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Friday, March 24

Actor Yomi Fabiyi shares emotional message to celebrate his first son's birthday, begs his mum to let him see him!

The actor posted this photo above moments ago with ths long emotional message below:

Happy Survival Day to my first seed MOYINOLUWA JEREMIAH OLUWAMETOMI YOMI FABIYI Jnr. You survived yet another year, you shall survive more.
I wait for the day you are going to call me, introduce yourself or walk up to me and call me daddy. My son I can hear you crying from a million miles away, calling daddy but there is no answer. I know why, u have my blood running in your veins

I did all I can to have access to you. I married your step mum among other things so I can have civil means to gain access. I cried on every birthday of yours and I pray I don't have to do this next year. Hopefully, your mum will separate her anger towards me and your innocence. I never wronged you and if I ever did, this is no reason to block me off completely 6yrs plus now.

Moreso, I never nurse ambition to take you away from your mum or run away from my responsibilities except they lied. I have relied on stolen pictures of you till date to know how far you have grown, sadly all those luxuries have again been blocked. Ibk blocks or threatens whoever tries to mediate on my behalf except some dirty colleagues or a lad in the media who offered her support, which fuelled her decision to keep tormenting me.

Metomi, hopefully you are smart enough should anyone call your attention to this(my only and last resort), this is my direct line, please call me on 08029062692. I have been waiting for years to hear your voice. Even if it is just a sentence. I just want to hear how your voice sound.
One day your mother and her supporters will realise that one of the tragedies of this world is for either parent to deny a child care, love and tutelage from the other parent just because of personal ego, pain, hatred, anger & vengeance. If a spouse never poses any direct threat to the life of a child or has any record of ill-treatment towards the child, blocking access is a proof of nothing. Besides, it may be difficult to make up for lost grounds if it tarries for too long.
And in case your mother can read this too, for the sake of our son & the love we once shared, I AM DEEPLY SORRY FOR WHATEVER PAIN I MIGHT HAVE CAUSED YOU OR ANYONE CLOSE TO YOU, PLEASE ALLOW ME ACCESS. HBD my son. I care.

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