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Comedian Alibaba tells the difference between dating a smart vs not smart man

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Moments ago, veteran comedian, Ali Baba posted this message on his instagram page:

A smart woman believes that a smart man would be smart enough to know THAT she is a woman and permit certain things she says, doesn't say, do or not do. And she BELIEVES a smart man would be sharp enough to figure things out even before she hints they need to be sorted out...
She however knows that a man that is not smart will always think she is trying to chance him. Which is totally different from a smart man. He will let her get away with just enough. But for a man that is not smart... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I AM THE MAN IN THIS RELATIONSHIP!... 
Smart men don't need to shout. Because it is written that when you hear a man shouting that he is the head of this house! Chances are he is not. If he were, he won't need to shout it. But lorokan sha... smart women know how hard it will be to raise kids that take looks from them and brains from their father... assuming he is not smart... homework will have to be outsourced. 
One key ingredient in dating a smart man, I hear ladies say all the time, is that he knows what you want to do and why you want to do it. He is then just waiting for the how and when. On the flip side, the man doesn't want to know what, why, when and how you want to do anything unless he permits it... what do I know sef...

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