from Kano State, Abdulmumin Jibrin, over alleged manipulation of line items and figures in the 2016 Appropriation Bill.

It was gathered that the SSS officials stormed the secretariat, which serves as offices for the 40-member appropriation committee and its staff, and immediately placed it under lock and key. The SSS also sealed Hon. Jibrin’s office at Room 1.05 in the New House of Representatives building.

The development followed Mr. Jibrin’s statement on Thursday that Dogara ordered removal of workstation from the Appropriation Committee Secretariat and allegedly attempted to break into his office.

Jibrin had reportedly visited the SSS Headquarters on Friday to brief the agency about the budget padding scandal rocking the House. He also called on EFCC and ICPC to commence investigation into the crisis with a view to prosecuting those involved.

As at the time of filing this report, efforts to reach the spokesperson of the House of Representatives, Abdulrazak Namdas, were unsuccessful as his phone was switched off.

Speaker Dogara’s spokesperson, Turaki Hassan, disconnected a phone call upon hearing it was a correspondent's enquiry.
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Niger Delta Peace Deal: FG Finally Agree to Release Nnamdi Kanu, Okah Brothers - MEND

Niger Delta Peace Deal: FG Finally Agree to Release Nnamdi Kanu, Okah Brothers - MEND

Niger Delta Peace Deal: FG Finally Agree to Release Nnamdi Kanu, Okah Brothers - MEND

The release of several detained or imprisoned militants, including Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB leader, Henry Okah, a MEND chieftain, Charles Okah, and Obi Nwabueze, have been agreed in a peace deal.

In a statement issued today, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) claimed that a team negotiating on behalf of the Federal Government for a return of peace to the oil-rich Niger Delta, had agreed to release several detained or imprisoned militants, including Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, Henry Okah, a MEND chieftain serving a jail sentence in South Africa, Charles Okah, and Obi Nwabueze.

The statement disclosed that Kanu and other detained IPOB activists would be released on condition that they renounce their agitation for secession. According to MEND, ex-Senator Adolphus Wabara had introduced the compromise to secure the release of the pro-Biafran agitators.

MEND also stated that the government’s negotiators had agreed not to arrest or harass fugitive ex-MEND militant, Government Ekpemupolo (popularly known as Tompolo), “whenever he makes himself available as a delegate of the MEND Aaron Team 2.” In addition, the group stated that the government would review the life sentence meted out on Edmund Ebiware.

MEND declared itself the only militant group from the Niger Delta region presently engaged in a dialogue with the Federal Government of Nigeria, adding that oil companies and security agencies were representing the government in talks aimed at brokering peace in the region which has witnessed increasing attacks on oil facilities since President Muhammadu Buhari came to power in May 2015.

MEND stated that the agreement called for a review of “criminal charges against Urhobo freedom fighter, Mr. Kelvin Prosper Oniarah,” and the review of life sentences handed to seven soldiers in 2008 for supporting the Niger Delta struggle.

The affected soldiers are Major Suleiman Alabi Akubo, Sergeant Mathias Peter, Lance Corporal Alexander Davou, Lance Corporal Moses Nwaigwe, Lance Corporal Nnandi Anene, Lance Corporal Taatihi Emmanuel, and Private Caleb Bawa.

Declaring the deliberations “fruitful,” MEND seemed to back military reprisals against the Niger Delta Avengers should the group refuse to stop attacking oil installations in the area.

MEND’s statement declared, “one of the most immediate and urgent fall-outs of the ongoing dialogue is the imperative for the Federal Government and MEND to jointly and separately take proactive steps to rescue and secure the region in the event that the recalcitrant Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) continue on their senseless and politically-motivated path of attacks on the country's oil assets.

“To this end, both parties agreed that the Special Forces of the Nigerian Army should commence the purely routine but strategic military exercise code-named ‘Operation Crocodile Tears’; while MEND would commence a meet-the Government-Actors-and-People tour of the Niger Delta region code-named ‘Operation Moses.’”

The statement continued: “While ‘Operation Crocodile Tears’ is aimed at ensuring the combat readiness of the Nigerian Army in Amphibious and Internal Security Operations in the Niger Delta as well as check criminal activities like kidnapping, pipeline vandalism, piracy and other forms of criminal activities spearheaded by the NDA in the region, MEND's ‘Operation Moses’ is essentially to inform, educate and generally sensitize the citizenry in the Niger Delta, particularly the Government, the youth, oil companies, elders and militant community on the need to ceasefire and support the President Muhammadu Buhari Administration in its determined bid to proffer sustainable solutions to the current Niger Delta crisis.”

