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Saturday, July 2

Photos: Controversial SA pastor refrigerates another church member

Photos: Controversial SA pastor refrigerates another church member

Pastor Daniel Penuel from End Times Disciples Ministries, who is also known as the Snake Pastor commanded a male member of his church to sit in a refrigerator for 30 minutes. According to their Facebook page:

During Sunday Live Service Demonstration of God’s Power The Man of God Prophet Penuel while ministering about Offence causing God not to perform? He said ” they will burn me and I won’t be burned” just like Daniel in the Lion’s den. He commanded the young man to enter in a deep refregerator that was switched on and very cold and fall into a deep sleep.

The Man of God closed the deep refrigerator for a period of thirty minutes without opening it. The young man after being commanded to wake up he confirmed that he was inside the Father( Prophet Penuel ). I and the Father are one, so when you see me you see the Father.Offence causes God not to perform. All things are possible with God. To God Be The Glory!”

More Photos..

Photos: Controversial SA pastor refrigerates another church member

Photos: Controversial SA pastor refrigerates another church member

Photos: Controversial SA pastor refrigerates another church member

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8 University students perish in fatal accident after an all white party in Kenya (graphic pics)

8 University students perish in fatal accident after an all white party in Kenya (graphic pics)

Eight people have been confirmed dead in a fatal accident along Kisii-Ogembo road near Sameta Lounge on Friday night July 1st. Majority of the deceased were university students (pictured above) who were returning from a party. According to the source of the photos, the one in a dress with brown boots

They were on their way back from Kisii where they had attended an all white party on Thursday night at Club Dallas. Three vehicles, including a canter, a saloon car and a Noah were involved in the accident. All occupants in the Noah perished with three passengers in the canter surviving with serious injuries, SDE Kenya reports.

6 people perished on the spot while three people were also admitted at the hospital, with two of them later dying. The University students had hired two private cars from Nairobi to attend the party.

According to a witness Joseph Nyabuto, the driver of the Noah car tried to overtake another car and got involved in a head on collusion with the canter that was coming from Kilgoris. “All the vehicles were on high speed. Three of the victims remained stuck in the wreckage for almost 30 minutes,” said, Mr. Nyabuto.

8 University students perish in fatal accident after an all white party in Kenya (graphic pics)

These are the victims…

8 University students perish in fatal accident after an all white party in Kenya (graphic pics)

8 University students perish in fatal accident after an all white party in Kenya (graphic pics)

8 University students perish in fatal accident after an all white party in Kenya (graphic pics)

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“I screamed for two hours. Nobody came. All I could do was keep saying Jesus” Young woman’s story of domestic abuse

“I screamed for two hours. Nobody came. All I could do was keep saying Jesus” Young woman’s story of domestic abuse

Christina Mack

For two hours, Christina Mack was locked up inside the house and brutally beaten by her man and father of her baby. Read the post she published on Facebook on June 29:

“Ever knew how it felt to feel worthless? To wear a smile and tell people you’re okay when you’re really not? To love someone with all of you and get hurt in return?

To hide EVERYTHING to protect someone? Man I used to call females STUPID and look at me going through the same shxt . Today was my LAST day. I felt like I was about to die today , for TWO hours I was locked inside the house (my son was upstairs) I was getting kicked, slapped, drugged, the back of my neck and rib cage was stomped on. I SCREAMED FOR TWO HOURS !! Nobody came , all I could do was keep saying “Jesus” over and over again. I never felt SO AFRAID, SO STUPID, so worthless, so disrespected, etc.

LADIES WAKE UP!! They won’t EVER stop hitting you! Three hospital visits in ONE MONTH !!! fuck the flowers, the gifts, and apologies, LEAVE ! Y’all know he ain’t say sorry until the police pulled up”

“I screamed for two hours. Nobody came. All I could do was keep saying Jesus” Young woman’s story of domestic abuse

“I screamed for two hours. Nobody came. All I could do was keep saying Jesus” Young woman’s story of domestic abuse

“I screamed for two hours. Nobody came. All I could do was keep saying Jesus” Young woman’s story of domestic abuse

“I screamed for two hours. Nobody came. All I could do was keep saying Jesus” Young woman’s story of domestic abuse

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Native doctor bags one year imprisonment for fraud [PHOTO]

Native doctor bags one year imprisonment for fraud [PHOTO]

Lekan Arigbabuwo (pictured) was on Friday, July 1, 2016, sentenced to one-year imprisonment in a case of conspiracy and stealing before Justice Lawal Akapo of Lagos State High Court sitting in Ikeja

The native doctor, Lekan Arigbabuwo was arrested by the operatives of EFCC following a petition by one Ogundele Oluwatoba who claimed the convict stole and conspired to swindle him of N6.3 Million by posing as a herbalist.

Lekan Arigbabuwo first pleaded not guilty to a 3-count-charge, but later changed the plea to guilty under a plea bargain arrangement.
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Unbelievable! Nigerian Couple Reconcile 31 Years After They Divorced

Unbelievable! Nigerian Couple Reconcile 31 Years After They Divorced

A Nigerian pastor has shared an epic pictorial testimony of how his parents settled their differences after over 3 decades of separation.

Pastor Ogidigbo of Holy Hill Church, Abuja, shared a photo of his parents at their reconciliation traditional ceremony. The couple came back together after their divorce 31 years ago.

Below is a screenshot of his post on social media which has gone viral:

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First 'Driverless' Car Reportedly Spotted in Lagos, Nigeria (Photo)

First 'Driverless' Car Reportedly Spotted in Lagos, Nigeria (Photo)

A netizen broke the news of what seemed like a test-run of a 'driverless' vehicle in Nigeria by a corporate body.

According to a social media user who shared the photo of the first 'driverless car' in Nigeria, the vehicle was spotted in Lagos state.

Details were not provided about the owner as well as mode of operation of the vehicle.

The invention seems to be gaining prominence in the United Arab Emirates where 'driverless' vehicles maybe fully launched in the year 2020.

First 'Driverless' Car Reportedly Spotted in Lagos, Nigeria (Photo)

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UPDATE! No militant invasion of Cross River Government House – Ayade’s aide

UPDATE! No militant invasion of Cross River Government House – Ayade’s aide

The Cross River State Government has dismissed as false, the report by some online publications claiming that the Government House in Calabar was invaded by militants.

Some online platforms (not DAILY POST) had reported that no fewer than 20 suspected Bakassi militants yesterday invaded the Cross River State Governor’s office in Calabar, shortly after the Deputy Governor, Ivara Esu, reported for the day’s duties.

