Saturday, July 15

I Have Only Dated One Girl & I Lost My Virginity To Her When I Relocated To Lagos - Humblesmith

Humble has said he was a virgin till he relocated to Lagos. In a chat with Saturday beats he explained the journey of his virginity and how he lost it in lagos.

“I was born and brought up in Ebonyi State but I was a virgin till I came to Lagos. I remained a virgin when I left Ebonyi in 2009 for Asaba where I spent three years. I came to Lagos in 2012 where I lost my virginity.

 When I lost my virginity it was fun. The truth is that if you taste something you have never tasted, if it is bitter you would never try it again, but if it is not, you may want to ask for more. For me, it was
part of development and growing up.

 I still keep in touch with the lady I lost my virginity to because she has been seeing what I have been doing and we have been communicating. She comments that she is proud of me. She was the first and only girl I ever dated. At the moment, I am single.

“I am a straightforward person and I don’t think I should hide anything because I am not a kid. I am an entertainer and I am ready for anything. It is better you say the truth. I believe that it is good to teach your kids and tell them the truth so that they would know the way to follow,” he said.

The Osinachi singer also says he cant have a babymama,and spoke about his colleagues who already have a child out of wedlock; “I don’t have a baby mama but it is not a bad idea whether you intentionally or mistakenly impregnated somebody and you guys decided to keep it. I don’t have a girlfriend and I am sure it would never happen,” he said.

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