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“Your Husband Is Your Son, Take Care Of Him” Vice President’s Mother advises wives

On February 16, 2017, mother of the Vice President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, Mrs. Olubisi Osinbajo, clocked 84 years old. Her son, Yemi Osinbajo and wife were present to celebrate with her.

Meanwhile, the mother of four, who is a widow reminisced in an interview with SUNDAY PUNCH, how she trained four boys alone.

She said, “It was very tough raising four boys. That is why I am called ‘Mumisco.’ A mother with all boys will have to behave like a boy herself if she intends to train them properly. When they started growing up, I made it compulsory for them to say their prayers every morning. Whether they liked it or not, it was an activity that must be done. They would grumble but I did not budge. It was not easy training them. But we knew that someday, everything would be okay. And it turned out that way because all of them are doing well in their chosen careers. Two of them were once Attorneys-General and Commissioners for Justice in Ogun and Lagos states."

Advising parents especially mothers, Mama Osinbajo said, “"My advice goes to the mothers, especially those who have boys to train. They must be very vigilant because sons are full of tricks unlike daughters. If she is sleeping, she must not sleep with her two eyes closed because they can sneak out. I ensured that I always went to their rooms to check on them and pray for them. Mothers must pray for their children always. Also, they should take care of their husbands because they are like children to us. Men are like children and any woman who wants to enjoy them must behave like mothers to them. Even when a man is 40 and he marries an 18-year-old, the wife is his mother. That was how I treated my husband."

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