The report had it that the suspected militants invaded the Government House at about 10am and held Esu and the staff hostage for several hours.

But reacting in a statement issued on Saturday, the Special Assistant on Media and Chief Press Secretary to Governor Ben Ayade, Mr. Christian Ita insisted that the report is not only misleading but a sad demonstration of ethical bankruptcy.

His words, “the report is a regrettable sensationalisation of a peaceful protest by some ex-militants over their three months unpaid allowances by the Federal Government.

“The ex-militants were not armed and so could not have invaded the Government House. Rather, they were very civil in their conduct as they sought audience with the officials of the state government whom they hoped would take their message to Abuja.

“Once attended to, they peacefully dispersed. So it beggars belief that such a peaceful and innocuous protest would be reported as an invasion of the Government House. More ludicrous is the claim that the deputy governor was held hostage. No such thing happened.”

The statement concluded that Cross River remains the safest state in the country and urged the media to refrain from unnecessary sensationalism so as not to cause panic among members of the public.
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FG arrests fake radiographers, seals five X-ray centres in Imo

FG arrests fake radiographers, seals five X-ray centres in Imo

The Radiographers Registration Board of Nigeria, an agency of the Federal Government, has arrested some fake radiographers and also sealed the X-ray units of some hospitals in Imo State.

Some of the impostors had been working as radiographers at the X-ray units of some of the hospitals, the agency said.

Among the affected hospitals are the Amanda Hospital, O/C Medical and X-ray Services, Holy Rosary Hospital; Christina Hospital; and Mothercare Diagnostic Centre, all in Owerri, the Imo State capital.

The body warned that patients might contract cancer patronising unqualified radiographers.

A statement issued in Abuja on Friday by the spokesperson for RRBN, Maimuna Wakawa, quoted the registrar and the chief executive of the board, Mr. Michael Okpaleke, as saying that the regulatory agency “clamped down on the hospitals in order to rid the radiography practice of quacks and quackery.”

He vowed that the board was determined to remove quacks from the practice of medical radiography in the country and would not stop until it succeeds.

According to him, the mission of the RRBN was “to monitor and regulate the activities of personnel who administer X-rays on people to know if they are qualified.”

He said it was the right of patients to see the operational license of the person administering X-rays to them to ascertain if they are qualified before carrying out the X-ray.

Okpaleke said that the RRBN would not stop at sealing the poorly-equipped X-ray units in the hospitals.

According to him, the centres were operating with quacks in unprotected environments which posed health hazards to both the persons operating the X-ray machines and the patients.

Stating that the impostors would be prosecuted, he advised hospitals and X-ray servicing companies to register with the RRBN for effective monitoring.
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Nigerian army sacks military doctor for adultery with colleague's wife

Nigerian army sacks military doctor for adultery with colleague's wife

A Nigerian Army court-martial on Wednesday dismissed a Regimental Medical Doctor after he was found guilty of having sex with his fellow officer’s wife, military officials have told newsmen

The court slammed a two-count charge of illicit sexual relationship and unprofessional conduct on Lieutenant Musa Mustapha Bature, and accused him of taking advantage of a colleague’s wife who was supposed to be his patient.

The court-martial sat at the Adekunle Fajuyi Cantonment of the 2 Division, Ojo, Ibadan in Oyo State.

The 38-year old officer, whose fate would be finally decided by a military council, which statutorily ratifies such sentences, reportedly confessed to the crime, and pleaded with military authorities to give him corrective punishment rather than a terminal one.

Sources familiar with the trial said the accused, a native of Kebbi State, had a notorious history of sexual indiscipline in his four years of service. His conduct was recently brought to the attention of the army authority.

The doctor’s offence, namely indecent professional misconduct and having sex with a fellow soldier’s wife, contravene Sections 79  and 93 of the  Armed Forces Act CAP A20, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004. The law prescribes jail term and dismissal from service with dishonour.

Delivering his judgement, the President of the Court Martial, Brigadier General Raji, who is also the Commander of 52 Division Signals, said the court opted for a lesser sentence of dismissing the doctor because the convict was a young officer who got commissioned into the Nigeria Army only in 2012.

He said in his sentence: “Given the level of treachery and the betrayal of trust you displayed by having sexual relation with your colleague’s wife, the court is tempted to award you a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

The Court has however looked that you were only commissioned to the Nigerian Army in 2012, you may therefore not be well grounded in the traditions of the Nigerian Army. Ignorance, however, does not excuse your despicable behaviour. So therefore, the court sentences you as follows:-

“On Count 1, dismissal with disgrace and dishonour. On Count 2, dismissal from the armed forces.

“Note that these sentences are subject to confirmation by the Army Council and the sentences are to run concurrently.”

According to revelations made during the court-martial, the officer’s last sexual escapade involved the wife of a fellow officer whom he took advantage of when she visited his clinic for consultation on a gynaecological case.

Officials said after seeing the newly-married woman from Yobe State, whose identity they asked should be protected, the doctor insisted on conducting a more detailed examination of her.

Our sources say the young doctor disregarded prescribed medical ethics requiring that such examination be carried out in the presence of a chaperon.

The officer’s wife served as one of the prosecution witnesses in the case. In her testimony, according to details obtained by PREMIUM TIMES, the woman gave a detailed account of how the doctor sexually stimulated her before they had sex in the man’s office.

She told the court that the doctor later invited her in the evening of the same day to his house so she could pick an ointment he earlier prescribed for her treatment. There, they engaged in another round of intercourse, she narrated.

The young woman said she reported to the barrack’s chaplain after becoming crushed by the weight of her guilt.

Below is the full text of the judgment of the president of the Martial Court on the matter, exclusively made available to PREMIUM TIMES:
Brigadier General Raji:

“This Honourable court as composed has listened to all parties in the matter, including the addresses by the counsels on both sides. The court is therefore well acquainted with the facts to enable it arrive at the decision of the learned judge advocates. It is my privileged to announce the decisions of the court in this matter.

“Count-1:- The Accused is charged with having sexual relations with the service personnel spouse, punishable under section 79 of the Armed Forces Act. CAP A20 Law of the Federation of Nigeria 2004.

The issue for determination:

This honourable court is required to determine whether the accused has committed the offence by having sexual relations with a service personnel spouse.

The court finds in the affirmative; the accused confessed to the offence in the presence of witnesses.

Decision:- The court therefore finds the accused guilty Count One as charged.

