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Some people think internet slangs are from the devil (Hilarious meanings)

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How many times have you received a Whatsapp/BBM broadcast that admonished you not to use internet slangs because they’re devilish? For example some people have translated the ‘LOL’ to mean ‘Lucifer Our Lord’.
Of course it doesn’t! Who doesn’t know LOL means ‘Laughs Out Loud’ (it meant ‘Lots of Love’ in the pre-internet days). But that hasn’t stopped conspiracy theorists from finding diabolical meanings for popular internet slangs. They’re so far-fetched that it is hilarious.
Here are ten of them:

1. SWAG – Satan’s Wishes Are Granted

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2. YOLO – Youth Obeying Lucifer’s Orders

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3. EPIC-  Evil People In Church

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4. LMAO – Lucifer Massacres All Oppressors

giphy (88)

5. LMAO – Lucifer, my Almighty Overlord

giphy (89)

6. ROFL – Rise, Our Father Lucifer

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7. WTF – Worship The Fallen

giphy (90)

8. OMG – Obey Multiple Gods

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9. BRB – Beelzebub Rules Below

giphy (93)

10. TROLL – The Righteous Omniscient Lord Lucifer

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