MEND urged all states, local governments, oil and gas companies and the people of the Niger Delta region “to go about their lawful and legitimate concerns without any iota of fear as we have received FIRM ASSURANCES from the Federal Government that ‘Operation Crocodile Tears’ is an innocuous exercise in the national interest.”

It added, “Meanwhile, MEND's ‘Operation Moses’ shall be anchored by the AARON TEAM 2 Dialogue, Peace & Development Initiative jointly led by Mr. Odein Ajumogobia (SAN) and HRH King Alfred Papapreye Diette-Spiff, the Amanyanabo of Twon-Brass in Bayelsa State.

“’Operation Moses’ shall commence with a visit by the distinguished members of the AARON TEAM 2 to President Muhammadu Buhari at the State House, Abuja between August 22, 2016 and August 26, 2016.

“Thereafter, the Team shall hold sessions with top executives of major indigenous and international oil & gas companies operating in Nigeria, including the state oil company, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) on August 29 and 30, 2016 in Abuja. The focus of those sessions shall include, to wit: Local content development; Petroleum Industry Bill; Corporate Social Responsibility/Host community relations, etc.

“On September 5 and 6, 2016 in Abuja the MEND Aaron Team shall hold sessions with the top echelon of security agencies in Nigeria as well as the top management of the intervention agencies in the Niger Delta, namely: Ministry of Niger Delta; Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and the Presidential Amnesty Office.

The Minister of Justice/Attorney General of the Federation is expected to personally attend these sessions. The focus of the sessions shall include:

Extension of presidential amnesty to certain categories of political prisoners in Nigeria; Fundamental Human Rights; NDDC Act in focus; Presidential Amnesty Proclamation 2009 in focus; collapse of federal infrastructure in the Niger Delta in focus; Calabar-Lagos rail line in focus; East/West Road in focus, etc.

“After these critical sessions, "Operation Moses" shall move to tour the 9 states in the Niger Delta region, commencing with Rivers state between September 12, 2016 and September 14, 2016. Between September 15, 2016 and September 18, 2016 the Aaron Team shall be in Bayelsa state.

Between September19, 2016 and September 21, 2016 the Team shall be in Delta state. From Thursday September 22, 2016 to Sunday September 25, 2016 the Aaron Team shall be in Akwa Ibom state.

Between September 26, 2016 and September 29, 2016 the Team shall be in Abia and Imo states. And finally, between October 3, 2016 and October 7, 2016 the Aaron Team shall be in Edo and Ondo states.

“The central clearing house for all activities connected with "Operation Moses" shall be the MEND Aaron Team 2 secretariat. Accordingly, the Secretary of the Team, Timipa Jenkins Okponipere, Esq., shall duly communicate with all concerned persons and institutions.

“Ultimately, peace and development in the Niger Delta region is the final destination of the ongoing dialogue between MEND and the Federal Government.”

Source: SaharaReporters
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Gov Okorocha to cut civil servants’ salaries, proposes 3 work days per week

Gov Okorocha to cut civil servants’ salaries, proposes 3 work days per week

Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State says he is considering reducing the number of work days in the state from five to three, to enable the government cut salaries.

Okorocha said this while briefing journalists on the state of affairs in Imo at his residence in Owerri on Friday.

He said the reduction of work days would enable workers to attend to other activities that would generate money to supplement their monthly salaries to take care of their families.

“I encourage Imo workers to find additional things to do to support their families because of the economic situation we are facing in Nigeria.

“We are considering to reduce the working days from five to three in Imo, so that workers will use the rest of the days to work and support their families,” he said.

Okorocha, who was not specific on when it may commence, added that Imo government was equally planning to review workers’ salaries downward.

He said that in spite of the current payment of 70 percent of salaries to workers, the state still paid the highest salary scale among South-Eastern states of Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi and Enugu.

“Directors in these other South-Eastern states receive something a little above N90, 000 while in Imo they receive more than N100, 000.

“We intend to clear salary arrears up to July by next week. After that, we will consider downward review of salary to workers to be at par with other states of South-East,” he said.

On the just-concluded rerun election, Okorocha commended Imo people for electing the candidates of APC in Imo North Senatorial District, Isiala Mbano and Oru East State Constituencies.

He said with the victory, APC had shown that it was strong in the South-East and should be given its due right.

“With these victories, it shows that APC candidates won most of the national and state assembly seats during the 2015 general elections.