“Count-2:-  The accused is charged with the disgraceful conduct of an indecent nature punishable under section 93 of the Armed Forces Act,  CAP A 20 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004

The Issues for Determination:  This honourable court is required to determine whether the accused has committed the offence of disgraceful conduct of an indecent nature.

The particulars of the offence were by the accused being the unit Regimental Medical Officer, committed an act of gross indecency with his patient – Prosecution witness 2 – by fingering of her vagina under the pretext of conducting medical examination without the presence of a chaperon.

In our opinion, the prosecution failed to proof that the vaginal examination was a pretext for fingering the patient and not the necessary procedure in the treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease. He could have verified this by seeking the opinion of an independent medical practitioner.

If the prosecutor has been able to prove that the vaginal examination was a pretext of fingering the prosecution witness-2, they might have been able to sustain a charge of disgraceful conduct of an indecent nature.

“In the opinion of this honourable court, the prosecutor was only able to prove that the accused person conducted a vaginal examination on a patient of opposite sex in the absence of a chaperon.

Conducting an intrusive procedure such as vaginal examination in the absence of a chaperon contravenes the code of ethics of the medical and dental council of Nigeria under the rules of professional conducts for medical and dental profession.

“We conclude there that the accused acted unethically. The matter should be referred to the Nigeria Medical Association. However, by contravening the ethics of his profession, the accused person acted in a manner unbecoming of a gentleman capable of bringing the Nigeria Army into disrepute.

He conducted himself in a manner prejudicial to good order and service discipline; and therefore contravened section 103 of the Armed Forces Act. The court therefore invoked section 142 of the Armed Forces Act, finds the accused person guilty of the alternate offence of misconduct of prejudice to the service discipline.

“At this point, before sentence is passed, we will like to hear mitigations on behalf of the accused, if any.”

In a move to help the accused get a soft landing, his lawyer Major Femi Oyebanji (rtd) presented his somehow impressive Record of Service that was obtained from the office of the military secretary, Army, to help mitigate the already known punishment for his conviction.

“Here is a brief of Lieutenant MM Bature, N/14543”, said Major Oyebanji. “Lieutenant Musa Mustapha Bature was born on 21 May, 1977 at Yawuri, and hails from Yawuri local government area of Kebbi state. He was granted a direct short service commission on 10 August, 2012 on the rank of Lieutenant, with seniority on the same rank on 10 August 2012. He is of the medical corp, Courses attended: Nil.

He holds a bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery.

Summary of Course report: Nil.
Promotion history: Nil
Appointments held within the periods he has served:
– RMO 81 Battalion
– RMO 19 Battalion
– He was posted to HQ 2 Div for Jurisdiction on 18 April 2016.

“Command Experience:- As RMO 19 Battalion he was described as a calm and articulate officer who was noted to have good grasp of service knowledge and unit regimentation. He was said to have rehabilitated some wards that were said to have been in bad state in the unit MRS.

He was noted to have conducted series of lectures and enlightenment programmes on scourge of Ebola virus disease. He was observed to have paid much attention to the troops health conditions and issues of public health and sanitation were properly addressed.

He was also reported to have ensured proper functionality of the MRS by making drugs available for personnels and their families. He was commended for his community service by extending medical services to the local populace whenever authorised and this gesture was seen to have improved the unit’s civil-military relations.

“Operational Experience:- As RMO LIbat One…  he was said to have set up a medical station for the unit and properly managed all  health related cases brought before him. He was noted to have establish contact with the SHQ medical cell and was able to take series of assistance to the troops, especially for referral cases.

In the mission area, he was reported to have organised periodic fumigation of the unit locality. He was noted for carrying out free bi-weekly consultancy services for the locals and host communities to foster civil-military cooperation in the unit’s AOR. He was remarked to have been appreciated by the local communities.

“Disciplinary Records:- He was posted to 2 Div for jurisdiction on allegation of sexual related offences.

“Miscellaneous: He is married and blessed with a child. He enjoys reading and watching movies.

The defence counsel further pleaded with the president of court to give the convicted officer a lesser or no punishment at all as he argued that his sack may permanently affect his future career.

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IN PICTURES: Governor El-Rufai hosts CAN leaders amid religious tension in Kaduna

IN PICTURES: Governor El-Rufai hosts CAN leaders amid religious tension in Kaduna

Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna state hosted members of the Christian Association of Nigerian CAN, Kaduna state chapter, to a dinner to break his Ramadan fast yesterday July 1st.

Several religious leaders, including members of CAN has lambasted the governor for the infamous religious law in the state that mandates preachers to get authorization from the government before ministering in Kaduna state.

This meeting between El-Rufai  and CAN can be seen as an attempt to  clarify the issues and tension surrounding religion (Christianity) in the state.

See photos

IN PICTURES: Governor El-Rufai hosts CAN leaders amid religious tension in Kaduna

IN PICTURES: Governor El-Rufai hosts CAN leaders amid religious tension in Kaduna

IN PICTURES: Governor El-Rufai hosts CAN leaders amid religious tension in Kaduna

IN PICTURES: Governor El-Rufai hosts CAN leaders amid religious tension in Kaduna

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Militants invade Cross River Governor’s Office, hold Deputy Gov, others hostage

Militants invade Cross River Governor’s Office, hold Deputy Gov, others hostage

Over 20 suspected Bakassi militants on Friday invaded the Cross River State Governor’s office in Calabar, apparently to express anger over alleged abandonment of the Bakassi returnees by the government.

The group, PREMIUM TIMES learnt, arrived the state’s seat of power shortly after the Deputy Governor, Ivara Esu, reported for duties.

A source, who pleaded not to be named because she is not authorized to speak on the matter, said the suspected militants invaded the Government House at about 10am and for several hours held Mr. Esu and the staff hostage.

According to the source, the daredevil militants boldly told the people that they belonged to the Bakassi Volunteer Force.

It’s leader, who gave his name as “Capon,” boasted that his group were out to compel the government to release their monthly amnesty stipend, which has been withheld for several months.

He noted that the decision to stage the blockade was unanimously taken by the group to draw global attention to the deplorable way the Bakassi indigenes had been treated by the present administration in the state and country.

The Capon insisted that Bakassi people, who were displaced when Nigeria handed over their ancestral homes to the Republic of Cameroon, were being treated like slaves by government.

He explained that the group had in the past made several efforts to dialogue with the government but said the governor showed no interest in dealing with the problem facing them.

