Wednesday, October 14

Sad story of how a student of OAU died yesterday (photos)

Sad story of how a student of OAU died yesterday

A certain Sunkanmi, a part one student of Inter Relations, lost his life yesterday. 

Viral reports say he was staggering, and was then rushed to health centre, where he fainted...and then didn't regain consciousness.

"He was rushed to the university's teaching hospital, and kept struggling. He couldn't be held...& despite being tied hands and legs to the bed, he kept struggling. He was bleeding internally, blood was coming out from his nose/mouth...and it was sucked out. He kept struggling with an unknown something, saying please and begging for whatever it was. He finally got tired, couldnt breath and then had oxygen placed on him. The Doctor, checked his pulse and finally, his heart stopped breathing. It was unbelievable... ...he was just begging for something people couldn't see." an eyewitness disclosed.

May his soul rest in peace.

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