Saturday, January 21

Tenant breaks widowed Landlady's Leg for demanding 20 months rent

A man identified as Obidi Ibeagha, 44, has been arrested by the Lagos State police for battering his landlady identified as Mrs Idayat Aderibigbe, for demanding her 20 months owed rent. The lady's leg was said to have been broken while being battered.

Ibeagha, has since been arrested and remanded in jail due to failure to provide the N50,000 bail condition.

According to PMExpress, the suspect was said to have thought it unwise to pay rent since the landlord who rented the 3-bedroom apartment he lived in to him died last year.

Upon being asked for the rent, he got angry at Mrs. Aderibigbe whom he told he was going to park out at first.. When she demanded he paid the owed arrears before moving out, he got angry, attacked her and had her leg broken.

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