“Our people are dying hopelessly on a daily basis due to minor ailments that could have easily been treated. We have made attempts to dialogue with the governor several times but he would not give us audience and that is why we are here to demand our little stipend,” he said.

“We are from the Bakassi Volunteer Force, who have been neglected by government. Our people are dying yet the government is not doing anything. We decided to come out here today to let the entire world know what is happening so when we apply violence against the government nobody will blame us.

“Before the Bakassi Peninsula was handed over to Cameron, both the state and the federal governments benefitted from the proceeds of oil and other business activities from that place. After our homes were handed over, we are treated like strangers in our own land.

“If the federal government has rejected us, we won’t allow our own state too to reject us. We will shut down the governor’s office if nothing is done in the next few days.”

When contacted, the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Christian Ita, confirmed the invasion by the militants.

He said the group was there to express their plight to government but did not disrupt administrative duty.

He added that the state Security Adviser, Jude Ngaji, had addressed the aggrieved group while promising to contact the Amnesty office in Abuja.
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I have no governorship ambition; it should be left for younger people - SGF

I have no governorship ambition; it should be left for younger people - SGF

Mr Babacir Lawal

Secretary to Government of the Federation (SGF), Mr Babacir Lawal, says he is not nursing the ambition to become governor of Adamawa.

Lawal told newsmen in Yola on Saturday that the speculation was baseless, adding that at his age and position as SGF, it was not proper for him to think of serving as state governor in the future.

“At over 60 years of age and my position as SGF, I should not be thinking of being a governor; governorship should be left for younger people.” Lawal also said he was not planning to sponsor a candidate for governorship of the state.

“The whole thing is funny; they are even saying that I favour my own tribe of Kilba in federal appointments because Boss Mustafa was recently appointed the Managing Director of Nigeria Inland Waterways Agency. “People need to know that Mustafa is not only well qualified for the job but also a chieftain of the party who actively participated as an official in Buhari Campaign Organisation.

“Buhari knows Mustafa’s capacity and Buhari’s appointments are always based on merit.

“If they said I engineered the appointment of Mustafa because he is a Kilba man like me, how about other appointments of Adamawa indigenes that are not Kilba. “Another funny thing is that in Abuja, some people are accusing me of favoring Adamawa”, Lawal said.

He urged Nigerians to shun rumours and politics of sentiments, adding that Buhari has good plans for Nigerian and was committed to positive transformation of the country.

The SGF said recent deregulation of the downstream sector that led to rise in fuel prize was a painful decision taken by the administration to save the nation’s economy from total collapse.

“It was a very difficult task convincing the president on this.

The president is always on the side of the masses. “The president is not easily convinced when additional hardship is placed on the people”, the SGF said.
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‘One chance’ robbers devise new trick

‘One chance’ robbers devise new trick

Unrepentant criminals have followed the precept of Eneke the bird in late literary icon, Prof Chi­nua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart.

 Considering the hunters’ dexterity and marksmanship, the bird says, as “men have learnt to shoot with­out missing, it has also learnt to fly without perching”.

As the public and the law en­forcement agencies became famil­iar with the modus operandi of the ‘One chance’ robbery gangs, the criminals like Eneke the bird, have equally devised new means to con­tinue to ply their nefarious trade.

“One chance” is a name given to robbery gangs that operate with commercial buses, especially Volk­swagen Vanagon in the case of Lagos. They have members of the gang in the bus, usually painted in the normal Lagos commercial bus colours. Members pretend to be genuine passengers and drive around looking for victims.

They do not pick more than one or two victims at a time. Then they drive them to a remote place, where they are threatened with gun, cutlass, charms or other dangerous weap­ons and dispossess them of their money, handsets, and other valu­ables.

Sometimes after dispossessing the unsuspecting passengers of their valuables, they push them out of the moving vehicle, and if they are kind enough, they stop for their victim to alight before they zoom off. These gangs operate mostly during the early hours in the morn­ing and late in the evening.

However, with the advent of bank automated teller machine (ATM), which helps to reduce the volume of cash people carry on them, the gangs have devised new methods of robbing unsuspecting passengers.

They have realised that some people have their ATM cards in their bags or wallets, so, instead of robbing a passenger that falls prey to them and allow him or her to go, they search the passenger, take their ATM cards, take them to a particular destination and hold them hostage and demand for their ATM card pin number. Woe betide such victim if he should play smart by giving a wrong password, as he may not to come out of the place alive.

Having disclosed the security code, one of the gang members would rush to the bank to empty the victim’s account. They would thereafter blind fold the victim and drop him on the way and zoom off.

Tales of woe

Biodun Ahmed, the son of a re­tired police officer, left his Bariga home early in the morning some­times in March and boarded a com­mercial bus that should take him to Jibowu, Lagos where he would join an interstate bus going to Port Harcourt, Rivers State, when he got a job in one of the oil servicing companies after his national youths service programme last year.

Unknown to him, he had board­ed a ‘One chance’ bus. According to him, there were about eight pas­sengers already in the 14- passen­ger capacity bus. To him, he felt the bus would soon be full, but the driver didn’t wait for more passen­gers before it took off. According to him “I wanted to sit by the door side, but the conductor told me that it was his seat, so I had to go back and sat between two ‘passengers’.

“I knew that danger lurked around when instead of the bus to descend at Anthony to face Ojuelegba, it accelerated towards Oshodi, and when I wanted to ask where we were headed, one of the gang members whom I thought was my co-passenger, barked at me to shut up or he would shut it for me.

“They took me to a particular place that I cannot locate and they searched my bag and took my wal­let and brought out my three ATM cards. They also took my phone, and scrolled through the mes­sages to know the alerts for finan­cial transaction that I had made, thereafter, they asked me to write down the password of each of the ATM cards.

The one with gun turned, shook his head and warned that if I tried to prove that I was a smart guy that my family would not even see my corpse.

“I cooperated with them. One of them dashed out to the bank and in less than an hour he came back. They had emptied my three ac­counts in different banks.

“They blindfolded me and dropped me between Sanya and Coker on Oshodi- Apapa Express­way. They didn’t return the ATM cards, but gave me my bag.”

According to Ahmed, a good Nigerian, who cared to listen to his plight, gave him N500, which he used to pay for his fare back home.

It was when he went to the banks to block his ATM transactions that he realised that the gang had emp­tied his accounts. One account he said, has N148, 000, another one has N136, 000 and the third one has N47, 000.

