Tuesday, February 14

MMM Nigeria out with new guidelines for participants- Details

Popular Ponzi money doubling scheme, Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox, MMM, has appealed to participants whose Get Help Order, GH, has not been matched to be patient, saying it is working towards matching their orders.This is coming at a time when the money doubling scheme assured its participants that all limits for Mavro acquired in 2017 have been lifted, while those acquired in 2016 remain under restriction. Members were asked to provide help in 2017 which will enable them get their 2016 mavros faster.
Following its guilders meeting, the money doubling scheme has released more updates on the issue of GH Order.
The update reads, “You can withdraw mavro 2016 but it’s still under limits. Limits for 2016 going higher depends on how MMM participants handle things at this stage.
“Mavro 2016 will remain frozen and will be unfrozen for only those doing promo tasks. With promo tasks MMM will be able to get new participants and new PH and let us pay people their money. Promo task contests will be launched this week and rewards will be given.

“If you PH 10% you will get 10% of your mavro 2016, if you PH 100% you will get 100% of Mavro 2016.
“Programmers are working to ensure that GH will no longer exceed PH but it will take some time to implement it.
“Give your suggestions on how promo tasks can be used to get limits off mavro 2016. All suggestions will be reviewed.
“Guiders are duty bound to hold seminars and share screenshots of people paying to encourage others. If you are not active, your guider status will be taken away.
“GH orders will be matched. Be patient.”

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