Wednesday, February 8

Married General Manager resigns after impregnating a top female staff

A married man who enjoys engaging his staff members in romantic affair has landed in trouble after he allegedly got one of the ladies in the office pregnant.

The GM of a leading firm, African Sun has resigned after he was confronted on allegations that he impregnated a subordinate whom he forced to terminate the pregnancy.

Africa Sun Casinos is an hospitality management firm based in Zimbabwe, popularly patronized by the elite. The affair between the GM, Mr. David Kanyandu and the top staff, Netiah became open after she refused to terminate the pregnancy.

According to H-metro, "The saga because the talk of the day as Netiah opened up to close friends.

“She turned down his demands to terminate the pregnancy, took the matter to Africa Sun head office where David was confronted leading to him tendering his resignation.”

When contacted, Netiah she said she couldn't talk because if she say anything, David would use it as excuse not to support her financially until she delivers the baby. Office romance wahala!

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