Sunday, October 11

KFB Only God Could Have done this: The vehicle tumbled 10 times

KFB Only God Could Have done this: The vehicle tumbled 10 times

Kemi happy new month, please share my testimony with your blog readers please. God saved me and delivered me from a fatal accident.

I was travelled to Ibadan and because l was tired, l slept off.

Next thing l heard were shouts.
I learnt that the vehicle tumbled 10 times. People did not come to the aid of the accident victims thinking all the passangers were all dead.
In this scenario, God moved for me.  His power quickened me to raise my hand and make some sounds that made people to rush to help me. They came to help me stand but l could not use the legs. At this point l went into a coma.
I was taken to the hospital.
Note, l was unaware of all these movements.l was told later on the hospital bed.
My God, the God in Heavens rescued me from the pangs of death by using my initials sounds and movement to make people come to me.
I was the only survivor. The legs were bad that l had to use clutches for some months.
But all the glory to God, the Giver of life and the Restorer of life.
Today, l can now walk without the aid of clutches. If you see me, you wil never imagine l have ever been involved in any accident.
He helped me.and gave me a new lease of life to spend to is glory, please kfbers thank God for me.

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