“I call on the leadership of the National Assembly (Senate), to correct the abnormality in its leadership which resulted in an opposition member occupying the Deputy Senate President seat,’’ he said.

On his urban renewal programme, Mr. Okorocha said the relocation of Ekeukwu-Owerri market, Orji and Nekede Mechanic villages to Avu was irreversible.

“From Monday, Aug. 1, a taskforce to enforce the relocation order for the mechanics will commence work, and I am advising vehicle owners not to take their vehicles to any of these places from Monday,” he said.
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SO TERRIBLE!!! Nigerian siblings in distress as mother dies in the Mediterranean

Nigerian siblings in distress as mother dies in the Mediterranean

Imagine being a child, and you are informed by your parent that the family would be seeking greener pastures across the pond, but the tortuous quest turns out to be a tragedy.

Countless Nigerians ― on a daily basis ― embark on a journey to Europe, through the back door, just to escape the crippling economic conditions back home.

While many make it, for many others, it is their last journey before finding cold solace among the sea beds of the Mediterranean sea.

Except if their corpses are recovered.

Nigerian siblings in distress as mother dies in the Mediterranean

Two children ― siblings ― of ages 10 and 11, recently lost their mother on one of those ill-fated trips embarked upon by African migrants to Europe.

The pair, whose collective anguish, was captured on camera, were among 150 migrants recently rescued from an overcrowded rubber boat.

They were rescued along the coast of Libya as they attempted to transverse the Mediterranean into Italy.

Oblivious of the camera and the photographer who captured their pain, the siblings cried their lungs out just as they sought to console one another.

Three-thousand-and-thirty-four migrants and refugees have died in 2016 alone, while trying to cross the Mediterranean from sub-saharan Africa.

A total of 70,930 migrants arrived in Italy between January and June this year, according to the country’s ministry of interior.

The International Organization for Migration said it discovered 39 bodies on Libyan shores this week.
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Modu Sheriff to meet Jonathan in attempt to end PDP crises

Modu Sheriff to meet Jonathan in attempt to end PDP crises

Sen Ali Modu Sheriff

The faction of the embattled National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Sen Ali Modu Sheriff, has reached out to former President, Goodluck Jonathan, in a bid to end the crisis currently rocking the party.

The disclosure was made following a meeting between Senator Buruji Kashamu and Sheriff in Abuja on how to end the leadership squabble in the party.

A former South-South Deputy National Chairman of the party , Dr. Cairo Ojougboh while speaking with Vanguard said the Sheriff faction will be meeting with the immediate past president with a view to resolving the party’s crisis.

On the proposed meeting with Jonathan, Ojougboh said, “Yes, the immediate past President is from my zone, the South-South and he is one of my leaders, I respect him, I love his candor.

I love him as a human being and yes I have been in contact with him and he is also equally looking for a balanced position. He is man that every Nigerian loves.”

He said Sheriff still maintains his earlier stance that he be allowed pick those who will conduct the party’s national convention while the Caretaker Committee Chairman, Ahmed Makarfi and his team should step down.

“What Sheriff has said and he has repeated it before everybody, is let Makarfi and his group step down. I will step down and will join and nominate persons to conduct the convention which is what a gentleman can do.

And now he said look anybody who goes to Port Harcourt is on his own because he knows what the Emperor of Ikwere would do,” Ojougboh added
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SO SAD!!! We used N1.5m ransom for Sallah celebration – Suspects who kidnapped Sierra Leonean envoy

We used N1.5m ransom for Sallah celebration – Suspects who kidnapped Sierra Leonean envoy

The suspects who kidnapped the Deputy High Commissioner of Sierra Leone to Nigeria, Maj-Gen. Alfred Claude-Nelson, have confessed to the crime.

The kidnappers, who are currently in police custody, made a series of confessions on Friday, with some of them saying they used to be cattle rustlers but had to venture into kidnapping following the killing of some of their members by herdsmen.

It can be recalled that Claude-Nelson, who was travelling with his driver, was kidnapped on June 30 along Kaduna-Abuja Road by suspected gunmen and freed on July 5.

The vehicle was accosted by a gang of kidnappers, who took them hostage for four days before releasing them after N1.5m ransom was paid.

It was gathered that some of the kidnappers were dressed in army uniform, which made it easier for them to stop the vehicle.

The Force Public Relations Officer, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Don Awunah, who paraded the suspects before newsmen, said the suspects were arrested through a coordinated police operation.

