Monday, October 12

30 church signs that prove Nigerian churches are the best thing ever

This is hilarious! We found this feature on and decided to share here, enjoy!

Church business in Nigeria is so serious. Sometimes they have R.Kelly themed services.

They also ask the most important questions

The really really important ones

To show Jesus is for everyone, they make him Free-To-Air too.

Other times, they organize state funerals for Satan

…and photoshop Jesus as Igwe.

Sometimes they plan summer trips

Or remake Prison Break because the original was terrible.

Other times, the Nigerian church teaches you important life skills.

…so you can start your witch hunt.


On a serious note, she must

And when the witch hunt gets hard, you have to call in the calvary


When Lagos traffic gets too much, Nigerian churches empathize.

Because Lagos drivers are mad.

Nigerian churches panic a little too much, however.

But they’re pretty helpful though. When you’re missing important things, they help out.

When you can’t pick a bae, they help out.

When Yoruba boys come around, they help out

When bae has “brain touch”, they help out

They also organize giveaways

And give you wonderful compliments.

And sometimes they…wait..what? How? You know what? Never mind.

Because David killed Goliath with a catapult, duh

This one is a bit of a mouthful

No heaven for Arsenal fans?

Lions be stressful

Fair enough

I wonder where this takes place at

Guessed as much
Nigerian churches are just the best!

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