Friday, February 17

“Nobody Dares 'Toast' Me” You just gotta love the super love between Alao Akala & wife, Kemi

They have been married for many years and this love seems not to wane!

For former Governor of Oyo State, Ogbomoso-born Otunba Alao Akala, life without his pretty wife, Kemi is incomplete. They display love publicly and are always seen together at events.

Blessed with a son, Kunle, the union has definitely withstood the test of time. 

In an interview, the former First Lady, who will be 55 in July, talks about her husband:
He is a very good man. He takes good care of us. It hurts me when people say negative things about him and that is one thing that can really make me lose my cool. If you are rude to him or talk to him harshly in my presence, I won’t take it. During his campaign, my husband was invited to an event. 

"Chief Adebayo Alao-Akala is a very good man. He is a man of the people. He loves to have people around him. He even ‘over-tries’ to please people and I used to tell him that, ‘look, my dear, the kind of love that you want from people, it is only Jesus that can give you that.’ I am still trying to get him to understand that. He gives his all to people but they disappoint him. That is not nice. He doesn’t deserve that.”

Does she feel threatened with the number of women flocking around him?

She states, “I don’t feel threatened. Girls and women don’t let him rest. I don’t know if it is the society, but in politics, women will come. I don’t feel bad because he won’t bring them home.”

Unhappy about these girls? Of course not! 

She says, “You know, when I was much younger, my temper would rise, but now, I would tell him, ‘my dear, I have had the best of you; all these ones are not fast at all.”

For her age, she is quite pretty. How does she ward off men?

Kemi responds, “Akala’s wife?! Nobody dares admire or toast me. I don’t go out much, so, I don’t think it is easy for any man to come here to say ‘I admire you.’ But people say that I look nice. Anybody can say that.”

For their marriage to still remain intact, she shares the secret:

I pray. We go on vacations to get away from all things. We are even planning one soon. When he is here, people would come around and all that and I would say, ‘please, let me have time with my husband.’ But whenever we are abroad, it is really nice.”

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