In their confession on Friday, the suspects, 45-year-old Alhaji Rabiu Yusuf (said to be leader of the gang), 27-year-old Garba Abubakar (second in command), Yusuf Adam (20), Hussaini Musa (25), Shuaibu Idris (35), Usman Bello (20), Muhammadu Abubabar (30), Sulaiman Abubakar (25), Musa Iliyasu (20), and 45-year-old Musa Ali, a security guard, said the ransom they got for the release of the envoy was used for Sallah celebration, which held between July 5 and 7, 2016.

One of the suspects, Abubakar, who was the first suspect to be arrested, said when they were planning the kidnap, they never had anyone in mind, as all that mattered to them was to raise money and have a memorable Sallah celebration.

He said he used to be a cattle rustler but switched to kidnapping after some of his colleagues were killed by herdsmen while attempting to steal some cows in Kaduna State.

“I invited my girlfriend from Zaria during the Sallah celebration and we spent part of the money together. In fact, she was with me at Paki Local Government secretariat in Kaduna State, when I was arrested.

“When we staged the kidnap on the Abuja-Kaduna Expressway by blocking the Dutse end of the expressway, some of us were putting on army uniforms.

“When we abducted the man (the envoy), he and his driver thought we were genuine soldiers until we realised they were being kidnapped. We did not know he was an ambassador until we saw it on the news. We demanded N30m as ransom but accepted N1.5m.

“It was one Umaru, who collected the ransom, but he declared only N1m and I got N200,000 as my share. That operation was the third operation I had done with that gang,” the Katsina State indigene said.

Yusuf, who is the leader of the gang, said when he and some of his colleagues were still into cattle rustling, they stole not less than 100 cows in the forest, usually when the owners were sleeping in the night.

The father of 10 said they always sold the cows to a man named Saleh, who is now dead.

He said two of his gang members were caught and killed instantly by the herdsmen during a cattle rustling operation.

“We recruited more men after that but last year, Saleh died and there was no one else to receive our stolen cows, so I ventured into kidnapping. I recruited eight persons to form the kidnapping gang.

Mohammed, Musa and Sule brought two rifles, 16 live ammunitions and two army uniforms which we used in our operations,” the gang leader added.
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Just In : Another Chained 10-Year-Old Girl Rescued By Police In Ogun State [Photos]

Just In : Another Chained 10-Year-Old Girl Rescued By Police In Ogun State [Photos]

The officials of Ogun state Police command have rescued another child chained by her family member in Ogun state.

The victim identified as Promise Udeh was reportedly chained by her wicked aunt since Thursday for allegedly stealing N4000 at her aunt, Chiamaka Okafor’s house in Adigbe area of Abeokuta, the capital city of Ogun State.

Promise Udeh’s case came up days after a young boy (Korede Taiwo) was chained by his father at a parish of the Celestial Church of Christ in Atan Ota area of Ogun state. learnt today that the girl was chained to a burglar proof gate at an uncompleted building in Saraki area of Adigbe.

Just In : Another Chained 10-Year-Old Girl Rescued By Police In Ogun State [Photos]

She escaped around 7:30pm tonight after neighbours called police to the area.

Chiamaka Okafor’s husband, Sunday has been arrested.
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Omotola Jalade Reveals Real Age, Says She’s Not Afraid Of Aging

Omotola Jalade Reveals Real Age, Says She’s Not Afraid Of Aging

Excerpts from Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade’s recent chat with Lanre Odukoya.

You celebrated 20th wedding anniversary with your husband a few weeks ago. That is quite a feat rarely achieved by people in your industry. How does this feel?

I’m just thankful because I’m married to my friend and destiny supporter. There’s no relationship without its challenges. When people say 20 years, the first thing that comes to the minds of many is ‘Oh, my God, you guys must be really without stress.’ I just want to tell people that if you’re determined to do it in life, you would make it.

You have troubles everywhere in life, you have with your parents, your siblings, friends and so on. So, it’s a normal thing; don’t use any quarrels in your relationship with your spouse to justify the claim that marriage is hard. It’s not any harder than any other relationship you have in life with maybe your business partners, siblings and friends.

I understand there can be abuse in some marriages and in the event of that, I think you should find your way out as quickly as possible. But if there’s no abuse, there’s nothing that you cannot overcome. I’ve had a very wonderful time with my spouse. And that’s what matters- just be friends.

Are there things on the cards for the future?

If you know me very well you’d realise I don’t talk about future plans because by God’s grace, my life happens very quickly and sometimes I can’t even catch up with myself. So, it doesn’t even make sense to talk about the future. But I guess we all want to be healthy and alive; that I think is the most important thing.

