Thursday, October 15

What's going on between Dabota Lawson and Blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus!!!

Ex beauty queen and billionaire wife Dabota Lawson Aku recently shared a selfie on Instagram which shows her looking very light complexioned, this caused popular celebrity gossip blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus to call her out saying that the ex-beauty queen was looking whiter by the day…indirectly throwing shade at Lawson over her complexion.

Word must have gotten back to Dabota because she took to Instagram where she posted a screenshot of the blog post, along side a selfie and a bottle of her Dabota botanical lightening cream and then clapped back at SDK, with some shade of her own, thanking God for a bright future and asking Stella to use her products for a bright future.

This is not the first time Dabota is getting into it with a blogger over her increasingly lighter complexion, a few months ago her and blogger Linda Ikeji threw shade at each other when they called each other out over their dark knuckles
It did not end there! Stella Dimoko Korkus fired back on her blog, writing
I got your memo and i am so happy you want to do this but please i want JESUS to recognise me when he comes when the world ends..I would have loved to look as bright as you but i will have to pass your offer
of a cosmetically bright future.
Thank you darling..#MayJesusNotPassYouBy
Looooooool, oh SDK!

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