Thursday, January 19

Oops, married woman caught in her boyfriend's room after claiming she was undergoing treatment in hospital

A man from Ada-Irri in Isoko South area of Delta State is in shock over his wife’s infidelity.
A family source told Leadership that the wife who hails from a neighbouring community in the same Delta State, has allegedly pleaded guilty and confessed to the shameful act.

It was revealed that she normally sneaks out of her matrimonial home to visit the lover; mostly when her husband, who's a builder, had gone out for outside job to fend for the family.

The family source disclosed that the adulterous wife has been accused of the abominable act as stated in the laws and customs of Delta State, but she has constantly denied.
So, on that fateful day when she left the house pretending to be ill and going for medical attention, she was secretly followed by one of her brother-in-law, who also alerted the husband and other family members of what was going on.
To the surprise of all, the wife was caught behind closed doors for hours with another man.

Meanwhile, the husband has not taken any action, even though his family say his wife's adulterous acts could lead to his untimely death. The family are now suspecting that the wife has used charms to hold-down the husband.

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