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KFB Movie Review: 'The Guest' is such a time waste....even Rita Dominic and Femi Jacobs couldn't save it!

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Today's movie for review is The Guest!

Synopsis: 'The Guest' is the story of a passionless but dedicated and faithful couple who take in an old friend. An affair soon begins between the husband and the friend, but when she starts to kill off members of his household who stand in the way of her getting what she wants, the couple realize that they have it all in each other and that their family is worth fighting for.

Starring: Rita Dominic, Femi Jacobs, Somkele Idalamah


There's currently a Gold rush to the cinemas by pretenders and ugly ducklings looking to cash-in on the legacy of beautiful Nollywood triumphs. One such pretender is 'The Guest'. 
Thirty minutes in, it reveals itself; going from Gold to Rust, in the blink of an eye, never to recover. It never even tries to recover! In fact, it succeeds only in getting worse; like a ticking time Bomb, every passing minute is significantly worse than the last.
Nikki is a washed up deportee from the United Kingdom with a back story that the film does not bother to delve into properly. On arriving Lagos, she is taken in by her college friend, Lola (Somkele Idhalama), a painfully na├»ve (Read: stupid) small business owner whose marriage to her dashing hubby Billie (Femi Jacobs) is beginning to show cracks. 

Everyone and their mother knows that you do not invite your utterly ravishing, perfect skinned friend from University who happens to have shared some history with your husband in the past to move in to your home. But Lola is probably the only Nigerian girl who did not receive this particular nugget from mama. Suffice to say that she suffers for it. Dearly. Lola ventures out of town on a business trip and Nikki seizes the opportunity to make her move, thus setting off a terrible chain of events that only ends in sorrow, tears and blood. 

From the moment Rita Dominic enters the picture, she seizes control of the film and while she makes some effort, especially in the first half, adopting a low guttural growl, wearing impossibly skimpy clothing, cursing like a sailor and trying out some sexy scenes, her good intentions cannot cover up the films second half where everything comes crashing down hopelessly.

It feels at some point that both halves are joined from separate films as the director squanders all of the good will earned by his likeable actors ab initio on a final act that is stagey, goes on forever and ends with a fizzle. The overstretched end alone discredits everything that has come before and even Rita Dominic falls flat on her face trying too hard to extend an uninspiring farce. It is a messy outing that has to be seen to be appreciated. It does Ms Dominic nor Mr Jacobs no service at all.

Sound is an issue for the entire running time as it plays like the voices were dubbed atop the actors’ performances in some cases and then tapers off to undecipherable levels in others. The film is bathed in a dark glow that is probably chosen to accentuate the sombre mood but casts a dark shadow on the film.

The acting is uneven as the supporting players seem to have come into the film unrehearsed. Chika Chukwu who was part of the ensemble in The Meeting is overly dramatic and delivers a performance that is incongruous with what real people in her situation should be doing. 

Somkele Idhalama who was so effective and alive in last year’s 93 Days is a shadow of that performance here as she appears lifeless and uninterested in whatever is happening. Only the recently buffed up Femi Jacobs shows up for work here and keeps his wits intact while others lose theirs and the body count begins to pile up. 

There is no beating around the bush here. The editing on the film is practically non-existent. The Guest is far from a decent effort. It suffers from tonal shifts so abrupt and manages to make a mess out of the characterization, the one element that could have salvaged it. There’s no saving this one from itself.

Ultimately, accurately; 'The Guest' is a two hour flick, whose last hour and a half is a torturous drivel that ought to be avoided. It will bring you only pain and regret.

Outrageously stupid! Not recommended.

See trailer (HERE) if you want.

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