Ngozi Uchendu, lives in Ojo area of lagos, she deals on sec­ond hand wears, popularly called Okirika, which she buys from Cot­onu, Benin Republic. One of the days in May, she left home early in the morning to board a bus going to Seme Border en route Cotonu. By the time they got to Iya Era on Badagry expressway, instead of continuing with the straight jour­ney, the driver turned and followed Ilogbo road, which leads to Alaba International market.

Somewhere along the Ilogbo road, the driver turned to a destina­tion she said she couldn’t remem­ber, and they started searching them. Ngozi said since the ATM became the safest mode of mov­ing cash, she had also opened an account with Ecobank and when­ever she goes to Cotonu she would make withdrawal there to pay for her goods.

That day, fate dealt a blow on her as the robbers took her ATM card and threatened to kill her if she didn’t provide the correct PIN. She said: “ I was scared and out of fear I couldn’t remember my PIN, and one of the gang members had already gone out with the card to the bank when I remembered that the PIN wasn’t correct. I had to tell them the correct number and they phoned the young man who was almost at the bank. I didn’t go free; this mistake resulted in a slap across my face that almost blinded me.

“ When the young man returned, the smiles on his face showed that he was successful, and they told me to enter the bus and they dropped me along the Ilogbo road. That was how the N125, 000 I was trading with vanished. It was the goodwill I had established with my customers in Cotonu that helped me to start business again, as they asked me to carry bales of wears on credit.”

The experience of a female jour­nalist with Television Continental, TVC in Lagos, Toyin Ibrahim also comes fresh over the new ploy by ‘One chance’ syndicate.

According to her, she boarded a bus on her way to work on March 9, at about 5:30am with four other commuters at the Ketu Bridge heading towards the Berger-Ma­godo axis of the Lagos-Ibadan Ex­pressway.

The bandits, who were also on board the vehicle, robbed her and the other commuters of their be­longings, assaulting them in the process.

The victim said the robbers at­tacked them barely two minutes after boarding the bus, collecting their phones and cash, adding that they were also taken to an Au­tomated Teller Machine, ATM, where their cards were used to withdraw money under duress.

“It was a 14-seater bus. I wanted to sit at the second seat at the back of the driver’s seat, but the conduc­tor said that was his seat so I had to go to the last seat. I and four other people were victims.

“Two minutes after the vehicle took off, one of the robbers began to hit me. He asked for my ATM pin number but I gave him a wrong number.

“When the vehicle pulled over at a nearby ATM, they tried the num­bers and discovered that the pin was a fake one, so they descended on me, hitting and booting me with their heavy shoes.

“They were stepping and march­ing me very hard. I would have died if they had succeeded in raping me. They injured me in the head.

“I am still spitting blood. They stole my three ATM cards, one phone and the N3, 000 in my pocket. They robbed other victims too and pushed two of them down while the vehicle was on motion. I had to tell them the truth, giving them the pin numbers of my GTB and Skye Bank cards. As they were beating me, I bit one of them and he became angry and tore my jeans trousers.

“He wanted to rape me. I was saved by one of them who warned that there was no time for that. The company just paid my salary and I was hoping to withdraw some money the day before the attack. The robbers have withdrawn all,” the journalist lamented.
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Why It's Difficult for Nigerian Lawmakers to Disclose Their Total Pay - Hon Gbajabiamila

Why It's Difficult for Nigerian Lawmakers to Disclose Their Total Pay - Hon Gbajabiamila

Femi Gbajabiamila

The Leader of Nigeria's House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila in an interview with Premium Times was quizzed on why the country's lawmakers find it difficult to disclose the exact amount they earn as salary and allowances:

Here's his response:

Let me say this, every human being – whether you are legislator, engineer or student – the first reaction (to request to know what one earns) is psychological. It is a lot of privacy. People don’t like to disclose them for whatever reason. Whether it is because of your child, dependants or spouse, people just don’t want to disclose it no matter how little or big what you earn is.

Let us pack that to one side. Two, people don’t differentiate between salary and allowance. There is a big difference. And that is why under most tax laws, allowance is not taxed. You don’t tax allowance because it is not yours; it is for a specific purpose. When people were comparing earnings of Nigerian and American lawmakers, they were comparing apple and orange.

They are comparing an American lawmaker’s salary with Nigerian lawmaker’s salary and allowance. Even respected magazines like the Economist are saying Nigerian lawmakers are the highest paid in the world. Of course you will be the highest paid if you are comparing somebody’s salary with another person’s salary and allowance.

Now, I challenge you and I challenge anybody to get on the internet and Google-search American Senator’s allowances, not salary. I have done the research. We are talking about a minimum of $5 million for an American Senator per annum. What’s my salary as legislator? My salary is under N1m. But you are comparing somebody’s salary alone with my own salary and allowance which is meant for another thing.

Now, if you want to compare orange and orange or apple and apple, you compare what I earn as salary and that of America’s lawmaker, then, you know whether I am the highest paid or not. Don’t forget an American lawmaker does not pay for school fees or rents for his constituents.

He does not buy Okada (motorcycles) or pay for naming ceremonies. Of course, I am not bothered. But you compare what demand is made on American Senator and his Nigerian counterpart.
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How Buhari's N5bn bailout saved me from workers' anger

How Buhari's N5bn bailout saved me from workers' anger

Gov. Simon Lalong of Plateau has praised President Muhammadu Buhari for approving the state’s balance ofN5 billion bailout funds for the payment of workers’ three months’ outstanding salaries.

Lalong gave the commendation while fielding questions from State House correspondents on Friday, after a closed door meeting with President Buhari at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

According to him, the state government has commenced the payment of the outstanding salaries to the workers.

“I came to thank the President for approving the balance of bail out of N5billion for Plateau.

“I kept on drumming it politicians were saying no we do not have any money outstanding. Mr President approved the money on the eve of his departure to London.

“I got an approval for the balance of N5billion for plateau which has been drawn for the payment of their balance of arrears. What we have is balance of arrears on the plateau.

“I have paid and we have about three months and right now, yesterday and today the workers are being paid the balance of their salaries.

“So, after salary for a Plateau man, he is no longer annoyed with anything. He would allow government to run unhindered.

“So, that was what they were trying to use during the grazing reserve because people were hungry because of lack of salaries.

“They first drummed the issue of salaries that we will not be able to pay the arrears but today, we have the (monies) balance and we are paying them the arrears of salaries.

“They jumped to issue of grazing reserves but by God’s grace, that will not be a problem to Plateau.’’

