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Doctors told me I had thyroid disorder — Lepacious Bose shares story on weight loss

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 Popular Nigerian comedian and actress, Lepacious Bose has been on top of her radar since she started her weight loss program two years ago. The comedian who is an inspiration to all women struggling with weight loss across the glob has started a 21-day boot camp theme which is aimed at body transfiguration for women.

 Speaking through her instagram page, Lepacious Bose said “weight-loss is never easy. I remember sitting and listening to the doctor tell me I had thyroid disorder, the tears flowed freely. You see if your thyroids are messed up, you will find it difficult to lose weight, you might gain weight from just breathing. I felt alone, I was scared and felt hopeless”

She then continued “Then I started doing research and the more I read,  the more I realized that there is a whole community of people dealing with hypothyroidism and beat it daily, I realized it was not a deadly disease and I can beat this, just a change of habit and a change of life style. Believe me. I don’t look like what I have been through.  The battles I have fought and keep fighting daily. The difference is I don’t give up, I dust myself and try again. Yes #hypothyroidism is real,  but more real is my God and also real is my #willpower

Announcing the boot camp scheme, she said “today is the first day of the #21daychallenge camp members have paid and drilling started at 6:00a.m this morning. If you have not entered the camp by now, you might find it difficult to keep up because for the next 21 days,  we are kicking out the fat” It’s time to transfigure.

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