You’re growing grey already, does that convey any feelings?

Well, I’m 38 years old and I’m not scared. But even if I was 51, that’s not the point; there are younger people with even more grey hair. The point is that in life, we should accept who we are. And you’d notice that when people feel a sense of sufficience in life, they wouldn’t be afraid of aging.

People are actually afraid of age when they look at where they are in life and feel that they’ve not achieved much. So, they think time is running out and that’s why people are actually afraid of aging. If you really probe it, you’d realise these things.

But if you are content with what you have in life and know that all fingers are not equal and that you’re actually where you are meant to be because you could as well be six feet below, that helps. T
hat you’re alive and well in itself is a reason to celebrate.

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Why Angry Husband Cut Off His Wife's Hand in Abia State (Graphic Photo)

Why Angry Husband Cut Off His Wife's Hand in Abia State (Graphic Photo)

Nwadiokeonu Nwachukwu's hand was cut off for allegedly cheating

The true reason why a heartless husband used a machete to cut off his wife's hand has been revealed in this report.

We had earlier reported the story and picture of a woman whose hand was cut off by the husband. Now, the whole story behind the incident has been revealed.

According to a Punch report, a man identified as Jacob Nwachukwu reportedly cut off his wife’s left hand over an allegation of infidelity at Abala in Obingwa Local Government Area of Abia State.

The report revealed that the woman whose hand was cut off identified as Nwadiokeonu Nwachukwu currently receiving treatment at a local hospital in Aba had been in a serious marital battle with the husband who accused her of cheating.

Information gathered from the woman's co-tenant revealed that the couple had lived in the city for years before the husband lost his job and had to relocate to the village, leaving his wife, a trader, in the city.

She said, “The couple had always quarreled any time the man visited his wife in the city, to the extent that all the tenants are aware and intervened in their quarrels.”

On the fateful day the incident happened, it was gathered that the husband visited his wife and during their usual quarrel, he brought out a machete, cut off the wife’s hand and left with it to the village while neighbours rushed her to the hospital.

The source alleged that Mr. Nwachukwu’s intention was to kill his wife with the machete but missed the target as the woman was said to have used her hand to defend herself before it (hand) was severed.

It was also gathered that the wife’s suspected lover has fled since the incident happened. It was the landlord who reported the incident to a police station close to the hospital along Ogbor Hill, where the woman is currently on admission.

A police officer at Ogbor Hill Police Station confirmed the incident to Punch and said investigation into the matter had commenced.
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Former Super Eagles Coach, Stephen Keshi Buried Amid Tears In Delta State (See Photos)

Late former Super Eagles coach, Stephen Keshi, has been finally laid to rest at his hometown Ilah in Delta state. Ma his soul rest in peace..

Former Super Eagles Coach, Stephen Keshi Buried Amid Tears In Delta State (See Photos)

Former Super Eagles Coach, Stephen Keshi Buried Amid Tears In Delta State (See Photos)

Former Super Eagles Coach, Stephen Keshi Buried Amid Tears In Delta State (See Photos)

Former Super Eagles Coach, Stephen Keshi Buried Amid Tears In Delta State (See Photos)

Former Super Eagles Coach, Stephen Keshi Buried Amid Tears In Delta State (See Photos)

Former Super Eagles Coach, Stephen Keshi Buried Amid Tears In Delta State (See Photos)

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Read What Don Jazzy’s Has To Say To Tiwa Savage For Joining Jay Z’s Record Label

Read What Don Jazzy’s Has To Say To Tiwa Savage For Joining Jay Z’s Record Label

Don Jazzy shared this cute picture with Tiwa Savage who just signed a deal with Roc Nation and wrote’

Lol see as i nearly sit down for ground. I no want make that illuminati ram head for the wall catch me. Congrats to the First Lady of Mavin on the Rocnation management deal once again @tiwasavage. More success coming our way in GOD’s name. Amen.
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Dogara denies sharing $20,000 each to appropriations Committee members

Dogara denies sharing $20,000 each to appropriations Committee members

Yakubu Dogara

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara yesterday denied the allegation by the former Chairman of Appropriation Committee, Abdulmumin Jibrin that he (Dogara) gave out $20,000 each to members of the appropriation committee where they accused Jibrin of single-handedly doctoring the 2016 budget.

Speaker who spoke through his Deputy Chief of Staff, CID Maduabum said he did not at any time meet or hand over any money of any sort to any member of the appropriation committee.

