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Twitter goes wild after Christian virgin compares sex to a can of soup on Hit TV show

Twitter Goes Wild After Christian Virgin Compares Sex To A Can Of Soup On Hit TV Show
Christian virgin Jordan stirred up a Twitter storm when he compared sex before marriage to a can of soup on the hit TV show First Dates Hotel.
Why settle for soup when you can wait for an “awesome steak”, he said.

Jordan and fellow Christian Amy were paired up on Channel 4’s First Dates Hotel, filmed in Le Vieux Castillon in Provence.
Handsome devout Christian TV worker Jordan, 25, from Hereford, who survived a brain tumour at 24, said: “There’s definitely a stereotype of a Christian – socks and sandals, not very cool.  A lot of people who I meet, when I tell them I’m a Christian, they’re like, what? Because I guess I don’t fit that stereotype.” He added: “I am just a normal dude, looking for love.”

Blue-eyed Jordan, who works part-time for Christian broadcaster CBN, describes using the dating site Christian Mingle. “It’s mostly just, like, middle-aged women from your local church, which I’m sure they’re lovely, but that’s not exactly the person I’m waiting for. But God bless them all!”
His blind date was a theatre director, Amy, aged 24, also a Christian, who said she was looking for a Zac Efron look-a-like. She said there were no single, beautiful men at her evangelical church.

He said he’d had a few dates in the past, but has never been in an official relationship.  “Basically I haven’t slept with anyone before. You know, I haven’t had sex. It’s because I want to save it up for someone. I want to say, hey, you know, you are that person that I’ve been waiting for.”
Amy, who also had never had a proper boyfriend, agreed that people should wait until they were married to have sex. She said it was hard as a Christian to “be young and be normal”.
Christian virgin
Jordan arrives at the First Dates hotel in Provence, FranceChannel 4
But then he drove Twitter wild when he compared sex with soup.

He said there should be something “precious and beautiful” about sex. It was not an easy decision to wait. “You can either have something now, which is on the table and it’s a can of soup. Or you can be patient and wait for this awesome steak.  And why would you give up steak for soup, tell me?”
First Dates tweeted:
Ben Fraser @BenFraser06 tweeted: “Christian dude on First Dates reckons sex before marriage is like ‘choosing a can of soup now, instead of steak later’. Sure, Jan.”
Kevin Duggan @Kev_Duggan16 tweeted: “@FirstDates Why have a can of soup on the table,when u can wait for steak? Me Coz soup is easy and comes in lots of different flavours”
Another, Stacey Carter, said: “Why would you have soup when you could wait and have awesome steak?’ Said the hot dude!”
And another said: “Have plenty of soup first, then have your steak. #firstdates.”
At the end of their date, Amy said he liked that he was passionate about his faith. She also liked his hair.
Jordan said Amy was “amazing”. They both agreed they would like a second date.

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