Thursday, October 15

I met my woman at Domino's Pizza in Ibadan and today we are engaged! - Adeagbo Rasheed

Who says you can't find love in Ibadan?

For those of you that believe that nothing good can come out of Ibadan, durr, you should read this!

This beautiful  couple, Adeagbo Rasheed and Temilade Akindele met at the former's work place (Dominos pizza, Ring road Ibadan) sometime ago and they got engaged last week.

He was on duty and she was the customer.  
Immediately they laid eyes on each other, something happened...they felt a connection!
"I said a quick Hello and she replied with a shaky voice , we exchanged contact and it started from there" Adeagbo, a faithful kfber, excitedly told us.

They got so close and couldn't go a day without each other, they became so inseparable and true love happened.

Proposal story: 
They got engaged in Lagos.
"I had got her a Ring and kept it for days, just thinking of the right place, day and time to pop the question. Her birthday came, so I decided to cease the opportunity. "
I carefully planned with my colleague at work (Dominos pizza, Ajose adeogun, Lagos) and one of my outlet display screen was uses to pour out my mind, before she knew it, I went on my knee and ask her to be part of me forever. And of Course, she said YES."
Aww, we can't wait to have these two get married!


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