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For the love of Dolapo Oni and former boss, Mo Abudu...

For the love of Dolapo Oni and former boss, Mo Abudu

You know how much we love to snoop around esp. when we notice that all is not well between parties that used be BFFs.

You see, all through Dolapo Oni's wedding to Adebite Sijuwade, there was no congratulatory message from her former boss, Mo Abudu, neither did she attend any of the events (trad. wedding in Lagos and white wedding in London).

We began asking questions from friends who knew what was happening and we were told the true story!

About four months ago, Television  sweetheart, Dolapo Oni called it quits with Ebony TV and  started her own talk show called “The Marcy Project” which airs on  DSTV’s Africa Magic.

Dolapo Oni started gracing the Nigerian screens as co-presenter of  MNet’s TV show, ‘53 extra’ before she moved on to EbonyLife TV as  co-host on Mo Abudu’s daily talk show, ‘Moments with Mo’.

They got so close and became like sisters.

“I’ve always wanted to have my own talk show and I know I wanted  something that would be true to myself as well as show a different side  of me that people rarely get to see. The idea came about in December  2013 and I told myself my show would be on air by 2015" Dolapo Oni revealed when she quit Ebony-life to start her own show..but now we know what went wrong!

According to reliable sources, there’s more to Marcy Dolapo Oni‘s departure from EbonyLife TV.

When Dolapo Oni joined Mo Abudu,  it was well understood by all parties that she, eventually, wanted to do her own show, which was one of the reasons she wanted to leave 53 Extra.

Therefore, her joining the ‘Moments with Mo’ was to ease her passage into her own place as a solo TV show host. Problems started however when The Marcy Project, Dolapo’s own TV show was ready and she couldn’t get a spot for it on EbonyLife TV.

Mo Abudu rejected the show.


"She did not think that the time was right for Dolapo to start her own show" this reliable source said.

As a result, Dolapo felt betrayed as she had been made promises before (leaving) abandoning 53 Extra.

Subsequently, she took her show, The Marcy Project, to Africa Magic and found acceptance there.

This move  angered Mo Abudu so much that she fired Dolapo Oni over the phone.

Yes, over the phone.

"Mo was angry that she took the show to Ebony Life TV's direct rival, Africa Magic. She saw Dolapo’s move as an indication that she does not know where her bread is buttered. She would have preferred Dolapo to have waited until ‘Moments with Mo’ returned to its pre-EbonyLife TV respected status and then perhaps branch out on her own." the source revealed.

There you have it!

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