On the reported protest by some youths over the issue of grazing reserve, the governor said that the state government had no plan to establish grazing reserve.

He accused his predecessor of instigating the youths to embark on the protest.

“Well that protest is just by a few ethnic groups. We have done a lot of consultations from traditional rulers to religious leaders to youth organizations; they all accepted that we should adopt ranching in Plateau State.

“What they are protesting is grazing reserve but we are not talking about grazing reserves. What we are talking about is ranches. So, those who attended the workshop knew what was done.

“This is the Presidency let me say it and I’m going to publish it, the man who introduced and is causing that confusion is Jonah Jang who incidentally was the one who introduced grazing reserves on the Plateau with a gazette in 2009, that is the gazette I am going to

“If we have to bring peace in Plateau you have to introduce grazing reserves and grazing routes why is he turning round again and instigating people against what is being done.

“And trying to give an impression that it is the President that is introducing it. It is not the President. It is an option to every state to key into the concept of grazing reserve or ranches,’’ he added. (NAN)
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Rule of Law, Swearing-in & More: Abia Governor-elect, Uche Ogah Finally Breaks Silence

Rule of Law, Swearing-in & More: Abia Governor-elect, Uche Ogah Finally Breaks Silence

Uche Ogah

Abia state governor-elect, Uche Ogah has described the refusal of the state's Chief Judge, to swear him in as the duly-elected governor of the state as an action as capable of undermining the peace and stability of the state.

Speaking to journalists in Abuja through his Special Adviser on Public Communications, Monday Onyekachi Ubani, Abia state Governor-elect, Dr. Uche Ogah has described as an affront on the rule of law, the refusal of the state’s Chief Judge, Theresa Uzoukwu to swear him in as the duly-elected governor of the state.

He described the action as capable of undermining the peace and stability of the state, and contended that the stay of execution of the valid order of the Federal High court procured by the embattled governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu is only a black-market injunction that has no force of law.

He added that there is a clear difference between a pre-election matter on which the Federal High court premised its ruling and the post-election trial of electoral matters by tribunals on the issue of the stay of execution or arrest of judgement.

“I am not ignorant of the black market injunction allegedly obtained by Dr Ikpeazu at Osisioma Ngwa High court restraining the Chief Judge of Abia state from swearing in Dr Ogah. That interim order was premised on Section 143 of the Electoral Act which is only applicable to judgements obtained in Election Tribunals, but not in pre-election matters. It is a laughable ruling not worth the paper it was written.

"For God’s sake, a High Court in Abia is a court of coordinate jurisdiction with a Federal High Court and so any order given by such court to contradict an earlier order of the same court is ipso facto null and void. It is only a higher court that has the legal capacity to reverse the earlier order or judgement.

“In a pre-election matter the enforceability of a court judgement is immediate as the losing side in the legal argument, in this case, Dr Ikpeazu, was never adjudged to have been qualified to contest the election in the first place while in a post-election matter the mandate enjoyed by an incumbent subsists until the tribunal or appellate courts rule otherwise.

“Failure or delay to swear Dr Ogah in as the duly elected Governor of Abia state is an unqualified affront to the rule of law and constitutional governance in a true democracy, and an act that is capable of undermining the peace and stability of the state. Dr Ikpeazu has been duly removed as Abia state Governor and not amount of legal shenanigans and illegal public holidays will derail the law of the land taking full effect.

"Dr Ogah will be sworn-in in due course so as to avoid the dangerous power vacuum that currently exists in Abia state, and for him to begin the urgent task of empowering Abians with his laudable developmental programmes already lined up," he said.

According to him, the consequential declaration of a Federal High Court that he be immediately sworn-in as the Governor of the state is a testimony to the majesty of the rule of law upon which constitutional governance is founded and relied on in Nigeria, adding that the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC acted within its powers as a law-abiding institution in issuing Dr Ogah a certificate of return.

“So as to avoid an unpalatable leadership vacuum in the state, the court having found that the information Dr Ikpeazu supplied about his tax payments were all false, ruled that he was not qualified to have participated in the primary election of PDP in Dec 2014, that all the votes he gathered at the said primaries were invalid and of no effect, in fact wasted.

"Since a general election has been held and the PDP won, Dr Ikpeazu was asked to vacate his seat while the certificate of return should be issued to Dr Ogah who came second during the primary election. He was ordered to be sworn in by the Chief Judge of Abia state immediately. Note the word used by the presiding judge was immediately.

"Enrollment order was procured by Dr Uche Ogah and INEC was served and they obeyed the extant judgement of the Federal High court by issuing Dr Ogah with the certificate of return”.

He described Dr Ogah as a man of peace who has already stretched out his hand of fellowship to his predecessor to join him in the task of building the state.

“His Excellency is a man of peace and he has extended a positive arm of peace not just to his predecessor alone, but to all his predecessor’s supporters because as members of the same political party, it is in the interest of the party and the good people of the state that they close ranks and work together for a smooth transfer of power and the unhampered running of the new administration”.

He urged Abians to maintain the peace while efforts are geared towards resolving the issue at stake.
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54-year-old man abducts, defiles 11-year-old girl in Ekiti

54-year-old man abducts, defiles 11-year-old girl in Ekiti

A 54-year-old man, Gbenga Adebayo, has been remanded in prison custody by a magistrate court in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State Capital, for allegedly abducting and defiling 11 -year old Joke Aliu (not real name).

It was gathered that Adebayo lured the girl to follow him to his aged mother’s place in Usi-Ekiti , some 60 kilometres away from Ado-Ekiti, and camped her there for three weeks. He was allegedly visiting her there regularly and sleeping with her.

Meanwhile, in Ado-Ekiti, the same Adebayo was pretending to join the search team for the girl, who were going from one neighbourhood to another to look for her.

According to the girl, Adebayo promised to rescue her from her school teacher with whom she was staying in their apartment in Adebayo area of Ado-Ekiti, on the grounds that the teacher was harsh on her.

“Gbenga Adebayo is my neighbour. He used to ask me to buy things for him. One day he approached me, saying he wanted to help me because my teacher was harsh on me. He said he would rescue me from my teacher and take good care of me. He then took me to his mother’s place in Usi-Ekiti.
” Whenever he comes there, he used to sleep with me. He has done this for 10 times now.

“I was at his mother’s place for three weeks after which I refused to sleep with him again and because of that, he decided to take me to my aunt’s place in Akure. He told my aunt that he found me in his mother’s place in Ushi and decided to help me by taking me to her. He is the first man in my life, ” the girl said.

