Thursday, February 16

This 4-year-old boy was kidnapped on his way back from school in Abuja

Four-year-old Lokoji Godwin Monday was abducted on Monday 13th January at Kadapa market Maraba Nassarawa state not far from the capital Abuja.
Godwin was on his way back from school accompanied by his 9 year old older sister when they were accosted by a couple who said they liked the boys uniform and asked the sister to take them to the boys school which was just round the corner from their house.

Apparently they played upon the naivety of the sister and asked her to leave the boy with the wife whilst she showed the husband the school.
On showing the husband the school she discovered her brothers lunch bag and school bag on the floor but the boy was no where to be found, the man then ran away.

Please we are appealing to the public if anybody has any information about the boy to contact 07081116006.

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