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#KeepTheChangeBae - Young man who was dragged on twitter for lashing out at a lady, finally apologizes

The young man, @pabloadedeji, who took a lady he met on social media out on a date to watch a movie in the cinemas (reportedly in Ibadan) and later took to twitter ranting about the money he spent, calling her a 'broke ass hungry bitch', has apologized. 

See his tweets below..

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Embarrassing moment married woman and her lover get stuck while having sex (Photos/Video)

This is the embarrassing moment a married woman and her lover who both got stuck while having sex were paraded in Kenya.

According to Ebals Blog, they couldn't control the pain and shouted out loud, attracting neighbors who then brought them out and paraded them in the streets.

Watch video below....
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These ladies wore 'cleavage revealing attire' for their final year thanksgiving service + Hilarious Instagram reactions (photos)

These beautiful Nigerians ladies wore revealing dresses for their final year thanksgiving and it has gotten some hilarious reactions online.

Some Nigerians have even picked interest in the photo and have started choosing their pick by selecting "a day of the week they love most".

As shared by Twitter user with the caption 'One for every day of the week"'. See more reactions below....

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Cat turns into Old Woman after being stoned at Coker, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos (photos)

Image result for mysterious cat
What's happening...first it was a bird (HERE), not it's a Cat!

This one is according to Facebook user Energetic his narration and see photos shared below:

Wonders….i use to think it’s only in Nigerian movie,cat do turn to human.. Not until one happen for my area this morning… A cat when stoned by a little boy , turned into a woman with grey hair.. Confessing that they are sixteen in number… Abeg, I wan relocate ooo
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"Get out fast!" Acid attack survivor disfigured by ex-lover urge people in abusive relationship (Photos)

After enduring almost 10 years of abuse, Shondel Williamson, 26, summoned enough courage to walk away from the toxic relationship, taking her two young children with her.Just when she was starting to rebuild her life, working and caring for her two boys, her life changed tragically within a twinkle of an eye. 

Her former lover and father of her children, Alfred De Younge attacked her with acid, burning away her nose, eyes and upper body.

According to Capitol News, the perpetrator disguised himself as a woman and gained access to her friend's house in Amsterdam Berbice, Guyana, where she was staying and poured the acid on her while screaming, "If I cant have you, no one else can"

Williamson was hospitalised at the Georgetown Public Hospital for almost nine weeks fighting to save her sight. Her face is badly disfigured and the extent of her injuries are so severe that she is not able to receive care in Guyana. Therefore she must travel overseas for treatment to reconstruct her face and save her sight.

Fortunately, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Saving Hands Emergency Aid (SHEA) has been able to secure treatment services for her at a top US hospital, where she will receive state of the art treatment, from some of the best doctors in the field.
Despite her challenges, she intends on becoming an advocate for domestic violence and wants both women and men in abusive relationship to walk away before it is too late.
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FirstBank rewards lady who refunded guy back their date money, sends her 5k back

Hours ago, we reported a story of how a Nigerian lady refunded a guy back their date money after the latter goes on Twitter to rant.
The story has been trending on Twitter and a lot of people and company has called out the lady to congratulate her for such a mature and epic response, and seems FirstBank decided not to be left out.

The now famous, #KeepTheChangeBae, Ore has now been rewarded with N5000 by FirstBank Plc for being an empowered woman.

First Bank also disclosed it has welcomed Ore to #FirstGem Family, a special account designed for women from various works of life.

See how people and companies intend to shower her with freebies after the cut

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Popular Female gospel singer, Matlakala Ramathoka, is dead

Matlakala Ramathoka
Matlakala Ramathoka, a South African gospel singer of the Masole a Tumelo and the Comforters groups, has passed on at the age of 43.
The singer died reportedly after complaining of chest pains at Akasia Private Hospital, north of Tshwane, on Sunday.
The singer from Mathibestad, in North West, was well-known for songs such as Kgalemela Lefatshe and Dintwa Ditekising.
Before her untimely death, she had finished recording an album titled Emanuel, which was released on Friday, reports Daily Sun.
Her friend and fellow gospel musician, Winnie Mashaba, took to Instagram to share a touching message about her late friend.

