Wednesday, February 8

This guy disguised as a NEPA official and succesfully stole a victim's phone

As shared by the lady, Nylah, whose phone he stole...

"I am not one to do this or share unverified information but since this happened to me I am going to share it. This criminal walked into my office under the pretense of being a Nepa official yes i asked for identification and he said it was in his truck that they were doing some work and noticed that the building next door had wires hanging into ours and he needed to verify the connection.

He had a screw driver and folded wires in his hand. He stole my phone from my desk after luring me out.

He kept insisting we should turn off the generator because he suspected we had cctv (thankfully I didn't) guys be on the look out and don't doubt your instincts because I did. Too many lazy hungry people out there. 
If he needed something to eat, I would have fed him from the restaurant easy. Lesson learned."

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