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Only God could have done this! He was taken to two hospitals but was rejected

 For the newbies, the every Sunday KFB Only God Could Have Done This series, is an inspirational column that lets readers send in their testimonies of how God has been faithful to restore and rekindle hope in others. 
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Read today's testimony below as sent in by a KFBer:

Jehovah is Your  name
Mighty  Warrior
Great in battles.
I do not know how much I can give the  Almighty God for the gift of life-
The life of my husband.
Imagine the situation when one is called to receive  grave and sad news .
My husband works in a state far from where I live.
I was called. He had been involved  in a very serious auto accident .
His condition was bad. How much tears could one shed?
He was taken to two hospitals but was rejected. It was the third that accepted to try and see we what they could do.
However, we were advised:50 :50 survival rate.
This was a dimmed hope.
' Father, what did You say? ' , I cried.
For three days, he remained unconscious.
' Please, Lord, I know  You can kill and can make alive. And You said You have given us options- either to choose life or to choose death'. I choose  life for him..
I then made my vow. It was not much compared to what I asked God for.
But HIS mercies  spoke for me and most especially for my husband.
  The third day, my husband moved!
Blood was gushing out of his mouth, ears and nose.
' But , You are still God on the throne '
I want to tell the whole world that God did it.
How it happened, I could not explain.
I saw the hand of  God over the situation.
Like that Igbo song says , Aka a ka ya....
I may nor know the lyrics  but the translation  that reads:
The arm of God is mighty.
Making great His power.
The water of life will never run dry......
The arm of God is mighty, ( mighty to deliver and to save)
This happened in 2016, glory to His name.
I stand to say he made it. His life is lengthened. Praise the  Lord

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