“Yesterday when I received another sad news that someone I always respected Sesi Selinah Matlakala Ramathoka is no longer with us, then I made the following choices;

“I chose to live my life to the fullest without any regrets.

“I chose to forgive, forget and appreciate every little / big opportunity that comes my way.

“I chose to stay as a humble lady who can fit in to every level.

“I chose to give support where it is possible.

“I chose to be happy, bubbly , jolly etc

“I chose The Spirit of Ubuntu. I chose to love without expecting anything in return

“I chose humbleness and respect,” she wrote on Instagram.
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Omoni Oboli wins! As court lifts Injunction on Okafor’s Law

Image result for omoni oboli

Last week Friday was supposed to have Omoni Oboli’s film, Okafor’s Law premiered to thousands of guests who gathered at IMAX Cinema, Lekki Lagos but it didn't happen anymore when a court injunction obtained by Raconteur Productions restricted the movie from showing.

There is now good news for Omoni Oboli’s camp because the injunction was lifted today, 30, March 2017 by Justice N. Buba of the Federal High Court, Ikoyi, Lagos.

The court lifted the injunction while stating that the movie should not have been prevented from showing in the first place since the copyright claim suit is yet to be determined by a competent court of law. The movie, Okafor’s Law will now be showing nationwide in all cinemas from Friday, March 31, 2017
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Woman evangelist snatched my husband from me – woman lamented

A housewife and mother of four, Kafayat Moses, on Wednesday, asked the Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan to dissolve her 15-year-old marriage to Moses Odeyemi over abandonment.
Kafayat informed the court that her husband, though a Pastor, had abandoned her for another woman, thereby, denying her all the rights of a wife.

“Things were going on smoothly between us until 2014 when Moses suddenly came to introduce to me a woman evangelist whom he said was a perfect spiritual worker with him.

“Exactly two months after her arrival in our home, our good relationship started collapsing.

“I discovered that Moses started leaving home every five A.M and doesn’t return until around 11 P.M. every day in the company of that woman.

“Hunger and suffering affected the children and me.

“Whenever I put calls through to him that there was nothing for us to eat, Moses took offense and when he returns home, he subjects the children and I to battery, complaining that we were disturbing him.

“He had earlier asked me to stop the only business that was bringing me money to learn working as a midwife and I obeyed him.

“Ever since I learnt midwifery, there have been nothing because no customer came.

“Moses has quietly married the woman evangelist somewhere, thereby, exposing the four children and I to trauma, hunger, emotional and psychological difficulties,” she told the court.

In his response, Moses agreed to divorce Kafayat but asked the court to grant him custody of the four children.

The respondent who was silent on the allegation of abandoning his wife for another woman.

“My lord, Kafayat is a devil in human skin as she has been working for the downfall of my church.

“Ever since I got married to her, she has been tearing all members of my church apart as well as my relatives.

“Kafayat doesn’t want my parents and relatives to come close to me as she keeps nagging,” Moses stated.

The President of the court, Mr Ademola Odunade, asked Kafayat to produce the four children in court and adjourned the case to May 2, for judgment.

While Kafayat resides at Olomi area, Moses resides at Muslim area of Ibadan.
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Dream Come True! How Chinese couple got their wedding pictures 40 years after ceremony (Photos)

Forty years after the original ceremony, this Chinese couple got the wedding pictures that never happened.

You know how sometimes life’s opportunities stroll by us and we are powerless or incapable to grab them?

That is exactly what happened with Chang Benfu and his wife Zhao Xuefang married back in 1976.

The husband and wife from Mihzi County in China’s Shaanxi province are 84 and 83 respectively and have been married for 40 over years but never got wedding pictures because they could not afford it back then.

“We had nothing at all and we had just got married,” says Chang.

As fate would have it, a second chance was eventually granted to the couple when a group of young students offered to take the wedding photos after hearing the couple’s story.

Chang and his wife Zhao radiated happiness as they posed for some modest but elegant shots at their home.

The photos are were centered around the old lovers’ day-to-day lives in rural China, with a wedding gown and bouquet of pink flowers for Zhao and a denim jacket for Chang adding some more colour to the brightness of their smiles.

The couple have eight children, while their extended family, including great-grandchildren, includes a large number of 53 persons.

Dreams do really come true, don't they?
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