Friday, January 20

Comedian Bovi reflects on his first sexual encounter

Comedia Bovi has revealed that his first sexual encounter was when he was 5, with a 13 year old girl.

In a past episode of Moments on EbonylifeTV, comedian Bovi, said;

“My first sexual encounter was when I was 5. I would not say I was abused. She was underaged as well. She was 13. We were neighbors in Benin city living in a twin duplex. She would take me upstairs when her folks are out and we would just play. She was young. She was a small girl as well, probably exposed to too much at that age.”
Bovi says he wouldn’t even know the girl now if he sees her as it happened in 1985. He says the only effect the early sex had on him was attraction for older women when he matured.

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