Saturday, January 21

Little Girl chained, caged and tortured over aAllegations of Witchcraft in Akure (See Photos)

The little girl was tortured and kept in dog cage for months without food
Nigerian activist, Dr Joe Okei-Odumakin has shared the touching story of a little girl who was tortured, caged and assaulted after people accused her of being a witch. The shocking story which happened in Akure, Ondo State has left many people in shock.
The rescued girl is not recovering from the traumatic incident.
Okei-Odumakin wrote: "It's so sad little child was accused of witchcraft in Akure and after all tortures and attempts to kill but she did not die; she was chained in a dog cage without food for months before she was found and brought out by someone. I stumbled on the good people who found andbstarted taking care of her again. What a world!
"Her torturers thought her not to survive, but she was rescued after months she was caged and deserted. Largely in rural African parts, geniuses are still victims of primitive ignorance.
"But here, see the beautiful child after she was rescued and cared for. I specially appreciate the police officers who took her and cared for her upon rescuing her. May you not lack remedy in any time of difficulty!

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