Speaking on the development, the girl’s other aunt in Ado-Ekiti, Mrs. Theresa Agboola, who disclosed that she (victim) is an orphan, having lost both her parents some years ago, said: “The girl was staying with her female school teacher (name withheld) who lives in a rented apartment behind Olagold, opposite Ekiti State Teaching Hospital, (EKSUTH) in Adebayo area.

”About a month ago, June 5 precisely, the girl’s teacher had called to inform me that she was missing and that the whole occupants in the house, including the suspect, Gbenga Adebayo, were searching for her. That continued till June 29, when my sister from Akure called to tell me that the girl was brought to her by a man whom she identified as the same Gbenga Adebayo. It was then we suspected a foul play.

” We reasoned that if indeed Adebayo was sincere, he cannot be the same man who was part of the search team for the girl for three weeks here in Ado-Ekiti and also be the one who would now take her to my sister’s place in Akure after finding her. We then reported the case to the police who promptly arrested Adebayo and charged him to court. Last Friday, the magistrate court in Ado-Ekiti has remanded him in prison. We also gathered that he has been sleeping with the girl before eventually taking her to his mother, ” she alleged.

Confirming the Development, Ekiti State Police Public Relations Offcer, Alberto Adeyemi, said the suspect has been charged to court with charges of defilement.
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I begged EFCC to leave you alone because of your age – Umahi replies Elechi

I begged EFCC to leave you alone because of your age – Umahi replies Elechi

Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State has refuted claims by his predecessor, Martin Elechi, that he was the brain behind a number of petitions before the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, against Elechi and some of his children, stressing that he had personally appealed to the anti-graft agency to leave Elechi alone because of his age.

The governor spoke in reaction to a letter written to him by Elechi, rejecting a Toyota V8 SUV gift he gave to him. The letter, which was copied to the Speaker of the State House of Assembly, the state Chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, and the Department of State Services, DSS, in the state, was leaked to the press.

But speaking at an Agriculture Summit organized for clerics in Abakaliki, the state capital, Umahi said his government had resolved to ignore the letter but decided to put the facts straight since the immediate past governor had decided to make it public.

According to him, “I would not have commented on the letter of my former boss if it had not been published. We agreed in the Exco that we should ignore it but when I started seeing it published, I felt that in a public gathering like this, we have to clear some certain issues.”

Umahi admitted that vehicles were purchased for former governors, including Elechi and former Senate President, Senator Anyim Pius Anyim, but that rejecting the car was not the best option as Elechi had written to him shortly after he left office to give his wife two cars which he obliged.

He went on to explain that some of the petitions that made Elechi a regular visitor to EFCC office were written when both of them were in government as governor and deputy governor respectively “by someone who is now in his (Elechi) camp.”

While insisting that his administration never wrote any petition against the former governor, he said he had told the commission to leave Elechi alone that if he was found wanting in anyway, he would pay back. He, however, added that Elechi’s children were allegedly involved in contract scams and would have to answer for their actions, if found guilty.

While denying being in charge of the Executive Council Committee on Inspection during Elechi’s second tenure as governor, Umahi explained that he was sometimes drafted to a monitoring team if there were engineering difficulties in some projects during Elechi’s tenure. He listed some of them to include the Oferekpe water project and the Agba bridge which he said his involvement helped to save the state a whopping N1.6bn.
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Herdsmen attack: Catholic church holds protest rally in Enugu, Nsukka, Awgu

Herdsmen attack: Catholic church holds protest rally in Enugu, Nsukka, Awgu

The three Roman Catholic Church Dioceses in Enugu State, Saturday, held protest rallies across the State over the menace of herdsmen.

The protest, which held simultaneously in Nsukka, Awgu and Enugu, attracted ‎thousands of the church members, including priests.

The report States that while the protesters moved round the streets in Nsukka and Awgu Dioceses, the story was different in Enugu where they held a prayer procession at the Holy Ghost Cathedral.

The earlier schedule obtained by our correspondent showed that members of the Enugu Catholic Diocese would march round the streets before terminating at the Government House, where they would make their grievances known to Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.

However, the Church later received Governor Ug‎wuanyi, other members of the State Executive Council and Service Chiefs.

It was gathered that they were in the Church to forestall any breakdown of law and order.

Addressing the Church, the Governor commended it for the leading role it had continued to play in the struggle against social injustice, human rights violations and other crimes against humanity in every part of the country.

‎He described the attack on Nimbo community, where scores of people were killed as “a day that will ever remain dark, sad and solemn in the memory of the people of Enugu State and indeed Nigerians at large.”

“On the issues you have raised in this rally, I wish to state that I address you today not only as a Catholic but as your Governor and the Chief Security Officer of Enugu State. While taking my oath of office, I swore to do everything within my powers to preserve the security of lives and property of the people of Enugu State.

“You can therefore be assured that I will not fail in this responsibility and be further assured that whatever message you convey through me to the appropriate authorities at Abuaj, will be promptly delivered. Regarding the proposed grazing bill, I assure you that I will duly convey your decisions on the matter to the State’s representatives at the National Assembly”, he pledged.

Earlier in a joint press statement read by the Catholic Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Rt. Rev. Callistus Onaga, on behalf of the Bishop of Awgu and Nsukka Dioceses, he said, “the free grazing of cattle in our area has now become a threat not only to the growing of crops, which is the mainstay of our sedentary people, but also to our lives.

“That the nomadic lifestyle makes policing and the pursuit of criminals much more complex and hazardous, while providing terrorists like Boko Haram operatives with ready cover for penetrating every nook and. Cranny of our country.”

Onaga, while calling on the government not to turn a blind eye to life-threatening problems of any section of the citizens, said, “In the light of this, therefore, we call on the Federal Government to drop, without further delay, the so-called ‘Grazing Bill’, which is quite capable of tearing apart the fragile unity of our country.

“We urge all our local community leaders to refrain from entering into agreements with herdsmen or with any other group of persons that would create room for tension and crisis.

“We would advise that all such agreements already in existence be renegotiated in a way that would ensure justice for all the parties”, the Bishop further stated.
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Two Teenagers Caught Red-handed Having Hot S*x at the Cemetery in Kaduna

Two Teenagers Caught Red-handed Having Hot S*x at the Cemetery in Kaduna

A teenage couple has confessed to having s*x at a cemetery in Abuja after being paraded in court.

Two teenagers caught making love at a cemetery have been arraigned at the Upper Sharia Court, Tudun Nupawa, Kaduna State, Tribune reports.

