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KFB Movie Review: Mercy Aigbe & Yemi Blaq's chemistry in 'Impossible Relationships' was amazing but the storyline was childish!

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Today's movie for review is Impossible Relationships!

CastYemi Blaq, Mercy Aigbe, Allwell Ademola, Blessing Onwukwe, Charles Granville, May Owen, Kazeem Luciano, Valvina Kamdem, Femi Balogun, Olorunnisola Omowonuola

SynopsisA handsome stranger offers a widow who is struggling to bring up her children by selling food on the roadside, a cleaning job. The job pays more but it is not without its own obstacles.

DirectorMoris Sesay

ProducerMoris Sesay, Okenwa Onwuchekwa

Earlier today, after scrolling to the new releases on Iroko TV,  I decided to download 'Impossible Relationships' because it featured both Mercy Aigbe and Yemi Blaq (I love him, especially his voice) and even though the movie didn't turn out so bad, I wasn't very impressed either.
Let me start with the story line, which lacked originality.
Impossible Relationships is the story of a struggling widow and mother of two, played by Mercy Aigbe, who one day meets a rich man, played by Yemi Blaq, while selling her bole at her stall. He has car troubles and coincidentally she and her late husband used to run a mechanic stall together before he passed. She helps him fix his car and he gives her a job as a cleaner and of course we all know how this ends.

Right from the moment Mercy Aigbe (Anne) and Yemi Blaq's path crossed in the movie, one could easily predict that they will end up falling in love and the prediction tuned out right. 
Imagine, Man buys grilled plantain from a widow. The widow fixes his car, becomes his maid and then they fall in love. No action, no suspense, and it had several loop holes. 
The performers were watchable but the script was too common place, childish and boring.
Then the Movie Title, oh lawd, it didn't even relate to the story at all. A the end of the movie, I was like 'ehn, so how did the impossible relationship come to play or better still what was impossible in the lovebird's relationship?" 
 One special character in the movie was Allwell Ademola (Mama Charlie), she nailed her role, her conversation lines were relatable and hilarious.
The lady that played the "Peipei" role was enjoyable too. It was fun watching her hit on Mercy Aigbe, I particularly enjoyed the scene where she made a joke out of Mercy Aigbe (Anne)'s name and kids.
Yemi Blaq was amazing as usual, he interpreted his  handsome, loving boss role well enough and he had a thrilling chemistry with Mercy Aigbe.

Mercy Aigbe of course, played her role well but I enjoyed her more in the scenes she conversed in pidgin than in the scenes she spoke the Queen's English. The times she tried to speak in fluent English didn't feel real at all, it felt forced, like someone that is trying to force an American "phoney" intonation. I haven't really seen her in any other English movie so I really can't tell if that's how she speaks her "English". Asides that, she played out her role brilliantly, she was really goood!

The cinematography was great!

The ending was rushed!
By the time, Impossible Relationships, come to an end and we get that our supposed ‘and they lived happily ever after scene’ I found myself asking ‘how’?
 I read a lot of comments under the movie asking for the second part and for once I do not blame them because the end was too abrupt.
If the movie had continued on and gone forth to show their love story it really would have been great.

Over all, I would give this movie a 50 over 100.

Have you seen it, what do you think about it?

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