Wednesday, July 12

Jeremy Meeks Files For Separation From Wife

Jeremy Meeks - aka the Hot Felon is ready to take a walk from his marriage, He already filed documents to separate from him from his wife of 8 years days after she said she was going to file for divorce.

According to new docs filed on Monday ... the convict-turned-model is seeking legal separation from Melissa Meeks, hiw wife.

The couple has a child together, 7-year-old Jeremy Jr., and she has another son from a previous

Meeks' wife recently said she was going to file for divorce from Jeremy after photos surfaced last month of him kissing Topshop heiress, Chloe Green, on a yacht in Turkey.

Melissa says she was shocked, because she believed him that the trip was all work. And now he is the one filing for divorce? Phew!

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