He said, “my attention has been drawn to a statement issued by the disgraced and sacked former chairman of appropriation committee, Abdulmumin Jibrin wherein he falsely, recklessly and maliciously claimed that I distributed $20,000 to each member of the committee to address the media where they stated their grouse against him.

“I wish to state that I did not at any time meet or hand over any money of any sort to any member of the House Appropriation Committee. This accusation is not only a lie but pure fiction, a figment of his imagination which can only come from a man whose soul is deeply corrupted.

“It is really shocking that this kind of despicable character could slip through the political process and become an honourable member of the House of Representatives, a highly respected institution where we all passed through.

“This has confirmed that Hon. Abdulmumin Jibrin is a serial blackmailer, a man with the basest of motives whose sanity has become questionable.”
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WATCH VIDEO: Governor Fayose blasts President Buhari in new fierce attack

WATCH VIDEO: Governor Fayose blasts President Buhari in new fierce attack

Ekiti state governor few days ago tabled fresh allegations against the President Buhari, faulting his anti-corruption fight, by also alleging that the president accepted 1.5 Billion from 'someone' in Ekiti for his presidential campaign.

Watch video below.....

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3 militant groups agree to dialogue with Buhari

3 militant groups agree to dialogue with Buhari

Three militant groups in the Niger Delta region, Reformed Egbesu Boys of the Niger Delta, Egbesu Red Water Lions and Egbesu Mightier Fraternity have capitulated on their earlier decision not to allow the Niger Delta Dialogue and Contact Group, NDDCG, to represent them in the ongoing dialogue with the Federal Government.

A former military governor of old Rivers State, His Royal Majesty Alfred Diette-Spiff is the leader of NDDCG, which is a member of the Aaron Team 2 put in place by the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, MEND, to dialogue with government.

Niger Delta Avengers, NDA, the foremost militant group in the region, had earlier rejected MEND and its Aaron Team 2 initiative, but President Muhammadu Buhari confirmed, last week, that the federal government was discussing with militants through security agencies and multinational oil companies.

MEND spokesperson, Jomo Gbomo, confirmed the talks, but said groups like Avengers and other internet-based militants were not part of it.

The leadership of Reformed Egbesu Boys of Niger Delta in an electronic mail on behalf of other affiliate groups, said: “A fortnight ago, we responded to this subject matter wherein we stated emphatically that the Niger Delta Dialogue and Contact Group had no mandate to negotiate on our behalf in respect of the renewed hostilities against oil and gas facilities.”

“We wish to state that the leadership of the Reformed Egbesu Boys of the Niger Delta, including the Egbesu Red Water Lions and the Egbesu Mightier Fraternity have been duly consulted and our mandate secured for the negotiation by the Diette- Spiff- led committee,” it said.

On why they reconsidered its position, the militant groups said: “Our decision to accede to the pleas of well-meaning citizens and interest groups to yield to dialogue should not be misconstrued to mean we are intimidated by the military threat to launch Operation Crocodile Tears. We make bold to invite the military to launch the said operation, which they have concluded all logistic arrangements.”

“However, we have it on good authority within the military establishment that the service chiefs of the Armed Forces are averse to dialogue, so as to launch a full-scale military operation to justify the utilization of the defense budget earmarked for the Niger Delta.

“Also, a cabal within the government went to convince President Muhammadu Buh ari while in London on medical vacation to rule out negotiation with Niger Delta militants. This was the reason they removed Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr Ibe Kachikwu as GMD of NNPC because he was going beyond the thinking of the military leadership,” it asserted.

The militants noted: “In the history of armed struggle, the Niger Delta had been bombed by successive governments, but this has not solved the problems of the region, as this generation of youths and those unborn would continue to demand and agitate for true federalism and restructuring of the country.”

“These are the minimum acceptable preconditions for the continued passage of our oil and gas to be exported as a national commodity for the development of the arid regions to the exclusion of our communities.

“We never consented that anybody should lump us together with the Nigerian state in the political and constitutional issues that characterized flag independence.

Rather, we demanded for a separate government, but the conspiracy of the British imperialists and the Northern monarchy culminated in the establishment of development commissions for the Niger Delta.

Today, all these commissions have all failed to develop the region,” they said.

“In the light of the above circumstances,” they added, “we join hands with well-meaning Nigerians and the progressive- minded ethnic nationalities’ self- determination groups to reaffirm that the present political structure of Nigeria is no longer workable and acceptable to the larger interests of Nigerians and that it should be abandoned.”
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