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Monalisa Chinda opens up on the challenges of being a single mum & beef with Rita Dominic

Monalisa Chinda opens up on the challenges of being a single mum & beef with Rita Dominic

Monalisa Chinda in a chat with Punch revealed that she is open to love and marriage as she had always wanted more children.

Though she loves being a mother, being a single one can be challenging. The actress was once married to ex, Segun Dejo-Richards who is now remarried five years after their split.
If she is open to getting married again,
I love the whole concept and idea of love. I am open to love and marriage that would work. Marriage is always a better option and I love to be loved. I hope to have more children because I had always wanted to have three children. Three is just perfect but it depends. I can never go back to my ex-husband but we maintain a cordial relationship because he is the father of my child. He speaks to his child whenever he wants to.
On how challenging it is being a single mum
Motherhood has been very lovely but being a single mother has been very challenging. There is a huge difference between being a mother and being a single mom. When you are a single mom, you have to do everything yourself, you have to be the mother, father, driver, teacher, name it. If you don’t have a help, you have to switch on the generator, drop and pick the child from school; it is crazy. You have to help her with her homework and if I have to travel, I would have to bribe my secretary to stay in my house for some nights so that she can help my daughter with her homework. It is a lot of mental work. I have got used to it and if I don’t take care of my daughter, nobody will do it for me.
Addressing the rumours of beef between herself and Rita Dominic
Rita Dominic and I are not at loggerheads. We just drifted apart and she is still my sister. We went to the same school. I do not think that anybody should have a permanent enemy or a permanent friend. As you grow up in this big industry, your interests start to differ and that is just what happened.

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