Wednesday, February 8

What President Buhari told me about his possible death - Tunde Bakare reportedly reveals

Popular Lagos pastor, Tunde Bakare, has said that President Buhari invited him to run with him in the 2011 Presidential election because he believed that if he dies while in power, he would be able to run the country just the way he wants it.According to TheCable, Bakare said this while he was preaching in his church last month. He said President Buhari has a grace that anyone who betrays him pays with his or her life.

“After I was called and I went to Abuja, and I sat with Mr President or General Buhari then, I said why me? ‘I’m not a politician’, ‘I do not belong to any political party’, ‘I am not carrying card of any party, why me’?. He gave me all the reasons, they are written in the book; Strategic Intervention in Governance. He gave three reasons, but the one that made everyone around me that day to doff their hats was when he said: I am not as young as you think, and even Yar’Adua that is younger is dead. In case I die, I know you can hold the nation together. That was when Jim (he didn’t give his surname) removed his cap and said egbon, you must agree. We left the place and I came back again and sat with him and I said Sir, I need to understand something before I do anything. Every running mate of yours, including the one that was even your deputy in the military, is dead. Ume-Ezeoke is dead, Okadigbo is dead, Idiagbon is dead, I am not about to die?He said to me, Pastor, you must be very funny, I have never even thought about it. I said I am thinking. I knew he had nothing to do with their deaths, but that man carries a dimension of grace that if you deal with him, and betray him, you pay with your life. So I said to him, hear it now, ‘I will never betray you, I leave it to you to betray me if you wish to do so’… I’m not kidding you, you don’t know what transpired, for you, it was just campaign"he said

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