But the teenagers, Abulmalik and 16-year-old Hadiza said it was the devil that pushed them into committing the act.

The prosecutor told the court that he caught them at the Tudun wada cemetery when he was passing by.

“I heard some disturbing noise inside the cemetery and I waited for a while to be very sure of what I heard only to see the two of them making love.”

He said he quietly went to arrest the two lovebirds and subsequently decided to charge them to court for committing an offence. The prosecutor added that they committed an offence contrary the state Sharia law which is in force in the state.

On interrogation, the duo pleaded guilty to the offence levelled against them, saying it was the devil that pushed them.

In his ruling, the presiding Sharia court judge, Mallam Muhammad Lawal Saulawa adjourned the case till 7 July for judgement.
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Nigerians Voted for Change, Now Suffer and Stop Complaining - OPC Leader, Fasheun Mocks

Nigerians Voted for Change, Now Suffer and Stop Complaining - OPC Leader, Fasheun Mocks

Dr Fredrick Fasehun

A foremost Yoruba leader has mocked Nigerians complaining of economic hardship under the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration of change under the banner of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

The founder of Oodua Peoples Congress, OPC, Dr Fredrick Fasehun, has charged Nigerians to stop complaining about the present economic hardship in the country since it was them that voted for change.

Speaking in an interview with the Sun newspaper, he enjoined Nigerians to accept their fate with equanimity and be ready to endure whatever comes with their choice. Fasehun further stated that rather than complain, they should pray for President Muhammadu Buhari.

His words, “Nigerians voted for Buhari. They voted for change. The hard­ship and suffering they are going through now is part of that change. They should not be complaining.

“Instead of complaining, they should be praying for Buhari. Ni­gerians should pray for him, and for Buhari himself Nigerians were cheering him initially but now they are getting despondent. Buhari should not wait until Nigerians start jeering at him as a result of failed promises.”

The OPC founder, who asserted that the Buhari administration was far from meeting his expectations, said, “Hard­ship and suffering have increased. Many Nigerians today are hungry and angry. Even now, the rich also cry. The bad economy has wors­ened the situation with many Ni­gerians finding it increasingly dif­ficult to survive. The situation can’t continue like this, government must find a remedy.

“Power supply has not been encour­aging. Many industries are closing down while millions of jobs are be­ing lost to erratic power supply.

“Many Nigerians that are self-em­ployed including artisans like weld­ers, hair dressers and others who depend on efficient power supply to sustain their small scale ventures have been rendered jobless as a result of poor power supply. This has been a big minus on the part of the admin­istration. Increasing unemployment and job losses occasioned by poor power supply should be a source of concern to the president and his team.”
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Abia Crisis: Ikpeazu No Longer Abia Governor by Law - Falana, Agbakoba Blow Hot

Abia Crisis: Ikpeazu No Longer Abia Governor by Law - Falana, Agbakoba Blow Hot

Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu

The odds seems to be against Okezie Ikpeazu as prominent Nigerian legal practitioners have reiterated that the provisions of the law doesn't recognize him as governor anymore.

Former President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Dr. Olisa Agbakoba (SAN) stated that Okezie Ikpeazu is no longer the Governor of Abia State in the eyes of the Law, according to ThisDay Newspaper.

This Senior Advocate of Nigeria stated this while lending his voice to the controversy trailing the sack of governor Ikpeazu by a Federal High Court, Abuja.

Justice Okon Abang, in his judgment of Monday, June 27, 2016 in a suit filed by Uche Ogah, a People's Democratic Party (PDP) member held that Ikpeazu does not possess the requisite qualifications to contest the election as governor, in that he did not furnish credible evidence of payment of tax, to the Abia State Government.

The judge ordered the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to declare Ogah who came second in the PDP primary, as the elected candidate.

In the suit, Ogah had contended that Ikpeazu evaded tax prior to his election and as such was not qualified to hold elective office.

Agbakoba said by law, Ikpeazu has been removed by the court and he is no longer the governor of Abia State.

“The court has removed him as governor but the problem is that there’s a transition period. But the court has removed him as governor and there’s a new governor-elect who is yet to be sworn-in. and that is why I think there’s a major political vacuum. Clearly, the Ikpeazu is no longer the governor by Law.

“I don’t know the grounds which the other order from Abia State was obtained by one of the parties. But I do know that a judgment was given and a certificate of return was issued by INEC in Abuja. If they want to stay that order they have to go to the very court that passed the judgment.

“It is procedurally wrong to want to arrest that judgment using another court of coordinate jurisdiction. The order of the Federal High Court in Abuja should be obeyed.

“A Notice of Appeal is clearly not a Stay and INEC has broken no Law in issuing Certificate of Return to Ogah. But they should have relied on the prudential principle by cautioning themselves, giving the fact that they have received a Notice of Appeal, which in itself, does not constitute a stay of execution of the order of the court. However INEC has broken no law by issuing the certificate of return to Ogah,”Agbakoba said.

Another Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Femi Falana also stated that INEC had done the right thing by obeying the order of the Federal High Court.

“Federal High Court ordered that Uche Ogah be issued with Certificate of Return and should be sworn in as governor of Abia State. INEC complied with the order. The order exparte issued by a judge in Abia State High Court is illegal and contemptuous. The Abia State High Court cannot sit on appeal over the order of the Federal High Court as it is a court of concurrent jurisdiction,” Falana stated.
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Billionaire Mogul, Tony Elumelu, Writes About His Security Man Who Returned $10,000 He Found (Photos)

Billionaire Mogul, Tony Elumelu, Writes About His Security Man Who Returned $10,000 He Found (Photos)

Tony Elumelu

UBA chairman, Tony Elumelu, has written about how he met and rewarded his staff who returned the N3million he found on the ground.

Billionaire Mogul, Tony Elumelu, Writes About His Security Man Who Returned $10,000 He Found (Photos)

Nigerian billionaire businessman, Tony Onyemaechi Elumelu, who is the Chairman of Heirs Holdings, the United Bank for Africa (UBA), Transcorp and founder of The Tony Elumelu Foundation, has taken to his Instagram page to narrate how his staff (a security man) returned $10,000 (N3million) he found on the ground.

Below is how he wrote the story;

Billionaire Mogul, Tony Elumelu, Writes About His Security Man Who Returned $10,000 He Found (Photos)

Billionaire Mogul, Tony Elumelu, Writes About His Security Man Who Returned $10,000 He Found (Photos)

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